Cows Again Loose Near Loleta After Causing Multiple Crashes Including a Semi Crash Early This Morning and a Major Injury Crash Last Night

Heavy equipment removes mangled metal from Hwy 101 after a semi crashed into a cow near Loleta early this morning.

Heavy equipment removes mangled metal from Hwy 101 after a semi crashed into a cow near Loleta early this morning. [Crop of a photo by Stormy Taylor]

At least one cow escaped again as of 8:16 this morning, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

On 08-28-2018, a little after 6 PM, the California Highway Patrol Humboldt Area received several calls reporting cows out in the roadway on US-101 near the Loleta Drive exit. CHP Officers responded and assisted the owner in moving several cows back through an opening in the fence. At just after 8 PM, CHP responded to a vehicle collision on US-101 at Loleta Drive. A female driver, 19 year old Alexandriah Sae Lim of Fortuna, was traveling southbound and collided with two cows in the roadway. Ms. Sae Lim suffered major injuries and was transported by ambulance to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka. One of the cows died as a result of the collision and several citizens helped to move it out of the roadway.

On 08-29-2018, just after 2 AM, a semi driven by 38 year old Angel Mercado Ramos of Daly City, was traveling southbound on US-101, south of Loleta Drive, when it overturned in an attempt to avoid a collision with a cow in the roadway. The semi was transporting scrap metal, which spilled across the lanes of traffic. Two additional non-injury collisions were reported as a result of vehicles hitting the scrap metal debris in the roadway.

The southbound lanes of US-101 were closed for several hours while the debris and semi were removed from the roadway. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department Livestock Deputy is responding to make contact with the owner of the cows. The California Highway Patrol, along with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, is working with the responsible parties to ensure the cows are secured and no longer a danger to the motoring public in the area.

cow crash

Emergency vehicles and personnel at the scene of a crash late yesterday. [Photo by Javier Luna]

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  • usually if you hit a cow it spells big damage to who ever is inside so sorry

  • Ohhhh ok NOW the CHP and HCSO are contacting the cow ‘s owner after several accidents and 19 year old is in the hospital and several accidents due to a big rig crashing?? Way to go CHP and HCSO (NOT !!!)

    • “CHP Officers responded and assisted the owner in moving several cows back through an opening in the fence.” the owner was contacted early on, but the cows re-escaped.

    • Different Rules for differesnt classes

      The CHP and HCSO will be super friendly, ( after all it is a rancher not a cannabis farmer)
      Hi Mr Rancher, I know ranchers have always been above the law in Humboldt County, and you Mr. Rancher , like most ranchers; are of the “priveledged class”. And we understand it was “cattle depredations” by indians which made you ranchers and federal troops commit genocide against the Humboldt County tribes, resulting in the genocide and murder of well over 15,000 natives…. men, women children and elderly, and we thank you for that! Anyways, we are real sorry to bother you at 10:00 am in the morning, so sorry, but we wanted to please ask you please, when you get some time, to come get your cattle out of the middle of Highway 101 as they have caused a few accidents.
      Please, Mr Rancher, take your time as we wouldnt want to rush your highness, after all Cattle and Timber has ran Humboldt County since the 1800’s.
      Thank you so much Mr Rancher, sorry to bother you
      Did you see the football game last week……. (Small talk resumes)

      • Bitter much?

      • If the police are friendly, it is because the livestock owner is concerned about the problems he’s created and anxious to fix it. And unfortunately for any shred of a possible real point in this tirade, both Mexican nationals and Native Americans have cattle inside fences in Humboldt Co and can be equally helped by LEO. It’s a matter of cooperating instead of threatening and blustering.

        Everyone should be forced to deal with large livestock. It’s a great education to be around something that can kill you without reference to race, color, sex, education or wealth if you’re a fool.

        • it seems that one can kill you if you are not a fool also, by wandering out into the middle of a highway in the dark. cows are interesting in the dark on rural ranch lands, very weird behavior.

      • Yeah, because we demand our right to drive bumper to bumper 10-15 mph over the posted speed limit and don’t feel it’s our responsibility to drive defensibly. If we get hurt it’s someone elses fault.

      • RancherAppreciationGuy

        Wow- So did your grow get shut down for (pick all that apply):
        Illegal grading
        Illegal chemicals
        No permit
        Illegal water appropriation?

        You sound pretty sour grapes Mr Different Rules!

  • Rise up grow balls and fight back

    This rancher better mend his fence and he better hope he has insurance on his ranch covering these types of events, bye bye ranch if not, this will result in a lawsuit but no fines, plant 7 or more “illegal plants” get $10,000 a day fine, let your cattle run on Highway 101 by failing to maintain fencelines, no worries, Humboldt County officials loves ranches and ranchers, an obvious discrimination towards our cannabis farmers exists in Humboldt, time to end the discrimination and hatred. Take back Humboldt County from the claws of the oppressor

    • I think they came from the casino property, good luck suing them

    • Oh dear. This gets so old as people use any non related issue to beat their old familiar drum. However inappropriate the drumming is.

      A rancher may be irresponsible about his fences but more likely he’s not. A cow getting out is not something he wants. It’s an accident for him, although sometimes people do cut fences or he gets a new cow who habitually tears down fences. The ranchers liability will be established under century old precedents in the law.

      On the other hand there are no accidental pot grows where a green house full of plants falls out of sky creating unpermitted grading and inadvertent water diversion accidentally. A large number of growers deliberately violate the law continuously unless they are forced to stop by a severe theat to what they value most- money. The fines for grows are created to get the attention of outlaws and force them into compliance. They are in shock about that. As if anyone would dare to impose liability on them but it’s a new world now that pot is legal.

      • I like stars too!

        Actually, everything IS about YOU and your damn pot! So be careful, because we are watching 24/7, and waiting to slap you with a $10,000/day fine!

        Remember, the entire focus of the universe is to harass and marginally disrupt all pesky and unpermitted weed farmers!

        Get used to it, and get a real goddamn job!


      • The permitting “laws” are totally arbitrary! Think for yourselves… Pot is either legal or not , the county is foolish to make everything so crazy. They need to be creating industries, for paper& cement, oils & seeds for food. The crimes are with the policy makers, as usual, and the people get nailed…except for the ranchers.

        • I like stars too!

          Well, never mind. Just obey the laws that you like. Never mind the government, it is totally specious, and a completely false construct of the people who don’t get high 24/7 and are therefore incorrect about important things, like growing enough weed so that you will have a large stash of Krugerrand to get you through the winter in Kona.

        • ” the county is foolish to make everything so crazy. They need to be creating industries, for paper& cement, oils & seeds for food. ”

          That sounds like socialism, or even communism, what with government created-and-run bunsinesses

      • Thank you. Some folks seem not to recall that we the people voted to legalize so we wouldn’t have illegal grows.

        • I like stars too!

          Welcome. And, all grows over 6 plants are illegal, unless permitted and compliant with all applicable State, County, and Federal law, including tax and labor laws.

          Grow all you want, just get your permits and pay all your taxes.

          Grow legal, grow clean.

          • I intend to grow 6 fifteen pounders next year. Its the new style of mom and pop growing. We are experts at playing the loopholes. Just like wall street.

            • I like stars too!

              May your 90 pounds sell for more than $9000, and only cost you $14,000 to grow…

              OH, wait! It’s illegal to sell the stuff…

              • Man your math is all fucked up. You should get yourself a calculator.

                • I like stars too!

                  It’s based on solid information, and a few presumptions.

                  Pick up a nice chunk of cheese, and have it with your whine…

              • You can sell t to the legal vape pen dude in front of the Eagle Peak Middle School. He brings cash.

              • You might want to find yourself a new reliable source of “solid information” if your current one is saying pounds will go for $100 next year. Shit pounds will for sure but my calculator doesn’t have a “shit” button.

                Man this Gouda really compliments my whine. Thanks!

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        This looks like another post from out-of-county and certainly someone who has no knowledge of cattle ranching. It’s an unwritten and non-discussed truism that cattle start to get loose from their pastures just about this time of year as the greenfeed dries up and pasture grass is all gone after our typical summer drought. Anybody who drives the rural roads this time of year has to dodge potholes and “escaped” cows happily munching the roadside greenery. If somebody plows into a cow on, say, the “wildcat” (Mattole Road), the rancher has plausible deniability. The cow just got out, man, as “Guest” naively suggests. 700 pounds of beef in the road is just one of the hazards alert drivers must be aware of or ELSE. This practice allows the rancher to wring that last bit of feed out of the land before market or the autumn rains. Trying to pay the bills.

        A questionable practice at best, but apparently impossible when the pasture abuts US 101 where marginal ranching meets high-speed marginal driving.

        Condolences to the injured.

        What hapoened to Angel Mercado Ramos? How’s he doing? Oh, right, we don’t care.

    • RancherAppreciationGuy

      Are you and Mr. Different Rules the same whiner???

  • Two accidents.

    Cows on the freeway.
    I want to laugh, but it’s not funny.
    Especially not for the people (and cows) involved.

    • No it’s not. I saw a cow versus car accident once and it was horrible. I hope the injured woman recovers well and soon.

  • Moooooooo

  • Whatever the finer details of all this, there are definitely enough for a good song!

  • The Ballad of Bessie the Moo Cow on the 101

    Bessie (Bessie!), Bessie the Moo Cow on the 101
    She’s only three feet tall
    Bessie (Bessie!), Bessie the Moo Cow
    The baddest mutherfucking cow of ’em all!

    • I was thinking more along the lines of Lauden Wainwright III.
      Anyone who lives in this neck of the woods would at least be familure withthe concept of the song, which has a chorus:
      “There’s a dead skunk in the middle of the road…
      And it’s stinking to high heaven.”

      A live cow (or a dead one) in the middle of the road – stopping all the traffic…

  • Why wouldn’t the cops make sure the scene was secure after the first accident where a young girl sustained major injuries?

    Answer: because they don’t actually give a shit.

  • Were these Christie cows? Oh that’s right Christie cows wouldn’t have the energy to walk onto 101 (side effect of starvation). But on the brighter side Christie would be more than happy to buy any cows that were injured from being hit by a semi as long as the price is right. As for disposing of the dead cows from the roadside, don’t even sweat it CHP, Christie has a creek ready for the dumping.

  • I live in Loleta…someone mentioned that the youngsters were just separated from the mothers, and the mothers moved alongside Loleta Dr, where the grass was high and the fencing replaced over last six months…BUT the fencing alongside the 101 may be a Caltrans issue, I don’t know the law on that and that section has not been replaced. One of the reasons the owner had to replace the Loleta Dr section was because one of the cows was constantly getting out and I watched her 3 times doing her escape act..she is a jumper!

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