You’re Invited to a Fundraiser for the Petrolia Pathways Project on September 28th

This is a press release from the Petrolia Pathways Project:

Event:  September 28th  Petrolia pathways fundraiser and party.

 It starts at 3:30 after school with a critical mass.  Fire Department will be escorting to ensure traffic safety.  People will be wearing costumes and decorating bikes.  We will be riding the proposed pathway along Mattole Road.  Followed by a party at the Community Center.  Food, raffle, auction, cocktails, wine, beer.  Music by Blase Bonpane followed by DIGGIN DIRT

Location:  Petrolia, CA

The Petrolia Pathways Project is a group of community volunteers trying to create safe access for pedestrians and cyclists in Petrolia.  Since the county is so low on funds for a project like this and Petrolia is so rural, we decided to take it on ourselves.  We are working on creating a safe walkway/bike path through downtown Petrolia.  The community came together on this project after I was clipped by a truck while in the school zone.  There was no shoulder for me to get off of the road.  I was pregnant and pushing a stroller at the time.  It was a close call but enough to iniate efforts.  The Funds raised from this event will go directly toward constructing a pathway between Lindley Bridge and the Petrolia Store.  For more information please go to

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  • this is what’s wrong with this county people live in rural areas An then expect people to move for them it’s a freaking road for god sakes.. If the person was going 25 mph?? an u were in the road.. and there were two cars going both ways the truck couldn’t have gotten over. You city slickers go back to where you came from or at least don’t push your kids in the middle of the road.. what has this world came too????? Oh great while there are people with needles hanging out of there arms were busy pushing strollers down a rural road complaining. How sad! I remember when this county would work together. Say hi to California’s brokest county in 2019 woo hoo!!😍

    • Are you honestly advocating hitting people (especially people with children) because they don’t move out of the road fast enough?

      • The last I checked it was California law that if someone is in the street, vehicles are supposed to stop for them. That’s the legal part. Excuse me, but that’s part of why vehicles have brakes.
        Part of why I moved to Petrolia (from out of the area) in 1986 was because back then to my knowledge no one there even took the key out of their ignition switches, much less lock their vehicles. And everybody waved at each other on the road regardless whether they knew who you were or not.
        What happened to this special place? At least the core of that great community still exists, as confirmed a couple weeks ago at Freeman House’s memorial.
        By the way, where does it say this person was in the middle of the road? The statement “There was no shoulder for me to get off of the road.” leads me to think the person was most likely already at the edge of the road.

    • Do you live in petrolia? That nice strech of road between the bridge ,past the school,& community center to the store is an invite for inbreads to drive to fast. ” Drive like your kids live here” signs have been torn out and put back. Not as many Growdosers this year, but still many disrespectful drivers. Lots of mom’s & kids ride and walk that strech. Public safety,measure z. I say yay to petrolia walk path.

  • I’ve experienced the same issue safety measures points out.
    Newbies moved into our neighborhood recently.
    They want to jog with a baby carriage on our road.
    Our road has several narrow areas that only one car can pass at a time and
    blind corners near their house.
    They create a safety issue, and put there child at risk.
    Especially when the seasonals are arround apr-oct.
    They get angry with people they think are driving too fast rumbling past them in their grow dozers.
    We don’t have any interest in accomodating their metropolitan lifestyle needs.

  • Putting aside the rudeness and stupidity of a couple of these comments, i might address their point that people have no business in the road and ought to stay off the pavement with their baby carriages and other modern, metropolitian, gentrified, sissy conveyances: Duh! Read the article. That’s what the Pathways Project is trying to do–make a safe path so people don’t have to walk or roll in the traffic lanes.

    When there’s nowhere to go but the road, you walk on the road. If you’re a functional human in a functional community, you change the situation by raising some funds and making a safer path.

    If you’re not functional, you just sit around criticizing healthy, constructive people and plans.

  • Take your stroller and bicycle and head back to Tiberon or wherever the hell you came from.

    • Take your bad attitude and go back to [edit] wherever you came from.

    • I’d be happy to go back to where I came from… because hey, I came from PETROLIA! I grew up walking and biking these roads. I about the biggest advocate of this project that there is and not by any means a “city slicker” or a “newbie” nor do I live a “metropolitan lifestyle.” I push my kids in a stroller and ride my bike because part of living in the county is having the opportunity to be outside. I am so excited to work with other engaged community members to make our community a safe family friendly place. To me community and families are a big part of what Petrolia is all about. If those above who took the time to make nasty comments are interested in actually talking out how they feel I’d be happy to accommodate and in-person conversation because I am honestly confused about why anyone would take issue with this project. Please contact me and enlighten me. I’m in the nest list. In the meantime I can’t wait to see our community pull off an awesome fundraiser for a project that benefits everyone!

    • Wow. It’s so easy for you to hide behind your computer screen and bully. Your comment is ignorant and mean.

  • I’d love to move back to where I came from because I came from… PETROLIA! I grew up walking and biking these roads. I push a stroller and bike the roads now because to me part of living in the country is having the opportunity to be outside. I am about the biggest advocate of this project that there is. I am by no means a “city slicker” or a “newbie” nor do I live a metropolitan lifestyle. I am so excited to work with engaged members of the community to make Petrolia an even safer family friendly place. To me community and families are a part of what Petrolia is all about. I would be happy to engage any of the above commenter’s in an actual in person conversation because I am honestly confused as to why anyone would have problems with this fantastic project. Please give me a call; I’m in the Nest List. In the meantime I am so excited for the community to pull together and pull off an awesome fundraiser for a project set to benefit everyone!

  • I am an an advocate for this project 100%! I live in Petrolia. Yes, I am a transplant. I have lived here nearly 7 years now. I am a community member that cares about the safety of others. There is a school on this route. Each day I see our kids riding their bikes to and from school. If there is traffic coming from both directions there is no room and no where for the kids to move over. It is an accident waiting to happen. More than one of our kids has reported being run off the road or almost hit. It make perfect sense to have a safe pathway for them to get to and from school each day or just to the store to get a treat with their friends.
    Can’t wait to attend this event and support the project! Everyone should attend. It’s going to be a great time!

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