Five Vehicle Accident on 101 North of Eureka; Traffic Backing Up

Traffic Accident DayMultiple accidents in the Safety Corridor north of Eureka have caused traffic to back up in both directions. According to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office around 8:05 a.m.,

Use caution traveling this morning in the safety corridor (US 101). Two traffic accidents already this morning. Emergency crews are currently responding to a 5-vehicle TC near 101 and Harpers Ford.




  • What’s the problem? This is completely ridiculous, all these accidents on the “Safety Corridor”. I’ve noticed more CHP lately and that is definitely a positive thing. I see them stopping these idiots that are driving to fast and am happy to see it, it’s not dangerous if everybody would drive slow. That being said, I hope nobody is hurt today, just frustrated since I drive it twice a day, six days a week.

    • The speed isn’t the problem. That’s why accidents went up when they lowered it, as always happens. The problem is drunk, impaired, distracted, senile, plain bad, and other drivers that should not be allowed on the road.

      All lowering the speed did was reduce the number of fatal accidents, while the overall number of accidents went up – the one reduction simply due to having less energy involved in collisions. Other similar roads throughout the state and country have no problems, with much higher speed limits. There’s nothing wrong with the road or the speed – just the drivers.

      Lowering speed limits and increasing enforcement are both well-documented to increase accidents. Drivers who are staring at their gauge cluster for fear of getting a ticket are paying less attention to the road. Everyone else being forced to pass these rolling obstacles creates more lane changes, which increases accidents. Safest traffic occurs when everyone travels at about the same speed, and that speed is the natural speed for the road.

      If you’re driving slow, and causing people to pass you, YOU are increasing accidents. Don’t.

      • Getting there safely

        What’s wrong with fewer fatalities? It’s about sharing the road, not owning the road.

        • It’s fewer fatalities… At the expense of more accidents in general, complete with more major injuries. The best solution would be to reduce accidents of all severities, by getting unsafe drivers off the road.

          • Bushytails
            You will, of course, drive them to school, retrieve their groceries, take them to the doctor and visit the aging parents of everyone who you, in your all-knowing and fair judgement get “off the road.” If I ever offend you please leave me your card and I’ll call you regularly to take care of everyone who depends on me.

            Blessings to the people who were hurt or lost their transportation. I hope you get what you need to recover.

        • The problem with fewer deaths is that you are interfering with natural selection. Screwing with the natural order of the world and in general interfering with Darwin who is responsible for our success. Slowing folks down increases the chances for people to get bored and have their focus slip. bushy tails is correct about less deaths more accidents. Look to the autobahn. Fewer wrecks higher deaths . However there are very good driving laws there as well. Such as drive right except to pass and if you are in the left lane and get rear ended you are at fault. So basically forces people to follow the drive right law or else pay for the guys car that runs you over.

      • Cruise control helps. I never have sa problem getting passed by EVERYONE in the safety corridor as I cruise along at 49mph😊

      • Spot on, when people hit the safety corridor it’s social media time,set the adaptive cruise on 50 and grab the phone, grab the eyeliner,grab that breakfast burrito, wherez my coffee , raise speed limit back up and put in the overpass, dumb,just dumb

      • It seems to me accidents went up when people stopped obeying the speed limit. People are going 65. When I’m going 55 in the corridor and someone’s on my ass acting like I’m holding them up, I’m not the problem they are. That is what is causing wreaks not someone who doesn’t want to keep up with you!

        • Actually, you are the problem… And probably for a lot more than just driving.

          • So, now, when someone sails past me in the Corridor, I can call them “Bushytails” ~ wish you were brave enough to put that on your license plate.

            • “Larger speed differences: more accidents
              If on a particular road, the speed variance is high, this will result in less predictability, more encounters, more overtaking manoeuvres, etc. Therefore, when speed differences increase, the accident risk increases as well. Hence, a countermeasure that results in lower average speed, but in larger speed differences may not have the expected positive effect on road safety.”

              Lowering the speed limit to below the natural speed for a road causes an increase in speed differences, and an increase in accidents. This is why the 85th percentile rule exists. You go lower than that, and accidents go up.

              Also, many other things in that paper are contradicted by other studies, especially ones done in this country. That paper points out that some studies show that slower drivers have a substantially increased accident risk. Many studies find this.

              To quote some other pages, “According to state and federal studies, drivers that are driving significantly below the average speed are the ones that are most likely to get involved in an accident. Studies show that the most accidents occur when the driver is driving at 10 mph slower than the speed limit. So someone going 45 in a 55 has a bigger chance of getting into an accident than someone driving at 65-70 mph.” … “A study conducted by the Florida Department of Transportation [found] that accidents that were caused by speeding is actually 2.2%.”

              Some excellent studies on this were done when the double nickel was finally repealed. People claimed that the increase in speeds would cause an increase in accidents… While, instead, the accident rate immediately plummeted. “Of the 31 states that have raised their speed limits to more than 70 mph, 29 saw a decline in the death and injury rate and only two–the Dakotas–have seen fatalities increase. Two studies, by the National Motorists Association and by the Cato Institute, have compared crash data in states that raised their speed limits with those that didn’t and found no increase in deaths in the higher speed states.”

              While I haven’t seen a study done on it, I have some exceptionally strong suspicions that the very people who complain about others’ speeds are, in fact, the most dangerous drivers. Most studies show that slower drivers cause more accidents, and I suspect the people who complain also have the worst reaction times… And yet people here feel the need to brag about how slowly they drive and how many people they force to pass them.

        • Downrivergirl,

          If some nut is on my tail I’ve had to go 90
          on that stretch just to keep from getting rear ended. There are no cops anywhere
          to stop the nuts who tailgate dangerously as they speed way over the limit.
          There are such dangerous drivers in that area. I wish more drivers were like
          you, safety first, thank you for your considerate response.

      • Please state the empirical evidence that you possess proving that slower speeds cause more accidents.

    • Ren… I used the bridge and go through Manila 55 the whole way…

    • I got more tickets than u :)

      I pass people on the corridor regularly, with an average speed of 55-70. Use the slow lane and let em pass. It’s the constant frogger intersections that cause problems as well as the idiots who stop in the merging lanes to find space. Gasssss it and wiggle your way in to the same speed as traffic. You can speed and still be safe.

      • Yeah, some people utterly fail to understand that to merge, you need to be going the same speed as the traffic you’re merging into. Preferably a bit faster, because it’s much easier to shed speed than gain it when trying to line up with an opening. Yet every day I see people “merging” at half the speed of traffic, often without even looking, and forcing cars to make room for them…

    • Kind of funny how lowering the speed limit bunches everyone up and you end up with more wrecks, what a concept, never would have guessed,definitely better than building an overpass or adding another lane ,since there is 30 ft of shoulder

    • No fog, but the sun was low in the eastern sky, so that may have impaired some drivers’ vision.

      • Well kitty…there’s the problem the sun was out…lol

      • The reflection of the sun came from the east as these drivers were going south. So there wasn’t any sun in any eyes at this time of day for southbound drivers. Especially since it was pretty high at this time of morning being around 7:50-8:30 am

    • Fog in humboldt? Never,people around here never see fog, definitely could have been an issue,lol

  • I drive through there every day for work and am constantly being passed by people going 65+ (and if the speed-check sign says 65, they’re going at least 2-3mph faster than that). I wish they had hidden cameras in the corridor to give tickets-they would certainly pay for themselves!

  • Ah, the uh “safety corridor”. How about that. This idiotic experiment has gone on long enough with too much carnage and human suffering and ruined lives— due to both emotional trauma from having to drive so freakin slow and worrying about cops and also accidents themselves. Open it back up to quasi-controlled 80+mph and call it a speed corridor. You’ll thank me later

    • Accidents would go down if they did… They were lower before they implemented the “safety” corridor.

      There’s nothing you can do to roads to fix bad drivers.

      I drive a lot, and have personally witnessed multiple accidents on that stretch of road… All of which were caused by bad driving. The most obvious was back when you could cross at the south end of Jacobs, and I watched a girl in a sedan just pull straight out directly in front of a northbound semi. Clear day, sun, absolutely no mitigating circumstances… Direct hit right on both doors. Might have well been an intentional suicide, but I’d bet it wasn’t.

      We have people on our roads that are not in a condition to safely drive, but we let them drive anyway. And that’s why accidents don’t go down no matter how much people fuck up the roads.

    • People would die instead of just being hurt at a faster speed.

  • A lot of these multi car accidents are caused by people tailgating. There’s never a time when you won’t see folks lined up nose to tail, maybe a half second apart…no time to react, then when anything goes awry you have a nice big accident. 2 seconds behind the car in front gives time to react. Tailgating is pointless anyway, it never makes anyone go faster and may have the opposite effect.

    • Every time I see that, it’s because one person in the front of the line is obstructing traffic, and needs to change to the correct lane, speed up, or pull off. Did you know you’re required to pull off the road if you have a line of cars stuck behind you? Seems some people do not…

      • its not a freeway due to left turns, therefore there is no fast lane requiring someone to move out of. for single lane roads its 5 cars but if you are doing the speed limit it doesn’t matter and you can’t be ticketed.

        • Sorry, that’s not true that you can’t be ticketed because your driving at the speed limit. That’s a common fallacy and a dangerous rationale that leads to accidents. I had this explained to me once by a CHP acquaintance. The bottom line is simple: Obeying one law does not entitle you to break other laws. If you have more than 5 cars behind you and you do not pull over you are breaking the law regardless of your speed. Basically he said the person with 5 cars following will get the ticket, but if they pull over and then people speed up to more than the limit, then they become the ones that will get the ticket.

          Unfortunately the law is poorly enforced (I’ve only seen two incidents of ticketing for impeding traffic in 50 years of driving.) If it was better enforced we would all be safer.

          • Yep!

            Also, while it may not be illegal until there’s 5 cars (unless you’re really being an obstacle), that doesn’t mean you should wait until there’s 5 cars behind you. Being a polite driver matters too. When on our more rural routes (36, etc), I usually start looking for a pullout as soon as I see someone coming up behind me. Somehow I don’t have any rants about being tailgated constantly. I wonder if there’s a correlation here….

        • California Motor Vehicle Code 21654
          California Motor Vehicle Code
          California Motor Vehicle Code 21654
          Slow Moving Vehicles

          California Vehicle Code 21654 is applicable to slow moving vehicles other than bicycles, such as cars and trucks. California Vehicle Code section 21654 states that all slow moving vehicles must stay as close to the right side of the roadway as possible while driving slower than other cars and trucks on the road. This law is intended to provide a safe and pleasant traveling experience for all persons using California roadways.

        • Loco Observer, sounds like you enjoy holding up traffic, thanks for pissing everyone off ,wonder why there are so many angry drivers, local observer causing road rage everyday, something to be proud of

  • Since when has 1 car length at 50 miles per hour been a safe following distance? Tailgating and texting are the most likely causes of accidents everywhere.
    And, if you watch the driver training practices, safe following distance is not taught nor is stopping behind the crosswalk or line at intersections.

  • My solution ,short and guaranteed less accidents , OVERPASS, I guess ones life isn’t worth that much.

  • The Cal Trans plan for a series of overpasses in the ‘Safety Zone’ is BIG overkill. A waste of money. (Consider the overkill they did at the intersection of 101 and 36). Not saying other solutions wouldn’t help. (Timed and coordinated) Traffic lights could help and be MUCH MUCH MUCH less expensive.
    Now they want to cut down the eucalyptus trees on the west side. Geeez! ENOUGH already!

    • So spending millions on car insurance out weighs the cost of a series of overpasses, not to mention the loss of a life, you make a valid point Ben,case closed, and trees will eventually die and fall Bean

    • Caltrans is trying to plan for what traffic might be like throughout the overpasses’ lifespan and traffic and population have only been going up. That’s why new projects seem like overkill. I’m assuming that’s why the two lane freeway that I often have pretty much to myself when I drive through southern humboldt.

  • They need to stop any crossing on that stretch
    or enforce the speed limit with more officers or radar photo cams. Higher speeds cause more accidents and death due to decrease in response time.

  • We drive the Safety Zone…AND SPEED IS THE PROBLEM. When you pull across you believe on coming traffic is going 50, when some one whips out from behind another car doing 65-70 and almost T bones you. Slow down.. You have cars whipping in and out of traffic to get ahead, and then pull up next to them at first stop light. REALLY

  • Slower traffic must move to the right notwithstanding the speed limit by law. Trying to be a rolling roadblock in the left lane encourages dangerous passing on the right. Stay in the right lane except to pass or turn left.
    AND get off your DAMN phone!

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