Abate the Abatement Meeting in SoHum

Cannabis abatement letter Humboldt County

Notice to abate. Photo posted in RHBB’s comment section on June 24, 2018.

Press release:

Are you concerned about what’s been happening since four of our County Supervisors passed the Marijuana Abatement Ordinance 2576 and the impact these egregious fines are having on your community? Then attend the first organizing meeting to ‘Abate the Abatement’ where we will explore repealing the ordinance, recalling district 2 supervisor Estelle Fennell, and organizing a People’s Permit process (much like we did with CLMP and COG back in the 80s/90s). Our goal is to not only support small farmers ability to join the permit process, but to help our community thrive again as well. The meeting will be held at the Redwood Playhouse in Garberville on Sunday, Sept 16 from 2 PM. It’s time for action friends, so bring your passion for change and ideas to the Playhouse Sunday afternoon! More info Paul 923 4488, Or encimer@hotmail.com



  • There haven’t been any new abatement notices in the times standard in the last two weeks. Does anyone know the reason for that?
    It would be great if the it was already in the process of getting thrown out legally.

    • The posting of notices is highly controversial still. the county claims they only need to post on gates and that the times standard Post and certified letters are a ‘courtesy’- many legal experts say this is not true. Unfortunately abatements continue to spread like wildfire in Southern Humboldt. Redway, whitethorn, Ettersburg etc got hit really hard last week. Many got posted on single community boards, not even on their private gates. Humble offgrid homesteaders, often not growing Cannabis, or 215 holders, are victim on the regular, still. Indeed legal action needs to be taken and fast. Unfortunately you’ll notice many local lawyers are swamped with abatement cases to head such a cause at this time, but let’s hope this changes soon! This is certainly one goal of the meeting.

    • You cant kick a hippie out of humbolt or tell him to move after all these years thar has to be a law against it

  • Can there be a discussion about recalling Rex Bohn too?

    • There certainly should be! Bohn was a very vocal backer of ordinance 2576. However he is not heading our district down in sohum, where 75% of abatement victims reside, but feel free to bring the discussion to the meeting. Surly we can duplicate the petition and efforts.

      • There have been many abatements in Honeydew and Petrolia – Rex’s district. He is too busy aiding and abetting his son and his son’s cronies to care about his actual constituents. He needs to go!

        • I just wonder how much control they actually have on staff. It just takes one person with a grudge, or power trip to complicate everything. There also can be concepts floated two years ago, that get ruined on reality. Like “everyone will just sign up to get legal” then others start piling up conditions and piling on agencies. The Planning commissioners have been on the record nonstop claiming ridiculous, unsubstantiated numbers of grows when getting ready for “compliance” time.
          The biggest hurdle to getting in “compliance”, is that as many agencies as could possibly be involved with cannabis were all cobbled together to throw as much paperwork as possible at growers to discourage signing up. So folks who were anti weed sorta created a situation that discouraged folks from trying. The supervisors can’t read the future any better than most of us.
          I think it’s a waste of time to recall Fennel or Bohn. Anyone can try to run against them, unfortunately, you might find what a big shabby leaky ship it is to turn around.

        • https://lostcoastoutpost.com/2012/sep/19/four-men-allegedly-try-kidnap-and-pepper-spray-chi/

          Offspring are a reflection of thier parents. This man should not be able to hold any high ranking position after his son did this. There is obviously a lack of values and morality in this family

        • Bohn needs to go back to what he’s good at, auctioneer at fund raisers for a good cause. Being a supervisor he can be manipulated and has done a lot of damage to his constituents, greed and power have damaged his reputation and he’s lost friends in the process. Bohn is bought and paid for as a puppet for good ole boys network. He needs to be voted out, along with Fennell. I miss Jimmy Smith, he was for the people.

    • All of them.

  • It is time to stop the madness and the abuse of statutory juristition for their financial gain. It is time to make your explicede claim to common law juristition under UCC 1-308.4 and UCC 1-306.3 you have the right to the innocent use of your life liberty and property as long as you do not injure a person or their property . Exercise your bill of rights they are guaruteed as long you do not accept their offer to contract ( law) and do not consent ! To their proceedings.

  • The fight has really been taken out of people over the years, yet, somehow, So Hum/Humboldt hasn’t faltered. So refreshing!

    • Depends on your definition of falter I guess. If you work for non profits, local business’, legal or real estate groups I bet you’d say otherwise. The effects take time and are still underway. People are faced with hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions in fees and fines and struggling to make a basic living as a direct result of the county’s abatement actions. many are in the process of walking away from their properties because there is no hope to get out from under the debt.

      • If you clean up your shit and contact the county there are no fines. Anyone with hundreds of thousands in fines is a fool. No one has millions in fines. No one. if you blew it up for big bucks, clean up your mess.

        • We must have been typing at same time. My thoughts as well.

        • That’s funny, cleaned up in eight days called and are still waiting 5 months later…. This is a shit show… Does the county have a time limit on releasing your property, or can the tie you up indefinitely? Not to mention had nothing growing, and permits for the grading…. county signed off meaning they had copies but then said they didn’t…. Sloppy paper work on county side and we get gigged for it……

          • Eager to step in the poo

            They created too much work for themselves. Hubris.
            What happens if the county ends up owning properties people walk away from? Does the County owe remaining money to banks with title? Does the County have to fix legacy problems they claimed were issues on the property? How would they sell a property they allege has all these expensive problems? Will there be a reduction in tax revenue? If the hurdles to getting legal are too high there is less revenue from the anticipated weed taxes.

          • On the bright side who would want to seize in in asset forfeiture.
            Absolutely nobody .
            It makes the property worth nothing to anyone looking for cash.

        • The person I know who got an abatement notice lives out of state and has not set foot on his property in this century. So in spite of paying taxes for more than 35 years on his property it is unprotected from an apparent tresspass grow and he is now liable for thousands of dollars in fines and must pay an attorney to defend him. How is this rational or fair?

          • if you own the property you are responsible for what happens on the property. period. in all 50 states. the best remedy to limit liability is to use a corporation for ownership. use an LLC, not a chapter S. the corp can lease the property to a third party. if the third party gets popped you have no personal liability. the corp is responsible for the problems. a corp can maneuver (delay, and generally fuck with) the courts much longer than an individual.

        • There is always a fine of at least $160 and that’s mainly for folks who can afford thousands in attorney fees. Millions of dollars in fines is on the way as we speak. do the very simple math -3 ( average) fines at 10k daily for 90 days = 2.7 million each and that’s if your lucky enough to only get the 10k fines daily. Several fines are much more than 10k. Factor in engineer fees and fines, it’s enormous. Many people getting abatements are growing vegetables while the county assumes every greenhouse or clearing in sohum is Cannabis. Many abatement recipients have always been in the process of cleaning the land including logging legacies, allowed by the county. The real stories on the ground that I hear regularly would make any conscious human cry. You folks obviously don’t know many victims of abatements, but that doesn’t negate the reality that homesteaders are under attack daily.

        • In my 1911 I trust

          I think its funny to watch the anti pot and the pro pot people bicker and squabble over these abatements. The truth of the matter is, the county has done a very good job of snowballing the subversion of property owners rights up with the pot ordinance. While all of you are squabbling over the pot thing, the county is slowly taking ALL property owners rights away. I have no problem with the way Trinity County does abatement notices. If they can see your grow from a public space, i.e. road, air, etc, and there are marijuana plants visible, they take pictures. They then match the APN number of the parcel that they have photos of marijuana growing on, to their permitting records. If there is no permit in process, that parcel receives an abatement. That is the proper way and doesn’t take away people’s rights. In Humboldt County, the grounds for an abatement is a grainy satellite image of a greenhouse, there doesn’t have to be any marijuana visible, or any proof of wrongdoing for that matter. They are then sending out letters that destroy people’s lives and the burden of proof to show otherwise is on the innocent person, not the accusing party. Remember in the United States you are (supposedly) innocent until proven guilty, so these people that are receiving abatements are innocent until proven otherwise, not the other way around. In order to have your abatement rescinded, you must tear down structures, sign a compliance agreement, and submit to an inspection by Code Enforcement. Call it what you want to call it, but a cop is a cop. Having to submit to an unwarranted search of your property by law enforcement to prove YOUR OWN INNOCENCE is a massive subversion of ALL our rights. If you don’t think it can happen to you, if you think your shit don’t stink, you have another thing coming. Its called the camel’s nose in the tent. When will they stop? Will they start sending abatements to all of us who have detached garages and/or shops, claiming we have indoor grows and then we will have to let a cop search our garage/shop or even house to prove otherwise? This is the start of a police state where individual rights don’t matter and government can trample all over us with no recourse against them. If you are so blind that you are cheering these abatements on and gladly giving up your own rights because of your hatred of pot, then you have played right into the county’s hand. This isn’t about pot so quit mixing the two, its what the county wants. Pot or not, I like my property rights and individual freedom. But, thats why, in the end we have the Second Amendment, its our insurance policy for all of our other freedoms. So remember, when all else fails, trust in yourself and your Kimber 1911.

          • Elric of Melniboné

            This public service announcement brought to you by Kimber Firearms.

            • Hey man, the 2nd Amendment is very important. The gov’t did a good job of extinguishing that right with their little clause about if you have a 215, you can’t own a gun. Now they are doing away with our 4th Amendment Rights, due process, etc. I’m a libertarian so I don’t mind what anyone does as long as it doesn’t infringe on other peoples’ rights. This “legal” cannabis thing needs to go. I’m not happy about having to sacrifice my 4th Amendment Rights for a bunch of greedy d!cks that want to grow some dope. That is against everything I stand for. Now weed is “legal” for all of you that want to make money off of it, but I have to sacrifice MY rights for you to make money off your stupid dope? Not cool. I enjoyed my private property and not having to worry about some eye in the sky spying on me and possibly receiving an abatement because I want to build another outbuilding and don’t want to have to deal with the county’s screwed up permitting process. The cost to our individual freedoms is too much. Especially when only a small number of people are actually going to survive and make any money off of it. Weed needs to be outlawed until the gov’t can figure out some way to legalize it without taking away guaranteed freedoms. Last time I checked, growing dope wasn’t part of the Bill of Rights, but not being subjected to Unlawful Search and Seizures is, the Right to due process is, and being innocent until proven guilty is, as well as the burden of proof of any crime must come from the accuser. Its called the 4th Amendment. Try checking it out sometime.

      • Faltered as in not losing strength. The county seem to stand up for itself, unlike most of the country.

        If people have 10 days to “abate”, isn’t that plenty of time?
        Who is faced with “hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions fees”? Who? If people are facing those fees, then they were doing some business. People acting like they didn’t make any money and now that they have to take down greenhouses, they are losing their land? I’m not fully buying it. Also, yes I have sympathy for almost anybody dealing with this shit. At the very same time I too could be abated. With that said, if you expanded your project to a level that will cause millions in fines, then at this point, I must put that on you. People should have used their f@cking brains all these years.

  • For in reason, all government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery.

    – Jonathan Swift

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    Thank you kim for posting this, as a lifelong resident was starting to feel doomed, and depressed. this is our chance people we had better seize the day and stop this extortion and criminalization of something thats supposedly LEGAL.the hideous and criminal behavior of the county must be stopped or our community is thru!!!!!!

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    And whoever thinks the abatements are stopping wake up!!! The county is only concerned about one thing ripping off $$$$$$$ from its residents.there not going to stop there moraliss, greedy, powertripping, theives.they wont stop till they’ve stolen every last dime they can and rendered us homeless and hungry in the process.

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    And to all that have been abateted(ripped off) by the supervisors and county planning dep, this is you’re chance to be reimbursed and at showing these theives that we still have rights as citizens who live under a constitution thats being violated.

  • Some people, might have been breaking the law for many years. Now that things have changed, of course the vibe is going to change. Of course things aren’t the same. We got complacent. Now its time to morph with the flow. To blame the county for illegal farms not being able to operate anymore, just doesn’t seem right. If you walk up to a bee hive on your own will and you are educated enough to know that bees will sting you, but you are so enticed by the honey, that you are willing to take the risk of getting stung, then 100% percent it is your fault and your fault alone when you got stung. I know there are really good people just trying to get by. I know why some people do what they want to do. I am one of those some people. I just wanted a life in the hills with my family and pets and away from the grind of the city life. I wanted to grind out the hill life. That has come to a close. Its over. I can move forward in the legal direction or choose not. Either way I can’t blame the county. Hell, we might just need to be thanking them. Do you think for one second in any other part of the country, they would allow such rampant cannabis cultivation and obvious outlaw lifestyle? Cash deposits???? are you f@cking kidding me? Give it a try elsewhere and see what happens. Be thankful we got his far.

  • Rizzo Ponzi Pension Scheme

    Good luck chumps. We control the purse strings and are at the top of the pension ponzi scheme. Pay up suckers! If you don’t like it leave, we’re gonna get our fair share!

    • Humboldt has been sued more times and lost more lawsuits than any other county in California per capita. This will probably be another example.

  • I would like to know how its legal for federal officers such as fish and game to help set fourth the guidlines and enforcement of the growing of marijuana and accept monies on behalf of a drug considered felderally illegal?

    • Acronym say 'what'

      CDFW stands for CALIFORNIA dept. of Fish and Wildlife. Have you had Feds out at your place?

    • Estelle is a hero. Would you rather the DOJ/DEA simply RICO case everyone growing in SoHum? Weeding out the riff-raff and under-capitalized farms is a terrific way to shore up things for the legal people.

      Some people paid good money to get and stay legal. If you can’t stay in the game, leave. Its a real business now, with real rules, real competition, real consequences, and standards.

      Truth is most of yall grow crap that will never pass quality standards.

      • In my 1911 I trust

        The issue is not with the sheriff’s dept. The sheriff does need to actually be voted in to be legitimate, but that is only one little hiccup. At least the sheriffs are getting warrants, investigating, and then busting. That is the proper way, its the game you all have played for years. The problem is with the abatements and how they subvert property rights. The other is the fact that there is a direct conflict between the eye in the sky/abatement notices and Measure Z. I voted for Measure Z to increase funding to the sheriff’s dept. so they would have the budget to go bust these big egregious grows in the hills. Now that we have the eye in the sky, we must choose one or the other. The abatements are obviously much more effective than the sheriffs have ever been, so obviously we don’t need Measure Z anymore, its a waste of tax payer money. On the other hand, the eye in the sky costs less taxpayer $$$ but it has the additional cost of giving up due process and property rights. We must make a choice. We can’t have both. If we are smart the abatements/eye in the sky will be the one that goes. The sheriffs cost more, but at least our rights are left somewhat intact. Remember, once we get rid of our rights, they are very hard to get back, and our Rights are what makes this place America. I love my country, I am a patriot, our rights are more important than any amount of cash or enforcement. I would like to keep our freedoms intact. If you like the abatement/police state, maybe you should move to Russia, you don’t belong in America.

        • This ignores the issue of whose freedoms are involved. Does freedom mean that the one closest to the top of the spring gets take all he wants? Or that what runs off his property is not the business of those below him? Or that he is free to not pay taxes, hire people he treats as he wants without regard to any regulation? Or chose to deal with other crooks to pedal his wares circumventing any public will to the contrary? As long as he lives up a private road, screened by trees where he can’t be seen from the road and posts a sign saying “no trespassing?”

          It is a shame that privacy is now invaded by views from above but the reality is that technology has made it possible and has become equivalent to seeing from the street. And the volume of law breakers has become such that older ways of investgating are totally unable to keep up. As some so gleefully put it on here “10 down, 18,765 more to go.” That should not equal safety for violators any more than police helicopter is not permitted to spotlight a criminal just because the criminal doesn’t like the erosion of his ability to shake off pursuit.

          There will be a line drawn by the courts but that line will not be left at 1953 technology. Where the rules will be is unknown at this time. There will probably be some extra restrictions on the county’s procedures but it will not be left at old fashioned police foot work.

          • Apparently you missed the entire part about being able to view someone’s scene from a public space, air included. If you are growing and a chopper flies over and takes pictures of your pot, and you don’t have a permit, that should be grounds for an abatement. The burden of proof is on the accuser, not the accused. Grainy satellite images of a green house doesn’t qualify. Maybe you should re-read my comment and put together a better counter. All I see is you weren’t able to comprehend my message about sacrificing our freedom and our rights for a few people that want to grow a stupid plant. Alas you are one of the followers of the county’s plan so you too are blind to what is actually happening. [edit]

        • Yeah America would be so awesome if everyone operated illegal businesses, did not pay taxes, and hired illegal workers who don’t pay taxes. Awesome!

          • Every permitted grow that I know (dozens) are selling product to interstate transporters. They are ILLEGAL w/ permits. Please come off your high horse.

            • I don’t believe you know that many permitted grows.

              • I know 1, and they are definitely selling all their stuff on the blackmarket. They also use a bunch of nasty bottled nutrients. I wouldn’t touch their dope with a ten foot pole, even though it passed state testing standards. I don’t know why people think weed is so special. If I grew dope, I could grow better weed than anything on the “legal” market by growing it the way I grow my veggies. Just have to mix the dirt up with good amendments and feed it tea. If I had plants, they would be as big as my sunflowers right now.

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    Lets abate estelle. And lets abate rex bone

  • Supervisors are just lining they’re pockets with our money. This whole abatement process was created to take people out of the hills and get them into cities where they can be taxed and regulated easier. The county, once they take our properties away will hold on to them assuring that people will not be able to live there. The abatement process not only affects cannabis, but people who have lived off the grid for some time. If you have an unpermitted cabin or structure you are also subject to abatement notices and fines as well even if they have been there for decades. This goes way further than just cannabis. This affects any farmer growing any plant or improving their own land.

    • In my 1911 I trust

      Exactly!!! ^^^^^

    • Paranoid a little? Sorry to bust your conspiracy bubble, but that is certainly not what is happening.

      • Not really, considering the vast majority of rural counties incomes come from property taxes. The property taxes from TPZ zoned land are cents on the dollar compared to property taxes for land zoned anything else. Many people don’t know this but a 1400 acre ranch on TPZ zoned land might pay a grand a year. I think its honestly quite less. So the county is missing out on big money by having all these people living in TPZ zoned land in the hills. I’m sure they would love to acquire those properties so that they could have them rezoned as something else before they auction them off. Am I going out on a limb? Maybe. Or a little birdie may have tipped me off….

  • until an alternative name is put up against Estelle it is just blowhard…
    we have no other community leaders?
    what about all Estelle’s local supporters?
    are you still with her?

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    New supervisors = new ordinance= new Obtainable permit county guidlines= affordable permits for rural homesteaders. We’ve been the economic engine of the north coast for decades should be rewarded not extorted.

    • Yes, drug lords should be appreciated, not treated like criminals. Perhaps you would feel more well liked among the cartels of Mexico or the opium-loving mullahs of Afghanistan. Feel free to relocate any time.

    • what about the fact that all the current legal cannabis companies are going to fail and its a flooded market even with the small number of permits. You cannot actually legalize all the farms. The truth is the market is now ending cannabis growing in this area. It is being grown in larger amounts on the black market elsewhere in the state now. The low price of weed is why everyone had to grow so much to begin with. Now that the prices are headed to $300 a lb. It will not even be worth it to grow!

  • I’m concerned how all this has nearly toppled the local economy this year. As a service worker we are barely surviving now. The mom and pop farms and their seasonal workers used to come into the stores and restaurants here. Now they don’t. They’re stuck jumping through financial hoops with the county.
    Did the supervisors ever think that issuing hundreds of abatements at the same time with a 10 day period to resolve issues is unfeasible given that there are a limited number of construction crews in the area. They created a bottleneck and the bottle is about to explode.
    They haven’t even fixed our court house locally…. How can there be due process if they hold the keys to the judicial kingdom. How many citizens are forced daily to drive 2 + hours round trip to appear at court. If they want a ghost town it’s coming…

  • Hillbilly lovedoctor

    Hey perspective things can change from the change that already happened. To many( the majority) left behind gonna be like the dust bowl here soon in the grapes of wrath.this shits gotta change. Cant put the whole local economy in the hands of an totaly inept planning dep.lol. these people and dep have been a nightmare joke as far back as i can remember and im gettin up there in age.

  • I would walk down the isle with Estelle if she would abate my child support

  • Maxim of law: Government can only control what it creates. (The power which is derived cannot be greater than that from which it is derived.)

    U.S. Constitution, Article Six, Clause 2:
    (The Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution)

    “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”


  • Kim or anyone else know which superviser did not pass the marijuana abaitment ordinance 2576??

    • Mike Wilson. I’m big fan of his and the new guy replacing sunberg seems wonderful too. It’s possible to be a great political representative and these folks prove that.

      • Madrone, who is replacing sundberg is an environmental activist. He will be way tougher on watershed compliance. Get ready to start seeing a lot more abatement notices in the 5th district and way more in SoHum.

    • Mr. Wilson opposed the ordinance because he wanted stricter abatement, not less strict abatement.

      “Wilson’s main objection concerned cultivation permits issued under ordinance version 1.0 for parcels located within impacted and pristine watersheds. He said he’d like to see all those grows moved elsewhere into compliance with ordinance 2.0 to protect the fish, even if it took five years to accomplish. Salmon, he pointed out, don’t show up at public meetings to voice their concerns.

      “If the fish were lined up here like the people were, I think we’d be considering tighter regulations,” Wilson said. “We’re not listening to something we can’t hear, I suppose.””


      • You can watch this board meeting and hear and see mike Wilson call sohum growers that have “existing” grow status “theyre criminals and shouldn’t be given any permits …..”should be stopped or moved….”
        He wants stricter regs

  • Growers aren’t the only ones targeted. When property changes hands in Humboldt and gets reassessed, whoever the new owner is gets saddled with the same violations and fees. I know of properties with no grows what so ever that had old dump sites. The new owner was responsible to clean up the site or be fined 10k a day until it was cleaned up. I know fines, fees, and taxes are new to most of you who flew under the radar for years but this shit isn’t new. The rest of us have been dealing with this stuff for years. Just comes as a shock when you have been living under a rock for the last 3 decades. Welcome to your new normal.

  • I’d even walk down the isle with Mike Wilson if he would abate all of my child support

  • What schedule of fines do they pull their info from ??Same qestion for so called “enviromental damages” Whats really is inte resting is they will tell u what is wrong but have no idea on how to fix it , so is their really a problem if they cant tell u how to fix whats wrong? Have abatement fines in a schedule of typical fines relating to any specifnic abatement ? Or are they throwing fines based if you are friend or for ? Or did they secretly pass that on some “ closed Meeting” Can u tell me what page in prop 64 these schedule of fines are on?? Estelle did u vote for satelliterecon on your constituants? What a shit show you have engaged in on your community . A four day pile of Dog Shits rates higher than Estelle .

    • USA baby! Politicians been cashing in for 242 years. This is the USA. When local politicians (and their friends, family) see an opportunity to make money, they do. They best way to protect the golden goose is to come down hard on the scenes that won’t or can’t play by the rules.

      64 allows local and county governments to establish laws and ordinances regulating weed. Once enacted they have the authority to enforce the rules. 64 is not the free-for all that many expected. Cultivation under 215 was a free-for-all crap show that took Sohum over the cliff. Time to clean up the mess and move on towards a brighter future. Kick out the criminals, clean up the properties, foster a legal tax base. Seems many people misinterpreted 64 as a reason to double down or worse. They gambled and lost.

    • Investigators are on it. (=:

      for instance:
      …Who audits the billions paid for war?
      Who audits the billions paid for environment policy (side note)?
      Where do the funds go?
      To who / which entity and/or org?
      What slush fund was recently terminated by AG Sessions?
      What is Fast & Furious?
      What is the underlying theme?
      Who controls the FED?
      How did political leaders/’talking heads’ accum assets in excess of $5mm+?
      What was the net worth for each prior to taking office?…

      … When the US sends billions in aid and/or climate and/or etc who or what entity audits / tracks to confirm intended recipient(s) rec?
      None. …

      … Think Paris accord.
      Who audits / tracks the funneled money?
      Define kickback.
      Define slush fund.
      EPA. ….

      These are a few of the questions posed to the masses by a certain source that the cabal has been busy trying to defecate on. Thousands upon thousands of agents, investigators, journalists, hobbyists, curious, from all around the world have been digging up the dirt on.
      The source asks questions, the so called “cult” followers dig deep to find the answers. If knowledge is a cult, then why aren’t we all in it? baaaaaaaaaah. Wake the flock up. baaaaaaaa.

    • I asked Estelle and John Ford what sort of process they went through to decide the dollar amounts of the fines at the last abatement meeting. I learned to stay at the potieum to clarify my questions. I walked away, and they dodged all my questions. They mubled ,”Um… Uhh… Those amounts are what is stated in the ordinance.” “We can’t identify that person.” “Those are state regulations you’re talking about.” And no answer for roads and the hospital. I’m going to ask the same questions again if given the chance.

      • you could always go down to the County Env. Health office and copy public records. the fine for a illegal or legal automotive repair business with an open drum of hazardous waste is $5,000. it will be fun hearing the explanation for the fine for the same violation being $70,000 for a illegal or legal cannabis business.

  • I’m willing to bet that all the people complaining about this consistently and with fervor vote for the party and candidates that promise more government. This is more government.

  • Hillbilly lovedoctor.

    The 16th neighbor’s is our chance to be the change.lets show up to defend ourselves against enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Humboldt doesn’t stand a chance unless we give it one. Lived here my whole life dont wanna be part of the mass exodus outta here thats coming.this is OUR industry, how dare a few corrupt , politicians try to steal it from us and leave us out in the cold with no wher to turn

  • Well Dan F True enough but I never Tought that $5.50.00 a month was right It looks like the county is after the rest of you now Good luck. They know the people who can’t afford atturney fees and they screw us relentlessly

    • Watch out!!!

      I heard the Punctuation Police often show up when when the Spelling Stasi gets called!!!

      Someone told me they execute for exclamation excess!!!

      😉 !!!

    • When a person posts to criticize someone’s grammar, they need to be hyper vigilant about their own, especially regarding punctuation. Do you really think that “it helps improve what people think of you when you post with a ton of spelling errors!!!”? Or do you mean that he should “”Use spell check. It helps improve what people think of you when you post with(out) a ton of spelling errors!!!”

    • You complain about having to pay a meager $550 a month for child support!? How much do you think kids cost to raise these days? I pity your baby mamma.

    • Forgive him. He’s stoned.

    • You don’t need an attorney to have a child support hearing and there is a self help center but you also should not expect anyone else to support your your kids. And what does this have to do with abatement notices?

  • Yes Dan I will I wil
    I will marry you

  • Hey I got an idea. Just stop growing dope. Problem solved.

  • Hillbilly lovedoctor.

    Hey i got an idea, move back to Alabama, or utah, or indiana

    • Lots of folks have stopped growing cannabis and have veggies in their greenhouses – some of these folks have received abatement notices anyway – the County bureaucrats have stated that all greenhouses and raised garden beds are evidence of marijuana cultivation – the landowner is presumed guilty and must prove her innocence. I’m sorry, but how is that ok?

      • Take a photo of the veggies in the green house and bring it in. Unfortunately for the argument about being an unreasonble search, in Humboldt Co veggies do not need several hundred foot greenhouses to feed a family, therefore it can be assumed to such a set up is for commercial production, which needs a business license even with food production. Which has provision for food safety and permit inspections anyway, even if rarely done. By following the line of regulation, you can’t safely violate the law under any circumstance at this point. Maybe later but not now.

        • Bullsh!t statement! Money was spent on these greenhouses. Doesn’t matter what was grown in the past. The fact is, if I have a 30×100 greenhouse just sitting there, I’m going to grow some food. Get the f@ck out of here with that sh!t. Besides plants, they make nice places to chill out.

          • Excellent. When the stormtroopers roll up to the gate with a chipper you have nothing to hide. Better hope there are no other code violations.

  • Seems like most of the readers eat the covers off the constitutions of the United States and the constitution of California and chewed on to many lead pencils

  • Jesus Christ, Enough of the playing the victim and endless complaining. Take responsibility for your life. Why do you think that the county or anybody else owes us a living? They don’t. Especially an ILLEGAL one!
    WE WON ….it’s legal now for us to grow marijuana for profit !
    Most of the complainers are the ones that sat out getting a permit. They wanted to “see what was going to happen” well now you know.
    Now that it IS legal ,The county isn’t going to enable us to continue to grow illegally. Especially when a lot of our neighbors went through the trouble and hard work to get a permit. ( my family did)
    We all saw legalization coming and now it’s Here. No amount of complaining and blaming is going to make that go away.
    Plus, this meeting is Paul encimers meeting. Christ almighty, that guy is against EVERYTHING.
    He is a doom and gloomer self described “anti government anti rules anti social agitator “
    Plus he doesn’t even live here, hes from Mendocino 😂

    • Truth be told the most people did not want to enter the legal market, they simply wanted legalization to make them miraculously legal while they still slung weed into the black market. What they did not consider was how the black market would deflate nationwide.

    • SYS, can you clarify your points please?
      I find it difficult to take anyone serious who feels the need to disrespect another person’s belief system, whether it be in God or politics, and you’ve bashed both in one post.

      If Encimer is against all govt, we need to know without any doubts, so we can make better informed decisions. If Encimer is only against corrupt govt officials, then the same holds true, either way. Most of us are against the corrupt, no matter where they squeezed into the picture frame.

      Maybe Paul can make a clarification post too.

  • encimer lives in Redway, and Garberville before that, for over ten years. Anyhow Piercy isn’t Mendocino. Viva the Emerald Republic. encimer has been known to say he is against everything but I know him quite well. he doesn’t mean it…exactly.

  • Your family did? Did what ? They grew a shit ton of herb ILLEGALLY for years. Now you are so elite? Funny business. That the “pre-existing” mega grows got preferential treatment in the legalization path seems nonsensical. As much as I can’t stand the guy I’m a little bit with Mike Wilson who evidently spoke negatively of the pre existing set ups . Might have been more fair if you could prove you were low key and within prop-215 guidelines or had NEVER grown at all that you got preferential treatment moving forward into legalization. Oh, but those folks didn’t have boxes and boxes of cash did they? Hmmmm

  • Corrupt extortion rip off politics

    And they are violating the Constitution daily.So your also traders to your country just to make money.

  • Hillbilly lovedoctor.

    Stop you’re sobbin you’re a sad self centered,greedy, selfish person.the community is set for total failure at the present.paul encimer along with myself. And anyone whos looking beyond there own selfish ego can see this.here we are with the 1% defending there little elite scab corrupt poster girl. The great thing about democracy is we have the opertunity to organize and try to bring positive change and this last few months has shown us that we must, or were through.this extortion cant continue to the MAJORITY.these dirty corrupt politicians cant continue.we must look out for the future of our economy.

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek.

    Sure hope to see a turnout today!!!!! This is our chance to make a difference!!!! To save our town, neighbor’s, rural way of life, and ourselves.

  • The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    • “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

  • The reason the s.o. uses d.f.g. to penalize, is the d.f.g. wardens do NOT need a warrant. Now, Gerry’s dead, go get a job…

  • Outlaw Jose Wales. Lay down your shovels and your trimming tools and ride on in. Pledge allegiance to the government. Estelle didn’t tell you about the Gatling gun in the covered wagon. 🙂

    • We pledge allegiance to the flag which represents/symbolizes the Constitutional Republic that limits Govts and secures the rights of the people.
      We do not pledge allegiance to the government officials.
      The constitution and the govt are two different things, they are not the same entity. The govt works for we the people to secure the people’s constitution.

      The Declaration of Independence is echoed in the preamble of the Constitution.
      It is the duty of the people to abolish (fire, recall) bad govt (officials), in order to maintain our liberty (constitution).

  • Piercy IS in Mendocino County!

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek.

    Went to meeting sad there isnt thousands of people concerned about this total violation of civil rights going on.you people will be sorry someday you’re not standing up for youselves in droves. To the people that were there thanks for having a spine.to those that think things cant change and just except the violation from corrupt representatives your truly the enslaved.

  • Right on shak ! Their is inteligent life left out there.now we have to throw the corrupt people who interfere with the recall process.

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