Humboldt County Planning and Building Department Transitioning to Online System for Permits

Humboldt County Cannabis permits in the planning office

Cannabis permits in the Humboldt County Planning Department in 2017. [Photo tweeted by the CA Association of Counties.]

Information from the County of Humboldt:

In an effort to provide more efficient and transparent customer service, the

and Building Department later this month will transition to a new online system to process building and land use permits.

Beginning Sept. 24, the Planning and Building Department will conduct business using the Accela system, an industry leader in the licensing software space. This new platform will provide enhanced automation services related to processing permits, reduce the reliance on paper systems, and provide better communication with citizens, as well as between departments and agencies reviewing development projects.  This is an important step to the department’s goal of moving towards more paperless systems.

Accela also provides a robust civic platform from which members of the public may view permit activity.  The civic platform will link to our geographic information system (GIS), allowing the public to view department activity over a larger geographic area. Additionally, permit applications will be accepted online through this platform.  This new civic platform is expected to be fully functional in October.

In order to complete the transition to Accela, Planning and Building began capturing data from the current system on Monday, Sept. 17.  For the remainder of the week the department will have limited abilities to issue permits or accept new applications.  On Monday, Sept. 24, all permits and applications will be processed in the Accela system.

While Planning and Building will have limited abilities to issue permits and accept new applications during the transition week, the department will continue to perform work related to permit applications already underway.  These include, but are not limited to, plan checking, staff reports, agenda and hearing preparation and acceptance of materials related to applications being processed.

If you would like additional information about Accela, please visit their websiteOpens a New Window.



  • That way they can deny you quicker, with more efficiency! Oh boy. Yay

  • A useful move. But still “goal of moving towards more paperless systems” is a pretty shallow goal. It would have better results if the primary goal was to be more helpful to the users before anything else. Otherwise all they are doing is inserting another level of frustration by distancing themselves from the public.

    • and they don’t have to look you in the eye when they change your permit from 15K sq ft to 7.5K sq ft, after taking your money for the larger grow, as happened to one of my friends

  • YOU Can count on us!!!! We’ve always been wonderful and efficient.

  • There probably starting to get scared of the public and don’t want them coming in any more.after ripping off a bunch ,and threatening to rip us all off with this extortion scheme wise you’ll have armed guards posted around the nut house.what they aught to do is just take em next door and idmitt them to mental health

  • I remember mr. ford saying at one point something about “the hard truth”. Well here’s something hard for you , hehe:
    It’s an open secret that your permitted farms are selling boxes (100 lbs.) and trailers (1000 lbs.!) out the back door all while you misplace your focus on smaller unpermitted scenes who will go under naturally due to simple economic forces.

    That’s why all the obsequious butt kissing from the humboldt growers alliance. Their members are laughing at you.

    Some simple forensic accounting would reveal the truth. I believe planning department is ill equipped for such an endeavor, perhaps the da’s office would be appropriate. Just one or two examples of such activities would inject some reality into this upside down world.

    I don’t believe it’s a conspiracy, I believe planning staff is overworked and underpaid given the scope of these criminal enterprises.

  • Deny you take your money and not even have to look you in the eye.

  • Hope this is Y2K compatible.

  • Let’s all show up at this meeting at the court house in eureka on the 25th and rise up against or enslavers/thieving violaters. They work for us We Can Remove Them!!?!! We need a large large turnout come by the thousands.dont give up we can change the current feeling and look of hopelessness for our way of life.

  • Next we will be remotely inspecting and abating your property at random times with our drones to make our work more efficient and cost effective. All fines and fees will be going into our Swiss bank account via internet unless you want to pay cash, then meet one of our representatives after business hours. Remain calm and don’t question increasing fees,taxes,plans or change in actuall laws and rules.We are also exempt of any federal departments such as IRS,FBI and DEA that might prosecute you. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • “On sept 24th all permits and applications will be processed on the accela system” – anybody want to place bets on that? 😂

  • Yeah just punch in all you’re info in to accela and put a large check in the mail and wait five years.maybe we’ll approve you with a super large campaign donation.

  • Just a normal guy.

    Jesus all you people do is complain. It’s quite off putting to most of the community. Welcome to California and Humboldt County in particular. You all got away with doing illegal activity for decades and made a lot of untaxed money and had a fair chance to join the marketplace and decided against it. Well sorry folks life isn’t fair and it’s time to put on your big boy and big girl pants and grow the Fuck up. All you are doing is making yourself look like a bunch of spoiled cry baby toddlers. Although I have a toddler and that’s not fair to them. I agree that permitting is tough and an eye opening endeavor but many businesses get permits rejected and get no refunds on the money the paid. THAT’S THE WAY IT GOES. Suck it up people because unless you get up and try to make your life better nobody will have any sympathy for you.

    • Go home! #recweedkillsculture.We the majority don’t want you here! Turncoats. How are you helping local community?? Go to the Central Valley quick you are killing our County and dirty at the same time. Shame on 90% of you. Bless the other fools. Humboldt has never benifitted from large scale production in fact it was its doom. 5000 square foot and under if you want to go big or go home go the f**k home for good!

      • We can turn it around

        Quality has been tanking for the last five years. Turn it around it’s just a different mind set, moving away from production.
        Get back to our roots. Keep it simple stupid. The KISSmethod
        Don’t believe the hype …

      • Does everyone realize the legal California market is 1/8th the size of the previous nationwide market. There is no way to transition all the illegal growers into legal grows! There is already too much cannabis being produced. Please stop arguing for the rules to be easier, they need to be harder to limit the amount cultivated by current farmers. If everyone were to join the legal market we will all fail.

        • Let them all join the legal market and make it easy. Don’t be afraid jojo that your product may not be as good as others. Let the free market go! The best organic flower will survive and the chemed out crap will go under. Allow it to happen, nobody regulates the amount of business licenses issued for other markets. The gov’t issues them and allow the businesses to duke it out on the free market. Or is that what you are afraid of? The small mom and pops may just happen to be producing superior product to the giant grows that have their permits? Sounds like you are one that is advocating for the county to make life hard on the mom and pops while people like you who already have permits off your stuff onto the black market. You signed up, enjoy the free market and up your quality standards! Or else you too shall fail, don’t be afraid, its what you wanted!

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Obviously you are severely misinformed about the permit process. If a contractors license expired and he had to wait 2-5 years to get a new one and not work while he was waiting, I’m sure there would be an uproar from everyone who is a contractor. That is what is happening in the weed industry. [edit]

      • Except for the little detail that growers never bothered with permits in the first place. Or environmental regulations.

        • What does that have to do with anything? That was then, this is now. Stop living in the past and step into the future! They have to now, its legal, just like any other market. So let it go otherwise you just sound vindictive like we all know the county is.

  • I think the cannabis industry needs a more unified voice on keeping this economy alive. Arguing for farms that chose not to permit to be left alone and allowed to continue is a losing battle. Maybe a program for those farms to enter in to the permitting program on a micro-farm program is the realistic solution. I think growers and citizens alike can ask for the county to develop a more streamlined approach for actually processing these permit applications they have thus far. Also some of the tax money paid by these permit applicants needs to go in to a marketing advisory fund to help develop the Humboldt brand nationally and internationally. As much as people online (haters) want to say Humboldt brand name doesn’t matter, it does. The idea of small sustainable farms just needs to be explained to potential customers. Lets stop the squabbling between big scene, small scene, permitted vs not permitted and figure this shit out before Sonoma and the like beat us to it. my 2 cents

  • If you broke the law for long enough, just give us a cut, and you may continue. If you are one of those law abiding types you may see this as extortion and collusion with a known and ongoing criminal enterprise and well, youd be right. But really, what would the law abiding type be doing in Dumboldt anyways? Moving I would assume.

  • Man oh man pot growers are just a bunch of spoiled brats.

  • online tnt coming soon i assume?

  • I spoke with Bob Russell, head of the Planning Dept’s Code Enforcement Unit, today and he said that the on-line system would not work with cannabis cultivation permits. The CCPs will have to continue with paper applications.

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