[UPDATE 5:23 a.m.] Stolen Big Rig Crashes Into Tree, Driver Flees With Gun

About 6:20 p.m. on Sunday, a big rig stolen from E. G. Ayers Distributing located on Broadway in Eureka crashed into a tree on Herrick Avenue near the Elks Club. According to Jennifer Petersen who lived near the crash site, her neighbors told her that the driver fled the stolen vehicle carrying a gun. This is corroborated by the CHP Traffic Information page mirrored by the Lost Coast Outpost which reported that a “man jump[ed] out with a rifle [and was last seen headed] towards the Elk Lodge.”

Petersen said that from her window she could see where the driver “took out a mailbox, he took out a fence, and then hit a tree.”

Deputies from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and California Highway Patrol Officers arrived on the scene shortly afterward. A shirtless suspect was taken into custody at gunpoint about 6:38 p.m. Petersen described him as “a short white male with a bald head”  She said her husband said he had a “tattoo on his right peck.”

Diesel leaked from the big rig into the gutter, according to scanner traffic. According to the Hazardous Materials Report, about three gallons of fuel was contained. Humboldt County Environmental Health personnel arrived on the scene to deal with the spill.

Westbound Herrick Ave was closed for about a half hour.


Video provided by Saryn Kennedy

UPDATE 5:23 a.m.:

Patrick Holt

Patrick Holt

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 9-16-2018 at around 1823 hours, the California Highway Patrol requested an agency assist for a semi-truck that crashed into a tree on Herrick Avenue at the Elks Lodge. A short time later, H.C.S.O. Dispatch received reports that a white male adult dressed in a black hooded coat was seen running from the semi-truck with a rifle through the Elks Lodge parking lot. A short time later another citizen called reporting the suspect was seen running into the trailer at space #14 at the Fairway Mobile Estates, located at 525 Herrick Avenue. Units from the Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene and closed off Herrick Avenue and set up a perimeter around trailer #14. A Humboldt Alert was sent out to the area residents to advise them of the danger and to shelter in place. A surround and callout was conducted on the residence by Deputies. A subject later identified as the resident, Patrick Holt ran from the residence and was detained by Deputies.

During this call for service, a representative from Ayers Distribution on S. Broadway in Eureka called to report a semi-truck had been stolen from the business and the office had been burglarized.

Officers from the Eureka Police Department and a Cal-Fire responded to the residence and a sweep of the residence was conducted for any additional suspects. No other persons were located.

A Search Warrant was obtained for the residence and numerous stolen items were located inside the residence including a stolen firearm. After an intensive investigation, it was determined probable cause existed to place Patrick Holt under arrest for C.V.C.10851 (Theft and unlawful taking or driving of a vehicle.) P.C.459 (Burglary) P.C.29800(a) (Felon in possession of a firearm.) P.C.148(a)(1) (Resisting or delaying a Peace Officer.) and P.C.594(b)(1) (Felony vandalism.) Additionally Holt was booked on an unrelated arrest warrant.
The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the Eureka Police Department, California Highway Patrol and Cal-Fire for their assistance in this matter.

We would like to remind the citizens of Humboldt County of “Humboldt Alert.” Registering for this service will enable us to alert you of any situations you may need to be aware of that could be dangerous in your area. Ensuring the safety of all community members is the number one priority for the Sheriff’s Office.

To register for this service go to https://humboldtgov.org/2014/Emergency-Notifications/alerts

UPDATE 1:51 p.m. Monday: Photo of the front of the semi provided by a reader.Semi with smashed front end.



  • Never a dull moment!

    A tat on his “right peck” suggests that he was shirtless? Peck – for pectoral, I suppose, which is the upper chest, would be covered by a shirt.
    Unless I’m completely out of the loop for body part slang, that is.
    A short sleeve shirt would expose the right bicep…

    A loss for the truck owner, the mailbox and fence owners, but I’ll bet our short, bald, white male had an interesting experience. I’ll be interested to hear further developments. Who knows, it might make a good scene in a book or something.

  • You don’t hear many follow-ups on this website it’s crash and burn and then leave you hanging for months actually forever there’s no follow through on the news here it’s just a scanner site.

    • THAT is just plain mean spirited toward Kym . The rest of us value the info she is able to provide us 24/7 .

    • What sort of follow-up do you need on this story? The guy was caught and arrested.

      • He also had a warrant out for skipping court dates. This is the same idiot that stole the CASA donation jar from Stil in Eureka. Catch and release.

    • All news is like that unless it’s really tragic,then they keep revisiting it.
      A 90 or 365 day update would be an interesting section to add. But might not be best for folks that are trying to repair their past.
      Or maybe just a “sentenced/served” update like LoCo has the booked/released section. Since they print names anyways,without conviction. Might as well see who was found guilty again…and again….and their sentence

    • Yup, nothing to see on this here scanner site for an obviously advanced and discerning news hound like yourself.. You should probably head on over to the Times substandard website..
      And just stay off our lawn. The people that commune here have a great appreciation for Kym and all the excellent work she does for all of us..

      • multiple news sources is great, someone asking for follow up articles is ok. Obviously one site doesn’t contain all the news, nothing is wrong with that, as stated, the limited resources make it so, different outlets cover different issues. No need to be a hater of differing opinions or valid constructive criticism asking for follow up journalism.

  • Duh… Low hanging fruit gang..
    C’mon who in their right mind wears a shirt when they steal a big rig and take it for a joyride with (*WARNING.. I’m gonna go ahead and assume here)
    what will probably turn out to be a stolen rifle.. I dont expect y’all to know everything but geez… Bush league guys.. Bush league

  • << no relation.

  • Pat should have started a go fund me for Truck driving school before he went Truck hunting!

  • Did Redwood Stump just volunteer to run a website of followup articles? Or does the idea just stump him?

  • It used to be a felony to steal a vehicle and now it is taking a vehicle without the owner’s consent, it it still a felony? Like would you give someone permission to steal a vehicle.

  • what a Class A moron…. 😉

  • He probably thought the brake was on the left and the middle peddle was a spare.

  • Does it seem there’s a spike in crime since the Carr fire,
    especially regarding people running from the police?

  • He’d be perfect for a inmate work camp, or a inmate trail crew. Call senator McGuire..
    Mr. Holt Doesnt seem to be doing anybody any good on the open roads, and his expression tells us he still needs to be broken, by hard labor, or maybe military conformity would save him..
    Maybe a year of forced customer service at Taget would help him understand he’s not the center of the universe..
    if that doesn’t work, there’s always Jesus, or Science, or Heartwood..
    He could be the new “male Julia butterfly” for rainbow ridge.. so many better paths

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