[UPDATE 9:50 p.m.] Cows, Cars, and Crash Close 101 Near Loleta

A number of cows on near the Loleta Drive onramp from 101 have caused a crash. At approximately 8:40 p.m., one vehicle hit a cow and “went up into the trees.” The cow is deceased

“101 is shut down from Loleta Drive south past the incident,” according to the scanner. At this point, it is unclear whether the whole freeway or just the southbound lanes are closed. However, there is a report on the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page that additional “cows were ejected” into the northbound lane.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available

UPDATE 9:16 p.m.: Northbound 101 is closed. One lane of southbound 101 is open, according to someone speaking on the scanner.

UPDATE 9:18 p.m.: A wounded cow has been dispatched and the estimated time of reopening the northbound lanes is five minutes.

UPDATE 9:23 p.m.: Two vehicles are “30 feet down [the] embankment,” according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

UPDATE 9:24 p.m.: At least one northbound lane is being reopened, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

UPDATE 9:50 p.m.: Photos from Javier Luna:

Cow crash Cow crash

UPDATE: More information here: Cows Again Loose Near Loleta After Causing Multiple Crashes Including a Semi Crash Early This Morning and a Major Injury Crash Last Night



  • Ground beef…..?

  • are the humans ok?

  • Drove by about 7pm saw the cow and the county brand inspector by the Loleta exit.

  • Cowabunga!

    I hope all the folks is ok.

  • We passed at like 6: 15 we say a big black cow located at exit 694..we turned around went over there and didnt see the cow again

  • yes, it was bad. pretty confusing trying to follow the flares. Of course the usual drivers, not slowing down, and driving like they are the only ones with an important destination. Pay attention. Don’t cause another accident . smdh.

  • Holy Moley!
    Was it the vehicle or the cow the “went up into the trees”?

  • Tuesday night all you can eat prime rib at the 101 steakhouse

  • why were the cows out? its really not funny, poor guys..

  • Every thing North of Willits should be legally declared open range.

    • Now that ‘s Bull, it’s a Highway/ Freeway. Keep your cows fenced farms should have enough land to raise there farm animals and not have to have right of Freeways/Highways.

  • Surely it wasn’t the drivers fault. Cattle Ranchers need to keep their stock behind reliable fencing. Hope the people are fine. Cattle Rancher should be responsible. MHO

    • Not if it’s Cal-Trans fence they got out of …….The fencing all along 101 is Cal-Trans responsibly

      • How is cal trans responsible for that pasture fencing? That would be cool, but I am skeptical of that liability

      • That fencing denotes right of way. Cattle owners are responsible for containing their own livestock.

      • No, the state fence delineates the start of their maintenance responsibility area, property owners still maintain cattle fences.

        Can’t do open range on a 4 lane freeway, this isn’t some shit ass one lane dirt road…

  • Still have traffic control and on ramp out of Loleta closed with detour around to casino..with a branch down on that road into south bound lane just before casino (someone hit tree with tall vehicle.) This was at 530 am.

  • Both north and 1 lane open southbound for now at 730, but looks like they will have to close to clean up truck and scrap metal

  • No time for nonsense.

    I don’t think there is any open range in Humboldt county. This is an issue that needs to be clarified once and for all. On some of our more rural roads cows roam at will. On foggy nights it is very dangerous. I know several people who have destroyed their vehicle in an accident with cattle. Ranchers are very smug about it. Even saying your lucky we don’t make you pay for the cow. We must all take responsibility for our animals why shouldn’t they. They own them,are making a profit off them. Keep them contained. Sue the hell out of the owner and set a presidence for the rest of the county.

    • There is plenty out Petrolia way. And east of Eureka. I mean open range that is. Not that that issue has anything to do with cows on the freeway.

      For smugness, there is something to be said for pots calling the kettle black around here. The times I had a fence down, it was because stupid drivers went through them from the roads. Only two times did the vehicles get stuck long enough to be ID’d. Otherwise they just left parts of their vehicles and a gaping hole behind.

      Frankly animals have a tendency to go adventuring. The ranchers should and mostly do keep the fences secure, if for no other reason than that animal is their income. If they don’t do reasonable maintenance, then fine- call them out. But otherwise their liability has yet to be given.

      • On Alderpoint road there large stretches with no fencing. Cows have been terrorizing folks for years. There was even a class action suit. Cattle owners still maintain there is open range in Humboldt county. Cattle owners say if you don’t like cows in your yard move. People do stupid things like tearing down fences etc. But that doesn’t give anyone the right to let their animals run amuck and destroy vehicles parked in my own front yard or stomp my kids swing set to hell. Bulls acting aggressive. Build some damn fences. Maintain your fences. Why should wrecks like this one happen because someone tore up a fence. Fix it.

    • THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO OPEN RANGE IN HUMBOLDT COUNTY! In Trinity County there is. Ranchers are smug because they are bluffing you into thinking it is your fault. Hoopa is open range and animals there can be half dead and wander out in front of your vehicle and all of a sudden become very valuable.

  • Out in the state of guest Texas

    This could have been udderly cattlestrophic. Drivers should always be curdeous. Do cows have the right of whey?

  • These might be the same cows as a few weeks ago when a huge bull was running north in the south bound lanes.

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