Chipper and Crew Heading to Thorn

ConvoyAt least 10 law enforcement vehicles were reported to be heading down Briceland Road towards Whitethorn before 8 a.m. today.

One person reported seeing a chipper, Fish and Wildlife vehicles, and Humboldt County Sheriff vehicles.



  • I heard of a cdfw convoy somewhere in the Ruth zenia area of Trinity county today as well

    • Yes, I counted 6 marked fish and game, with 1 private truck with 2 trailers on zenia van dozen road heading toward zenia at the ruth intersection. Havent seen any marked Sheriff with them yet. Fish and game must be overloaded with staff. Looking like a Police State ! get ready to cross out your 4th amendment of the United States Constitution. Total bullshit if they are on private land.

  • About time! They should have been working every single day this last month!! But no, as always it’s a weak show for the sake of appearances. Same with those abatement letters! On Saturday they issued….ZERO abatement letters?! Should have issued a hundred! It’s September by criminy! Why don’t these guys do their work? And what about Willow Creek? No letters, no eradication, no heat at all! You cannot tell me that all those big obvious grows are permitted so what gives with that? And more importantly- why don’t we see any action taken against these mega-monster-grows that ARE permitted? We all know they aren’t tightly track-n-traced and are moving boxes of weed out the back door into the national market! How’s about bust a couple of those criminals? THEN we might believe the county and state are serious about anything resembling fair play! …And while I’m at it…how about those huge scenes they gave abatement letters to who they then never bothered to visit? They are now pulling thousands of pounds of light-dep and laughing their way to the bank, crashing the market and leaving behind those scabbed-out properties full of liens and fines. Really good plan there, John Ford! You do not understand the criminal grower minds here at all and so your penalties only come down hardest on mom n pop…again. Thanks for nothing.

    • Hahahahaha sooo true abatements are still thriving out there ! Go go go go go guys !!! This county is messed up ! They have no clue how to handle all this and they doing a crap job

    • Sundberg got money from emerald scamily farms and they are in Willow Creek. Doescthat answer your question about Willow Creek? What happened with the busts last week?

    • devil in the details

      You must be retired. Everyone who still needs an income needs these abatement letters to go away because they are destroying the economy.

      • Not one person hand delivered the abate letter they just speculate and assume ! Sign the appeal ! And wait for court keep growing ! No government official can come on your land if your in appeal

    • They can’t keep up with what they have already abated little alone more.. Lawsuites are going to add up and this all going to be a shit show..

  • You are right, my question is is if fishing game is a state agency then why are they doing this all over the state are they getting some kind of Kick Back by Humboldt ? and it’s kind of funny to see them even make it that far we think they’re pretty damn lazy they only hit Highway 36 or 299 usually cuz they can’t get up early enough to make a surprise visit somewhere else, and there’s no way all those big grows are legitimate when the county says there’s only 240 of them so the others are just as illegal, then what are they going to do when the state puts a cap on it and the county didn’t pass everybody but they took their money and so did the consultant ,I see a lot of lawsuits heading this way, I think for every dollar they have collected they will be sued 10 fold

    • I would say they are getting a kickback from counties like Monterey, etc. they listed the Humboldt Marten for a reason. I expect dead ones containing carbamates any day on the news, national news. the bullshit is thick in this new divided America where no one really knows what to believe. but I do know were martens live and unless you are growing under 2nd growth redwoods or old fir you won’t see one.

    • feds put up millions for the state and counties to eradicate illegal scenes. Fines, penalties, and land confiscation should generate additional revenue.

      there have been numerous articles written on how pot farms have endangered the Humboldt Marten by destroying habitat.

    • Old school local. Fish and game are feds not state. They are the local sheriffs IN card. The local cops hands are tied on a lot of the getting onto peoples land and through locked gates. Sooooo…. they use bogus land and water abuse violations to bring in fish and game to make it a “legal” bust. Humboldt only had two fish and game wardens 5 years ago. Now they have over 30. Federal officers only need a reason, not prof, to come on to your land.

  • It sure seems crazy The cops out running around the mountains looking for pot with at least seven acres growing right by camp Kimto in Willow Creek It’s just too dam big to fail I guess.

    What a MESS we’re in now I sure miss the gorilla grow days

    • People can’t figure out why some little mom and pops are getting nailed when down the road in AP there are huge unlicensed grows that have pulled off numerous runs already making millions WTH?

      • Anyone know if the old Biggers Pond site is permitted? It just past the dump down Steelhead. They had a cat there for months going on two years now. Lord knows how much dirt theyve moved. Sick of listening to that grow.

      • They pay off the county…. in other ways. All the HUGE operations are still going strong!

  • So it’s in whitethorn? Where? Any updates?

  • Wakka Wakka Wakka Wakka Wakka Wakka Wakka Wakka

  • They are right next to Whitethorn school. The property on left side of road before the school. What a good idea bust a pot farm right when school is starting. Who cares about the children’s safety, get those evil growers!!!

    • I left my tolling motor in El Segundo

      Set up a grow scene near a school – what a horrible idea. Cuff em and stuff em law dogs! I reckon the dope dealers didn’t consider the children’s safety.

      • YES, but bust them when school is out!

        • All the kids are safe inside the school.

          • And what makes you think that? The kids are safe at school? There aren’t armed guards. The kids have recess. The school was not notified by law enforcement they were going to be RIGHT NEXT to the school. Common courtesy, and common sense would be to at least notify the school right before or send a uniform over to let them know after law enforcement showed up. But, sadly no, law enforcement didn’t really care if the students and teachers and parents may have been in harm’s way by fleeing suspects, possibly armed suspects. That would a totally different Headline.

    • Making millions???? No matter what size the grow everyone has an over head and at least 2/3 goes into dirt employees trimmers and the regrow amd okants we don’t make millions at all morgateges still same price ! Not cannabis ! Dirt still same ugh some of the ignorance

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    Meeting at the redwood playhouse on Sunday September 16th @ 2pm to discuss new representation for the people of so humboldt. The guy putting it on doesn’t evan partake he just sees whats coming for our community.everyone from honeydew south to mendo, from trinity to the pacific should take a minute out of there life to stand up for themselves, family, freinds, neighbor’s.past and present school chums.were all neighbors .

    • 😂You’re talking about your friend Paul Encimer who’s “putting it on” . oh yeah, he’s REAL popular , hahaha. He got kicked out of garberville because neighbors couldn’t stand him , or his friends peeing and defacating everywhere.

    • Concerned Business Owner and Resident

      You should submit this time and place as an announcement on Blackbelt.

  • To the lying coward who keeps posting the lie that Redi Rents has anything to do with any busts, please have the guts to put your real name. We are deeply involved with our community and would never do anything to harm our customers well being! Obviously you are an idiot!

  • Those are some pretty strong accusations

  • Force always attracts men of low morality. Are any one of the Revenue Generators in the convoy expert in the interpretation and application of the California state Constitution? Do they have an Oath recorded in the public records?

    They’re willing to take your property by force, but not willing to discuss the facts supporting their “Legal” opinion. No matter how you spin it, or how many times the lie is repeated, Billy Honsal was not elected or sworn onto office as Sheriff, so there’s no responsible or accountable chain-of-command in place. Who is giving the orders? Who is pulling the strings? Who signs an affidavit under oath and penalty of perjury that then provides for a warrant to issue? Who is signing the phony warrants? Maybe that step is skipped too?

    “Civil” asset forfeiture is premised on the “legal fiction” that property can be guilty of a crime. As a consequence, “civil forfeiture” proceedings target property, not people, and allow for ‘money’ (debt notes), or property suspected of involvement in a criminal act to be forfeited regardless of whether the owner himself is ever charged with, much less convicted of, a crime.

    Last year I went to the Supe’s meetings every Tuesday. The (judicial) abatement hearings were then AT LEAST public. Quite the show, as the Supes. assumed/usurped the positions of judge, jury and executioner. Two of the “abatement” proceedings took place without the “defendant” even being present! Due process was lacking in the service of any notice. I went to the property address of one because the $17,000/$18,000 for demolition of the house, was taken out of the people’s public treasury General Fund Account, and credited to the talking heads (18 BAR union members slash County Counsel) account.

    In other words, we’re paying for our own demise. The owner and/or grower may be charged all of these humongous fear-mongering penalty fees, but when all is said and done I’ll bet a thousand doll hairs the million-a-month+ (Measure Z Special) safety tax (requiring 2/3 vote to pass and can only be charged in the unincorporated areas), is being funneled through Redwood Coast Energy Authority as a cover-up for revenue investments. Which, btw, is not what a de jure government does –invest.

    My two cents.

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    Troll back to el sugundo emerald hater troll

  • Emerald triangle population up shi€ creek

    And at least paul encimer is trying to help 99% of the community,pretty selfless

  • One toe over the line

    Has anyone noticed that Mendo has done nothing, zero …Still going for it!

  • Yes, Paul E. who owns a 20 acre lot up Pepperwood Springs in Piercy, Mendo Co. you can tell his property by the trash and broken cars all over, I imagine he is waiting for someone else to pick up his trash. He came into my business in Garberville handing out communist literature. [ that explains a lot. ] he went to a Catholic university, was in the same graduation class as Gov. Jerry Brown Jr. that is his claim to fame. why do I know so much about him you ask ? know your enemy and stay clear of them. I believe people should work for a living, not suck the life out of society and call it humanitarianism. Liberalism/ socialism will only work until they run out of spending other peoples money — Gladstone

    • Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money. Margaret Thatcher

      Nothing is easier than spending the public money. It does not appear to belong to anybody. The temptation is overwhelming to bestow it on somebody. Calvin Coolidge

      Lord, the money we do spend on Government and it’s not one bit better than the government we got for one-third the money twenty years ago. Will Rogers

      The same prudence which in private life would forbid our paying our own money for unexplained projects, forbids it in the dispensation of the public moneys. Thomas Jefferson

      Countries, therefore, when lawmaking falls exclusively to the lot of the poor cannot hope for much economy in public expenditure; expenses will always be considerable, either because taxes cannot touch those who vote for them or because they are assessed in a way to prevent that. DeTocqueville

      If the Nation is living within its income, its credit is good. If, in some crises, it lives beyond its income for a year or two, it can usually borrow temporarily at reasonable rates. But if, like a spendthrift, it throws discretion to the winds, and is willing to make no sacrifice at all in spending; if it extends its taxing to the limit of the people’s power to pay and continues to pile up deficits, then it is on the road to bankruptcy. FDR

      So many words of wisdom over centuries yet no two can agree on the details. Not even on the unexplained project that Jefferson warned us about.

  • Thank You Guest, i feel I am out numbered by my belief system, which I think are plain common sense, and they work. I worked for the Telephone Co. for years and the waste is common place, they think nothing of cost cutting measures, If you propose a system that works better, you are shunned as being a trouble maker. When I worked for the beer industry [ Busch , Joseph Schlitz , Miller ] etc. I was required to join the Teamsters Union, this is when Jimmy Hoffa ran the union. The union in reality runs the beer industry. only the union can hire and fire a worker. You are told not to work hard, once an hour make sure you jam up the production line. This way [ I was told ] so the union could hire more people. they did not care about the quality of the beer only more power, more wages and more union dues.
    I am not lying. This is reality in big business and sad to say in our local government.

  • Here are some great sayings for the more intelligent among us. !!

    We confess to little faults only to persuade ourselves that we have no great ones.

    Nothing is truer in a sense than a funeral oration ,it tells precisely what the dead man should have been.

    A truth that is told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.

    Those who never retract their opinions love themselves more than they love the truth.

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