Convoy Headed Up Spyrock Road Near Laytonville

Chipper Chaps Charging CHeerfully towards chopping convoy chipperA large convoy is reported to be headed up Spyrock Road this morning. According to one reader, they gathered at the Laytonville CDF station. He reported seeing over 10 vehicles many of them from the Department of Fish and Wildlife. He said he also saw a wood chipper and a few Mendocino County Sheriff vehicles.

Two other readers reported seeing a convoy headed up Spyrock.



  • OH NO!! Not Mendo weed!

    It’s so much better than Humboldt’s!

    Damn, I needed some more Sativa/Indica for this weekend…

  • Ripoff Sheriff Dept

    I wonder how many $100 bills the Mendo Sheriffs will shove down eachothers underwear…
    It’s Camp © Darryl Cherney

    (G) Now Bobby and Suzie were broke, had (C) nowhere they could go
    (D) Someone told them in Northern California (G) they could (D) make some (G) dough
    All you need is a plot of land and (C) 9 or 10 little seeds
    Where (D) Reagan blew the economy Mother (G) Nature (D) would suc- (G) ceed
    Now (C) everything was going fine (G) for the first year or two
    They (D) spent their money back in town and (G) boy how (D) that town (G) grew
    They (C) never hurt nobody. but (G) somebody took offense
    And (A) that’s when the Campaign Against Marijuana (D) Planting (A) did com- (D) mence

    It’s (G) Camp with their helicopters, It’s (C) Camp with their keystone coppers
    It’s (D) Camp come to confiscate the (G) land (D)
    It’s (G) Camp forget the constitution, It’s (C) Camp reversing evolution
    It’s (D) Camp hey, we’re getting camped on a- (G) gain

    Now Jimmy was an unemployed logger, he was clear cut out of work
    He had a wife and three small children, boy how that man hurt
    But then a hippie told him ’bout growing dope and he thought he’d give it a try
    And if there’s only one thing that Jimmy learned it’s that hippies never lie
    Now all the loggers at LP started to fall in line
    Growing stuff instead of cutting it down suited them just fine
    Bankers, housewives, old folks too, began to see the light
    But some folks just get ornery when things start going right

    (G) ((F#)(F)(E) Well they’ll break down your door and they’ll rip up your floor
    When they (A) come to search your home
    They’ll tear (D) up your Grandma’s picture and x-(G) ray your (d) doggie’s (G) bone
    They’ll (F#) search (F) your (E) cesspool, spice rack, kitty litter box
    Your (A) children’s teddy bear
    Your (D) denture cream tube and your compost heap and your dirty (A) under- (D) wear

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    We’ve got apartheid in South Africa and on Arizona’s soil
    We’ve got herpes, AIDS and cancer, and animal torture labs
    We’ve got alcoholism and unemployment and poison Tylenol tabs
    But big business and the government they like things the way they are
    And they’ll see that you’re all pre-occupied paying your Visa card
    But plant a seed and watch them all come out of their corporate caves
    ‘Cause they don’t want folks being self-sufficient they might run out of slaves.
    1986 by Darryl Cherney,

  • They are up by past RGR gate. on Spy rock. Un permitted grow I heard.

  • I wonder how many elderly people will have their fiod and medication stolen by these Mendo Deputies. I wonder how many screaming crying children will be ripped out of their sobbing mothers arms by men in camo fatigues armed with guns and machete’s only to be placed in one of Mendocino’s Pedophile ran foster homes, how many family pets will be shot and killed…. How many gallons of fuel will the Mendo Sheriff Dept dump on the ground and cut the lines actually creating environmental catastrophes in the hopes of additional charges and increased public support…. How many Mortgages will be lost to the Masonic Buddy club of the Sheriff and Savings Bank of Mendocino County….. Big good old boys club and your not in it unless you worship their Goat God Baphomet, the Masonic God our local Sheriff and other “leaders” worship in their masonic temples.

  • Is there any way to get a follow up on the Kettenpom raid? There are rumors that it was a permitted site. If that were true, that would be news to share. Thanks

  • Great news, If you’re growing dope for a living you deserve a visit from the cops.

  • Spy Rock Road – home of The Lookouts!

    “Living behind bars”

    My friends live in a bad part of town
    And when I go to see them it always brings me down
    Theres bars across their windows iron gates upon their door
    And the whole neighborhood looks like the middle of a war
    We crawl through the back streets in the dead of night
    Windows rolled up and doors locked tight
    Creep up the alley trying not to make a sound
    Always looking round for what might be coming down
    You know we havent got a nickel havent got a dime
    Cant even get on welfare cause we havent got the time
    To be pushed and pulled through those bureaucratic slots
    And have our lives filed away in some plastic box
    I dont know why it is
    That people have to live like this
    Gotta get out before its too late
    Gotta get out whatever it takes
    Because were living behind bars and we got no choice
    Living behind bars and we got no voice
    Living behind bars and we got to get away
    On the other side of town theres a great big wall
    Where the rich man lives hes afraid of it all
    Hes worried about the people he might happen to meet
    If he ever set foot out on the street
    And the red lights flash and the sirens howl
    And the burglar alarms ring and the guard dogs growl
    Old lady fishing through a garbage can
    but I still cant seem to understand
    Why were living behind bars and its time to move
    Living behind bars what have we got to lose
    Living behind bars and we got to get away
    Living behind bars it seems like we got missed
    Living behind bars how did it come to this
    Living behind bars and we got to get away
    Living behind bars every night and day
    Living behind bars we cant go on this way
    Living behind bars and we got to get away

  • Sources in the area say there was also a convoy staged near Cow Mountain between Bells and Spyrock earlier this week with a whirlybird in the air.

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    Thats what it feels like round here all of a sudden

  • groba dude trustafarian osnt

    That’s all right, plenty of good corporate dope is on the way!

    Get your permits, pay your taxes. Or don’t.

    You will go broke either way

  • And, as Greg Allman sang,

    “Eveythang is fahnly cured by tahme…”

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    Like ez e fuck the police

  • Corporate weed is hear
    Sell outs or first in line
    I don’t know

  • Clowns to the left of me jokers to the right…the entire spy rock road!

  • The convoy is just trying to do it’s part in keeping prices up

  • The dimwit who was raided hasn’t been a part of the community up there for years, decades. He’s a bad actor in the business and always has been. They were helping limit more environmental damage, that has been done there for decades.

  • In Humboldt news there are no new abatement notices again this week. I wonder if they stopped it for legal reasons or if they are just taking a break.

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