Adolescent Kangal Found Near Benbow

large dog
This large dog was found on Hwy 101 near Benbow. The finders are hoping to locate the owner.

The finders believe the dog is an adolescent Kangal, a livestock guardian dog.

“Dog is clearly a well loved indoor dog with no problems sleeping on bed,” the finders said. “[He] has a spiked leather collar with no tag.”

If you have any information, please contact Chris at (707) 298-8132.




  • Twinkle Winklestein

    KMUD had a lost dog report about this exact dog, couple of days ago same location and description. Think it was a lost dog report. Worth checking out. 923 3911

  • Ahhhh what a big softy! He misses his bed! Beautiful dog, he looks guilty as shit in the photo…

  • Amazing dogs!! Turkey has a three day festival for them every year. Very reckless to let it or an Anatolian Shepherd roam free during adolescence. Even the ones that are good with your pets could easily kill your neighbors pets. LGD’s require responsible owners, hundreds of acres and 18 months training before roaming without supervision and even then they should be enclosed on your property with tall fences or shock collar/ invisible fencing. They are definitely not meant to be indoor dogs EVER and can have disastrous consequences in adulthood. If your looking for a companion dog, don’t be selfish and get a working breed. Sounds like it had on a mountain lion protection collar so maybe his owners were trying to train him to work but underestimated his desire to roam and protect miles of property. If you ever find one that has broken out of its containment don’t taint it’s training and bring it inside and let it sleep on your bed. Adolescent pets will do stuff they aren’t supposed to or allowed to do at home if the finder lets them, don’t be so easily fooled be a dog. As much as I love working dogs, including my favorite breeds Kangal and Anatolian, I would shoot one in a heartbeat for coming on my property, hopefully the owner learns before it’s too late.

  • Has this guy been reunited, according to Paws Cause he was found by someone in Garberville.

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