Water Boards, CDFW Hosting Cannabis Cultivation Open House in Ukiah on September 5th

This is a press release from the State Water Resources Control Board:

Who Should Attend?

Cannabis cultivators and other interested parties.

Additional Resources

The following websites have information regarding ongoing agency efforts related to commercial cannabis cultivation:

State Water Board, Cannabis Programs – General information regarding State Water Board Cannabis Programs. Website: http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/cannabis/

State Water Board, Division of Water Rights – Responsible for administering water rights for all surface water diver-sions, as well as diversions from groundwater and all springs for the purpose of commercial cannabis cultivation. Website: https://www.waterboards.ca.gov/water_issues/programs/cannabis/cannabis_water_rights.shtml

State Water Board, Division of Water Quality and the Regional Water Quality Control Boards – Responsible for addressing potential water quality impacts from cannabis cultivation and associated activities on private property.

Division of Water Quality: https://www.waterboards.ca.gov/water_issues/programs/cannabis/cannabis_water_quality.shtml

Regional Boards Map: https://www.waterboards.ca.gov/waterboards_map.html

California Department of Fish and Wildlife – Responsible for ensuring cannabis cultivators operate in a manner that is protective of fish and wildlife resources. Website: https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/Conservation/Cannabis

Bureau of Cannabis Control – Responsible for issuing cannabis licenses for distributors, dispensaries, transporters, and testing laboratories. Website: http://www.bcc.ca.gov/

California Department of Food and Agriculture – Responsible for licensing cannabis cultivators and establishing a track and trace program. Website: http://calcannabis.cdfa.ca.gov/

California Department of Public Health – Responsible for licensing manufacturers of cannabis products, such as edi-bles. Website: https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CEH/DFDCS/Pages/MCSB.aspx

California Department of Pesticide Regulation – Responsible for regulating pesticide use in commercial cannabis cultivation. Website: http://www.cdpr.ca.gov/docs/cannabis/index.htm

How to Sign Up for State Water Board’s Email Subscription

To receive additional information about the State Water Board’s efforts related to commercial cannabis cultivation, please subscribe to the State Water Board’s “Cannabis Cultivators” email list under “Water Rights” or “Water Quality” on the fol-lowing webpage: http://www.waterboards.ca.gov/resources/email_subscriptions/swrcb_subscribe.shtml

How to Sign Up for California Department of Fish and Wildlife Email Subscription

To receive additional information about Fish and Wildlife’s efforts related to commercial cannabis cultivation, please subscribe to the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s “Cannabis Program” email list under on the following webpage: https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/conservation/Cannabis


If you have questions regarding these workshops, please contact the Cannabis Registration Unit by email at Canna-bisReg@waterboards.ca.gov or by phone at (916) 319-9427.

If you have questions regarding these workshops, please contact Heather McIntire by email at Heather.McIntire@wildlife.ca.gov or by phone at (707) 210-4415.



  • I heard that Weaverville meeting was awesome. A total of 5 people showed up and the water board explained in detail how yes- you must now register your own water source even if it is a spring not connected to any year-round creek. In the past this kind of water source on your own land was your…but not anymore! now you must register it with them and pay an annual fee but they are so wonderful they will …let you use it- for now! And that North Coast Water Quality Board (NCWQ) permits will be subservient to the state water board requirements starting next year so….really, why bother. NCWQ is another agency like Fish and Wildlife who has traded in their respect from all of us to become another parasitic government agency of prosecution. It’s cool for them that they all draw nice salaries at taxpayer expense to hold empty meetings and lord over us. Again- they are being used by the state to snuff out the mom n pop and the rural landowners while posing as an environmental protector. When they prosecute permitted operations for abusing the system then I may adjust my perspective but I don’t expect it!

    • Farce, it’s funny how you used to spend time hating on “large” growers but now spend time defending mom and pop.
      What happened was the government failed at busting all the cannabis farms but figure out how to create turmoil in the community, let everyone tear each other apart by inputting propaganda that cannabis is destroying the environment. Let everyone argue and point fingers while all the rights are taken away one by one.
      If you take a drive thru the central valley you can realize even the largest cannabis farm is not even close to the destruction they cause. But wait it gets better, the government supports them……..

  • No thanks for your services

    The voters/property owners/ tax payers have an opertunity in november to try to put less corrupt politicians (hopefully) in office in California.we need to seize the day and push back on these rip off theives!!!!!!!!

  • Wher do i get in line to be forever reemed out.yeah i wanna new bill every year for something that ive already worked hard for and payed for, that belongs to me

  • Prop 64 leader Gavin Newsom is controlled by George Soros


    The more you know…

  • Very informative! Good thing that there’s this kind of activity happening.

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