‘Team Up to Clean Up’ Event in Garberville & Redway on Wednesday

From the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce:



  • This is great!

  • Concerned Business Owner and Resident

    This kind of project should be scheduled once a week or every two weeks. It’s a step in the right direction to clean up and improve these very small towns for residents and tourists — as they once were.

    I would suggest with the help of law enforcement, also evacuating the drug camps off the freeways in Garberville and any other tent city set ups in the community.

    This kind of thing is bad for the economy of the town and also presents a serious public nuisance in terms of fire risk, sanitation and disease.

    It’s not a human right to “set up house” or to loiter “just anywhere” and create serious blights for a community.

    Garberville Businesses: Please remove vagrants from your streets and storefronts.

    It’s your civic responsibility.

    We do and it works!!

  • Good to see
    Just wish it was a day people who work for a living could help

  • groba dude trustafarian osnt

    For an area, which consistently exists in a world of hurt, to sponsor an event involving a “free dumpster” provided by Tony Soprano, in a town full of and run by ignorant hicks, as indicated by the medical facility known as “Ignorant Hick Hospital”, and the mere idea that picking up the trash will somehow “clean up the town” or “make Garberville attractive to tourists” is the epitome of “ignorant hickism”!

    Yes, Garberville, do clean up, and make sure your Hospital’s CEO does not sit in the gutter outside “Hemp Connections” and smoke weed! Makes you look like a joke, and, hell, you fire people who have a beer with their lunch, don’t you?

    Speaking of looking like a joke, why would you have a “Down the rabbit hole” promotion for your town? More like “Up the Bunnie’s Butt” into the rectum of Humboldt County Drug Culture!

    You would be better off leaving the homeless alone and in place, and permanently installing a “Trimmer Trailer Camp” and just admit that the 24/7/365 Drug Supermarkets in the motels and the lack of law enforcement and the crazy pickup-cowboy dope-farmers, these people, they have all won! Just give up and change the name of your town to “Ignorant Hick Pig Farm and Homeless Hostel”, Trimmers Welcome! Enter at own risk! Filthy backstreet healthcare facility available!

    Once again Garberville, you are cracking me up…

    • For that level of rage to pour out on a post about picking up trash, you need to take some deep breaths and maybe consider getting some counseling. I think you are an intelligent person who has somehow let bitterness eat into your soul and caused you to lose perspective.

      You may have a point that we should understand but I can’t hear it anymore as the deafening horror of so much rage pointed at an entire small community is overpowering everything else.

      • Seriously Ms Kemp? But you leave his up? You really confuse me sometimes. I’m so over this rag.

      • For as cool as you can seem, you can be a real ***** with your edits.

        • groba followed all the rules except the one about civility. If you read closely, as he does, you’ll know he’s being told that he needs to step it back or lose his privilege to post.

          Note: He is expressing his opinion about this place and he is normally entitled to do so. The level of rage being expressed is starting to concern me though. It appears he’s obsessed.

          I’m curious, I don’t appear to have edited anything by you recently. Is there something that you are concerned about particularly? My email is mskymkemp@gmail.com if you want to talk.

          • groba dude trustafarian osnt

            Dear Ms Kemp:

            The thing with rules is, in Monopoly,Tennis, Golf etc., the rules apply to all, the same.

            I like to think that “policies” are a safer and accurate, well, policy, since “policies” are able to be applied unevenly, infrequently, or even unfairly or indiscriminately… Policies are often used to discriminate…

            Policies give latitude, rules often get broken.

            Not my intention to give you a headache or a reason to worry, or to think thoughts of rage or obsession. They made me mad once, but I moved on. Now, my ridicule is just for amusement, a reverie if you like.

            OK, ok, I will shut up! Promise.

      • His post doesn’t seem any more irrational, uncivil or angry than many another left without comment. He doesn’t attack another commenter as so many have done. If it were said about Eureka for example, it surely would not have excited any response at all. The public chastising will surely be a signal that piling on is acceptable.

        • groba dude trustafarian osnt

          Gee, Mr Guest, I certainly agree, as Mr “Concerned Businessman” said essentially the same thing above.

          My opinion is sponsored by myself only, and, I love to poke fun at Garberville.

          It also seems to me that many people express themselves, here, and some exhibit extremely antisocial and unhinged existential angst, often aimed in no particular direction. I sincerely do not feel that I am “full of rage” or “obsessed”, and, if you don’t care for my statements, it may well be that I don’t care for anyone else’s.

          In the case of Garberville, well, it stands on it’s own and it fails to conceal it’s true nature well.

          I might have a few more words than some other folks, but at least it elicits a response.

          Apologies to all offended persons.

          Won’t do it again.

    • Wow, you must really need a hand to hold. Your obsession with a lil town, doesn’t crack me up but makes me feel sorry for you. That sure was a lot of time and words, for what? To knock a small towns effort? Would you rather they sit with their thumbs up their butts? You’d have something to say then too, I bet. It’s gonna be nice day today, get outside & enjoy it.

      • groba dude trustafarian osnt


        The effort will likely be ephemeral, to be sure, although applied with some aplomb. The folks who expend the most effort will often find that Garberville, like Dobermans, may well turn on you, and sink the knife deep in your back.

        Fortuna is called the “friendly city”, but Garberville, all we can say is, “They’re on drugs”… And as Hunter S. Thompson said, “you can turn your back on a person, but never turn your back on a drug!”

        So persevere, Garberville! Soon it will be Thanksgiving, and many of the wastrels will have fled, and you can go back to “nurturing the homeless”, as you will, and pretending that things will get better.

        As for the thumbs being up posteriors, I think they are too busy rolling a doobie and pinching the ends off, light, drag, repeat…

        Happy Harvest, Garberville/Redway, see you soon!

        • Concerned Business Owner and Resident

          I think your posts are actually quite funny and I’m glad Kym keeps them up — It hits a nerve because of there are some hard truths that people need to hear.

          I also think “Rabbit Hole” branding is NOT the right direction and that the natural beauty of this area has a lot more to offer than that.

          What’s happening in this town, the north coast and all of California is terrible and people who have been productive in their communities only to have them turn into cesspits should be outraged!!

    • You up early, or late?

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