Stabbing in McKinleyville

StabbingEmergency personnel are at the scene of a reported stabbing in the 1600 block of Bird Avenue in McKinleyville. According to scanner traffic, a patient was loaded into an ambulance. It is unclear how many victims there are in this incident, but we’ll update this post if we hear more.



  • Ban all knifes,never mind the guns. Was it a semi-automatic knife ? Did it cut with every movement of his arm? Semi automatic knifes are so deadly they need to be banned. Just like in England!

  • Humboldt county is so much fun! A real barrel of laughs!! Did they ever catch whoever killed the guy that was thrown out into Hwy 101 and thed lay truck driver ran over? A few months ago in Ukiah someone in broad daylight shot a Mexican man several times, the man apparently surviving. Did they ever catch who did this? About 2 months ago, a young man was shot out by Lake Mendocino; did they ever catch who did this? I don`t remember if this man survived or not. It seems to be getting rough out there….

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    Ukiah and Lake Mendocino are not in Humboldt County. However, now that cannabis is legal, all crime will disappear, everywhere, just POOF! No more home invasions, no bodies in burning vehicles, just sweet marijuana scented serenity….

    • I know where Ukiah & Lk Mendocino are located. I brought this up as a reference to the general violence and mayhem that seems to be increasingly pervasive in what were once communities with a work ethic and moral compass and which were relatively peaceful. I also failed to proof read my posting and intended to write “lady truck driver”

  • No thanks for your services

    Extortion in humboldt has gone through the roof!!!!! Oh its from our local county government so it doesn’t count.

    • If they are not complying with the law, operating without a permit then let heads roll…I mean let them dig up some cash…bust them all.

  • So two guys in their house have an argument and one of them takes the garden shears to the other, and all you can think of is legalization of cannabis. I gotta tell you, you’ve all been here too long. There are other things to argue about in the real world.

  • Very astute Dawn. Off topic.

  • I’m actually very surprised more people aren’t stabbed to death with snips around here;<)

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