Lost Coast Fest Benefits Centro Del Pueblo and the Raven Project

This is a press release from Lost Coast Fest:



  • Sour microbrews, bad foreign muzak and illegal aliens. What’s not to love?

    Seriously, though, can’t imagine any real vets (from Korea and before) would approve of raising pesos for criminal aliens.

    Guess the reds expect we all already forgot about Mollie Tibbetts. Not a chance.

    • Is it hard to survive every day with all that nasty just waiting to erupt from you? Does it hurt?

    • Mollie Tibbetts would still be alive if it wasn’t for the filthy, greedy, criminal, republican, hypocrites that gave her killer a job and a place to live, illegally. Why build a wall if the repubs are going to harbor illegal aliens as their cheap labor? Farms that hire Mexicans over citizens should be bulldozed into the ground.

      • Probably true that more Republicans directly hire illegals over all. They simply have more businesses so have more opportunity to employ people. Outside of Hollywood of course, where an actress tweeted recently to alert the community about an ICE checkpoint, telling them they better give their domestics and landscapers rides so they don’t get caught in it. ( https://www.dailywire.com/news/32605/amber-heard-tweets-about-ice-checkpoint-and-emily-zanotti ) And frankly, that practice is close to universal there.

        Another exception would of course be Humboldt Co pot growers, who have been notoriously liberal (until recently when they started to have to pay taxes themselves8 to pay for those liberal ideals- oh the pain) and equally notoriously hire illegal workers.

        • The original back to the land marijuana growers were for the most part liberal. But back in the late Seventies and into the Eighties, many local conservatives saw the opportunity for money in marijuana. Then the influx of greenrushers contained a large number of conservatives. Farmers, for various reasons also tend to become more conservative so in my estimate, the proportion of marijuana growers who were conservative outgrew the liberals in the late Nineties to early Two Thousand and certainly by 2010.

          • And outside our area, this is even more the case. Multi-millionaire farmers, fat from subsidies, hire illegal aliens as labor. And claim that if they had to pay americans food would cost more. How about make a bit less profit?

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