EPD Detained Wanted Man

Officers detained a man in front of the Eureka Mall tonight.

After detaining the suspect, the officer walks him back to a Eureka Police vehicle.[Photo by Stormy Taylor]

Last night, a man, Mario Garcia, who had warrants out for his arrest was detained by Eureka Police near the Eureka Mall.

About 7:30 p.m., an officer recognized the wanted man near West Harris and attempted to detain Garcia. The suspect fled on foot westbound, according to scanner traffic. The officer quickly managed to detain Garcia.

Officers detained a man near the Eureka Mall last night. [Photo by Stormy Taylor]

Garcia was arrested in May of 2017 in connection with a pellet gun shooting and a stolen vehicle. However, at this time, we don’t know what he was wanted in connection with.



  • Great job EPD, keep these vermin off of the streets and neighborhoods.

  • Another one bites the dust!!!

  • Might as well have a neon sign on his back. Man, when the time comes that the police aren’t on the other end of 911, these cockroaches’ll be crawling heavy and thick. Only a matter of time til night comes stepping in.

  • Were gettin it with no lube

    Wow big news they got one, 20000 to go in eureka

  • Curiouser and curioser

    Looks glamorous… way to impress the kids by making him front and center on facebook

  • Police did a great job now let’s hope the courts follow keep him in jail or prison for a long time unfortunately the courts have not been acting in that manner lately I don’t know what it’s going to take for them to keep these people in jail or prison they don’t belong on our streets the police arrest them take him to jail and they’re out before they finish their reports this is just not right this new bail system is going to make everything worse I don’t know what the state was thinking of

    • You keep voting in the Communist Socialist Democrats and this is what you get, liberal judges and over crowded jails. They have to release the non-violent ones to make room for others. You have the power to change it by voting them out. but you rather cry about it and do nothing to change it. Keep up the good work.

      • What would you suggest his punishment be then??? A public Flogging???

        • Sounds good to me. Probation doesn’t work!

        • tar and feather

        • How about 3 to 5 in San Quintin or 5 to 10 in a forced labor camp way more effective then flogging and it keeps him off street for a while

          • Forced labor camp? Wow NAZI much? And btw 3-5 in San Quentin for what? Look I’m not siding with criminals but the last I knew you had to actually commit a crime and get convicted of said crime to go to jail/prison. What did this specific individual do that merits 3-5 years in a state penitentiary? Because even if he stole a vehicle or shot someone with a pellet gun and was convicted, those crimes don’t have a sentence of 3-5 anywhere

      • Who is this “you” of whom you speak so regularly? Any clues? YOU VOTE FOR ANYTHING DIFFERENT? Or do you just make noise?

      • So democrats fill the jails, but also release too many criminals? Which one is it?

        • Sharpen your pencil

          Yes, when you change laws to allow criminals more freedom, they do just that. Only criminals commit more crimes. It’s a very boneheaded idea that you give a criminal more freedoms and they become normal. Props 47 and 57. And now this new bail system lol…… Are you seriously this naive?

  • With governor Moon Beams new policy on arrestees, he will be out in less than an hour.

  • He’s committing a felony just by wearing a Chicago Bulls cap while wearing a LA Lakers jersey.

  • How come when you look at these turds FB page they are always “self employed” or owners at “hustlin”, posing in some shitty motel room with a few hundred dollar bills,posting memes about them being “misunderstood” or ” walk a mile in my shoes……” and they all seem to have the same circle of turd friends?

  • I am a Democrat. I do agree with tighter immigration laws and deportation. I also believe in the Death penalty. It doesn’t make sense to send criminals to live sentences when death by injection may help reduce over crowding in criminal institutions.
    Repeat drug dealers are really murderers in my opinion.
    Liars and whiners in the White House who rip off the middle class for personal profit and hire their own “loyal” political thieves to plant racism and hate in the heads and hearts of those who themselves are being ripped off by Trump and his gang of crooks.

    • For a moment it was looking like there was a rational Democrat. BTW it’s not that I think that Trump doesn’t play fast and loose with principles and laws. I just think his brand of it is healthier for the country than the Democrats brand, which insists on saying that the country is filled with evil businessman while they personally are grabbing all they can without bothering with the business part at all.

      Of course if Democrats are really comfortable behind securely closed doors, they do tend to agree that strangling business is not a good thing. But it’s generally not done where their supporters can hear.

  • He’s dressed like the human version of the squat cobbler’s ride from Better Call Saul.

  • Talented guy, just can’t manage to pull it together. For a time I knew him pretty well.


  • The guy was acting like he was high as a kite and loony at the hospital. What a pain for the officers having to deal with these losers

  • Let them roam free these dirt bags then will realize as they creep and rob houses thar #s will start thining out as home owners practice thar gun rights

  • LMAO at the officers facial expressions. A combination of “FML” and “whats the point of this anymore”…

  • Good job EPD. Get these losers off the street!

  • Witness Was There

    None of the keyboard warriors here-who yes are welcome to state their opinion- were Not there to see the police “quickly apprehend” him. I was. And criminal or not no one that is being picked up from a BB gun warrant deserves to be Ran Over by EPD! This man flew! The police scammer sure did admit that didn’t they!?

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