SUV Hung off Embankment and Threatened House Last Night


A fence kept an SUV from falling on a home in the Shelter Cove area. [Photo provided by Shelter Cove Fire]

A fence kept an SUV from falling on a home in the Shelter Cove area. [Photo provided by Shelter Cove Fire]

About 7:55 last night, a driver wrecked his SUV off Machi Road in the Shelter Cove area. According to Cheryl Antony, spokesperson for Shelter Cove Fire Department, the vehicle was only stopped from rolling completely off the embankment and into a home by a fence.

“So we attached it to our FD vehicle to hold it in place until tow truck arrived,” she said. “The driver self-extricated with help of a passerby.  And his dog was fine too.”

The California Highway Patrol took the driver. Antony said, “We called a friend to come and get the dog.”

The driver was arrested for a DUI, according to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department.



  • SUV: House, I swear to God I’ll kill you.
    House: Go home you’re drunk.
    SUV: Hold my beer.

  • Glad that the dog and the house are OK. Good job SCFD!

  • why not DUI & endangering the life of your best friend, or endangering the life of another being or just plain fucking stupid,,,,,good doggie,,,bad human

    • I wonder about this too. I suspect that it’s because the DUI info was only in the last sentence (I overlooked it until you mentioned it) or the police report was not in the article, which gains lots of attention. And no one was killed. When a death happens, people get much angrier.

  • Another near disaster evaded by our quick witted, well trained, Shelter Cove Fire crew!

  • Mario’s, Gyppo or just boat ramp festivities? Should have let the dog drive.

  • this is why California needs ” safe drinking sites” come on governor moonbeam get with the times… that house almost died because there are no safe drinking sites.

    • You assume that the “intoxicated” part meant alcohol. Could have been pot. In which case it would more likely be safe smoking sites.

  • Oh Emily? Do you need to chastise this post too as tactless. It is but, I hate to say it myself, funny because it is an unexpected turn.

  • I really hope that Gyppo’s and Mario’s bartenders are aware of the law. As a former bartender, I am aware that it is the bar’s responsibility to cut people off and NOT serve more liquor to any person who is obviously drunk.
    We often took their vehicle keys away from them as well.
    Driving up over the hill after dark while drunk is a recipe for disaster to everyone.
    Head’s up, people.

    • The boat ramp participants don’t care about being over served. IF you kicked out everyone in Mario’s bar who was obviously intoxicated….. you wouldn’t make any money or have any customers!

    • Yeah I’m pretty sure both of those businesses are aware of the law . Maybe he went down to the boat ramp or seal rock with a fifth of whiskey ? Don’t assume to know the story or implicate somebodys business if you don’t know jack or shit .

    • He was drinking at the boat ramp. Not any establishment. I can speak for Gyppo. We promote designated drivers and we do cut them off. I have been a bartender for 23 years. I know the laws!!!

  • Let’s not jump to conclusions, he might of had 1 beer, law dog smelt alcohol,so he arrest him for the dui A charge, which is an opinion of the officer that his consumption affected his driving… the dui B charge happens when you blow .08 or higher BAC at the jail.granted he got in an accident but people get in accidents all the time… just because he had a beer , like we all do, doesn’t mean it was a factor in this incident

    • Once again it could of been meth,weed ,coke, herrrro, mushrooms,etc. no where does it state alcohol.

    • The fact that his car was hanging off the edge of the road might be an indicator that the policeman was right. There are lots of reason a for accidents but drunk driving is the second highest cause of traffic fatalities. And I bet some of the speeding deaths, the highest cause, were unreported dui’s too. He’ll get his day in court if he wants.

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