National Park Service Completes Invasive Plant Management Plan for Redwood National Park, Santa Monica National Recreation Area

This is a press release from the National Park Service:

NPS photo of Red Clintonia

Crescent City, Calif.  – The National Park Service has prepared a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) to complete its conservation planning process for the Redwood National Park and Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Invasive Plant Management Plan Environmental Assessment (EA).

Invasive, non-native plants cover approximately 1.4 million acres of National Park Service lands and waters, and are one of the most significant threats to native biodiversity. Coastal California ecosystems, including those protected in Redwood National Park and Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, are especially vulnerable to invasive species due to a mild climate that allows for a long growing season, a past history of extensive disturbance and development, and a road and highway networks that create corridors for the movement of invasive species contribute to the establishment and spread of invasive plants.

The Invasive Plant Management Plan will allow managers at the parks to safeguard natural resources and cultural landscapes from the threats posed by non-native, invasive plants by providing an updated framework for activities such as:

●          Prevention of new introductions of invasive plants

●          Collaboration with stakeholders

●          Prioritization of invasive plants targeted for control

●          Invasive plant detection

●          Invasive plant treatments

●          Recordkeeping and monitoring

●          Re-vegetation after treatment

●          Adaptive management to address future threats

The EA, FONSI, and other documents associated with the project are available on the NPS Planning, Environment, and Public Comment website at

For more information about the native plants of our region, stop by any Redwood National and State Parks visitor center. Information is also available at the parks’ websites at:  and


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