(Listen) Humboldt-Raised Athlete, Watermelon Crusher, Blasts Fake Beauty Apps, Other Top Stories

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Humboldt Last Week, Episode 95

  • Humboldt Raised Athlete, Watermelon Crusher, Blasts Fake Beauty Apps (8:05)

Kortney Olson is a bodybuilder with the strongest thighs on the planet, the founder of GRRRL Clothing, and a health proponent. For the new episode of Humboldt Last Week she expands on her distaste of beauty apps and belief that self-awareness is the better way to go.

  • Sheriff’s Office: Bomb Found In McKinleyville Not For Gopher Eradication (2:35)
  • Two HSU-Alum NFL Players Have A Great Week (3:16)
  • Donations To Help Kids Multiply After Theft At Head Shop (5:30)
  • Casino Provides Update On Coastal Hotel (6:26)
  • Upgraded Waterfront Park In Eureka
  • Found Safe: National News For Woman And Daughter Camping Here
  • Eureka Grad A Shining Star For NASA
  • Alleged Burning SUV Murders: Victims Reportedly A Couple
  • Homeless Men Say They Stamped Out Waterfront Fire
  • Local Woman Says Jehovah’s Witness Church Ignored Child Sex Abuse
  • Bailing On Cash Bail: Sheriff Wants Kinks Worked Out, Bonds Pros Panicked
  • For Now, Around 600 HSU Students Won’t Get Housing In ‘The Village’
  • Other Top Stories

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Kortney Olson, Submitted



  • Honest? I can’t fault somebody who’s famous for crushing watermelons with her thighs for using that “celebrity” to pimp her (presumably water-melon juice -proof) action wear. But It’s not that valid of a platform for sounding off on all other things under the sun. Crushing watermelons just doesn’t add that necessary gravitas to be an expert on social issues.

    • I disagree, I think it’s a great platform. She’s doing something different, showing that women are all different and beautiful in their own way. Many girls want a “gap” between their thighs, I am confident Kortney does not have a gap, but she is one strong woman who embraces what awesome strength her body holds. Additionally, I think anyone regardless of their platform that is encouraging young girls to embrace their uniqueness and beauty, and not fall into the social media and magazine trap, is doing an amazing thing!

      • What Kudos said!

      • I am famous reject the need to be....................

        I think Kortney would say don’t be like me be someone you made. She would say don’t follow me. Follow no one except where your greatness is taking you. The challenge in life is to not be afraid to commit. It is to find your passion then commit. Kortney’s fame doesn’t lie in her ability to squash a melon. It is because of all the time she spent developing her leg muscles. That didn’t happen in a month. The problem with girls today is they want to be famed by looking famed. Wrong, you only become famous when you earned your fame.

  • She makes fetish videos and that makes her a spokesperson for All Women? Weird.

  • How many of you are going to try to crush a watermelon with your thighs? first chance you get? I gotta try this.

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