This ‘Border Collie’ Needs a Good Home

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I am an unaltered male, black and white Border Collie. The shelter thinks I am about 3 years old. I have been at the shelter since Jul 29, 2018.

Shelter Staff made the following comments about this animal:


Roy is recovering from a skin affliction which has left him quite threadbare with scant fur on his hind parts. He is curious and friendly, and a decent leash walker. He is most interested in the olfactory world- he’s quite the sniffer! He is active and a bit independent, and doesn’t seem to be much interested in treats or playing ball. Though he is not particularly affectionate, he seems to enjoy being touched, and will probably like that even more when his skin/fur condition is better!

For more information about this animal, call:

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Animal Shelter at (707) 840-9132

Ask for information about animal ID number A086849

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