[UPDATE 11:45 a.m.] Large Convoy Heading West Out of Redway

Two readers reported seeing a large convoy this morning. One reported seeing a convoy headed west out of Redway on the Briceland Thorn Road about 7:30 a.m.

Another said he saw 10-12 Department of Fish and Wildlife vehicles headed south on 101 north of Redway about an hour earlier. One of those was pulling a chipper. Then, he said, he saw “half a dozen Sheriff’s vehicles a little ways behind.” The smaller Humboldt County Sheriff vehicle convoy was “maybe about two miles behind” the first convoy.

UPDATE 9:38 a.m.: Samantha Karges from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s office said that her department was not conducting a cannabis-related raid today.

UPDATE 11:45 a.m.: About 10 a.m., a convoy showed up on Eubanks Road which is north of Briceland Thorn Road.



  • I know where we’ll over 7 acres are in WC All flat ground They could pull the chipper right up and chip away

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    Maybe ya all better think of showing up to this meeting at the redwood playhouse on sunday September 16 at 2 pm and start banding together to try to survive. Devide and conquer is there strategy.every man for himself bs meens we’re all through sooner or later.

    • Do you want to send me a press release on this meeting so I can post about it?

    • Survive, hell no! Hope you all go the way of the dodo bird. Good riddance to you all!! Get the hell out of our community you mega growers. They are not going after the small grows, if you can see it from Google, remove it. If you cant do it right, get out.

      • I have lived her my entire
        Life ! You don’t own the community and why do you live here if this has been going on for decades ! Idiots !!! Guess what permits are a coming and every time they cut we regrow ! Not gonna happen we here to stay

      • Bill and Crusty if you can’t see it from your houses you both should mind your own business. [edit]

        BTW Bill those google earth images for this county are rarely updated. [edit]

        • Sleepy Alligator it is people like you that are responsible for the dilemma our community is in. Turn a blind eye to those that are destroying the environment….No way, not going to do it. With their water diversions, illegal herbicide use, and rodenticides, grading dirt into creeks and streams, building structures without permits, growing way more than they need, on and on. Not to mention the soils, grow bags, plastic pipe, and garbage being dumped illegally daily in the hills.


          • Hey Bill. I feel your frustration. Do you think about the pollution and the toxins in the air, food, and water that our government allows, because they deem them safe? There is always a trade off for the good things in life. Do you know that the levels of glyphosate, a known carcinogen, keeps rising in California agricultural land because everyone used Round Up for those nasty weeds that grow in the fields. There’s much more of these toxic chemicals we are subjected to everyday….in our food, our water, and even in the air. Best of luck cleaning that house.

          • Bill if you are a consumer of products then not only are you “turning a blind eye to those that are destroying the environment”, but you’re doing that to the ones that are the most destructive of the environment. The vegetables, fruit, nuts, rice, and anything derived from those things that you consume come from sources that steal more of our water and use more pesticides/herbicides than anyone else, especially pot farmers, ever will. Illegal grading and building without a permit happens on most properties outside of town limits in this county. Long before growers moved here and by land owners who have never grown one pot plant (welcome to rural living). People like you think any amount of plants is growing too much (greedy as your type loves to call it) so I don’t know what to tell you about that except to go look at the Central Valley farms or even just look at a giant clear cut in this county and tell me who is excessive (or greedy as your type loves to say). I don’t know one grower who dumps his/her garbage in the hills. Growers make money and most respect the environment by disposing of their garbage responsibly. But just like you’re whole view on pot growing you’re opinion is based on those few pictures you see in the media of piles of garbage at raided grows. I hate the people who do that Bill, but I’m aware they’re a small fraction of the big picture. Try creating your own thoughts.

        • Do what you will, but do no harm.
          That’s where the line should be drawn.
          Environmental degradation is not a victimless crime.
          Grow all you want, or all you can afford to.
          But do it in an environmentally responsible way.

      • Really? Not going after small grows? I know of at least 3 people who had 99 plants and a medical card who got their gardens chopped this year! 2 of them because the property nextdoor had huge operations going on.They are stealing peoples livelihoods. Its stupid.

        • Who? The small grow caught up in the raid or the big grow that probably triggered it?

          • Both really, but 99 plants arent really worth the money and man power to destroy. The mega grows are the ones they should worry about. Imho. And the ones that are stealing water from creeks and all that other nonsense.

          • You gotta be joking. Name one person busted with 99 plants. Can you verify that’s all they had? Didn’t think so. If those fools weren’t stealing our community and environment’s water and trashing the land they wouldn’t get busted anyway. Mega grow or 99 plants , local or from Australia doesn’t matter. If you’re taking from the environment to make tax free cash and not support the community with tax money then you are not a “local” minded or Env conscious human you are a thief and deadbeat
            “Really” you are a clown

            • Soooo it’s ok to take from or harm the environment as long as you pay taxes? GTFOH with that BS! Almost every product you eat or use everyday harmed the product during growing or manufacturing.

        • Wow, I’m getting old. I remember when 99 plants was huge and 10 in a greenhouse was still a risk.

          • Thousands is where it starts to get hairy. Imo. Especially if they’re stealing water. Fish and game hands out fines like they’re going out of style but they still dont have a contingency plan for cleaning it all up. Getting old is a state of mind ☺

    • Meanwhile at the redwood playhouse….there was also a packed community meeting last Friday hosted by 13 community member/entrepreneurs talking canna tourism. Many great discussions and presentations from each panelists and attendees, about how our community can/will and is moveing forward in this new world of legal commercial cannabis. Very positive .
      Meanwhile, you? . …you wish to spend your time roiling in negativity and plotting against and resisting the new legal reality.
      Haven’t you heard? It’s LEGAL to grow commercial cannabis. We have the right to do that now. If you don’t want to Grow commercial cannabis legally, that’s YOUR choice and your life. But don’t blame anyone else for the consequences of your choices.

      • Have you no clue? We know what happened and is going on. This county was run over by mega-growers in a massive greedrush. We had a historic 5 year drought. While rivers and creeks dried up these growers illegally pumped even more water in a race to the permits. When this shitty form of “legalization” was stupidly and narrowly voted in by a gullible public all these mega-growers were now in a financial position to pay consultants, upgrade their massive grow scenes and get the permits. They are legally required to only sell their weed in the state of CA. But since the Track n Trace program is shoddily installed these same mega-grows are moving huge amounts of their weed “out the back door” and into the nationwide distribution system. The government- instead of busting or heavily fining them for this behavior – is protecting them from competition in their illegal market by busting anybody who was too poor to afford a permit or anybody who’s property was immediately excluded from acquiring a permit due to zoning or logistics. You are cheering for the rich to continue destroying the poor and telling us that we need to “grow up” if we don’t like that?!! I want to see serious and complete oversight of these huge permitted grows. I think that they are providing the bulk of cannabis for the illegal nationwide market. I think any government official not paying attention to this is complicit in federal conspiracy and racketeering. I know many large permitted grows owned by greenrushers who came here heavily-financed only within the last 10 years to grow for their home areas of Chicago, Utah, New Orleans, Massachusetts, Virginia, St. Louis, etc etc. It’s obvious what the new scam is and it’s disgusting.

        • groba dude trustafarian osnt

          Thanks for both of your statements. I believe you have proven that Marijuana does in fact turn people into “super stupid people”…

          You have all ruined a world-class beautiful place with your useless flowers, your greed, and your druggie stringers.

          Garberville is deluded past any level of sensibility, Redway contains only tweakers and losers on their way to jail or the cemetery. The very idea that “CannaTourism”
          will “save the area” is completely ridiculous!

          I can’t wait for the market factors and the current legalization scheme to make business for dope farmers too expensive to continue.

          • Omg …..groba dude trustafarian osnt do you live in redway …..because i don’t think you know anything and your so wrong ……i live and work in redway …..

            • groba dude trustafarian osnt


              Nice fences. Cute trimsients. Lovvvvvvvvve the bums.

              Lived in Redway 5 years, interesting town…

              Best thing about Redway, you can leave.

              Beautiful there, but the people? Wow!

          • You forgot what made this a world class paradise was the REDWOOD TREES that were cut (whilst destroying hillsides & rivers) a generation before the first cannabis seed was cracked here😜😠

          • I believe you have proven that Marijuana does in fact turn people into “super stupid people”…

            I think this is fake news since I don’t like it.

          • What was Redway before the tree thieves? …..
            A paradise filled with no white men
            No rednecks
            No hippies
            No trimigrants
            Native Americans and a Native Natural world
            Why did your parents or grannypants cone here? Or are you 5th gen….lol

            • Redway use to be one big golf course. Or so I’m told.

            • Warfare, mass graves showing violence and human sacrifice where part of various preEuropean native American cultures. Blood feuds were continuous even to the present, leading to many different ceremonial ways to keep the peace. The archeological records show many infant and children”s deaths and many fewer aged members, depending on the chosen life style of the tribes. And a surprising number of violent deaths at that.

              As one native American put it “There would not be warriors if there weren’t wars.” Which displays an understanding raising the question as to whether legaleyes is native American or a virtue signalling person of European extraction. Who knows what authority is used for those claims.

          • “Useless flowers?” My friend you haven’t a clue and with all the info out there I’m not going to be the one to try to educate you, you should want to educate yourself. As for all the dumb shit that goes on, that has to do with money, always has, always will.

        • You must have horrible days! So angry. Go cut a tree spray some desiel to keep the dust down..

        • Capitalism is a b!tch when you don’t have the capital to play. So the old ‘scam’ was OK when it was smaller and entirely black market, but now you want serious and complete oversight of the ‘new scam’. RICO indictments for the ‘new scam’ but not for anyone involved in the’old scam’.

          noun: hypocrite; plural noun: hypocrites
          a person who indulges in hypocrisy.

          Some day soon the feds will insist that CA put the brakes on the overproduction and out of state distribution by reducing the number of permitted grows and or the amount that can be grown. Probably threaten to withhold some federal funds for non-compliance.

          • No. I wanted serious oversight and busting of the “old scam” too. The one where people blew up huge grows pretending they were growing medicine for sick people while spraying it with toxic anti-fungals, pesticides and boosting production with hormones like BushMaster. I argued daily here with trolls like you who want to project ALL growing- big and ugly or small and right- as a scam or a tragedy or equally perfect. I know that many of the past ugly mega-growers have become the present permit-holders and are running their product out the back door while receiving protection from the county. I want attention drawn to that. I have no problem with my neighbors doing small scenes in an environmentally friendly way to make enough money to pay basic bills and live small rural lives. I think it’s disgusting that the result we are now seeing is exactly the opposite of that. I have no problem with capitalism except that it needs to be regulated or else the rich take everything. I hope the feds arrive very soon to prosecute the huge grows that are playing both sides while making extra piles of cash that used to go to small family scenes. Have a nice day!

            • Like the comments section ever changes anything. …anywhere. …even on a comment thread. Such is the reality of this life. Bitch, moan, and vent, then get yer butt back to work and pay the man… who takes without representation. Such is our lot….the poor folk with nothing more than a cardboard sign on the side of the road to remind us all of the illusion of freedom.

              • It depends on what you say and how you say it. It is not a constant but some comments have either raised new thoughts or given useful information.

                There are two other ways to look at “the poor folk with nothing more than a cardboard sign on the side of the road.” One is that they might derive a useful income by standing there and asking. The other is that the people who are not standing by the side of the road used their freedoms well so that they did not have to ask for money using a cardboard sign.

          • Cannibis is capitalism! I love it! I want a bumper sticker. ( but only if it’s free..)

          • groba dude trustafarian osnt

            I like your ideas, but the safest thing we can say is that while death is certain, life is not.

            Work hard, go forward, adapt.

            Fussing on the internet is entertaining, but really… You can always find something else to do.

            It’s a big country, enjoy it in a new place, a new job, a fresh start.

            Dealing drugs is fun, growing weed, well, it had to end.

            Grow up, embrace the joy inherent in the struggle to survive. Or plant twice as much and hide it better! Remember, pot farming is a fucking trap!

            Best of luck going forward in your next enterprise… You can always work for Canopy!

        • That might explain why Central Calif has more sealed indictments than Northern & Southern California.

        • We are just following in the footsteps of great americans like Joseph Kennedy. (although I am a Libertarian)

        • Yep. The county set up a system where they can reap money from the permitting process, but somehow forgot about where these permitted growers were supposed to sell their weed. They put the cart before the horse. The county also expects it’s citizens to be fully prepared for the changeover, yet they are not. They need to slow the fuck down and get everyone on board without destroying any more lives.

          • I wish I was a millionaire. I would buy the county two top of the line chippers for their raids. I grew up here and have seen how the growers have destroyed the county. Talk all the crap you want but facts ie murder rate/crime rate speaks for its self. I am glad it is legal now the big mega growers and illegal bull will hopefully go away when the price bottoms out. You growers are just pissed because you have to pay income taxes like the rest of us.

  • waka waka waka…….
    They are spanking the crap out of that chipper.

  • westsiiiddeee! 🤟🏽🤛🏽👈🏼

  • This Chipper?

  • Chip it up! We dont need a bunch of desprerate idiots deflating the price .
    Yall had your chance to comply so don’t cry about it now.
    Get your plants under the tree cover and grow that spindly fluff.
    Damn hippies!

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    Farce hitting the nail rite on the head. Lived here my whole life wasnt super greedy , not the spoiled trust fund baby from the east coast, child of hippy settelers of the 60s that came here with the wave that started it all.got new neighbors all around just came here to cash in with daddys hedge fund money.all the long time locals selling or abated.these permitees come here to get a permit and send half or better back east.just gotta give the county a hundred grand and get on the payment plan.these non locals dont care about this place.they aint gonna donate to schools and go to benefits for locals they went to school with.there here to cash in on the $$$$$$$$$$$$

    • Its all about the money, always was, always will be. 50 years worth of tradition, skill, patience, and some exclusivity all shot in the ass by the new regulations. In the future nobody will need to donate to schools if permitted grows pay their taxes. Jealousy is the wasted emotion. Don’t blame everyone else for your failure to remain competitive in the legal market. Truth is many growers would have never survived having to pay real income and business taxes that come with the transparency of being legal, let alone the permit fees and the costs associated with having to pay above the table employees. Paying workers under the table is just a greedy way of passing your expenses onto the local, state, and federal taxpayers.

      • Truth is there have always been greedy growers. There was some check on the number of them by being targeted by the law until the last 10 years or so. Arguing that it was all sunlight and roses is unreal. It was never murder free or ecological sound. Ever. There were just fewer growers and those tried to keep a low profile so there was less public notice. They were always snakes but there has come a point when there are so many snakes, they are now biting each other.


  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    And you sellout scabs commenting on here, your men with no spine and no honer.and youll get what you dish out cuz they’re gonna milk you real good. Weasels

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    And kim i dont have nothing official about the meeting its just on every bullitin board in town so wanted to relay it on here.its recall, reinburse the extorted, and resist flyer.which is moraly what should happen

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    Oh yeah heard that bust yesterday was a permitted farm. Carful who you trust id say the county is the last on the list

  • Twinkle Winklestein

    5 years from now 90% of the CA Cannabis crop will come from desert counties. This AM KHSU had on the,”California Report”, a story about just this subject. The Greedrush caused this death of a culture. Just like Pirates, Privateers will destroy the rest. It is over. Time to go back to the Land. Water is the key to everything, keep it clear, cold and clean!!!!

    • Word. Bakersfield will be the place, and Salinas. Mucho from the desert regions as well.

      Humboldt weed? Mendo weed? It will still be around, but only the aging drug dilettantes will care or be able to afford it.

    • mmm, mmm, desert grown hemp.

      We aren’t dead yet Twinkle. Yes, agree, the land and the water is what it’s all about. We’re just passing through.

      “All codes, rules and regulations are applicable to the government authorities only, not human/creators in accordance with God’s laws. All codes, rules and regulations are unconstitutional and lacking due process.”
      Rodrigues v. United States Dept. of Labor. 9th Circuit 08/26/95.

    • Twinkle little Winklestein!

  • It’s hard to break mental slavery, as most will defend their own enslavement in their own ignorance.

    When state and federal bribes, err grants, flows in, there is no element of competition to force those added funds to improve the quality of the service or product offered. Check and balance flies out the door. Billy Honsal wouldn’t know law if he found it in his sock drawer. As a coward Order Follower he does not now and never will qualify as a Sheriff who upholds his Oath and land jurisdiction. Inviting “CA Inc. Fish and Wildlife” and/or the “U.S. Inc. Forest “Service” in to run all over Humboldt trespassing on private property and destroying private property, tells the people here just what kind of a Totalitarian pig sty he is.

    Recall? Pfft! We don’t have time for that bs. Fire their corporate, Breach of Trust, impersonating public servant assess. They all gotta go. Phukk. The California state Constitution says 4-year term limits if not otherwise stated. Ol Carolyn Crunchie (37 years/retired) will stagger back in to count ballots. Bass (20 some years). Bartholomew takes the cake – as a private Tax Collector office listed w/SOS, mails into the private sector, “Property tax” statements from a 95204 Stockton zip code (can you say Mail Fraud?). Then puts two and a half pages in the NCJ of “uh-oh, didn’t ‘pay’ unconstitutional property taxes w/debt notes,” notices of property to be sold on the courthouse steps. Ol Stephen Strawn –another 30-some years “public servant” $till hang$ around, as does Mark Lovelace –still on “The County” employee’s list. Philip Smith-Hanes – they FN never leave!!!

    ‘”Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.” Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society (1953) pgs. 49-50.

    51,701 sealed indictments 10/30/17 through 8/31/18 Clean out the cesspool. Geesh.

  • And Obama and Estelle are the cause of it all.

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    Estelles definitely responsible for the egregious life ruining extortion fines sat there and heard it come rite out of her mouth.she came up with the abatement program.looking out for her constituents.

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    She’s one of the county supervisors isnt she????? They came up with the NEW weed ordinance didnt they????? THEY ALSO CAME UP WITH THE ABATEMENT PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!

  • Estelle is a product of Obama’s failed marijuana policy.

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    Estelle is treasonous to 95 % of her constituents and her community!!!!! And needs to be replaced!!!

  • Lost coast sounds a lot
    Like emerald scamily
    Firm inc

  • And just when did activists protest some of the crap that has been escalating in plain sight for several years? Was I sleeping or could it be that they haven’t bothered? Maybe protesting logging is safer…

  • Kym, Can we get an update on this bust and the one in thorn? Did they put out a press release? Thank you.

    • No. The Department of Fish and Wildlife has not responded to requests for information for busts that occurred back in May so I have little faith they will answer about these. If you think this is an egregious misuse of government power, you can write Ms. Jordon Traverso at Fish and Wildlife at jordan.traverso@wildlife.ca.gov Please be polite and state your concerns. She is a nice woman but the policy of this government agency leaves an entire community not understanding about arrests, officers on private lands, and what are the reasons for those incursions. Presumably, the officers have valid reasons but we are not being given the facts to judge.

  • Always interesting how comments on a news thread devolves into a whole other topic. AS for the convoy seen heading west from Redway yesterday what’s the update on that? I heard they headed out Eubanks Road off Ettersburg Rd. Anyone want to clarify that?

  • See 7 acres in WC I never
    Even mentioned your illegal
    Water diversion or the lies
    You told WC chamber of

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