Mendocino Sheriff Sends Out Nixle Alert warning of “Armed and Dangerous” Man

John Joseph Bellotti

John Joseph Bellotti [Image from here]

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office sent out a Nixle Alert stating that they were “working an incident with an outstanding armed and dangerous suspect John Joseph Bellotti, Jr age 37…” The alert goes on to describe him as a male adult who is 5’10”, weighing 230 pounds, and with an unknown clothing description. 

The Alert warned that Bellotti was last believed to be on foot in the area of 10900 block of Dos Rios Road between Covelo and Laytonville. “If located, do not approach and contact 911,” the Alert stated.




  • Thank you Kym. Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Kym,
    Any update from the Sheriff Depart as to what this is about?

      • The Dos Rios Laytonville Road is from Dos Rios to Laytonville, go figure??!! This location is actually in Dos Rios, which is off of Hwy 162, the Covelo Rd. It is where the Eel River forks, thus the name Dos Rios (Two Rivers as it was actually called many years ago near the turn of the century). It is a small burg that used to have a post office until the ’90’s when a landslide took out the train tracks. It is at the 15 mile bridge off of the Covelo Rd. The Dos Rios Laytonville Road Starts at the Dos Rios turn off and is 12 miles to Laytonville so the 10900 block is very close to Dos Rios. A neighbor said that there were roadblocks, a helicopter and 15 officers on scene in Dos Rios last night. FYI

  • Yet another moving target…

  • They want are help to locate this dangerous individual but no help for us by giving us an update that the mans been caught or what he did or what he is driving . The Leo s don’t care about us just them selves . Pretty lame . Same with the armed masked men in Dyervilleloop robberies . No updates . Thanks a lot Leo s . You really care about us we can tell . Now go cut some plants down cause that’s more important than actuall public safety apparently.

  • He lives in Cloverdale. So watch out Cloverdale peeps! Behind Ace hardware…

  • No thanks for your services

    Its all about the money their stealing, there no different than this guy “armed crooks”

  • No thanks for your services

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the robbery on dyerville loop was off duty Leo’s.

  • So for all u out there who are paranoid of “armed and dangerous” let me just say one thing. Do not believe what’s put out there. Every story is made into something it’s not and it hurts families. As to u Mariah I live in Cloverdale and I know him personally and none of what was said by media and whoever they got it from is true. Then it takes the twisting and getting people all scared. Well u media believing people start really looking deep in the lies media feeds to all u gullable people and how easy is it for the blame to be placed on the first guy they come across. Just saying. Lots of people who are bored and like to nose into others lives. Not cool.

  • I’m sorry are the facts 100% my bad it’s automatic guilty until proven inocent. Sorry i have a right to my opinion. I was in a similar situation so i am well aware of what the police believe and they say what they can to make people look horrible and mean and it’s not always right. Thank u just saying. Have a good night.

    • Every one of these things I have seen says they’re armed and dangerous. “Oh no (insert name here) escaped, and resumed to be armed and dangerous.” Honestly I’ve nearly been beaten to death while a Mendocino county officer just stood there and watched. He didn’t do anything about the situation. So while this may be a warning out to the people about inmates that have escaped, also watch out for the police. They will pull some shady shit because they have to fill a quota. Even if it means them aggressively assaulting innocent people who ‘fit the description’ or ‘seem like they’re about to snap on them.’ I tell you what. If you’re one of the people that is that worried about this, you can just mind your own business and if you see him go ahead and say something. But until that happens don’t stress your family or friends about it. Simple as that.

  • Naked and afraid .....

    Where are you the other victums and or partners in crime?

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