Protesters Picket Outside of Courthouse at Marci Kitchen’s Sentencing Hearing

Protestors outside the Humboldt County Courthouse this morning. [Photo by Ryan Hutson]

Today, Marci Kitchen stood in a courtroom waiting to be sentenced after having pled guilty to killing her daughter, Kiya Kitchen, and her friend, 14-year-old Faith Tsarnas, while intoxicated in a hit and run incident near Fortuna on July 12, 2016.

Marci Kitchen Sept 3, 2018 booking photo.jpg

Marci Kitchen’s Sept 3, 2018 booking photo.

Several in the crowd, which includes teenage friends of Kiya and Faith, were crying as they listened to testimony before the judge which will help him decide on sentencing.

According to Lt. Ernie Stewart of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, “A lot of people showed up and we didn’t have enough room.” Stewart said extra deputies were required to handle to the overflow crowd.

Meanwhile, about 10 protestors stood outside holding signs castigating Kitchen while passers-by honked horns or said words of encouragement.

“We just want support for the families,” one of the protesters said. Another added, “She murdered her own baby. She needs to go away for a long time.”

Protestors outside the Humboldt County Courthouse marci kitchen

Protester carrying a sign with photos of both Kiya Kitchen (left) and Faith Tsarnas (right). [Photo by Ryan Hutson]

We’ll update when we know what occurred in the courtroom today.

UPDATEKitchen Gets 8 Years for Intoxicated Hit and Run Death of Daughter and Friend

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  • While this whole thing seems to have been a miscarriage of justice from the start, using the term “murder” to describe what happened will automatically result in disappotment in the sentencing. We already got a guilty verdict , but there are degrees of homicide. And while driving drunk common sense tells us the driver knows the risk ergo: murder , sounds reasonable. But there is this pesky legal standard that must be met to earn the charge of murder : Mens Rea. It speaks to the intent of the responsible party. The state of mind. This case doesn’t meet that criteria and California has fairly loose sentencing guidelines for DUI / involuntary manslaughter. Remember , if the judge decides to sentence her for *longer* than 11y he said he would give her back her plea and the whole mess goes before a jury!

    • She pled guilty to 2 counts Gross Vehicular Manslaughter, DUI with special allegations of causing great bodily injury resulting in death, and leaving the scene.

  • *honk*, *honk*

  • Has anyone heard what the outcome of the Sentencing Hearing was? I’ve been watching to see if anything has been posted about it yet. But haven’t seen anything. Wasn’t sure if it wasn’t showing up on my phone or actually if nothing has been posted about it yet.

  • She was just sentenced to 8 years in a state prison, according to the Times Standard

  • Im simply amazed, 8 years, people selling pot get more then that, this an outrage !!!!!

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