You’re Invited to the Vintage Carnival Fundraiser for Southern Humboldt Community Park on September 22

This is a press release from the Southern Humboldt Community Park:

The Southern Humboldt Community Park invites you to a good old-fashioned Vintage Carnival experience at on September 22nd at the Park. Fun for all members of the Community! This Community Park fundraiser will offer fun for all members of the Community!

Dress in your Vintage Picnic wear! Games for Adults and Kids – Horseshoe tournament and a trophy for the top player, hayrides, contests, prizes, clowns, aerial artists, face-painting and more! Master BBQ dinners, local food trucks – popcorn, cotton candy, sno-cones, cocktails, beer and wine.

There will be fabulous entertainment by Love Bomb Go-Go – a 13-piece Marching Band, Horn-Driven, Genre-Smashing, Glam Performance Band, and the Elegant Mollusk Philharmonic, DJ Marjo Lak, Humboldt Aerial Collective, Dreams on Fire, Dreadneck Bob and the Uncommons and much more.  BBQ Dinner, local food trucks, cocktails, beer and wine are available.

Lots of excitement for only $15 for Adults, kids under 12 free! Open 3:00 – 10:00pm



  • We worked for so long to get here! Please come out and enjoy the park for this fundraiser!

    • Wow Tim, are you still on the Park Board as “Director Emeritus”? I guess since the Parks advertisement/post last week and didn’t receive any comments, they had you comment on this one?

      I see burningleaf productions (Jennifer Metz) is still producing this Park fundraiser, still keeping all those fees in the family I see. Kinda like that contract you had at the Park, I think you called it restoration work and got paid $96k?

      And by “work”, you mean all those trees you cut down on the Park property that some how ended up all being milled into lumber and stored on what would become Dazey’s property? Or maybe all that water pipe you installed, after you illegally tapped into the Garberville waterline?

      How many current private lease agreement does the Park have with all the private farming projects, 10 acre wine vineyard, instream gravel extraction and cattle grazing on Park property? I’ve liked what you’ve done with the place, less is more…

      BTW, maybe you should update the photo to something more current?

  • Oh yes! an occasion to step out in our Festering Festy Wear……steampunk anyone?

    • If you missed it, the Park Board was talking about this fundraiser with Jennifer Metz on KMUD/Wednesday Night Talk. It was amazing to hear how one Board member in particular questioned people calling in to ask questions. For example, with one caller, Ross Huber asked if she was “Native to SoHum”? Who on the Park Board is “Native to SoHum”? Both Jesse Hill and Ross Huber mislead and misinformed the public about who, what, why, when and where the Park was formed, future projects and its administrative role and or operation.

      Another example, when a caller asked about Board members and elections, here’s how it was explained, it starts at 23:23 on the counter, take a listen:

  • Tim.metz is a greenrushing Forester who manages a ridiculous amount of property but does it right at least. Their whole.little inside mafioso vibe with the park is annoying, but hey, at least the park is there.

    • “at least the park is there.” Yes, but its not a “Community Park”; its privately held, privately controlled, privately governed, with NO Board meetings open to the public since August 2010! However, its publicly funded?

      What Timmy doesn’t ever want to talk about, are the 5 years of interest (10% compounded monthly) he made from a private loan ($92,000.00) he made to buy the Park; while he was the Park Board President.

      In 2009, there was a Lot-Line-Adjustment to separate and conveyed 80 acres of the Park property to Bob McKee and 70 acres to Steve Dazey. Not one penny was paid by McKee or Dazey for this property transaction or the cost of the lot-line-adjustment. All while Tim Metz was Board President.

      In 2007, the Park Board sold 20 acres of the Park property, that included a 30 year lease of gravel mining rights (83 acres) on the river bar for $1,000,000,00, while Tim Metz was Board President. There was no formal accounting of that money!

      The Park Board needs this fundraiser, because they spent over $375,000.00 to rezone the Park, so they can have commercial concerts & festivals! They started the process in 2010 and it was completed in 2017! So yeah, “at least the park is there”, but its only a private rent-a-park…

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