Humboldt County Sheriff’s SWAT Team Participates in 48-Hour Training Exercise in Bay Area

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

HCSO Humboldt County Sheriff's OfficeThe Humboldt County Sheriff’s SWAT team is bringing home new skills and knowledge to better serve and protect the public after participating in a 48-hour, 36-scenario exercise in the Bay Area September 6-10.

Urban Shield is a full-scale, international training program in which only 36 SWAT teams from across the world are invited to attend. The training is hosted annually in Alameda County and allows SWAT teams to practice tactical approaches in situations such as an active shooter in a school or office setting, terrorist acts at harbors, airports and public events, as well as hostage rescue. All scenarios practiced were based on real events.

“This is a great thing for our community, as this training will be utilized in every situation our SWAT team encounters in the future,” Sheriff William Honsal said. “It’s our job to be prepared for anything that could happen. Our team responded well and learned a lot.”

This year was the Humboldt County Sheriff’s SWAT team’s first year attending Urban Shield. The training was funded completely by the Urban Shield Areas Security Initiative (UASI) grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s SWAT team is comprised of law enforcement officers from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, Eureka Police Department and Fortuna Police Department. The following SWAT members participated in Urban Shield: Sgt. Justin Braud, Sgt. Kerry Ireland, Sgt. Tony Gomes, Joshua Comer, Ben Filippini, Kyle Holt, Jim Mowery, Spellman Stallworth, Sgt. Shawn Sopoaga and Jon Omey.

Humboldt County Sheriff William Honsal commends the Humboldt County Sheriff’s SWAT team for their excellence, dedication and hard work exhibited during Urban Shield.



  • Sheriff’s (Not) SWAT Team – unconstitutional STANDING ARMY.. Does Billy do anything correct for that Coroner slash poser Sheriiff paycheck he draws outta the people’s public treasury?

  • and the funding was provided by …., for international urban training for a rural population of 134,000. the renewal of measure Z is not going to even come close to passing and we are not going to have the tax revenue we once had, so maybe save some cash for the zombie’s that are predicted to only grow in numbers in this downward spiral that all local professionals have predicted.

    • Testes, testes, one two...three?

      “Our” county supervisors are cheating, placing an auto-renewal clause in Measure Z. I haven’t dug too deep, but my understanding is now it has to go to ballot to see whether or not renewal even goes to ballot. Frkn unblvbl. As soon as their lips taste the money, their fangs dig in and their claws keep hold. How can good local people become so shady? Give them over $8,000 a month, benfts paid vac etc.

  • More militarized policing is not what we need here.
    We need police that are connected in a personal way to the communities they serve. SERVE!!!
    And all our police, sheriffs & deputies need much better training BEFORE they put on the uniform.

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    Swat teams to backup and take part in extortion of the people they’re supposed to be protecting.leaching off our tax money while ripping us off.

  • Go SWAT, protect these [edit] law enforcement that won’t even respond to an emergency call after dark in the rural part’s of the county. [edit]

  • Swat type policing may become necessary everywhere if the male “citizenry” continues it’s process of Armed Un-civilization. Wether cultural particulation, cultural self determination or cultural integration, the current social/civil war may devolve into uncontrolled blood letting if media screen writers aren’t careful..
    The state is merely planning to protect itself from the obvious potential for an era of barbarism, a blindside to the polite tolerance of those wishing to accommodate the “other”.
    Want to end “swat” type policing?
    Figure out how to rescue the male dimension from its current “identity homelessness”.
    I read sourly many self congratulatory articles about how amazing, profound and successful some women are after bieng freed from the yoke of patriarchy.. so that’s fine, but women aren’t often the ones doing the crime, the time, and aren’t really who you fear on the streets..
    the male dimension needs to be rebuilt. Not in some trendy way by college trans activists, but by men and women who have a stake in the ancient unions of biological truth that are bieng lost.
    If men can’t be recivilized, retooled or rewilded,(whatever your ideological fancy) we are in deep trouble.
    The edifices of relative security that have empowered some women to push broadly across(at least in western cultures)the social strata may be thrown into chaos once more.. the lost coast of men may continue to remake themselves individually, through destruction.

    • Dont be fooled Canyon Oak, by assigning biology to the issue. Its a cultural mindset that as of late, many women are taking on the roll of being armed and uncivilized.

      • you might want to look at the actual data. its 98% male. the amount of mass shootings that occur at a night club/bar at closing speaks for itself. most of the mass shooting occur outside a night club/bar every year.

    • Testes, testes, one two...three?

      Yes. Young males especially are being stupified. It’s a process enough realizing my own generation x conditioning, but the millenials were born into the world wide web of royal brain scrambling.

      Many voices of reason on this blog.

  • Good, good….

    Soon the Death Star will be completed and we will rule the galaxy.

  • We’re not in Maybarry anymore Toto.
    Dam killers with a badge

  • We wouldn’t need “law enforcement” if people obeyed the law. We wouldn’t need animal control if people were responsible owners. I never hear honest citizens complaining about law enforcement only the losers who have something to hide.

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    We be trying to hide from extortionast rip off pi&$.

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