Abate the Abatement: A Report on Yesterday’s Meeting

Notice to Abate

Notice to abate. Photo posted in RHBB on June 24, 2018.

About 40 people gathered at the Redwood Playhouse in the old Osprey building in Garberville Sunday, September 16 to discuss an organized response to the ongoing commercial cannabis abatement effort. The meeting was billed as the “Abate the Abatement” meeting.

Paul Encimer and Shakti Norris had organized the resistance meeting. There were sign up sheets for getting together to “Recall Supervisor Estelle Fennell,” and “Abate the Abatement—repeal Ordinance 2576 now. Refund fees and penalties.”

Efforts are at the earliest stages for these two efforts.

Paul Encimer told the room that Shakti researched the legal requirements to recall a county official. He said that a recall of the 2nd District Supervisor will require about 3000 signatures of registered Humboldt County voters. Official petitions to do that have not yet been written or printed.

Encimer said that repealing the Ordinance merely requires a vote of the Supervisors. Encimer said he will attend the Board of Supervisors Tuesday to request that action.

There were about a dozen names on the Recall Fennell and the Repeal the Ordinance signup sheet by the end of the afternoon. But otherwise, the energy appeared to dissipate after the stories were told and people began to drift out of the meeting and have small conversations outside.

Nonetheless, the stories told to the room by the attendees were illuminating.

Land Partners

A significant percentage of the attendees were from Whitethorn and Ettersberg where more letters were posted on various gates over the past week, although those notices did not appear in the legal notices section of either the Times Standard or the North Coast Journal, the two papers of record. One group from that area were land partners who have a ‘tenants in common’ ownership where one tenant faces abatement but they all will be embroiled.

Feeling Betrayed

A man from Whitethorn expressed his rage and yet also his continued love for Supervisor Fennell. He said he received a notice on a gate about ten miles from an undeveloped property he owns. According to him, someone has a trespass grow on the property. He said, “I don’t have time or patience to be threatened by the government like this.” He talked about growing his first seeds several decades ago and about how he put significant time and campaign donations into Fennell’s election.

The man said, “I trusted [Fennell] to look out for our values. She was sent to stop what she has magnified. She didn’t just sign on, she authored this [mess.]”

He still considers Fennell a friend, but he said, “I feel betrayed.” Then he added, “I am sorely disappointed” that Fennell wasn’t there to explain her reasoning.

Rex Bohn

Another story came from Joshua Allen who currently works as a consultant for commercial cannabis permit applicants. Allen said he failed to pass his probationary period working for the county’s Planning Department. Allen said he was hired in May of 2016 just as the county’s legal permit process was beginning.

Allen told the room that during his short stay with the Planning Department, in the earliest days of the permitting efforts at the Humboldt County Building and Planning Department, that Supervisor Rex Bohn sat in on staff meetings. According to Allen, Bohn “pulled permits” and had them go through [the permitting process] first.”

Rex Bohn responded to this by phone Monday morning. Rex said, “You can tell him that’s bullshit!” Bohn said, “I’m in and out of the Planning Department. I’ve been in meetings when staff are present.” However, Bohn said, “I never told them to move anything forward. I dealt with the Director, not staff. If people ask me, then I go to the department and ask about their project.”

Bohn said, “I am very active in my District. That’s what I was elected to do. I help with all kinds of things.” Bohn also said, “Government process is sometimes onerous.”

He said, “I’ve helped a lot of people lately with abatement orders. If you get your situation cleared up, the possibility of avoiding any fines at all is there.”

When asked if he would speak to the county’s decision to pursue its abatement policy, Bohn said, “Abatement came forward because the people coming into the legal system that have to abide by the Fish and Game and all the other agencies…. We got pressure from those people who were upset that they were going through the process while so many illegal grows were still clearly going on. This was the opportunity for us to take that on.”

Bohn said he sees the abatement process getting smoother, “We now know some people weren’t growing … and we understand that the Planning Department is working with them to remedy the situation to avoid any and all fines if possible.”

Supervisor Bohn emphasized, “The ultimate last thing we want to do is to take anyone’s property away from them. [In addition to removing marijuana plants and greenhouses,] we want unpermitted environmental damage remediated and we are good to go. If you need time, sign a compliance agreement and that stops the clock on the fines.”

And while the county seeks to avoid foreclosures, Bohn said, “One guy I worked with did throw the property back to the seller because he [couldn’t] meet the requirements.”

Abatement Experiment

Another man present was attorney Fred Fletcher who works with cannabis-related abatement. He did not answer questions in the meeting but listened attentively to the stories and questions people had.

Outside of the meeting, I asked him for his professional observations about the county’s abatement efforts. Fletcher said, “It is absolutely appropriate” for the county to uphold its rules and the environment with an abatement effort.

But Fletcher described the abatement policy the county is pursuing as an “experiment.” Fletcher said the amount of the fines is “unprecedented” in California. Fletcher said that the county is “getting out of its lane” using the abatement process to enforce environmental law and state business codes rather than using it as a complaint-driven process.

Fletcher explained that makes the county “the complainant and the enforcer.” He also said that it brings “selective enforcement into question” if the county is “going after the [failed] permit applicants first.”

In previous interviews, Planning Director Ford has said that the department is being random in the abatement enforcement.

And Fletcher said the burden of proof is absolutely on the county. He said it is constitutional to use aerial photographs and flyovers to assess even residential property without a warrant, citing California v Ciraolo I, 476 U.S. 207 (1986) which determined “that warrantless aerial observation of a home did not violate the Fourth Amendment.”

However, he said the county must prove what is inside the greenhouses. Fletcher said part of the service the county has paid for included sensing data that can determine what is inside greenhouses, but the county will have to use that data and have to prove that it is reliable.

Fletcher also explained that when fines are so high that they threaten to take people’s property or livelihood away, the court will likely have a higher expectation of the county to prove it’s case. Fletcher said, “The greater property deprivation, the more due process they have to offer. With these big fines, the standards become higher and harder to prove. They are making their job harder with the amount of these fines”

But Fletcher also said the fines are so high, no one can afford to take the risk of going to court to argue their case. “I haven’t experienced a client who wants to keep growing and fight,” he explained.



  • Maybe he should have had the petition drafted and presented at the meeting to get the ball rolling . If you don’t even have that accomplished it’s just bullshit talk .

    • This was an initial grassroots meeting to get organized. We all have very busy lives and need help accomplishing what we are working on to help protect small farmers. A few people cannot do everything alone. A lot was accomplished yesterday towards these aims, with the approximatly 70 people in attendance and if you were there, you’d know that.

      • I was there and there were definitely not 70 people there , it was a small crowd. Maybe 35 to 40 including Encimer “people”
        It thinned out pretty fast with just a few hangers on staying till end

        • I was there and I counted at least 50 people. When I first got there were 40ish. Some left and some more came. Not that hard to actually count to fifty.

        • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

          WTF are “Encimer ‘people’”? 😜

          Are those like “Bud Rogers ‘people’” 🤪 who spend all day staring at the clouds ☁️ wondering why Monsanto and International Jewish Banker Elites want to spray aluminum aerosols like Aqua Net on their heads? 🧐

          Seriously, if you want to know why KMUD can’t find enough donors these days, it may have something to do with the the idiots they have on the air spreading a bunch of B.S. 🔥💩🔥

          • Fwiw: KMUD is a community station which means everyone gets to participate. It doesn’t do things based on ratings. And further fwiw, in the just-for-fun awards contest kmud has every winter for the programmers, Paul’s show is consistently voted as ‘favorite talk show.’
            That doesn’t mean you need to like it, but it is liked.

            • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

              You’ve got to be kidding! How many people voted? I DEMAND A RECOUNT! Paul Encimer’s talk show is the worst! And don’t even get me started on his two callers. There’s some guy who sounds like he’s struggling against a straitjacket and another guy who all he ever freaking talks about is that superantisemetic B.S. 💩 “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” & “secret societies”. Please! Paul Encimer couldn’t possibly do a worse talk show if he tried. 🤢🤮

      • What exactly was accomplished ? Who’s writing up the draft for the recall ?

      • Concerned Business Owner and Resident

        Get the petition up and on CHANGE.ORG. This will allow massive circulation and online signing. Do it ASAP.

        • I will look into that to see if they circulate local petitions, thanks. Correction from KMUD’s news story last night- the recall will NOT be on November’s ballot. A bit on how recalls work- a special election is called in these cases after the Notice of Intention to recall is sent, and then signatures are gathered in the following 120 days (specific to our district) and then verified. Verification takes the county 30-60 days to accomplish. We will be holding this special election after the November election, in the beginning of next year. The amount of registered voters in the November election determines the exact number of signatures required. As of now, we need under 3000 signatures, based on 20% of our Districts 14000 registered voters in the last election. If less people are registered to vote this November the number of signatures required for the special election will decrease, if more people are registered it will require more.

          • A note: I wasn’t involved in the KMUD story. I do write for them, but I didn’t this time. I’ve forwarded the correction note to them.

            • I am aware of that Kelly. More people look/comment here so I wanted to insure folks didn’t get their hopes up for November’s ballot.

  • Selective enforcement is hard to prove unless there is a very stupid paper or email trail. Around 80,000 registered voters in Humboldt County. and only 3000 needed to file a petition? Or for a recall vote?

    • The recall is for district 2, based on 20% of ~14k registered voters. It’s laid out in Humboldt county’s recall guide, part 3, section 3. The initiative for repealing the ordinance 2576 will be more yes based on the number of registered countywide voters.

  • a list in order of the first 25 permits issued would be interesting.

  • I went to the meeting just to see what it was about. The small group in attendance seemed happy to just let it be a bitch session with Paul Encimer and his Donald Duck antics ,letting it devolve into that. Encimer and others put out a lot of misinformation. Then it completely fizzeled out.
    Finally dawned on me that many of these people want to continue living in the past.
    It was sad.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      Let me be one “progressive” to say this in this comments thread – Paul Encimer 🤪 needs to STFU already! 🤐

      Why does KMUD 📻 debase its programming lineup with that idiot? All Encimer ever does is ramble from one topic to the next, changing topics in a classic ADHD meets dementia fashion, talking about boring irrelevant B.S. 💩 that is if absolutely no interest to anyone but himself and his stupid senile buddies. Paul Encimer should run for office against Estelle in 2020. Why not?


      Or are you afraid you’ll lose to Fennell by an even larger margin than your brain dead buddy Bud Rogers? (Which would be nearly impossible. After all, Estelle Fennell stomped that chemtrail kook Bud Rogers by over 50% points in 2016.)

    • Interesting. Seems to me that paul, Shakti and Meeting attendees are actively participating in a political process that is meant to be by and for The People. the people ‘bitching’ from the sidelines is pretty apparent otherwise.

  • According to a whitethorn man “, I have a trespass grow on an undeveloped piece of property.“I don’t have time or patience to be threatened by the government like this.”

    😂😂 I watched him say it at the meeting, but he almost burst out laughing cause he knows it WAS HIS GROW😂😂😂 and everybody that knows his back story, knows it’s not a small grow either.
    Trespass grow….that’s funny.

  • It would seem to me that if only 65 folks showed up then the public overwhelmingly approves of the abatements. District 2 has 14000 registered voters.

    • You severely overestimate people’s willingness or ability to participate in politics, especially in our area. It takes a lot of Work, time and patience for nonsense that understandably, most don’t have. But I believe that folks do care enough about the future of their community, small business, non profits and small farmers to sign their name on a petition. Not to mention the Meeting was last minute and primarily word of mouth this time. It’s certainly not an indication of interest in the cause.

  • No greenhouse on the property. No cannabis being grown on the property. Owner lives out of state & has not set foot on the property in the 21st century.
    $10,000 a day abatement notice.
    Please explain.

    • The owner is a fool?. He is responsible for any necessary cleanup. Doesn’t matter if he lives out of state. His property his problem. if something stupid happens there he could be liable in civil court.

  • People that got abatement notices , should ask Kelly Lincoln or kemp to do a story and interview Scott Greason of the friends of the Eel River. They are the ones that filed a lawsuit against the county and have called for 1200 abatement notices per year to abate unpermitted cannabis and grading, especially in southern humboldt. That’s where the “abatement “ program started as well as FOTE getting fish and wildlife to declare Southern Humboldt watersheds as “ impacted watersheds“

  • where is the recall estelle paperwork? Where can people sign

    • They didn’t make one , they’re too busy

    • Doing Petitions correctly is a lengthy process. We are starting the signing part in a couple weeks, as soon as the notice of intention is responded to. We will have the teams of volunteers outside all the local stores in Southern Humboldt Including Chautauqua, flavors, Kmud, shop smart and all over Fortuna too. We will have 120 days thereafter to get the required registered voter signatures. Get registered to vote if you are not already, or your signature won’t be counted. We can do this friends!

  • Anyone that wants to get rid of Estelle must be nuts! She works harder than all of them put together and this is what she gets in return. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  • There is no better rep. for us than Estelle – It’s the planning dept.! Should all be under Agriculture!

  • We’re all ready to sign! Where is it? Let’s do this!

  • I too would like to see the first twenty-five permits granted. It would be interesting if not entertaining.

  • Concerned Business Owner and Resident

    GET THE RECALL PETITION UP ON CHANGE.ORG ASAP and start posting this effort with the link in the local press.

    This will allow fast, massive exposure and signatures.


    Why is the reporter editorializing the first part of this article to make it sound like the organizing and organizers are ineffectual:

    “There were about a dozen names on the Recall Fennell and the Repeal the Ordinance signup sheet by the end of the afternoon. But otherwise, the energy appeared to dissipate after the stories were told and people began to drift out of the meeting and have small conversations outside.”

    I hope local reporters can be objective as possible to those who are willing to challenge county officials rather than diminishing the efforts.

    Also, an online petition is needed here to expedite the process!!!!


    • That’s not editorial. It’s just what I saw. There’s nothing to say it’s Paul or Shakti fault. That’s simply what happened.

      As “lilithx” writes, they’re busy, there’s room for more help.

    • I appreciate that Concerned Business Owner and Resident, this unfortunately happens all too often. It’s just a part of the process. As Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.’ You are not alone in your concern and I am communicating with change.org now.

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

        Are you claiming to be on a par with Gandhi by attempting to recall a county supervisor who won her reelection by over 50% points?

        Seriously? Good luck with that…

  • You lost me at “Paul Encimer.”

  • Hillbilly lovedoctor.

    Online petition a great idea!!! People that are registered to vote here but elsewhere at the moment could evan sighn. Online petition a great idea for people that are super busy trying to barely survive, online petition a great idea for those that are scared to come to town and show there faces in this new draconian era of our once lovely community. Online petition a great idea.

    • Concerned Business Owner and Resident

      Yes, Change.org. Online petition with a good, well tested platform. Can be widely circulated to voters.

      Just be sure there is no restriction on using online signatures to get a re-call. It shouldn’t be an issue but much of Humboldt is backwards so I would check this detail to be sure they can’t subvert or challenge the vote process once the people have spoken.

      Very simple set up and IT supported to gather signatures electronically – Should be done ASAP. Change.org.

  • Hillbilly lovedoctor.

    Bigger movments have started in smaller places with less people. Thank you paul encimer and shakti. I was there but for the people who weren’t thank you for standing up for the mass majority of so humboldt residents.hopefully they’ll start standing up for themselves as well.

  • Hillbilly lovedoctor.

    And to rex bones denial phone call. What a pathetic LIAR. Dirty corrupt pile.leveling the playing feild for him and his son.his retirement 401k.at the expense of the rest of the county(his constituents)

  • save nature, abate the scum growsteaders.
    Your permitted neighbors on the road are the ones paying for your demise.
    Oh look, is that them driving up to check on their workers?
    Love that fake smile

  • The county has something called LIDAR, its a laser that can view the DNA of the plants and measure its size and shape. This would allow them to see through greenhouse walls and determine that it is cannabis growing.

    • Lol , LIDAR doesn’t “ view “ the dna of the plants .

      It shoots pulses of laser light at an object on order to make a 3D image from it .

      • Maybe jojo was confusing imaging equipment that can tell difference between c3 and c4 carbon fixating plants with LIDAR?

        That was one technique used to detect cannabis in the past. Although it’s probably not used much anymore.

    • Everybody’s got to come to the trough. Big brothers in the sky. What you doing there? Keep them payments comin’ I’m about to retire to my own private Idaho horseranch.

    • deputies with frickin laser beams attached to their heads

    • Did you just say the county has a “laser that can view the DNA”? Are you serious? At least now you give us a good laugh.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      The legality of that is questionable. If you have anything outside that is viewable from public airspace, that’s one thing, but I do believe cops used to have to get a warrant to look inside people’s buildings/structures. I don’t know anymore since the county has basically destroyed the 4th and 8th amendment. I know police can use infrared imaging on a house before they raid it to see if anyone or any dogs are inside or on a property, but they have a warrant before they do that. Its a scary thing as we have kissed those precious Rights goodbye so we can get those dang greedy growers. Remember, unless we get rid of the abatement and eye in the sky now, they will be here forever. Everday those tools are used adds to the precedent that they will remain. Once all the illegal growers are gone, does anyone honestly believe the abatement letters and eye in the sky will go away too? And that they will give us our 4th and 8th amendments back? Haha no chance. The status quo will remain. So if you aren’t growing, you had better get all your outbuildings, flats, and old wells permitted, as well as any remodels on your house. Don’t forget register your springs either. The county’s phasers will remain set on high and they will come for us next

  • It’s time for these people to put their joints and liquids down and take a good look in the mirror and realize that playing the victim is going to CONTINUE to get you nowhere.
    All this chatter: “oh…. I didn’t even have anything….ohhh I was only growing lavender….Oh ….someone ELSE put those 6 greenhouses on my property , not me……oh….”
    uh uh…no one is buying these lame ass stories . You didn’t want to do what your neighbors are doing and get a permit so YOU DECIDED to gamble and just continue like you always have and you lost at that gamble.
    Now, you want to dis your permitted neighbors AND You want to blame Fennel or others for consequences that are traced directly to YOUR decisions and actions. Continuing to be whiny little babies because they won’t enable you to continue to commercially grow ILLEGALY is just annoyingAND stupid. It’s LEGAL now foo’s.

  • so so sorry for this county with all the mega grows getting abatement letters. After “following “Kim’s site for many years and reading comments I’m surprised people don’t understand what prop 64 means. 6 plants folks, not thousands or hundreds with water diversions to support your xxxxxx& xxxx habits & trip to Mxxxxx etc.

  • I nominate Bud Rogers, should have voted for him instead of Estelle, who is doing the bidding of big business and I think we’ve all had enough of that.! Bigger is not better in any way! No big grows. Period! Small only!

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      You nominate Bud Rogers for what?
      THE FUNNY FARM? 🤪 Chemtrail King?

      If Bud Rogers is running against Estelle Fennell again, which unfortunately (for him) appears to be the case, KMUD NEEDS TO TAKE BUD ROGERS OFF OF THE AIR RIGHT F**KING NOW!

      I give money to KMUD 📻 💵 so that they can provide a valuable community service, not to mention a little entertainment now and again. If KMUD is going to allow “its airwaves” (which actually belong to us) to continue to be misused by Alzheimer’s patient Paul Encimer & his brain dead buddy Bud “Paranoid” Rogers, then that’s going to be the last check KMUD receives from me. Get a clue, KMUD. Time to change.

    • What are/were Bud’s talking points? Where does/did he stand?

      I’m searching for the candidate who values their oath of office, who loves the Constitution, and who doesn’t pander to any party.
      Who fills the bill?

  • Bud had his shot and was trounced, all time worst.
    Kym is the obvious choice: intelligent, energetic, fair, and well-known. (she even wanted to be a lawyer but had a baby instead.)
    she says no now, but we’ll see…

    • I believe I said shoot me first…which is a bit stronger than no. One year after I was in office, the same people that want to recall Estelle would be calling for me to be hanged.

    • Estelle was “trounced” when she first ran as well. Selective memory, eh?😊

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

        Are you suggesting 🤪 Bud Rogers, who lost to Estelle Fennell by an over 50% point margin less than 2 years ago, be the challenger AGAIN against Estelle in 2020? Seriously? You can’t find anyone else to run? And I mean ANYONE! Literally anyone would have a better chance of success than Bud Rogers, the CHEMTRAIL KING.

        ☁️ The moment KMUD 📻🤪 started broadcasting chemtrail reports on the air (much in the same way they do helicopter reports) was the beginning of the end for the radio station 💥🔥📻🔥💥. Too bad, so sad. Instead of handing off a healthy community radio station to the next generation, in typical narcissistic baby boomer 🍼 fashion, the old geezers who run KMUD are running that station into the ground rather than allow younger generations to rejuvenate the station’s on-air lineup, let alone allowing younger generations to have their own opinions. Our experiences matter too. Time didn’t come to an end at WOODSTOCK, y’all! (As much acid as you were on at that time, it may have seemed like time came to an end, but it didn’t.). TIME MOVES ON AND SO SHOULD KMUD. Radio shows should not be a lifetime appointment. 📻🚫

        Otherwise, 💥🔥📻🔥💥.

  • Bohn needs to go back to auctioneering and mowing baseball fields. Something Fennell should think about as well, but I dont think KMUD will take her back..

  • Were is the list of all say first 100 permitted sitesin Humboldt co??And if we dont know now we will quickly learn shortly because to get a state permit you have to go thru CEQA process and all neighbors have to be notified thru this process to have any neighborly issues resolved its what Logging plans have to go thru to harvest timber Hmm…It doesnt sound good for the one who think they are going State permits , I sure hope the board of supervisors has let all you Yahoos know this is how its going to roll,So my thought is be Good to all your Neighbors You will need them Later! Remember its not how you start, its how you finish

  • well, if you didn’t care about the small farmer, like Estelle doesn’t, then yes, recall you too…the point is you are trained to deal with the idiots by your experience with the most negative segment of our population: your commenters/trolls…
    anyway, don’t worry–no recall will happen, so it’s a non-issue…
    then again…?

  • Hillbilly lovedoctor.

    We’ll see look how many of her(there)constituents are being extorted.

  • Hillbilly lovedoctor.

    Nobody likes rip offs and thats what the county/planning dep are.and lets not forget are corrupt supervisors with there familys,freinds expedited permits.

  • Rex, if you’re so concerned about water diversion, why did you tell the owner of Honeydew Creek Farms not to bother with surface water forbearance and to fill its tanks from the creek all summer long, just not between 9 am and 5 pm when Fish & Wildlife might be around? Why haven’t any of the properties your son illegally grows on been abated? I call Bullshit on you!!

  • A couple of thoughts. Whether Bohn physically pulled permits and had them pushed through is questionable. What is very believable and I would bet happened, is he influenced certain permits to go through. If he denies this, he is a liar. How many of his “friends” have had permitting issues?

    If you own a greenhouse and you would like to keep growing whatever you want besides cannabis, get it permitted. Its $150 fee and takes a plot map and greenhouse map. Thats it, no engineer stamps. Oh, no power or water can be plumbed to structure. So for $150, you can grow your veggies and flowers in peace and kindly tell the county to f@ck off!

    • I want to point out, that if you are looking at the many agencies that could come get you as a grower, the county planning dept is one of the least scary. I think people should be thinking about what enforcement mechanism would replace what we have now… it’s pretty tame! I would way, WAY prefer these county rent-a-cops to come slap my hand and give me a fine and leave the dfg, Water board, DEA or whatever, out of the picture. Just something to think about…. and we do need some kind of enforcement to keep the idiots and organized crime out. It was getting scary for a while a few years back.
      I say too much bitching and moaning going on; I think all the hill communities have been weak on letting shitty neighbors come in and fuck everything up (we’ve been too nice and haven’t been policing ourselves) and what followed is organized crime, dumbasses from out of town, and all manner of other low lives coming in, and now we are all paying the price for that. I think we need to take our medicine and deal with the consequences.

      • i would worry less about inept leo agencies and think about the criminals who rob criminals. shits on the rise.

      • You missed my point. If you would like to continue using a greenhouse on your property for growing non cannabis crops, it is easy to get a permit for that structure. At that point, do I give a rats ass who comes walking down my driveway?

      • How are people supposed to prevent shitty people from buying land and becoming their neighbor? Please explain.

    • “No water …can be plumbed to it..”
      Not sure that qualifies as a useable greenhouse …💀🌾

  • Hillbilly lovedoctor.

    Well cool emily you can vote for our economy to be annihilated,mom and pops who have taught us the trade to be annihilated and thrown off there land.and sell out to the corparation that’ll have you. BUT im gonna vote agaist corruption,extorsion,and the end of our economy.just like the rest of the country there taking the money dispersed among many and handing it to the rich few to get richer

  • I want to thank Paul Encimer and Shakti Norris, for organizing this. At least someone is doing something, and it takes a lot of effort to organize resistance.
    While I do believe many of these abatement notices are an extreme abuse of power, I do believe we need the county to have some tools in their tool belt to go after big polluters, and abusors. I agree with Emily, we need some enforcement. It has gotten scary out there as our community has been hijacked by Mafia and big illegal business type grows.
    However, I do also believe the county is abusing it’s power in many other regards. The fines are extreme, in most cases. The implementation of the abatement notices are biased.. targeting a group of people instead of random selection, or a selection of the most agregous abusers.
    But also.. I do believe the county does not need to be SOO heavy handed. Let’s face it…the Industry is changing. There is a lot of cannabis being grown all over the state. Legal and not.
    So.. many farms are already facing hardship as the market collapses under its own weight.
    I feel the entire California Cannabis Permiting process is heavy with corruption. Fist of all.. the state issued way too many Mega grows… essentially screwing small farms out of the equation. Personally I think the state should be sued for this because it is a finite market. It is only legal in the state. And essentially approved to many mega grows.
    If the Water Board was sooo concerned about California’s precious water resources… why did they approve HUGE mega grows in the middle of a desert that is already having problems with the aquifers. Or in Central Valley, where veggie farmers were cut off from their water supply during the last few years. Many family farms food farmers there were put out of business because the state cut off their water to their land. Then they approve huge monster cannabis farms?
    But.. there is not that much demand in the state.. so they tell the HUGE growers that they can have their monster farms.. but the people who pioneered this industry are going to face draconian raids and more of the same bull from the past?
    I guess what I am trying to say.. is that small farmers in The triangle face huge challenges, and to have the county hurt the small farmers like this when most are already struggling is sickening. The County really does not have to be so heavy handed. The market is already shutting down many small farmers. The county should be helping not trying to hurt the already struggling small farmers. I find this disgraceful.
    And I do, feel very very betrayed by Estell. I had hope she would do good for the community and instead she has chosen to betray and throw her community into the fire.
    But I do believe the good people of the triangle will succeed! They try to bury us.. but they didn’t realize we were seeds!

  • Does the oath to office mean that as long as the officials create agencies on the side and give them full rein to create their own rules & fines that they are forever off the hook and can’t be tried for Sedition?
    They are forever to be held accountable as long as the people (the 4th branch of govt) hold them accountable.

    OATH: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

    Getting to the root of the problem so the problem can be solved is paramount not just for our generation but for our future generations.

    Does the 8th amendment say “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted, unless the govt create agencies to delegate their responsibilities to so that the people can never hold them accountable”?
    The 8th amendment says: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” Period.
    It is the duty of all govt officials to carry out their oath of office.
    It is the duty of all govt officials to make sure all officials are abiding by the Constitution, their oath to office.
    The Constitution was created to limit the govt(s), not the people.
    Unfair fines and cruel fear tactics are unconstitutional.
    When the govt fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the govt, there is tyranny.
    What do they fear the most? The people uniting in an epitome of knowledge to hold all officials accountable through lawful means, otherwise known as Poetic Justice.

    Their oath covers every action they take. They are responsible, the buck doesn’t pass.

    • Yea! And the imposition of erroneous taxes were the root cause of the U.S. Constitution’s creation. But when will Humboldt-isians and other tribes be free to craft laws representative of their needs, does anyone know?

      I would sign a petition to dissolve Supervisors’ overarching authority and create a SoHum council of the humblest farmers who could ensure each other’s survival

      • Taxes was the last straw, not the main straw.
        The main reason, was lack of representation.
        The revolutionists wanted no part of the King’s one world dictatorship. They instead fought for freedom, for liberty. All races, cultures, beliefs, status, fought side by side, for freedom from oppression. Those who fought against their freedom, fought for oppression, slavery, taxes, dictatorship, one world religion that the King chose for everyone, …
        nope, not gonna happen on our watch they said.
        I love those guys! Some as young as 12-23 yrs old, some as old as 35-60.
        Smarter than the average bear and twice as tough.

        I overall agree with you, but couldn’t resist adding to it.

  • Ahhh so when does the IRS come into the process?
    Their past projected Illicit earnings formula as it relates to growers is said to be aggressive and ruthless.
    Whack a mole is next

    • Once the people understand that the IRS works for the Federal Reserves and that the Federal Reserves are neither Federal or a holding for reserves, they too will be rightfully “taken care of”.
      If my totally broke friends got together and offered local businesses blank checks in exchange for interest, late fees, and accounting fees, would that be appropriate? My friends would be exchanging absolutely nothing for real money.
      That’s basically what the Federal Reserves did/does.
      When the govt(s) receive digital checks, there is no money in the “reserves” to cover those checks. The people end up having to give huge portions of their income to inflation (which is a tax that was created to pay down the interest “loan” for the blank check).
      This guy, G Edward Griffin explains it the best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu_VqX6J93k

      Wake the flock up!

  • Right on shak! These readers do not have a clue about constitution week. There lined up like sheep willing to consent all there rights away just as the government planned. In order to grow .no other farmers stand for this kind tyranny against the people they serve.

  • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

    What in the hell is Rex Bonehead doing attending Planning Department staff meetings? His explanation of his improper behavior is total bullshit. 💩. We all knew Rex was corrupt, but damn!

    • In my 1911 I trust

      What do you stand for exactly? First you talk a bunch of shit about recalling Estelle, then you agree with us about Bohnhead being corrupt. What side are you on? Or are you just one of those people who ride the fence down the middle of an issue while chaos erupts on either side?

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

        I’m on the side of good government and the public good, which is why running Bud “The Radio Dud” 📻😴 Rogers for county supervisor again is the dumbest idea I’ve heard all week. Get real for once in your life.

        • In my 1911 I trust

          Don’t put words in my mouth. I’m not talking about Bud Rogers, could care less about him. Talking about YOU. You don’t seem to stand for much, just what is good government in your opinion? The public good also known as the greater good? So you are for the destruction of individual freedoms for the safety of the greater good? What do you prefer, dangerous freedom or oppressed safety? I have an idea for you, ever think that less government is better? If you think voting for more government will change anything you are obviously oblivious to what has gotten us here in the first place. Bud Rogers or anybody who has already ran or is currently in office shouldn’t be who we look to to fix this mess. We need new people in our local office, new people = new solutions. I see you mentioned you are progressive, back in my day you were either Pro-America or a commie. Nowadays y’all call yourselves, liberals, progressives, socialists, but you are still a bunch of commies. Probably need to get real yourself.

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