[UPDATE: Suspect in Custody] Report of Shots Fired Leads to Large Law Enforcement Presence at Royal Inn Motel in Eureka

[Photos by Mark McKenna]

According to scanner traffic, shots were fired near the intersection of Summer Street and West Washington Street in Eureka before 2 p.m.

Officers stopped a black Dodge truck that is believed to have been involved in that incident in the parking lot of the Royal Inn Motel on Fifth Street. Eureka Police Chief Steve Watson told reporter Mark McKenna that officers located a firearm and a shell casing inside the vehicle.

We will update this post when we find out more information.

Update 2:45 p.m.: Reporter Mark Mckenna sends us this photo from the scene.

EPD Detective Ron Harpham talks with a witness on the 800 block of Summer Street in Eureka following a report of shots fired.

Update 2:50 p.m.: From Chief Watson’s Twitter page:



  • Good job LEOs. I watched the whole take down from my window.

  • model 99 savage…

    • I have one in 38-55. Aside from the fact that this asshole endangered/tried to hurt someone, its also very disrespectful to the rifle itself to use it in such a manner. Those are fine pieces of historical art in my opinion. I would bet he basically gave that rifle a death sentence, it will probably be destroyed by police.

  • Just think, a model 99 in 250-3000, hell I would look the guy up and see if could buy it off him ( more than likely not his and stolen though.)

  • Well the Royal Inn certainly doesn’t look very Royal.

    • That place is trouble. They closed down the no tell motel on the flip side and all they did was move kit and caboodle around the corner to the Royal. Close it down and hopefully the drugs and prostitution from that block will be gone … gone from that corner but unfortunately they will just move down the street.

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