Raid Near Kettenpom and the Humboldt Trinity County Line

raidTwo readers are reporting a law enforcement raid near Kettenpom. One reader  said there was “a half dozen vehicles.”

He said the vehicles were Fish and Wildlife and US Forest Service.

Another reader reports that the raid is about a mile east of the Humboldt Trinity County line on the Neafus Peak Road. He described seeing a chipper and “lots” of Fish and Wildlife officers as well as Trinity County Sheriff deputies.

He said, “It does not look like they could finish chipping today…[There are] many huge greenhouses.”



  • One more for the gipper…lol or chipper either way is good enough…go boys go…lol

  • “…(There are) many huge greenhouses”…..Understatement of the 21st century in Humboldt. So why don’t you guys concentrate and start hitting daily, heavily like you should have done all summer? Or even…like you should have started doing 10 friggin’ years ago! take out the mega-grows and bust the mega-permits for selling out-of-state instead of protecting them and their criminal enterprises!

    • I get the impression law enforcement is doing the bare minimum just to make it seem like they care, but their heart really isn’t in it.

    • The law is a strange thing. It is supposedly applied to all equally. Something which people used to ignoring it seem unaware. Although in reality, the police use some personal discretion, they are roundly criticised if its found out. Mostly they try to do reasonable enforcing of laws across the board. Nonetheless all small time crooks I have ever talked with have had the same two complaints as are repeated on this site- that it is unfair that the cops “targeted them” when there are bigger crimes around and that the police don’t play fair- fair of course being defined by the crook without regard to the law.

      The people doing petty theft, for example,cannot be ignored because there is a bank robber out there. Ignoring petty crimes is how Humboldt County got its reputatio for, and its subsequent overgrowth of, pot growers. There is no mystery that tolerating “small” growers in the past got us exactly the unchecked the criminal environment of today. It was no accident that Proposition 64 had a major section on funding enforcement of environmental standards through fees and taxes on pot growing. It was a recognition of the reality that people used to ignoring a major law regarding drugs would not see the point of permits either without serious enforcement. The comments here show that assessment was spot on.

  • OMG! Another fucking grweed related headline? Goddamn shocking, I tell you…

  • Sounds like some company needs to design a “Whole Greenhouse” chipper/shredder. It would save a lot of time… Maybe mount the unit on the back of a Peterbilt , back up to the greenhouse, drop the gate, flip the P.T.O. let the clutch out in reverse and chip/shred the whole 100′ greenhouse in 10 seconds. It would probably still take awhile… I wonder just how many plants are out there. Judging from all the new traffic,out of state plates, and expensive rides I would say billions of plants. The only way this game is going to end is a floooooood of product. Anybody can grow it. I grew it holding a full time job. The full time job paid less.

  • Legal fellas will get the RICO case. It’s all coming Federal government made it way to easy for us to be caught. Here comes the real busts next year.

  • Even with all the fires out there & every were thats are they are worryed about is so call busting places for weed,sure they want to get to peoples pot before the fires burn it all & they cant pocket the moneys. Pot pot pot,Im so sick of hearing about pot,seeing pot,smelling pot,reading about pot,,its every were now so stupid to call it medical,fuck u all are to high.Im ashamed & inbarassed of being from this state.tell me some real news .

    • Speaking as someone who regularly scrolls by sports stories…couldn’t you skip stories of no interest to you? I do all the time.

    • Eloa lodges why are you tormenting yourself by being here (by here I mean this website, this county, this state, this country, and this modern day time period)? There’s a whole planet out there so move and don’t read this website. Problem solved.

    • You sound like you should move to Kansas and bitch about corn or maybe China and bitch about electronics… lmao
      Btw, just so you know, YES, marijuana does in fact have medical properties, many actually. Most plants do, where do you think most medicines came from originally? A laboratory? Completely synthetic from the get go? You know most synthetic medicines are actually trying to mimic what nature created.

  • Neafus Peak road? Never heard it called that. Is that name on the map?

    • Neafus peak is connected by a 5 mile ridge to Kettenpom peak. Jim Neafus worked for George E. White, who owned all the land from Blocksburg to Covelo. George had all the settlers and natives killed off so he could own this huge tract of land. He had forged the papers of some of the settlers, and his wife knew it. She was taking papers to Eureka to prove George cheated and murdered people. Neafus robbed the stage at Neafus Peak to get the papers his wife was carrying, he did it on a mule that he had put the shoes on backwards to thwart the investigators. George’s wife though, had sent the papers to the sheriff in Eureka on an earlier stage, dooming George. It’s all in the book Genocide and Vendetta, which tell the stories of the Asbil brothers, who worked for George. They killed a sheriff on Long Ridge, near Hulls creek, because he too had the goods on George. Neafus was caught, as the deputies just followed the tracks back to the Neafus ranch. Oops.

      • The STAGE at Neafus Peak? No stage ran anywhere near that peak .Dont think that EVER happened, and the story about the shoes bein on back wards.Tall tale of one of the Asbills.

        • Yes, the stage went across the peak ridge, you can see a short distance of road near the Trinity Trails road going into the sub division. I would tell you to read the book Vengence and Vendetta, but the White family bought them all up, and burned them. There is one copy in the Hum co. library, but you are not allowed to leave with it. Not only was it the stage line, but the tan oak route out of here as well. I have lived here since 1980, and have listened to the old timer’s tales about the history of Kettenpom. To hear the stories from old people then, about bears, robberies, weddings, and big dance gatherings has been a wonderful thing to hear. The personal accounts of mixing with the natives through marriage in the 1800’s; these stories are not depicted in a bad way either. And they are told by the natives themselves, at our gatherings.

          • Not a bad synopsis of the book Stuber, but the robbery took place on the Overland Stage route on Bell Springs Mountain, near the Chitten and Fee mailbox. It is in chapter 25 of Last of the West, pages 195-203. The robbery occurred in 1888 and the story was told thirty years later to Frank Asbill by Johnny Asbill. Frank was seven years old at the time and remembered the day when outlaw chaser Buck Montgomery followed the mule’s tracks from Bell Springs to the Moor place near Hull’s Creek where he found Johnnie and Neafus and the mule. According to Asbill: “Jim caught the mule and when he saw Montgomery pick up the mule’s foot and look at it, he exploded: ‘Wall, I’ll be damned! What gad dam fool don thot, do you rekon?’ Montgomery replied: ‘Jim, it was no damned fool who put them shoes on there, but some damned fool left them on'”. Neafus and Johnnie went on to serve 3 out of a 5 year sentence for the theft. A descendant of Asbill claims that Frank really tried to keep his facts straight, and for the events that occurred in his youth I think that that was largely true, or much of his book wouldn’t have been used by Beard and Carranco in Genocide and Vendetta. The stories he heard about the Asbill brothers from before his lifetime are severely embellished, and some, outright hooey. Recounting oral history accurately can be a challenge, I usually need the original account in front of me.

        • I had part of the stage coach road on my property along Neafus Peak Rd. It was still listed as an easement in my deed. Also, my address on my deed was Neafus Peak Rd. The county changed it in the early 90s to comply with 911.

    • Google calls the road that runs by Neafus Peak “Peak Road.” Some locals call it Neafus Peak Road.

  • Peak road- or Wool Mt road- or Hoagland road or Kettenpom road Never heard Neafus peak road.Google? Google also shows the road from Laugher Ranch[near Heartwood] to River rd ,in Alderpoint as being connected. it Was but its been awhile.

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