I-5 to Remain Closed Through the Weekend as Delta Fire Remains ‘Unpredictable’

Yesterday, the rapidly growing Delta Fire closed I-5.

Delta Fire closed I-5. [Image from the CHP – Northern Division Air Operations from September 5]

Press release from Caltrans:

Caltrans District 2 in cooperation with the California Highway Patrol, the US Forest Service and the Shasta County Sheriff’s Department announced that Interstate 5 north of Redding will remain closed throughout the weekend due to unpredictable fire activity, emergency roadway restoration and safety issues in the area. The route will be re-evaluated on Sunday. Motorists are encouraged to re-assess travel plans for trips that can be rescheduled or plan additional travel time for the following alternate routes:
  • Northbound I-5 is closed at Fawndale. Local residents only will be allowed through up to Riverview Drive. No traffic is allowed beyond Riverview Drive.
  • Southbound I-5 is closed at Sims Road. Local resident only will be allowed through up to Gibson Road. No traffic is allowed beyond Gibson Drive.
For Motorists travelling south on I-5 from Mt. Shasta
  • Take SR 89 to take westbound SR 299 to SR 3 to Redding. Estimated to take 3 hours with grid-lock traffic speeds, OR
  • Take southbound SR 89, to westbound SR 44, into Redding. Estimated to take up to 2 hours with moderate traveling speeds.
For Motorists travelling north on I-5 from Redding
  • Take eastbound SR 299 to northbound SR 89 then travelers may choose to take northbound SR 89 to Mount Shasta. Estimated to take up to 3 hours with grid-lock traffic speeds, OR
  • Take eastbound SR 299, to northbound SR 139 at Canby, to westbound SR 161 to Dorris, to southbound US 97 to Weed, and then back onto Northbound I-5, an estimate of up to 5 hours at free flow traveling speeds.
PERMIT LOADS: In advance of travel for all permit loads, it is recommended that you check current roadway restrictions at www.dot.ca.gov/trafficops/permits.
For the most current information, please call our hotline at 530-225-3452 or visit Facebook at Caltrans District 2 or Twitter @caltransD2.


  • Those Chinese sure do know how to perpetrate a hoax.

  • Or take 101 and injoy, slow down stop and look around. Thease day’s if you stumble into a grow you won’t get shot thay will ask if u are looking for work

    • Umm thats “enjoy” the scenery. And I don’t know what news you have or haven’t been reading/watching but “these days” stumbling on to a grow WILL get you into a whole lot of trouble, are you nutz? There are more killings and missing folks than ever. I’ve been a local since 1977 and altho folks have been fighting over this shit since the beginning of time I don’t ever remember it being like this. Folks, used to fight with their fists not pull out a gun at the first sign of trouble! I feel hese fires are somewhat a result of complacency. I remember having fire prevention lessons & discussions, awareness. Fire drills. We were taught to respect what fire can do, to take precautuons. Now because of those teachings it’s been years since we’ve had any sort of out of controlled forest fires. The ones I remember few years
      ago were caused by dry lightening storms. But I do agree with your statement to slow down, especially for locals lol.

  • Rainy season can’t come soon enough. California is crispy in so many places, will take years to recover. Just devastating, be safe folks.

  • Years of forest mismanagement + psycho arsonist and we are having a very bad time. Hopefully they catch the dirt bag soon. Prayers out to the folks affected by the fire.

    • The number one driving factor here coupled with everything else is record low fuel moisture stemming from climate change. A huge amount of the average burned in this summers fires arent even “forest” aka no commercial value chapparal, oak woodlands, and small private land holdings.

      • Ironically now the wildfires are undoing all of California’s attempts to combat climate change through releasing more greenhouse gases than we have saved. So the only way to undo it now is through proactive methods of fuel removal, large scale forest management, proper grazing techniques, controlled burns. But this being California we won’t do any of that so, get ready for the new record breaking fires every year.

    • How do you know this fire was caused by an arsonist? I’m not criticizing — I just want info. Thanks.

  • Obama sure nixed the Demoncats today hopefully it will turn into the new radical party of the 20%

  • Thanks for the info, Kym. This particular fire is incredibly disruptive with the main north/south interstate closed. I can only imagine the number of truckers/companies scrambling to figure out how to get good transported. Crazy.

  • the detour is a slow drive, and a few wrecks have happened now on 299 east

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