Adopt a Long-Timer and Get a Discount

Dog bulletin board

The folks at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter want you to know that there are discounts for adopting some of the dogs that have been with them for a while.

Above is their bulletin board showing their longest residents. “Check them out and give them a chance to impress you,” begs the board.

“We’re trying to promote the dogs that have been in the shelter the longest, and we have sponsors who will contribute $50 toward their adoption fees,” says a shelter worker.

Discount for dogs



  • I adopted a long-timer from Humboldt County Animal Shelter. She went in having accidentally bitten someone who crowded into her face when she was found running loose and abandoned on the highway. As a result, she was considered to have “failed the temperament-test” and was not offered for adoption. The shelter finally needed her cage and was, reluctantly, going to euthanize her. I agreed to foster her. At first, due to her small size, she attacked my dog and my cat (no blood and not even much concern by my animals—- a shrug.). I was patient for a few days, watching her closely, and now I have a little jewel who has become the light of my life! Those extra sensitive dogs can get themselves in trouble but can be the easiest to train and the most fascinating. If you are tempted, give one of these long-timers a chance! Watching her run on the beach makes me so aware of what freedom means! She can’t get enough of it, but returns to me instantly when I give the tiniest call. It’s a special experience, full of heart and meaning!

    • in USA there are 10 dogs for every man woman and child . Spay / neuter!!

      Oh what a happy ending!!

      Pet over population means not every dog/cat gets to go to a forever home…

      I like porsche and katie ! They both came in as mangey pups .. imagine going and releasing them both!! …And poor Gloria with the drooling problem she has been in the shelter since last December! And Roger? The pound paid hundreds of dollars to treat for heartworm and he was lovingly fostered , it’s a shame he waits there for someone to grab him ..

      If you are an owner of rental property please find a way to may your place pet friendly {woof – meow!} More folks would adopt if they knew giving a pet a home wouldn’t preclude them from having a home themselves!

    • You are the kind of person more people need to be.

  • how much is adoption now?
    pitbulls are awesome pets unless owned by a nincompoop

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