North Coast People’s Alliance ‘Sanctuary Initiative, Measure K’

This is a press release from the North Coast People’s Alliance:

North Coast People's AllianceThe North Coast People’s alliance is endorsing Measure K, the countywide Sanctuary Initiative, which offers greater protection to families caught up in immigration actions. Measure K would require authorities to consult with parents and learn their preferences regarding their children’s custody and residence if the families are being separated.

“It is so important that parents have a voice their children’s placement, and are able to know where their children are,” said Caroline Griffith, secretary of the Steering Committee of the North Coast People’s Alliance. “We encourage everyone to vote Yes on Measure K.”

Measure K also ensures that county resources can be used to serve the needs of Humboldt County, instead of being hijacked for a Washington political agenda.

It will make Humboldt County safer, because all community members will feel safe to report a fire be a witness in a criminal investigation, or take their children to the doctor.

“Many families in Humboldt include a mix of legal residents, undocumented residents and U.S. citizens, and everyone is affected by overzealous enforcement,” said Renee Saucedo, a volunteer for the Yes on K campaign.

Measure K is expected to save the county money by prohibiting detentions solely for immigration purposes, by prohibiting random fingerprinting and by ensuring that county funds are not used to investigate or report immigration status, she said.

And importantly, nothing in the measure prevents Humboldt County from arresting and prosecuting criminals, no matter what their immigration status is.

People can learn more about the initiative at

The North Coast People’s Alliance organizes for social justice, economic justice and environmental justice, and works to help everyday people become more involved in their civic institutions.

It invites volunteers to make phone calls to voters in support of the Sanctuary initiative and other NCPA-endorsed issues and candidates on the second and fourth Monday of each month, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. and from 1-4 p.m. on every Saturday through Election Day. All phone banks will be held at the Labor Temple, 840 E St., Eureka, and will begin with a brief training session. Participants must bring their phones, and are encouraged to also bring laptops or tablets.

To read more about NCPA and its endorsements, visit the website at



  • why is this so hard to understand. if you come here legally great. glade your here. happy to help you and your family. if you sneak in and are a illegal immigrant. get out . no help just jail and kick you out. you dont have anything coming. its the law and the right thing to do.

    • Say that you are a young and naive person living in Mexico. You get the Idea that just for fun you decide to sneak into America. All goes well and you find a job. You work hard and send some money home to your family. You grow up a little and decide that you like America. You find love and start a family.

      Is there any reason that a contributing Mexican should not be offered a path to citizenship???

      On the other hand, if you are a loser in Mexico and sneak into America and continue to raise hell, is there any reason why you shouldn’t have your sorry ass kicked out?

      The only way that entry into America can be controlled is with a secure border. Don’t give me the crap that most illegals come in on an airplane. Airplane passengers are given a security check and a visa before they can get on an airplane. Those people cause few problems. The problems and drugs come in through a sloppy border.

      Full disclosure: some of my best friends are Mexican. They deserve a good path to come to America.

      • Are arguing both sides of this in the same comment?
        Tell me which side wins the argument.
        Hold my beer, belch.

      • If Mexicans “deserve” a pathway to America, then Americans deserve access to all that Mexico has to offer.
        Like for like.
        But of course, America has more money to offer which is the main reason they are coming to our country.
        In a sane culture, no new people would be allowed to enter the societies jurisdiction until all currently existing community members had been provided for and integrated in some healthful way.
        Imagine if southern humboldt had had that conceptual awareness before the Indians showed up, before the Spanish/Mexican era, before the tanbarkers showed up, before the ranchers, before the loggers, before the east coast hippies, before the druggies, before the treehuggers, before the green rushers..
        Maybe with a sober cultural consciousness, there would be less monsters in the woods, but that’s wishful thinking.. we all are trapped by economic forces..
        Still, less people means more for us.
        Vote against intra-national migration & inter-national immigration and human population expansion of any kind.

      • Working as an illegal means providing false papers or stolen identities or working for an employer who is paying under the table to avoid paying taxes. A society can deal with a certain amount of this sort of thing but when it becomes millions of people, it is a real damaging problem.

        It is a nightmare for the employer wants to be lawful when their competition can constantly under bid them for jobs or offer cheaper product as because they use cheap labor. People who want to work feel the pressures too of their labor being in competition with people willing to go along with an employer avoiding their legal responsibilities.

        In other words, it’s almost impossible for an illegal to be a net “contributor” without a lot of damage to the country along the way even if they have a desire for that in the first place. It simply doesn’t work like that. And that disregards the other social issues.

      • Mexicans or any other foreigner deserves nothing when illegally entering the US. What gives you the authority to decide what laws are to be followed. What does your buddy Burt say about this. Go back to your Sesame Street world.

  • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

    What don’t you get about asylum seekers’ human rights under international law largely written by the United States in the first place? 🇺🇸

    • Enemies foreign and domestic

      Not all that wander are lost. Nor do many of the illegal entries meet they criteria for asylum. Why do you object to screening them for the country’s safety, especially since they started off by breaking the very law they claim to want to use?

    • Why don’t they stay home and fight for their country? Our students ask, why can’t they make their country as good as ours? Can we hear why they don’t fix their own country? Asylum from what? How about the UN going in there and fixing it, by enforcing international law? Why should we spend our hard earned money to fix what they can. Oh, wait, here is the reason those people are seeking asylum, the reason they cannot change their country. The citizens do not have guns. Why, miss Trumpy, do you want to take our guns? To allow demoprogs to take over and decide how we live? Do you want to turn us into Venezuelans or Cubans? No one has the right to decide how I, or anyone else must live. No one. The enforcement of our rights, and our way of life, is the armed citizen. Why miss Trumpy, do you want to take our freedoms away from us?

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

        You are paranoid. 🤪

        Are you concerned about chem trails too? How about Obama’s birth certificate? Are you convinced he was born in Kenya? 🇰🇪 Birthers… 🖕🏿

        • Chem trails have nothing to do with illegals mooching off us, and being used by demoprogs to secure their vote. Kamalamala ding dong has done nothing to help the poor US citizen, but makes sure the illegals get stuff so they will vote for them. We don’t care where he was born, the little asshole was the worst president we ever had. He was wrong about everything, and the American people know it, that’why we voted his sorry ass out, and got a real leader and builder of so much prosperity, the economy is tremendous, and we are doing so much better. And no, Obama is not responsible for this economy, Trump is, and the Bamer should shut up and stop embarrassing himself even more.

          • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

            The American people know Obama was the best president since Clinton. The American people also know Trump the Plump Chump is the worst American “president” in Russian history. 🇷🇺🏌️‍♂️

            • BUILD THE WALL!

            • You mean Clinton the pedophile, or rapist? Oh, and his wife the enabler? Protector of HIS behavior, and condemning the women he raped and molested? Obama was an awful president, he hurt so many businesses and companies. The American people rejected the demoprogs soundly in 2016. The American people made the right choice, the economy is building at record pace, so many have come back to the US, over 4 million new jobs so far, companies hiring more people. Obama the loser asked how this would happen. Trump, the winner showed him, and proved Obama a failure. So many more jobs than people to work them. Companies offering training, a living wage, and good benefits. The American woman is opening businesses at record paces, over 1800 a day. It wasn’t that way with the Bamer, the failure, the unamerican president. The American people rejected demoprogs, and are reembracing success.

              • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

                Oh, you meant those rapists Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump? 🏌️‍♂️

                Or how about those pedophiles like Roy Moore, Dennis Hastert, and Donald Trump? 🏌️‍♂️

                • Brett Kavanaugh never raped anyone. Trump never raped anyone. We know Billy raped Anita. And Hitlery admonished the women! More than 200 women have said Brett never messed with anyone, she has no corroboration people. I wonder if she will even show up.

                • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🔥🌪🔥🌪🍺😭🔥🌪🔥🌪

                  If you think Creepy Brett “Gang Rape” Kavanaugh never raped anyone, then you should call the White House immediately ☎️‼️ and demand equal treatment of witnesses and require Kavanaugh to take a polygraph test just like Dr. Ford, who PASSED HER POLYGRAPH.🧠

                  You know as well as Matt Damon does (the new SNL was hysterical last night) Bart O’Kavanaugh would blow up the polygraph 💣💥🔥!

  • Last time I checked, illegal aliens are allowed to take their children back to their country with them. Also, correct me if I’m wrong? anybody in the United States that gets arrested doesn’t get to take their children to jail with them.
    And why does a discussion about illegal immigration always turn into a discussion about Mexico? Mexicans make up less than half of the illegal immigrants coming into the United States, it’s not a Mexicen thing, it’s an illegal immigration thing! The only reason Mexico turns into the epicenter of the illegal debate is because the majority of illegal immigrants are coming in through Mexico. We should have a strong border along Canada too, It has not been needed because Canada itself takes immigration into their country very seriously.

  • oh where are the bill and the support for all the vets that still recive substandard care or the protests. how about the children of the hard working folks who recive less than quaility schooling because their teachers must prep classes on several differant dialicts ? oh the horrors that people must deal with the results of their actions and that it might effeft their own children.I tell you what if the illegal folks fought as hard in their home countries as they do in ours for rights , maybe just maybe they would not feel the need to leave their homes in the first place. and while we are at it, lets talk about the extra suffering endured by those families of the people who wait for their turn to come here while line jumpers keep pushibg them further into dispair.

  • Yet another local organization to put on the list as traitorous. [edit] This would be merely pathetic – they ask you to bring YOUR phone to THEIR phone bank – if it wasn’t so dangerous.


    Remember Kate Steinle. Remember Molly Tibbetts.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

      Hey, Kym Kemp, HERE HE IS! Have you read that recent story on Eric Kirk’s excellent blog SoHum Parlance?

      This is the guy! “Rebel Yell” is the same psycho 🤪💥🧠💥😜 who has been harassing Eric Kirk at work by way of e-mails containing language & grammar identical to that creepy post above. Except “Rebel Yell” is using a different screen name in his harassing e-mails to Mr. Kirk.

      I will now notify Mr. Kirk of what I’ve found. Let’s see if there will be a follow up to SoHum Parlance’s original story. Or perhaps Redheaded Blackbelt could do its own story on this creepy racist harrassment, since “Rebel Yell” has many, many comments saved to this blog’s comments section going way back. You have all the material you need for an interesting story about local supercreepy “cyber bullying” gone way over the edge right before the election.

      # BE BEST 🏌️‍♂️

  • The County Budget Analyst says Measure K will cost law abiding HumCo taxpayers in excess of $300,000 a year. We have other neglected priorities.

    • Testes, testes, one two...three?

      They’re being called out on $300k. They pulled that number out of their ass, and aren’t responding to explain it. Similar departments report only a thousand bucks tops.

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

        They’re just making up stuff now. Boy Sheriff Honsal pulled that particular figure right out of his ass.

    • And that 300K starting point is likely a conservative estimate – bare bones staffing levels, bare bones equipment to do the job. The result would be another ineffective county department.

  • Sorry but you live in the land of the [edit],and they are trying to expand their voter base. I guess that everyone that doesn’t care for that notion, should of thought about it when California granted drivers licenses, and now healthcare for the poor,poor illegal immigrants. How many US citizens get free shit for just showing up? Let me help you out with this one…zero.

  • American cities should be sanctuaries for all law abiding citizens! Follow the law of this land as they exist and if that’s not possible then find a sanctuary that does tolerate illegal and criminal activity.

  • BUILD THE WALL! The illegal aliens broke the law coming here, and the BS notion that that will help police report crimes and be witnesses is ridiculous. They are illegal and don’t deserve protection from law enforcement. This just helps them be unanimous so they can be better protected from loosing the free education for their kids, as well as state assistance. Wake up people.

  • I like all these comments 😊

  • I support a path to legal immigration for all honest people who are willing to adopt our culture and language. If you’re not willing to adopt the culture and language of where you’re moving to, don’t move there. And if you’re going to be a criminal or other parasite, stay home too. But if you’re going to get a job and work hard and become a member of the existing community, then you shouldn’t be deported, separated from your kids, or anything else that’s currently happening, and there should be a straightforward, guaranteed path to being a citizen or permanent resident.

    • If everyone who wants a guaranteed path to citizenship gets it on demand, any American employee or business is in a world of hurt. Quotas may suck but open borders (always ironically one way) are an invitation to chaos.

  • Educate me. Shouldn’t the text of the law tell us who is going to administer it, the resources needed for administration, how much all this will cost, and where the $$ will come from? I did a quick scan of the text and nothing about this stood out in plain view. That is irresponsible policy writing.

  • Not PC, but correct anyway

    I am voting NO on this insane legislation and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

    • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 👮🏻‍♂️🚔⚖️🚿

      I am voting ‘NO’ on the insane 🤪🍺😭Republican Party in November! 🐘💩🔥

      # FREE MELANIA TRUMP! 🇷🇺🏌️‍♂️🚔⚖️🚿

  • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November

    ‘YES’ on Measure K will get at least 60%.

    • Of those using illegal labor to undercut wages?

      • TRUMPTASTROPHE for the GOP in November 🔥⚖️🍺😭🍺⚖️🔥

        Yeah, right, because American citizens are just lining up for those back-breaking low-paid jobs without benefits or health insurance picking tomatoes 🍅, etc. 🍇🍓🥑🥦🥒🥕

        Racists cannot stop Measure K. 🌈

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