[UPDATE] Motorcycle Accident on Harris in Eureka; One Lane Closed

Motorcycle Crash

[Photos by Stormy Taylor]

Around 8:45 p.m. a motorcycle crashed near the intersection of Harris and B Streets in Eureka. One lane of Harris is closed as of 9 p.m..

The patient was transported to the hospital with unknown injuries. According to a witness, they were serious injuries.UPDATE Tuesday: According to Eureka Police spokesperson Katie Hill, “The call was received at 8:10pm and only states that it was a vehicle versus a motorcycle and one party was transported to the hospital.



  • Elric of Melniboné

    So sad.

  • Damn those things are dangerous!

    • More like cars that cant look where they’re going

      • It was a single vehicle crash and the person was known to speed on this road nightly. Not all motorcycle accidents are to be blamed on cars. I do hope he makes it out alive and lessons are learned.

        • Um. My daughter was right behind the motorcyclist when this happened. She said a truck with a load of stuff in the back (you can see it in one of the pictures) from the right lane was trying to turn left or merge and that they either hit the back of his bike or he swerved to miss getting hit. So it definitely wasn’t a single motorcycle accident. She also said that a man got out of the truck on the driver’s side and left the scene.

  • Wait… I’m confused. Why wasn’t it reported it as hit and run then? Don’t they want help trying to identify the person that ran? And if your daughter saw someone get out and walk away did she report it or follow them? I mean, if I saw someone walking away from a wreck, especially one THIS bad, I would follow as much as possible. I may be mistaken, but I’ve heard a different story from my friends that live directly across the street, saw the entire thing happen, and went to try to assist the motorcyclist as he lay bleeding profusely in the streets. No mention at all of another vehicle, but again, I could be mistaken as I personally was not there.

  • I was driving right behind the driver of the truck and they hit him without breaking and continued driving til they parked.
    The passenger of the truck got out and walked over to the motorcyclist and stood over him. We thought the driver took off and they yelled back saying that they didn’t. They didn’t have much reguard for his condition ylthat they caused.
    I pulled over and got out and yelled for help before the driver of the truck even got out of the truck.
    There was no blinker and there was no tail light on the truck. They hit him from the back of the bike then continued to drive him into the power pole. He was not driving faster than the speed limit. He was driving no faster than the truck that hit him.
    The truck didn’t slow down til they completed their turn, and then pulled over. If the truck had applied it’s breaks when on impact or at all the motorcyclist would’ve not hit the power pole.
    If he would’ve dropped a gear and got going he would’ve made it past the truck. But because he was driving safe and slow it cost him.

    • This is Michael‘s dad the police officers told me the night of the accident that it was a woman driver of the pick up I’m getting conflicting reports that a man got out of the driver side and left any information to me would be greatly appreciated

  • I saw everything that happened.
    There were two women in the truck that hit him, and they stayed in the truck .
    I had to scream for help for him because he couldn’t do it for himself and they weren’t gonna to help him and they weren’t going to yell for help .
    My wife yelled to me that they took off because she assumed they were already checking on him because a few minutes had gone by already , that’s when she saw the passenger standing over him yelled back ‘ in his face ‘
    ‘ sarcastically ‘ no she didn’t . When I was running up and down the street screaming my wife told me that the person stood over him not to ask him if he was okay but to observe what they did to him the passenger was just standing over the him staring at him ..
    While I was running around screaming for help
    No man , two women .
    There were no skid marks on the road they didn’t even stop when they knew they had hit him .
    No one was speeding , he was driving almost the exact same speed as the truck .

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