[UPDATE 10:33 p.m.] Large Structure on Fire Off Hwy 255 West of Arcata

Structure on fire

[Photo by Jonathan Beck]

A structure is burning off Hwy 255 west of Jackson Ranch Road and the City of Arcata as of 9:40 p.m., according to Jonathan Beck, a passerby who called in the fire.

Beck said, “The fire looks like it is in one of the old buildings that they used to cut the logs into lumber. It looks like it is getting bigger.”

Firefighters are responding to the scene.

UPDATE 10:33 p.m.: The metal building is mostly okay, according to Jonathan Beck who stayed on the scene. He said that he spoke to a firefighter and firefighters suspect that slag from metal being cut in the building earlier landed in sawdust and smoldered all day before catching flames.



  • Wendy Davis Windsor

    Looks like the old lumber mill?

  • I imagine. Meets the description.

    “The fire looks like it is in one of the old buildings that they used to cut the logs into lumber. ”

    Lumber mill.
    Spectacular sight, I’m sure. Out of use these days, I suppose… Not a lot of trees left to cut – reminding me of the Joni Mitchell song. If it doesn’t come to mind immediately, go to Founders Grove which they turned into a, “Tree Museum”. Might have been the right thing to do, I’m not arguing the point, just sad that it has come to this.

    And the old mill, a last testament to how it got that way is burning.

    Sad, but I’ll bet it’s spectacular.

    And I hope to heavens that it doesn’t spread!

  • I this may not be the place but Kim do you have any info on the Thursday bust on registered guest road? Eyewitnesses say fish an wildlife used a bobcat on the property to demolish 5 greenhouses the propertyy.
    If so they create a lot of litter to blow to other properties later. The place needed to go but fish an wildlife has cowboy yahoos that should,not be armed ,if they are out of control
    Eradicating is good in this case but their cowboys are out of control

    • Travis,
      No. The Department of Fish and Wildlife has not responded to requests for information for busts that occurred back in May so I have little faith they will answer about this one. If you think this is an egregious misuse of government power, you can write Ms. Jordon Traverso at Fish and Wildlife at jordan.traverso@wildlife.ca.gov Please be polite and state your concerns. She is a nice woman but the policy of this government agency leaves an entire community not understanding about arrests, officers on private lands, and what are the reasons for those incursions. Presumably, the officers have valid reasons but we are not being given the facts to judge. Nor is it easy to complain when there are problems. However, if you would like to take photos of any problems and have the eyewitnesses contact me, perhaps I could do a story on this. My email is mskymkemp@gmail.com

    • Elric of Melniboné

      I heard that similar tactics were used at a recent bust on Woods Ranch Road. The officers commandeered a tractor or skid-steer and ran it through the greenhouse structures. I understand the need to shut down illegal operations, but these are unnecessary tactics.

      • Yep ive hiked to some busted properties and they’re dusty dirty pieces of land with trashfrom demolished hoop houses, busted fertilizer bottles spilling concentrated chems on the ground, water bladders emptied in ways causing erosion on hillsides from pressure of all that water spilling out at once when they cut them open (god forbid they dont destroy it so water can be saved in a different location) and the like.
        No wonder it feels like camp all over again, theyre just doing whatever they want with no recourse.

        Anyone who thinks the state and feds are busting grows because they give two sh**ts about the environment is plain stoooopid, sorry but its true. Theres no tree planting, putting water back in streams from diversions, etc. And what a waste of materials and plastic, why dont they give it to a school or local farmer to grow food? How did fish and wildlife get into doing pot garden removal on private properties, i thought they were supposed to protect natl forests. Wtf?????..?
        (One of the grow sites i walked to had already been sold i guess, new hoophouses were being built with no permit papers anywhere.)

        • Fish and wildlife officers have ‘rights’ that other leo’s don’t. They don’t need reasonable cause for search and they’re not bound by any property lines- public or private. The court has ruled wardens get more power b/c of the importance of protecting endangered species.

  • I would imagine Fish and Wildlife officers enter private property with search warrants to investigate illegal activity. And during the investigation, when that illegal activity is observed and seized, it is handled appropriately. The violations which get their attention are illegal grading, water pollution, littering near state waters and unlawful streambed alterations. As for the rocket scientist saying they should not be carrying guns. No law enforcement agencies officers encounter the high level risk of assault that wardens do. To not be armed would be even more ridiculous than the question itself.

  • so let me see if I have this correctly. last week they were in the process of demolition and then it burns to the ground. could it be asbestos related?

    • From the article -“firefighters suspect that slag from metal being cut in the building earlier landed in sawdust and smoldered all day before catching flames.”

  • By the light of the burning grass...............

    More fires behind the Mall and South to Herrick. I like the areas they (supposedly homeless) burned. Nice to see all the newly growing plants. And from the North side nice to see the bay. And the fire department get to scare the crap out of walkers as the drive them off the trail constructed only for people traffic. A win-win. Beat that City Council!!!

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