Kerlin Fire: Maps and Information

The Kerlin Fire which began September 4 around 3 p.m. reached 975 acres this morning and is 0% contained, according to the latest maps (See below). [NOTE: earlier estimations were over 2700 acres but have been revised downwards from satellite imagery.] Mandatory evacuations are in place for residents on either side of County Road 311 from Lake Mountain Ranch to Dead Man’s Point in Trinity County.


Evacuation Information:

According to the American Red Cross, an evacuation shelter is located at the Solid Rock Church, at the intersection of Hwy 3 and Tule Creek Road in Hayfork. 

The School:

According to Mountain Valley Unified School District,

Due to the fire road closure, the school bus will only be running to just before Lucky Trail on Hyampom Road. We are all thinking of our students, their families, and their community that are being affected by the Kerlin Fire in Hyampom and wishing for their continued safety!

The bus run will resume its normal route as soon as the road has opened.

The Weather:  

The temperatures will be in the nineties today with a slight wind coming from the northwest in the afternoon.

The Roads:

Trinity County Department of Transportation tweeted a map to the road closures last night.

Road closure map Kerlin Fire sept 6


    • Kerlin Fire Operations Map –to see details either zoom or click on the map and download a pdf.
      Kerlin Fire Operations Map Sept 6

      Kerlin Fire Operations Map Sept 6 [Note: acreage on this map is an estimate that has been revised downwards]

  • Kerlin Fire KMZ Map–Zoom for detail or for 3D imagery, click on the map and download a file that connects with your Google Earth program.

    Kerlin Fire Heat Map Sept 6

    Kerlin Fire Heat Map Sept 6

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  • These fires make my heart ache.

  • Forcing Us Out of the Forest

    $1000 bucks says Calfire will let this one get enormous before they send in a serious force to fight this fire. Remember Calfire is working with the United Nations along with many other Nations to implement agenda 21 which will move people living scattered in “resource protection zones” into urban “population centers”. The fires will be used as the excuse why people cannot live in or visit these “high fire risk,resource protection zones”. Calfire is now in the business of “controlling and directing” fires, has anyone noticed this? They allow these fires to get enormous, protect the urban zones with neighborhoods and critical infastructure, then they backfire. The end result will be like in Sonoma where people are not allowed to rebuild their house after the fire due to “increased fire risk zoning”
    When California was formed it was the plan to only have ranchers, farmers and elites living in these hills, and that worked for 110 years untill the 1960’s “back to the land movement. In the 1950’s after the end of WW2 the logging began again again, this time in interior Forests and this time with bulldozers, skinner cats, and all kinds of heavy machinery, which destroyed the forest like never before; before this it was oxen and steam donkey. After mechanized l9gging it became clear it would take a very long time for these forests to heal or “produce” timber again. This foiled the plan to keep these “worthless logged over timberlands” in timber company and rancher control since the timber companies, industrialists and ranchers all realized they could log the land, then sell the land to “back to the land” hippies and make way more money$$$ than selling logged over clearcut and destroyed forest lands or holding onto them for the next 75 year logging cycle.
    The goal now is to force those people outta the “tpz timber production zones” and outta the “rangeland zones” . These fires are allowed to get big purposefully. I wonder who is the head and top brass at Calfire who cintinues to let these infernos grow to unprecedented size and monstrosity?? Time for the general public to demand answers rather than sit back and let calfire watch the whole state burn up, why are they not hiring more firefighters every year and increasing Calfires budget? Because evrything you are witnessing is in Agenda 21 and their actual plans.

    • This isn’t a Cal Fire incident. It is the US Forest Service’s area of responsibility.

    • Forcing Us: It’s a Forest Service fire. Cal fire has nothing to do with it. Forest Service is Federal money, nothing to do with Cal fire budget. So your wntire rant is for nothing. Forest Service is sending all they can but has hands full with other fires like the Delta fire near Shasta lake.

    • Sounds like you could use some oxygen. You’ve been breathing too much smoke!
      CalFire is not present. Their agenda doesn’t go to 21.
      Time to put on your Illuminati Hard Hat!
      The Rothschilds have taken control of CalFire!!! They took over FoodStamps and track your purchases on your EBT card!

  • Looks like it’s headed straight for the grow cuts.

  • Boy all these fires I’m thinking the price of weed will stabilize this yr. Mendo burnt trinity burnt shasta burnt lake burnt between the fires and the abatements this may be what the market needs.

  • That is some revision downward! 2 completely different animals, we were a bit fatalistic with 2700 in 24hrs! Burn scar and dozer lines from 2015 to consider, courtesy of Kym is the best!!!

  • Need to know the source of these figures and an official update from fire authorities, our local volunteer fire dept in Hyampom is standing by 2700 and 0%. We need verification. Thanks!

    • The figures come from the Shasta Trinity US Forest Service and they are based on the satellite heat map image taken last night at 10:40 p.m. You can see that map at the bottom and download it and view on Google Earth. The download states, “This data is generated from Phoenix airborne thermal infrared imagery acquired by the USDA Forest Service. Active fire areas and conditions are interpreted from thermal imagery according to interagency protocols. Please see the National Infrared Operations Program (NIROPS) website at for further information.”

      • I don’t know how you do it. I go to government sites but working through their layers of indecipherable jargon and various screen reroutes always frustrates the heck out of me. I’m always grateful when I see an issue come up on this site when finally the information I want is concisely there.

  • Air Attack just ordered a Lead plane 3 large air tankers and a Vlat to the fire

  • Kym, where is my comment, why am I on moderation?

  • At 1215 4 Lats ( large air tankers) 1 Vlat ( very large air tanker) and 1 Lead plane assigned to Kerlin fire

  • Serious air show right now!!! Not used to DC-10 full thrust over my house! I’ll take the camera up to where I can see down valley when I go load firewood.

  • looks like 4 100ft greenhouses are getting ready to “Go Up In Smoke”.

  • Its like a little trinity pines lots of greenhouse .

  • Large number of air tankers hitting this fire right now. been seeing them fly over me most of the day. seems a big push going on right now.

  • Gusty winds and 24% RH

  • It’s silly to think it’s held at 975 acres and 0 contained. I also find it hard to believe anybody there obeyed mandatory evacuations. I can look at the incident map & determine structures burnt & already know there probably a lot more than crops destroyed. Some genuinely decent humans probably didn’t make it out. Ironically this ordeal best bet for government take away few legit homesteads left

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