Traffic Collision With Injuries on Rohnerville Road

Traffic Accident DayA vehicle struck a motorcyclist around 11:09 a.m. near the intersection of Senestraro Way and Rohnerville Road. The victim is breathing but unresponsive, according to scanner traffic.

One report from the scene indicates the victim possibly has a broken right leg.

Traffic is being diverted to Loop Road.



  • Thankfully, they aren’t far from the hospital, if the hospital still has anyone to respond in the ER!!!

  • Damn.
    Best wished to the rider.
    More info on car/truck would be good. Responsibility?

  • Flatgirl you will never here anything about the situation because it’s not weed related and this blog is bullshit. Go to lost coast Outpost for more information

    • CHP hasn’t released that information yet. None of the local blogs have it. It is Sunday so all anybody has is scanner traffic.


  • Tired of liberals, I’m tired of them too but after reading your comments I’m wondering why you are on this site?

  • This from United Bikers of Nor Cal FB page..has condition update..

    Bike/car accident on Lost Coast Outpost. Not a UBNC member (at least yet), but he has been to last few meetings (he was recent winner of Samoa Drag tickets). He’s also a LONG time friend (40+ yrs) of mine (Bought my second bike, a Norton. from him. )ANYWAY, he’s in St. Joe’s with a dislocated shoulder, and a couple broken bones. I will know more later.

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