Eureka Hosting Third Annual Neighborhood Watch Block Party at Carson Park on September 15

This is a press release from the City of Eureka Neighborhood Watch Block Party 2018:

The City of Eureka and the Eureka Police Department are once again partnering with Neighborhood Watch and “I Like Eureka” to coordinate the 3rd Annual Neighborhood Watch Block Party!

If your business or organization would like to reserve space at the event, please contact Gene Bass by email or 707-672-4131 for more information. Free or reduced rates for non-profit groups.


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  • There’s a “neighborhood watch” in Eureka? I have never seen anyone patrolling the streets Guardian Angel style. I see the bus stops overwhelmed with street people, tweakers and thieves prowling my neighborhood, my apartment building trash thrown about the streets, drug deals on my doorstep, and the town is too dangerous to wander about after sundown. If there is a watch going on, it’s from the comfort of their well-appointed homes in the hills, and not watchful in the least. We need ACTION – from cops and citizens – not just gladhanding and picnicking.

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