Convoy Headed Up Alderpoint Road

Convoy on the Move Chipper Multiple readers report seeing a convoy headed up Alderpoint Road this morning.

They describe between 12 and 20 government vehicles, one towing a chipper, headed up the Alderpoint Road east of Garberville about 7:45 a.m.

Readers report seeing a mix of Humboldt County Sheriff vehicles and Department of Fish and Wildlife vehicles.



  • So I guess they decided to hit rancho again .. this will be the 6th time yet there are several different areas that they haven’t hit even once . Seems old to me that they would hit such a small subdivision so many times when there are so many bigger fish to fry.

    • Exactly! What a joke! Wow! Did anyone see a porta pottie with them! I would not want 50 people pissing and shitting all over private property or on the way to and from said property.

      • Why not that is what the growers do every day! Nobody has said anything about that until you brought it up.

        Bust em, bust them all, make them suffer and sweat, and stress each and every day before harvest!!

    • Yeah but probably playing long term game and focus on areas, hit them hard, next season another. That way they clear these areas out almost for good when people lose their investment and also begin losing their property. They will go everywhere eventually, or not. Who knows.

    • Are they really in Rancho or are you just guessing?

    • Why are they going to this area? Sorry, I just dont know anything about it
      Thank you

      • High concentration of grows, primarily illegal with no intent on going legal, in a dense area. Rancho is an old subdivision of smaller parcels around ten to twenty acres in size. Almost every one is being used for cultivation. The place is a mess. Abandoned vehicles everywhere and totally inadequate roads for how much traffic the place gets. There is a big correlation between small cheap parcels and cheap growers… Rancho Shit Show is the place’s nickname.

    • When there’s criminal activity like MURDERERS & criminal tweeker colonies with warrants you allowed to feel comfortable in your community & all the trash… this is what happens. scale down to medical or get a permit b/c that areas been a bust with a sinister reputation amongst all federal agencies nationwide.

      • Remember the Alderpoint Eight? Zach hiding out with the locals. The Carsons. Fuck G, even the feds are afraid of murder mountain. The ground is well fertilized with human blood and remains.

        • Zach was found hiding behind Bayshore mall. one young adult was killed on Murder Mt.

          • A lot of people have been murdered on that mountain not just one lol your not local if you claim that bullshit. And zack was found in eureka cause he was staying with his girlfriend other than that he would of been in Rancho. Which proves your not a very good local observer

            • so it wasn’t the witch that tried to burn the body, but failed and then tried to decompose it with chicken shit. after that didn’t work didn’t a bear get involved. I still blame Ozzy because a judge in 1692 found that witch’s don’t exist and it was just bad men living in fear of being exposed of sexual assault.

        • LOL, do you remember “hatchet sue”? Its been murder mountain for decades. Alderpoint 8 are wannabes. Late come inners if you will. Anzinis could of bought all of Rancho for a dollar an acre after it was logged. Morris and Ray always regretted it.

      • They haven’t bothered with any of the tweeker pads through out the raids of this mountain and others . There are truly disgusting properties that I know they have driven passed with out any reporcutions to the land owner .I also know of several occasions that the cops have questioned and released obvious drug addicts with warrants. To say that the cops are raiding areas due to drug addicts and people with warrants is incorrect .

        • That area has a bad reputation. No way to deny that. It’s obviously brought a lot of attention to the much easier & profitable targets. There was another body found a few weeks ago and another person missing. If there’s a murder, the area will have busts. It’s a pattern I’ve seen too many times nationwide.

  • They have always hi that area harder and more often than anywhere else in the county. Not much news from Kneeland,Petrolia, Shelter cove. The list is long.

  • Look at the garage rancho likes to store at the bottom of their road. It’s sick. Everyone has to look at it every day.

    • Most of the people on rancho are just as annoyed by the low lifes that use the roads as their own personal dump . The people responsible for such actions are not usually the the ones getting busted. They are just free to be a burden on others .

  • How about this one? Smoky sunset

  • Just visiting Zach’s friends….

  • Actually I understand it’s called ‘Murder Mountain’ because back in the early days a young man was shot while running from the cops when they raided his grow. Very Sad story.

  • His name was Dirk DickInson. Very tragic. Made the cover story of Rolling Stone magazine.
    Hear the cop that shot Dirk in the back met a bad end.

  • Dirk DickInson’s murder by leos was the first shot in the completely successful war on drugs. I say successful because it was never intended to stop the flow of drugs or make the planet any safer. The “war on drugs” is all about leos gobbling up tax payer money to pay for the expansion of their fraternity of corrupt thieves and liars.

  • Dirk Dickinson’s murder was on PRATT MOUNTAIN. The Rolling Stone article is built around a man named Dirk Dickenson who in early 1972 was shot in the back as he ran unarmed from agents who descended on his property on Pratt Mountain from a Huey helicopter. The raid was based on faulty information by deputy sheriff Mel Ames, who claimed he spotted a million-dollar meth lab on Dickenson’s property during an aerial surveillance.

    Alderpoint’s Murder Mountain was in Rancho. James Clifford Carson (a.k.a. Michael Bear Carson) (born 1950) and Susan Barnes Carson (aka Suzan Bear Carson) (born 1941) are American serial killers convicted for three murders between 1982 and 1983 in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area. They then moved to Alderpoint, California, where they lived and worked on a marijuana farm. According to other workers on the farm, the Carsons were anarchists who advocated revolution and predicted that a nuclear apocalypse would soon occur. In May 1982, Michael shot and killed Clark Stephens, a worker on the farm with whom he had a dispute, and attempted to dispose of the body by burning it and burying it under chicken fertilizer in the woods. Two weeks later, Stephens was reported missing to the Humboldt County sheriff, leading to the discovery of his burnt remains.

  • Michael and Suzan Carson will have parole hearings. Suzan Carson, 73, killed three people with her husband Michael in 1980s. Was locked away for 75 years to life after being convicted of ‘holy’ killings. But she is being considered for parole already under emergency laws. Means that inmates over 60 can be offered parole early to ease congestion.

    His daughter is fighting against his parole.

  • Whats the name of Garretts boss that shot him? [Edit: no accusations of illegal behavior without substantial proof allowed] What this punks name?

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