HSU Named a Top University in the West


Humboldt State University [Photo by Oliver Cory]

Press release from Humboldt State University:

Humboldt State University has been named a top University in the West by the U.S. News & World Report.

The University is ranked as the 14th top public school in the west, and 54 out of 140 schools (including private institutions) in the region. The University tied with several others on the lists.

In the west, HSU was ranked as a best college for veterans, and best value school. HSU was also named a top engineering program in the nation for schools that don’t offer doctorates.

To calculate the rankings, U.S. News & World Report gathers data from each college on up to 15 indicators of academic excellence, including graduation and first-year student retention rates, assessment by administrators at peer institutions, faculty resources, admissions selectivity, financial resources, alumni giving, graduation rate performance, and more, according to a press release.

HSU recently made high rankings on lists by the Sierra Club and others.

For more information, visit the U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges website.



  • That’s too damn funny.

    • What is funny. I have a degree from HSU. Helped my career and helped me as human being be a good citizen. I love HSU and its city, Arcata. Was there today among the young students who have just arrived. May they have a good a time as I did.

  • Liz, you are truly a beautiful women ! Time stops when you walk in…..

  • Obviously they are not taking into account that HSU’s ‘leaders’ are making decisions that have really angered the local community. The looming changes at KHSU are one. And that no office is listening to the complaints of harassment, discrimination and maligning of their staff is deeply troubling.
    Please. Let’s not enable Rossbaucher and F-uck (Fretwell and Wruck) to continue their dirty, disrespectful business!

    • Maybe they mean simply as an educational institution, educating their students. I have my degree from there, and I was happy with my time at HSU as a student. If you read the announcement, you’ll learn the criteria. So yes, as you say, *obviously* they are not ranking it by your criteria because they described exactly their criteria, and things like local folks who like KHSU, and how their staff is treated, and your other gripes, weren’t in it.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      So will someone please clarify whether or not KHSU is a “college radio” station? I know it’s a public radio station, but is it also a college radio station? 📻 With the call letters KHSU, it seems to me you would have some explaining to do as KHSU management if your argument is that it is NOT a college radio station.

      And if KHSU is a college station, as it was apparently intended to be, isn’t it long past time (for the good of the station) for a format change from the current stale, stodgy lineup of elevator music with brief interludes of NPR news, etc.?

  • I came from a jc in the early 80s lol I played sports at Hsu. It’s a beautiful place to find yourself.

  • What with the name "university"?

    Once again an argument will bust out to whether HSU is by definition a “university”. The highest degree earned at HSU is a Masters degree. I attended Oregon State University. OSU offered Medical, DDS, DVM, SJD and a large number of other Phds that could only be earned with a high level of unique research. HSU offers none of these, but does research in an applied area. Universities have internal Schools of study in nearly every academic field. But the worst thing HSU did when it lobbied to be a “university” was raise the costs of tuition. Humboldt used to be a college for the modest financial families who were interested in a BA, BS or MS degrees. An here is where the Kaboom*@#^ comes in. First, so what! Second, so what!! And third, but we love all the weed and parties and tree hugging and cool students from LA…………so what!!! What’s in a name. For Humboldt it isn’t “university”

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