Motorcyclist Hit Guardrail on Hwy 299; Air Ambulance Requested

Traffic Accident DayA motorcyclist struck a guardrail around mile marker 35 on Hwy 299 a couple miles west of Willow Creek about 3:28 p.m., according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

Dispatch reported over the scanner that an air ambulance has been requested.



  • Sharpen your pencil

    Let it begin….

  • So sorry it must be bad for an air ambulance to be called hope you will be okay slow down people it’s only Sunday still got the going home day

  • The guy was evading sheriffs. I was running errands in willow creek when he blew through town to catch up with two friends who slowed down by Ray’s for him to catch up. The sheriff lit him up and he took off while the other two hung back. The sheriff was in an SUV so there was no way he was going to catch him. About two miles out of town I saw the sheriff had given up chase and was headed back to WC. As I headed home I came upon the rocky outcropping before Gregg creek and the guy was on the ground sitting up while some people provided assistance before help arrived. This guy blasted passed me while I was waiting to cross the street from the middle lane. My sympathies, but he made his bed. Not the badass he thought he was.

  • God damn it.

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