City of Arcata Supporting Boy Scout Wesley Dawes’ Eagle Scout Project to Update City’s Historical Records

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

ity of Arcata

Arcata, CA – The City of Arcata is proud to be partnering with Boy Scout Wesley Dawes, of McKinleyville Troop 1053, to aid in the completion of his Eagle Scout project. The goal of his project is to provide a continued history of Arcata’s historic sites for members of the community.

Dawes’ project will provide updated photographs and information about Arcata’s historical structures that were previously featured in Susie Van Kirk’s book published in 1979, Reflections of Arcata’s History: Eighty Years of Architecture.

“The City of Arcata has a rich history and has been around since 1858. Prior to this time, the area was home to the native Wiyot people. Historically, it has been a hub for fishing and whaling, for lumber harvesting and for higher education. Over the years, many historical treasures have been lost due to growth and the deterioration of these structures. It is important that our community does not lose sight of its past and where it has been. As time marches on, more of these treasures may be lost. This project will benefit the current generation and generations to come as they reflect on the sense of the place they live in and the importance of those who came before us/them,” says seventeen-year old Dawes of his project.

In the coming weeks, Dawes and a team of volunteers will be photographing 100 to 120 structures in the City and updating information about the structures. The findings will then be presented online to act as a historic resource for individuals interested in Arcata’s historic structures.

Dawes is currently looking for additional volunteers who have interest in assisting with this project. For more information, email



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