Can You Help This Student Figure Out What Helps People in Humboldt Quit Smoking?

This is a press release from Kristen Rees, quality data coordinator for Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District and a student in the master’s degree program in public health at Des Moines University:

This summer at the Health Fair in Garberville, the Cancer Support Services staff at the St. Joseph’s Health Humboldt (SJHH) and Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District (SHCHD) in Garberville struck up a conversation about tobacco cessation resources in the county. We know much about the negative health outcomes associated with tobacco use, but wouldn’t it be great to know what has helped people here, in Humboldt County, to quit?

That central question evolved into an ideal internship opportunity for Kristen Rees, quality data coordinator for SHCHD and a student in the master’s degree program in public health at Des Moines University (DMU). Completion of a real-world internship is required for DMU’s public health degree program. Rees saw the idea as a way to accomplish something meaningful while fulfilling her internship requirement. She worked with Linda Rasmussen, MS, RN, OCN, oncology quality specialist at SJHH, and the Tobacco Cessation Collaborative was formed.  As one of the first orders of business Rees created this survey to answer that first question – what’s helped Humboldt quit?

Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Smoking tobacco damages the lungs, can cause cancer almost anywhere in the body and increases the chance of heart disease and stroke. Tobacco use can create many problems during pregnancy, affects a man’s sperm, damages teeth and gums, increases the risk for cataracts and so much more. Many residents of Humboldt County suffer negative health effects associated with tobacco use.

So far, the Tobacco Cessation Collaborative includes individuals from SHCHD and SJHH. As the project progresses, organizers hope to expand the membership and scope of the collaborative. One of their initial strategies is encouraging Humboldt County residents to complete an online survey on what works or has worked to help individuals quit using tobacco, even if for a short time.

“We want to use this information to promote a healthier Humboldt and better care for the communities we serve,” Rees says. “The survey asks if you’ve ever smoked, currently smoke or have ever quit smoking tobacco products. If you have quit, it asks what helped you. This is the focus of our survey. As much detail as possible is very much appreciated. This is followed by six optional demographic questions.  There are only 10 questions total. Your time and participation are greatly appreciated.”

            To complete the survey, go to



  • Lower the prices so they can smoke their desires to smoke out.
    Daddy caught us smoking and made us smoke one after another for carton after carton until we couldn’t stand to hear, see or want another cigarette.

    Use honest stats. Most people can eventually figure out the percentages used in the propaganda material used. (400,000 out of how many millions of smokers actually die of an illness that even never smokers die from).

    Who does the Constitution restrict? (hint: it starts with a ‘G o v ‘).
    Why is govt taking charge of our lives, health, children, education, etc…, when it is restricted from doing so? (hint: the reason the constitution was written was to restrict govts, not individuals).
    What duties-authorities-powers are given to the govt(s)? (hint: they’re listed in the constitution).

    Is it lawful for AG’s, mayors & governors, to band together against their constituents?
    Is it lawful for states to make individual treaties with foreign nations without the consent of congress?
    Is it lawful for congress to make treaties with foreign countries that are contrary to the constitution?

  • It is faily obvious from statistics that more education on the subject gets people to quit, and higher prices help keep young people from starting.

    • “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

      Stats are only as good as the feed that is input into them.
      In other words, smoking teens was in a rut until vapor came out, then smoking went way down. This shocked the groups whose livlihoods depend on the smoke tax. These groups then lobbied to tax vapor. When that didn’t pan out so well, they also lobbied to BAN vapor so the kids would pick up smoking again.

      Don’t chide true stats with tax raising ‘stats’. People know the truths.

  • If you mark that you have never smoked, the survey concludes. If you mark that you have smoked and quit, the survey continues. Maybe the people that were able to avoid smoking in the first place might have some good advice… Ya think?

    • Here is my advice:

      SHCHD: The best way to avoid Nepotism, Matt Rees, is don’t start hiring your own family members in the first place!

      And this is not the most obvious example of conflict of interest at SHCHD, your public agency!

      Bad habits are bad habits! Quit now to avoid a bad outcome!

  • Death

    Works every time

    Saves taxpayer dollars

  • These days if you go to Walmart you can buy a quality herbal supplement
    to help cease smoking, like Herbs Etc. w/ Lobelia and Mullen…crazy huh?

  • Smoking pot worked for me I quit 35 years ago March

  • Date a nonsmoker and exercise.Moztly he realization that smokers and all of their belongings stink,but they smoke so they don’t know it.I quit those camel wides. I bet the no-high weed vape thing would work,but may be worse

  • Higher prices of cigarettes and lower prices of the patch and gum.

  • no one likes a quiter. truth is only 33 percent of smokers contract cancer. however there are folks that have never been even around smokers let along smoke themselves that jave died from cancer. fact is there are health bennis from smoking that no one really seems to want to remember. back in the 90s the german equalivant of our surgon general came out and declared that for certain high stressed life styles smoking is healthier than trying to quit

    • A>C>Your a effin genius… have you considered
      bumping trump?

    • OK. Some numbers. If what you say is true about 33% of smokers getting cancer (I have not confirmed this # – taking this at face value), and using Google’s stat the 37.8 million adults in the US smoke, that means 12.5 million of those people will get lung cancer. The average cost for treatment us 10K for surgery, 15K for chemo and 10K fir radiation treatment, so 10 to 45K for healthcare costs. Factor that by 12.5 million and that’s 12.5 to 56.25 BILLION dollars. This economic strain doesn’t begin to account for the emotional toll this illness inflicts on patients and their families. Smoking is dangerous and foolish.

      • The American Cancer Society’s estimates for lung cancer in the United States for 2018 are:

        About 234,030 new cases of lung cancer (121,680 in men and 112,350 in women)
        About 154,050 deaths from lung cancer (83,550 in men and 70,500 in women)

  • you wake up and decide you are stronger than that little shit stick you been sucking on for over 45 years and you quit. Currently shit stick free for 4 years.

  • Chris Peterson owned the Riverwood Inn back in mid seventies. We both wanted to quit so we bet each other $100 that whoever starts smoking owes the other. Sure worked for me, I didn’t have $100 to give anyone. It was win win for me.

  • Think of your NON smoking lungs PINK Picture your smokers lung BLACK like an old leather purse.Take the FREE Humboldt co. smoker cessation class. It will work if you work it. But no matter what you do you will most likely be a real pain in the ass to anyone/ everyone near you. But after 2 weeks or so? the smell of smoke will make you puik. ALA PINK lungs. Never quit trying….

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