Community in Crisis Meeting Summary and Review

The meeting began precisely on time as people continued to arrive.    [Photo by Kelley Lincoln]

The Community in Crisis meeting at the Mateel Community Center on Thursday August 23rd reflected Southern Humboldt traditions. Community members came in to ask questions and to give feedback to the County leaders in a meeting hosted by CLMP (Civil Liberties Monitoring Project). Answers from the panel often highlighted the reality that legalization is extremely new and the regulations are still under development.

The panel included County Supervisor Estelle Fennel, Planning Director John Ford, Sheriff Lt. Brian Quenell, and, from the Regional Water Board’s Cannabis Unit, Adona White and Shannon Utley. However, California Department of Fish and Wildlife did not respond to their invitation.

Business owners, small growers, environmental stewards, community advocates and permitting consultants were all in the mix of nearly 30 speakers who approached the microphone to ask questions and give comments. Nearly all the focus was directed toward Fennell and Ford who are seen as responsible for the abatement program.

The issues impacting the Southern Humboldt economy predate the county’s efforts to abate unpermitted commercial cannabis. Prices for marijuana have been in decline for nearly a decade, but last year many producers said the bids they were offered barely covered the break-even point, and simultaneously legalization created markets elsewhere which diverted many buyers altogether.

Many Southern Humboldt growers have had product remain unsold each of the past two years. As a result, the community economy was in decline before the abatement letters rolled out this season.

Nonetheless, the abatement program was a primary focus of Thursday’s meeting because it stops small unpermitted growers from producing at all and those that persist face fines of $10,000 a day per violation which can add up to a million dollars in a matter of weeks.

While the abatement program is being implemented all across the county, Planning Director John Ford acknowledged under direct questioning from CLMP’s Bonnie Blackberry that about 75% of the permit applications have come out of Southern Humboldt and about the same percentage of Notices to Abate have been served to owners of parcels in Southern Humboldt County.

The economic downturn happened over the same two-year period during which the abatement program was being developed and implemented. The compounding impact of both has caused Southern Humboldt business owners to experience a steep decline in sales.

Restaurant owner, Beth Bennett, describing the economic catastrophe currently unfolding, told the panel that on average Humboldt County generally has about 60 homes for sale. The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) shows that currently there are over 600 residential properties and over 350 undeveloped parcels on the market.

In interviews Fennel, Ford, and Blanck have indicated that since cultivation is now legal, landowners simply need to get permits and proceed under the law. Several speakers expressed their frustration with this line of thought.

Charlie Custer was one. He said,

I hadn’t expected to speak tonight because I’d given up growing pot…because I couldn’t sell the stuff. That was a year and a half ago.…but because I still had daydreams of selling it, I started the original program at the smallest level…under 3,000 square feet.

And I did it all myself because it was supposed to be simple. Well, it was not, but I did it. And I sent it in with an $1,800 check.

Nothing happened for three or four months. Then I got back a printed sheet which had a bunch of checked boxes on it. I had sent in 19 different submissions in my application. And this checklist said I hadn’t sent in 15 of them.

That obviously meant I had to spend thousands of dollars more to hire someone who had a better idea than I did, I’m just a college graduate, with a lawyer father, and I write for a living. I’m a moron obviously.

But the very simplest program not only is impossible for people who work on their own, but also there was zero communication. John, I said “zero communication” from Planning on what was missing from what I thought was a complete application….

So, I gave up. [S]o, I said ‘cash me out, I’ve learned my lesson. I’m through.’ And I’m lucky; I could [afford to] be through. And I was returned half of my money. I had paid $900 to be told I hadn’t filled out the 15 forms that I had filled out.

And Cecelia Lanman fumed as she informed the panel,

I am here to tell you as a person who has organized battles over logging, I’ve gotten attorneys to file lawsuits for us, done state and federal legislation, two state-wide ballot initiatives, and I am here to tell you ‘there is no way that I, as a layperson, can deal with the application process.’

Lanman went on to a second point which exemplified how easily misunderstandings occur over the nuances in the process and enforcement,

And another thing I have to say is that I heard, John Ford, that you said you are going to go after people who are in the permitting process and I think that is pure cruelty. The state temporary license used to be easy to file and you’d get it in two days. [But,] new regulations were passed, …. And it now requires a scientific review and you have to submit as many of the documents attached to your temporary license as you do for your annual. …So it’s [now] taking people two to four weeks to get the scientific review of the documents. So, how can you bust people who are trying to get a temporary license at the state level?

Ford clarified, “I have not said that. I fight for people in the permitting process with the department of Fish and Wildlife. I fight with the Regional [Water] Board to protect the integrity of our process. I take that very seriously.”

Recognizing the subtleties however, Ford continued, “One of the things I have said is that ‘it is not legal to cultivate without an interim permit and without a state license.’ That is a quote from me.”

Lanman continued to a third point, referencing Ford’s admonishment that applicants have a habit of changing their permit plans, often at the last minute, Lanman rebutted,

One of the reasons people have had to change their maps and change their plans is because when we started the process, you said to measure the area of the fences of the garden and the state wants you to do  ‘hoop house walls.’ So of course there’s going to be changes. People are having to constantly adjust. This is a moving target.  [In] agriculture cultivation, you have to change your methods over time, so give us a break.

Realtor Del McCain asked about the impacts to note and mortgage holders when buyers receive abatement fines they cannot cope with and properties become foreclosed upon. John Ford admitted this was not an impact they had considered and said he will bring the matter before the Board of Supervisors for consideration.

Mike Thompson, speaking on his concern for the river and the environment, urged the panel to keep the river and the environment in mind as they listened to the community’s concerns,

I would hope that you take into consideration the finite resource of water that we, who are on springs and wells, is being taken by many other people and illegally.  You look at that river and there’s no water going into it., so where do you think it is going? No matter what you do, we can’t live without that water. And I want you to take it under consideration when you are inspecting for these different permits.

Thompson’s remarks emphasized the emerging nature of the regulated cannabis economy and the newness of the State programs created to support cultivation. Not until a full week later, on August 30th, will California agencies be in town to hold a workshop (also in the Mateel Community Center) to help people sign up for the appropriative water right that allows them to legally store their riparian water for use in the seasonal drought period from June through October.

Several speakers communicated frustration about the impact of legalization and abatement thwarting the economy and the environment simultaneously by favoring larger growers cultivating thousands of square feet in mixed light and indoor settings, over the ‘mom and pop’ growers with a hundred or fewer outdoor plants.

Co-moderator Robie Tenorio added to this sentiment saying,

[O]ne of the reasons that we might not have taken it so seriously is that the hills were “blowing up” for years and those grows should have all been eradicated by the County and the state and then all of a sudden the little ones are getting the abatements and so part of the frustration is ‘where were the authorities when we needed them?’

While philosopher and philanthropist Paul Encimer is often an outlier in his thinking, he seemed to hit the pulse of the room when he articulated a perception of “cultural cleansing” the abatement program will have by moving smaller cultivators off their land and “making way for something other” to take their place as he called for the “three Rs” of repealing the ordinance, replacing the Supervisors, and an amnesty to rebate money to the permit applicants and abatement fine payers.  Encimer added,

The other three Rs are ‘resentment, revenge and retaliation.’ This is what’s running you. Every time you guys talk, we hear you talking that way. ‘All these Bali vacations you’ve been taking; now we are going to make you pay.’ I’m sure you’ll deny every quote, but some of those are actually on tape.

Steve Archibald articulated his concern of an inevitable outcome of cannabis abatement over time asking “Is [this] a warm up practice” for fines on unpermitted home abatements in the future after the Safe Homes amnesty program expires?  Fennell and Ford both strongly stated that fines for unpermitted homes are not at all on the minds of current county leadership.

Planning Director Ford seemed to hear the pain in the room. During the course of the evening he promised to correct both future and past Compliance Agreements to include only those Nuisances that were unabated by the end of the ten day period.

One of the things I would say is this is a process that is new to us too. And I hope that you will understand that the first decision that the Planning and Building Department makes is not always the right decision. And sometimes we rethink things. And one of the things we have rethought is the idea that people get fined for the full amount for one day for all the violations when they are able to abate two of them within the first ten days. That was not the right decision. And we are backing away from that. If there is anybody in this room, or if there is anybody listening on the radio, that is impacted by that, please, I invite you to come see me. We will make that right. We will modify the compliance agreement to just the remaining violation. I know that is important for a lot of you for a lot of reasons.

He also vowed to spend more time working from Southern Humboldt to make access more reasonable.

Nevertheless, 21 more Notices to Abate a Nuisance on parcels in Southern Humboldt were posted to the Times Standard at midnight before the 25th of August.

Two notes: John Ford corrected an assertion made by Patrik Griego and reported here. Ford said that the Administrative Hearing Officer for the abatement appeals will NOT be a law student. He or she will be a fully trained and licensed legal professional.

The entire meeting was broadcast over KMUD radio and remains available in the archives at from 6 to 9pm on August 23rd. The titles will reflect the regular programming, but the meeting audio will, nonetheless, be what is archived.




  • “Laws and rules without punishment…..are only guidelines for manipulation.”

    • Paul is right. They are clearing people off the land for something other… ADGENDA 21. The interim cultivation permit I have states that my business must be in compliance with the Humboldt county General plan. The General Plan was crafted to align with ICLEI’s Cities for Climate Protection Campaign. Humboldt tax dollars annually pay for our countie’s membership to their organization. I implore everyone to read up on ICLEI and ask yourself where our constitutional rights fall in with their plan for the future. People are worried about the planning department coming after houses and property now, wait 10 years.

      • 100% they closed up shop and left lake a few years back. The good old boys don’t like them to much.

        • The local good old boy and masonic network doesnt like any other cultural entity like cannabis culture which threatens their local good old boy power structure…. They want obedient sheeple willing to make the companies and bossman money while they work for starvation wages. The cannabis culture doesnt allow their political foes to be elected. Better believe the local masons have a local agenda, as they really do! If you look at Mendocino for example, the big”community” bank, Savings Bank of Mendocino (masonic family (Mannon) founded and ran to this day, they even bought the old masonic temple in Mendocino town and put a bank in the downstairs of the old occult built masonic temple. The local judges and even Sheriff Allman describes himself as “the past grandmaster of the Willits Masonic Lodge”. Then there are attorneys and business men who all belong to these secret societies as they are commonly called. The 33rd degree masons and their “grandmasters” of these occult masonic temples have bigger meeting where they decide and plan public policy not only at a local level but the heads at the top of the “pyramid structure” of the different temples all come together in a meeting that is closed to initiates and lower level masons. Learn who really runs Northern California and who is really targeting cannabis farmers and you will see direct opposition to our cannabis culture locally coming out of these occult masonic temples. The same ones who are planning to rid Humboldt and Mendo of the cannabis culture can be found in these secret societies,
          in secret and private masonic temples that have met on full moons and new moons in Mendocino since the 1860’s when the same masonic temples planned for the creation of the Mendocino Reservation as well as the removal of the indians to reservations and the subsequent genocide of tens of thousands of indians who did not readily cooperate with the point of the barrel forced location to the reservations where indians were being starved, kidknapped, raped and murdered by white settlers, meanwhile the children were being kidk napped, tied to horses and sold in the Sacramento Valley as virtual servants and sex slaves to early ranchers and settlers. Learn the history of how Humboldt and Mendocino both waged a war of extermination and were founded upon the genocide and complete annilation of the indigenous tribes like the Wailaki, Yuki, Pomo Lassik, Cahto, Huchnok, Sinkiyone, Wiyot, Klamath, Yurok, Coastal Yuki, Tattoos, Bear River Peoples

          • And he drops the Mic right there… and walks off stage

          • Super interesting! Would you care to identify yourself to an HSU prof studying the region’s cannabis culture by living on local family farms for the past 3 yrs? My email is if you want to contact me to verify your info for my research. My uni webpage, which describes an early version of my current research, is Thanks very much!

          • It saddens me that your research led down only one path to which you quickly shut the gate behind you. Your skills are amazing, but your stamina suffers.
            A few questions to respark your interest in the hidden truths.
            When, why, where, did the masons first begin? Who were they protecting? How did they become infiltrated?
            Which branches were infiltrated the worst? Which branches still hold true to the true purpose?

            Which tribes (WW) have a mysterious background of fighting ‘giants’? Is it a folklore or is based on truth? Where else do these same “folklore myths” appear? Who are they? Are they still here? What are their “powers”? Why were they hated and feared by most tribes? What are they called in other historical logs? Why are those logs forbidden from being printed? Why are those same journals being slandered & banned? Who teaches the masses to disrespect them? Why do they teach the uneducated to dismiss the entire historical events?

            What other tribes (WW) were hunted, captured, and sold? Why do they still to this day pit one tribe against another, (all races come from their own historical tribe. Some tribes remained ‘pure’, some were extinquished altogether, some went into secrecy, many mixed with others, most never bothered to wonder the who, where, when of their heritage).

            Who owns 50% stock in every single company in the US? Why was this allowed? Why is it top secret? Who supports and helps them? Why do we not bother to continue our research once we stumble onto an aha that seals our bias confirmation?

            For many “tribes”, most of this can be traced all the way back to Genesis in the KJV of the bible. Other tribes pass their knowledge down verbally. Still others are continuously seeking new ‘adventures’ to unlock the mysteries. Why do they want us to fight and kill each other? We hold the power to unite not only our hearts, but our research as well. That which does not connect us, destroys us.

            It is a war between good and evil, not club against club, party v party, govt v govt, race v race, tribe v tribe, rich v poor (except in the most extreme of the extremes perhaps).

            Why do we trust and worship our preferred news source even though we know that most of the news is (80%) is owned by 5 main corporations. Who do the corporations answer to? Who really runs the ‘show’? Why are we fed narratives that are intended to destroy? Why are we constantly fed narratives of hate, war, deception, blame, shame and division?

            I hope I whet your whistle to dive deeper. Never settle for one narrative. The truth is waiting for us to connect.

      • Don’t forget about the chemtrail FEMA camp lizard people

    • Concerned Business Owner and Resident






      This is the link to Estelle Fennel’s page on the Humboldt County Website. She represents the 2nd district.

      Her districts that are feeling the brunt of this impact:

      Cities & Unincorporated Towns
      Myers Flat
      Rio Dell
      Shelter Cover


      Board of Supervisors: 707-476-2396
      Assessor: 707-445-7663
      Elections Office: 707-445-7481
      Library: 707-269-1915
      Sheriff (Non-emergency): 707-445-7251
      DHHS: 707-268-DHHS (3447)
      Superior Court: 707-445-7256
      ADA Compliance: 844-356-0352

      • Start a petition to replace her and her audacious decisions

        • Concerned business owner and resident

          Yes, that growers need to do.

          • All people in so hum can run for these county offices ! All you need is citizenship and registered to vote ! Estelle fennel and John Ford need to be replaced they are holding up all permits and just don’t care . Too bad Estelle now everyone going back to gorilla grows and underground ! Or moving to all other counties in ca whichbwelcome cannabis permits and it’s not 1500 papers worth of documents ! 2020 anyone and everyone who cares about this county run for county positions ! I saw some signs up but estelle takes them down she must live on elk ridge ! I am going to take John fords job

      • Hmmmm so the people who spent millions complying and complying while John and Estelle held up permits … they all got the chipper shredders and police and feds???? And the 75 % that didn’t sign up received abatement letters ?( and that’s assuming there was any cannabis on the lands with the notices !!! I feel bad for the people who paid to comply while Estelle holds interims and they got busted ! This is insane . We need to repeal and replace John and Estelle we need so him to run for county positions seeing as how this is where most of permitted happen

      • i will be glad to i will be at the courthouse and get the papers i need to replace her!!! i have seen flyers up for this ! i will get so mant signatures ! she is holding our county up and she hates us all she was holding a compliant farms interiems and then busted them 1 i am running for her spot or i encourage anyone who has everyones interest at heart and can do so in a timly matter . 10 days to abate???? how about ten days to give us our permits ! repeal estelle and john ford . they arent fit for the legalization of cannabis!

  • Very sad to see respectable small mom and pop growers be affected but this was an inevitable side effect of the greedy growers that kept throwing in more plants each year to deal with dropping prices. These are the same growers that think that they deserve more than the average farmer income(from non intoxicating crops) of $80,000 a year. The same greedy growers that don’t understand supply and demand and that if prices are already dropping creating more supply will not help. I wish we could have drove out all the people that think they deserve to bogarting multiple properties just for money but this implosion of greed that is currently destroying the Humboldt marijuana industry is necessary. So Hum will become impoverished and run out the greed which for me is fantastic because soon I will be able to buy land since all I want is to live in the woods and NOT rape the land and ball out in Costa Rica every winter. Life is evening out right now and to all the mom and pops who raised greedy kids and kept their mouth shut as their neighbors and friends put in more and more greenhouses this is your fault too, you have to speak up and raise decent kids that don’t rape the land. Even without fines that match how much money you’ve made off the land illegally for years, greed still would have destroyed So Hum.

    • $80,000?

      The Farm Bureau reports farm operator families have a median farming income of -$1,500.

    • Well said “J”!! Agree with you and the fact that the community of So. Hum is responsible is correct. You don’t bring in truckloads of soil, trailers full of pipe, faltbeds with greenhouse kits, tanks, etc. into the hills without people seeing that!!

      To restate your quote:

      “Life is evening out right now and to all the mom and pops who raised greedy kids and kept their mouth shut as their neighbors and friends put in more and more greenhouses this is your fault too, you have to speak up and raise decent kids that don’t rape the land.”

      Put another way, lay in the bed you made So. Hum.

      Fight hard to put the water back into the streams and creeks feeding our rivers, and fight to keep the water in the Eel from Lake Pillsbury.

    • No one is greedy !!! We all have morgatges and groceries to buy and bills not to mention gas ! By the way prices haven’t gone down for rent or dirt or our bills … this is a business and it pays our bills ! Ugh

  • The greenrush is over. I hope the salmon can survive it and what follows.

    • Ironically Richard. The last of the trees will be felled in a last ditch effort to make money off of the land. It’s happening as we speak. So no…. the salmon won’t be saved and in a turn of fate, will only get worse. Good luck on the fight though…

      • “Will be” is a strong phrase that conjures up the fear porn that runs rampant.

        9/10 of the people want what’s best for their children and their children’s children. 9/10’s of the people plan ahead for their children’s prosperity.

        1/10 spread doom and gloom, blame and shame, hate and despair.
        5/10 spread hope, love, & awareness.
        2/10 spread expertise.
        2/10 spread confusion.

      • Scotia logging deck looks pretty full right now even the upper deck has some logs on it that’s Redwood more wood stacked up then most years for a while now

      • Spot on. Watch the 101. Logs all day. Look at Scotia. It’s full.

    • Hope the town survives but let me say the green rush isn’t over it’s thriving and going strong . Just our county is ripping us off

  • It killed me to hear how hurt the newcomers were that the law could be so mean. Remember CAMP? Remember Green Sweep? Remember having to develop a “curtalidge” to keep the cops out unless they had a warrant? Remember “knock and talk”? I do. If you bulldozed to put in hoops, if you own multiple parcels to grow on, if you dont live on the land you grow on, then YOU are “mister big”, and you better be watching you back. Times change but it is still the same game.

    • StopTheDamnCrying

      Spot the fuck on! Cry me a river! Half of these damn whiners never spent a day under the blades or watched as a years worth of work went up in a net. Those of us like yourself that have been here longer then five fucking minutes have had to constantly modify in order to survive. This is just one more step. Quit all the god damn crying, get a permit or don’t. Its no more illegal to grow then it was three years ago. Its all the same only instead of choppers they come with paperwork.

  • Oh the sweet, sweet irony. Trucking companies are hiring. Logging companies are hiring. Walmart is hiring. Join the rat race. Leave the marijuana growing to the tobacco companies that know how to deal with state and federal regulatory corruption.

  • All I took away from this meeting is that our county politicians are flip-floppers like most state and federal officials. They adjust the rules and regulations to meet their objective. I think an anti-corruption referendum should be proposed. This elimination of our economies back bone (free-market sales) will have an economic impact for 7 generations on our region. This isn’t a job creator it’s a job destroyer. How many small family dairies still exist locally that haven’t undergone consolidation in one form or another ? This isn’t survival of the fittest(wealthiest) this is gentrification of the hills. Off the books sales continue by permitted Farms whose morals are out of place . Usually for under market value due to their volume of produce. And sheer necessity to raise capital. This needs to be halted to protect the free market and renegade Mom & Pops. That’s where the county’s focus should be on regulating those who decided to enter the legal system not the contrary. “Laws cause crime and violence.”

    • For the healing of the nation and the freedom of the people the art of peace in a time of War and Global annihilation

      • The emperor wears no clothes for a reason not to support a corrupt government now that it is legal it is more illegal as the county and state demand taxes and compliance no there not in it for the money they need to protect the environment bull sht

    • Your not Jorge Cervantes , bro. Quit pretending…

    • You were the first to go around to all the legal grows look at what you sign before you sign the papers. You guys are the ones who let this happen by signing up

  • No thanks for your services

    Hope 90% of humboldt residents can as well. Permit bitches who rolled over and gave up there manhood without a fight using the salmon. News flash logging destroyed are river long ago and the potter valley deversion is taking our river today and rite now as we read redheaded blackbelt

    • The Potter Valley diversion does not affect the South Fork of the Eel River.

      • ?? Then where did all the water go? Pics pre dam construction show a full south fork Eel river flow.. by my understanding if the dam is diverting the head waters of the Eel into the Russian River , it is impacting every fork. Maybe I’m misunderstanding , please advise .

        • Here is a map from Friends of the Eel River. I’ve circled the headwaters of the South Fork in Red. The map has Orange at the headwaters of the Main Eel River.

          The diversion only affects it. It doesn’t affect the Middle, the North, or the South Fork.

          • Nice! Thanks! And I appreciate the other comments /theories below. <3

          • As a fisheries biologist, I would argue that the Potter Valley diversion affects salmon and steelhead from all forks and tributaries of the Eel River, given that diminished flows from the project which travel down to the estuary impact lower river water quantity and quality, as well as create more favorable habitat conditions for non-native pike minnow.

            • Maybe but that wasn’t what was being said. If someone wants to argue that, I’ll listen. And I’m no fan of the dam but we all are better off when we have a basic understanding of our geography (speaking as someone who misunderstood this myself at one time.)

        • Kym’s right. Look at a map of the river system. The South Fork’s headwaters are small streams and springs in the coast range south of Branscomb (southwest of Laytonville). THe PVP physically has no impact on water supply in the South Fork.
          Where did the water go? Climate change, for starters — ever notice how much less rain falls on overage now than it did decades ago? (Well, maybe you’re too young, but check the historic records.) The rain that does fall often falls faster and harder, so runs off quickly. Then there are local human-caused changes to the entire system, particularly careless logging and development. Plus increased use of water by human communities — for many different reasons, not just cannabis, but yeah, cannabis farming, legal or not, has an impact.
          The South Fork joins the mainstem Eel at the former site of the town of Dyerville between Weott and Redcrest. The combined Eel has about 30 miles to go (and one more major tributary, the Van Duzen, adding its water to the system) before it reaches the ocean. All fish migrating to and from the South Fork have to swim up that stretch in the fall or winter and back out to the ocean in the spring, so to the extent that the last 30 miles of the Eel are affected by the PVP, the migratory fish in the South Fork feel those effects. But the PVP has nothing to do with water quality or quantity in the South Fork.
          If we don’t keep our facts straight, we lose credibility with the Other Side. I personally support removal of the dams for a whole bunch of reasons, but water quality in the South Fork just isn’t one of them.

          • Thank you and true. Climate change is real and we have much less rain now. Yes on the small trees taking up more water than older forests like that study done on the Mattole. However consider this- One of the headwater watersheds of the South Fork Eel is Hollow Tree Creek. Hardly anybody up there, hardly any grows, mostly Elkhorn Ridge Wilderness Area and Mendocino Redwood Company so there’s been past industrial logging and now younger trees growing. Hollow Tree Creek has lots of water compared to other creeks feeding into the South Fork. So I’d hypothesize that ….increased human population and human agriculture has had quite an impact. The river needs less people, not more.

            • And less snow. Even though the eel is less dependent on snowpack than say the trinity, it’s still a factor and nothing replenishes Water table like a good snow pack.
              There is noticeably less snow now than even 20 years ago.

              • Possibly. And true of many watersheds. But I’ve known the headwaters of the South Fork Eel for 40+ years and Branscomb/ Elkhorn/Cahto have not had that much snow in those years. Cahto is 4200 ft but Elkhorn tops out at 2700 and has coastal influence. I have heard that the old times (early 1900s) there were some serious snow events. But in these years I know I have seen the South Fork water levels drop, the dog-killer algae show up and increase yet no real difference in snow levels. Again- I am only speaking to what I have seen in my time. Mainstem Eel has some tall hills that used to get serious snow in the 70s and less now (Bell Springs, Iron Peak, Snow Mt, etc)

          • And again, it helps to remember that the PVP began diverting water in 1908. Scott Dam, which created Lake Pillsbury, was completed in 1922. As the folks in MendoLand will remind us, This is not a new project.
            There are plenty of good reasons why the diversion should end; see Friends of the Eel River’s website, or Cal Trout, or read the articles in this blog! (News coming soon, I believe — so stand by.)
            PVP supporters have a tremendous amount to lose — they’ve had the Eel’s water for over 100 years. They will pounce on any error in fact that comes from our side and use it to weaken our position.

        • Well Anon, that is the $100,000 question. I’ve heard Bill Eastwood hypothesize that young, even-aged stands of trees from logged land use a tremendous amount of water. Another hypothesis (not necessarily from Bill) has to do with the roads cutting into the water table which creates more runoff and less percolation. And those roads and the logging may have also contributed to greatly increased sedimentation of the stream beds which, in layman’s terms, means the water is “buried in the stream beds.” And of course, lots of people think that pot farmers use it all.

          • They used all of mine at times. I was in the creek looking for the water when they turned off their pumps. I heard the rocks rattle, looked up stream and saw a small wave of water coming down, refilling the creek. A few FU’s like that by your neighbors can really create some hate.

            Look at the pictures of some of the water diversions at some of these grows. They are taking all the water.

          • Sprowel Creek is looking great this year. No more algae blooms. The last few years the Creek was thick with the stuff starting in June.

        • The rivers are low because we haven’t had any rain for 30 years. The winter before last was almost a normal winter back in the 70s and 80s. California is in what they call a Mediterranean climate, historically we get long periods of drought and long periods of wetness on a cycle of about 100 years according to records. That’s why about a hundred years ago Sacramento was under water.

      • The words “our river” means the main stem to an awful lot of folks, Kym.

      • Mayacama Range Native

        It effects the entire Eel River as the dewatering by PG&E creates elevated temps and fish killoffs since 40 percent of the headwaters is taken. This dewatering of the eel river headwaters results in low flows and higher temps in the Eel river estuary near the mouth and for 25 miles upstream. This is below the Southfork of the Eel, the entire system is one system at the mouth and for 25 miles upstream, the PGE diversion does affect salmon migration to the South Fork as well….. This is a direct result of Antiquated Pge diversion into the Russian River where the water is stolen from the Eel River totorow wine grapes in Sonoma and now the diversion is currently for sale. Humboldt should buy the diversion and close off the tunnel forever. Eel river water should stay in the eel river basin and watershed not be shipped off to Sonoma and then blame the cannabis farmers for destroying the Eel River, meanwhile Humboldt Redwood company continues to rape Humboldt and destroy the redwood belt all in the name of corporate greed, all those timber dollars, minus the wages are shipped outta Humboldt, Humboldt doesnt even profit 75 percent from the loggoing of the counties forests, all that money goes to corporate shareholders, the residents get a destroyed redwoodforests and a desert ecosystem while inland oaklands are dried out from redwood belt logging creating incresed fire risks to the Mayacama range

        • Pawns on the grand chessboard. You never know you are dealing with multiple levels above and below. They steal from you and poison you, your whole life, so much that your gift for your children and grandchildren are in the form of bio accumulations of the worst kind. Removing any real options for a fair fight down the road. It’s all an illusion. The worst kind. You gotta let go of it sooner or later. All that hard work is just the sound of the hamster wheel. …spinning round.

      • [edit]…. The South fork of the eel river was destroyed by the logging industry which commenced logging the South Fork in the 1870’s. If we want to talk water and quality we should begin by removing all the sewer systems such as Garberville’s which drains into the river. We should stop allowing caltrans realignments of the river and stop all logging on the South Fork. Funny when the county who furnisheds nothing to so Hum, no water, poor roads, no funding, no parks, no services, wants to tax so Hum residents to death and extort by means of threats to steal your real estate and property into paying exuberant fees and fines to do what is rightfully yours to do with what you please. A permit now for water which flows from a spring on your property, why a permit, you bought the spring when you bought the property, no corporation, whether a county corporation or a private corporation has any say or right to tell you whether you can or can not use your own spring. Rise up and strip these polititians of all their power, a revolution is amok in Humboldt, time to take the Humboldt Corporation away from the corrupt backstabs and form our own local municipal government, So Hum needs to make its own rules, form its own County with Northern Mendo. AND THEN LOCK THEM ALL UP LOCK UP ESTELLE FENNEL AND LOCK UP JOHN FORD, [edit]

    • News Flash: Loggers learned what not to do & cleaned up their act long before it became it became mandated to do so.
      The companies that didn’t care, had a larger number of foreign investors.

      To blame every company for the evil of a few, is disingenuous.

      With that said, it might be a good time to start promoting the lessons learned, so that the newbies to logging will have a good start and finish.

  • Almost heaven redwood Mountain Eel River life is good there older than the trees younger than the mountains blowing in the Breeze Take me home country road to the land where I belong redwood summer lovely lady take me home all my memories gathered around her ganja girl no stranger to Blue Water dark and Dusty painted in the sky Misty Taste of moonshine teardrop in my eye be good to each other life is short enough

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t listen to orwell about trucking and logging companies hiring. None of them need the dope smoking, spaced out, pot growing, upstanding citizens (ha) from So Humboldt, or anywhere else for that matter, in there large equipment to kill themself, and lord knows how many others on the highways.
    Just take your silly ass problem with the county down the hall. you reap what you sow!
    NOW with that said. Just imagine for a few minutes, the grow dozer pilots on 36 now, put them in a big rig, and or a real dozer. Make me think of big balloon from years back “Oh the humanity”

    • Y’all are funny.

    • do you hear a baby crying?

      Must be clean to get a CDL. Wallmart may even require a piss test.

      • Okay okay. great points. But the State is hiring too! DFW needs MAMU habitat hunters, stream compliance officers, water diversion scientists, COHO compliance abatement assurance collectors. WQ needs fully functional culvert assessment evaluators. Need I go on? And if you are a felon, you get preference points due to Cali’s Felon Reintergration Program. You might not be good enough to get a job in the private sector, but…. there is always the State. Just scratch the ‘Resist’ sticker off your bumper

  • No thanks for your services

    Recalling the supervisors is our only chance of staying where we wanna live if only for a few more years

  • I’m so glad I got out before the weed collapse.

  • I’d like to hear the question asked, and answered, where is the money going? These do not strike me as particularly scrupulous people at the county, and they are sitting in there with cash counters running 9-5 every day. We could use some investigative journalism.

    • Emily…. You are only now asking that question? Where do you think all your taxes go…. Straight to the democratically controlled agencies. for instance. repaving the perfectly pristine hwy up by Orick for the third time

      • No I’ve been asking that question for a while now. I’m talking specifically about the CASH, which is hard to trace and I wonder whether those low level county pencil pushers can be trusted with it. The CASH is being forked over in huge amounts all day long over the counter in the planning dept, by permitees and abatement victims alike. It’s like a who’s who in the grow world in that office, and they are always forking over cash. I’m all for road improvements and infrastructure in general, and not opposed to reasonable taxation.

        • If you got a receipt,the cash has been recorded. Not that bureaucrats are free from acting on temptation. I suspect that a good share goes to the Sheriff to pay for salaries,gas and other expenses of enforcement operations and fine processing. If you think that a county sheriff deputy costs well over $100,000 in salary and benefits and many other government officials are also involved, it does take a lot of fees to even make a dent in it, despite all the cries over paying them.

        • The revenue all goes to county general fund to pay down calpers debt that humboldt county owes. It was over 220 million a while back.

          Supes working to pay off $220M pension liability

        • They’re sure not maintaining the roads in the southern part of the county.

        • Emily,

          Set up a tripod and camera. Ask questions. Film transactions. Hold them accountable to their jobs. Make them squirm.

          Its y(our) planning dept building anyway.

          • Put on the pressure to so they stop accepting our cash. Then we’ll just need to go to the bank with our cash and have it turned into a cashiers check. No problems.

  • I have 20 unanswered emails and voicemails to planning dept . It’s a joke to try to get an answer to even the simplest questions , now they have the nerve to kick people out of their homes.

    • You will never get a response. Their goal is entirely self-serving. Squandering money taken by threat of confiscation or imprisonment to feed their greed is their reason to exist. Eric Berne describes them the best; gotcha players, to the bone.

    • This is exactly why there’s a large number of unpermitted houses in Humboldt County as well, if you’re outside and unincorporated area it is very hard to get any response from the building department and can take years to get plans approved. I wonder how long it’ll be until these code violations are being levied against people that don’t grow pot at all, although my neighbor got an abatement notice and he didn’t have any plans on his property so I guess it’s happening already.

      • Which neighbor? Hundreds of plants and lights all spring at the bottom? Gimme a break. Or the la kid pineapple xps leveling the hillside? Or the hmongs up the road? Or the Eastern European running gennies all day? Or the town drunk?

  • Just an observation

    It seems ironic that a speaker who pats herself on the back for filing lawsuits to stop logging and forcing the small eco-friendly logging companis out of business, is now complaining about time delays and cost of permits. Welcome to a world of honest business. The cry for legalization used the ploy that there was billions in taxes to be made, even I knew that money had to come from the grower’s profits.

    I am not for logging or growing, but both damage the environment. We keep blaming logging companies for enviromental damage and yet claim the multi number of greenhouses cluttering the mountains do no harm. Growers keep comparing themselves to farmers but can’t see that this has been a fight that farmers have always been fighting. The average farming income of 1,500 is for a veg farmer, the Farm Bureau hasn’t considered growing weed in those estimates.

    And as far as Mom and Pop Growers being abated. I haven’t seen any small Mom and Pop grows abated. If you have more than 2 hoop houses you are not a small grow. The times are changing and as with the dot com, timber, tourisum, and fishing industries it is time to realize our own greed has killed another “quick buck” opportunity.

  • “The meeting began precisely on time as people continued to arrive”.  Typical lazy, entitled growers.

  • Rule of Law not Leftists

    The planning department is the worst about informing the public and efficiently reviewing projects; unless you’re politically connected to Bhone or Sunberg. Within his second week on the job Director Ford fired the only planner that actually reviewed projects, asked the applicant for what was needed, and advocated that the department he up front with applicants. Nope, planner Rodney Yandell, who I’ll add is buddy’s with Rex Bhone, didn’t like that he was being made to look like he did nothing except send out forms with all the checkbox marked, so he complained and Ford let the only good planner they had go. Over the last two years the department has not done their job, but have hand extended out expecting payment, while turning over employees that rock the boat, and not being responsive at all to the public who employs them. Humboldt planning department is a bureaucracy ran by the politically connected for their own benefit while pushing out competition.

    • Not only in the last two years. They need to have an easily accessible online site with schedules of fees, definite requirements and full explanations. But the county seem to glory in keeping what should be public information inaccessible.

    • Small grow =big fines

      The abatement notice program was said to be implemented for the more environmentally damaging larger size operations. John ford stated they found out those big operations have applied for temporary permits .. so who’s getting the abatement people who are averaging 5k sq feet or less! He also stated 450 applicants lied about pre existing cultivation size and are blowing it up as they please, perhaps those operations will have to pay a fine later . But those operations that lied or out of compliance should be abated ..

    • Out in the state of guest Texas

      “Humboldt planning department is a bureaucracy ran by the politically connected for their own benefit while pushing out competition.“

      Replace the first three words with “all government.”

  • I’m sure it is devastating to realize that you won’t be able to make ridiculous amounts of money without having to pay taxes or deal with regulation and bureaucracy. But the fact remains, while you were making tons of money and voting for things and people that only affected business people that were working within the laws, you helped create the mess that we are in.
    These complaints sound Trump-like : “ taxes are too high, the regulation is too thick and complicated, the bureaucracy is corrupt and cumbersome. “
    Your activism towards legitimate hard-working industries has had consequences very similar to what you’re complaining about happening to your industry. The mom and pops are getting squeezed out and the large industrial corporations take over everything. That’s what happens when the state gains more control than the people. That’s what our founding fathers were trying to prevent when they sought to limit government power and/or the power of the majority .
    So the big question is, now that your smoky bubble has burst are you going to vote for the politicians that want to limit government, taxation, regulation, and bureaucracy? Or will you continue to vote for the politicians that claim moral superiority and intelligence and justify legislating until society conforms to their ideological image?

    • Awakenings smash that nail with one blow! What’s happening in Humbldt right now is nothing new, it’s been happening to our industries for the last 40 + year. And once more the majority of you people voted in!

    • Nailed it. All of the laws that are impacting growers now were created to regulate logging, mining, ranching, FARMING. Now that the law is applied to them it is stinging BAD. My only complaint is that they are not being applied fairly and cannabis gets the special treatment since it is the new topic of concern….

  • So sad to see the quaint, friendly little town of Garberville rise to become greedy, overgrown, selfish and now becoming the poor, abandoned town, kicked to the curb and watching helpless as big grows are welcomed and mom’s and pop’s are being squashed which are and have been the bread and butter of the local community. I have always worked at a “real” job, never grown pot, but I’m not blind to what impact these regulations are having on our local economy. I believe the worst is yet to come…

  • No thanks for your services

    Planning dep needs to burn.

  • Are there recalls petitions being circulated yet? I would love to know where to go to sign one.

  • Trillium Hummingbird

    It is pretty obvious that the biggest problems in your community lie in the fact that there are a large number of drug dealers and pot farmers present.

    When the shakedown is complete, many of you will be gone.

    It is amusing to see the convulsions that will lead to the death of the “pot thing” in Humboldt County, but I can’t say that the end was not deserved.

    Best of luck in your next endeavor, because people who fuss and whine as much as all of you “small farmers” will certainly need it.

    OH, you might want to stop smoking what you are growing, since you might need to be sober to get a real job…

    • You must be a real hit at parties!

      • I sort of figure he sits down at a cancer victim’s bed and says, “You wouldn’t be dying if you ate more broccoli and used the essential oils I told you to buy.”

        • Trillium Hummingbird

          No. Healthcare is serious. Pot farming is ridiculous, and it has destroyed your community. In the end, the tough folks who grow to “get by” will still be around. The cowboys and bandit growers will move on to a more profitable area of crime.
          Those who operate legally and within current law, will have a chance to operate a business that might even make some money. Economics will operate too!

          The problem is the money. Take away the money, and the problems will subside.

          I know, I know, everything is black, and it’s all terribly unfair. Nobody likes change, and least of all, SoHum. SoHum actively fears change.

          My advice, since nobody wants it, evolve and embrace your future. Learn something new. Stop complaining and work with what you have. Stop smoking that shit!

          Grow legal. Grow clean. Love your neighbors and act decent.


  • Consequences of your votes

    Your shocked that the STATE wants to funnel your money into their coffers?? Growers have been making ridiculous amounts of EASY, tax-free money for decades. You can’t believe that they going to get your “Fair share”?? FEEL THE BERN!?

  • I listened to the meeting on Kmuds internet archive, but found it hard to feel sorry for people who made their hay long ago when the land was cheap and hippie “mom & pops”(scammers) thought they were the top of the food chain.
    Many of the speakers made themselves out to be so harmless, but all along, the so hum community has been a community of con artists, ripping off inner city pot smokers and people in other states. Sure, the weeds good, but that’s beside my point. Even now, these ”humanitarians” growing pot “legally”, sell almost all of their crop on the black market, as is nessesary.
    Many of us will miss some aspects of the old grow days, but it was hardly ever as pure as claimed by those getting rich off it, and it was always a unfair system based on the exploitation of people in other communities.. but so goes the story of probably all economic models.

    • Love and unity or division and hatred

      ? IMHo , you seem so “outside” of the local community, kinda like a jealous resentful loner, but kinda like a sociopat, why so much hate, maybe you just need a good joint and a friend or two and you would not be all rotten grapes and sour faced sad, why so much hate and anger?😂

  • I didn’t get to attend but I listened on the radio. There were a few speakers that really were not being honest when they told “their story “.
    Nate Madsen stated that the county is doing a lot of harm to people and commenced to say “ I myself have lost everything , my home and pretty much everything that I have “ .
    If you didn’t know better, and didn’t know “his story”, you would assume he lost everything due to being “abated“, it seems that’s exactly what he wanted the listener to assume about him. Manipulating people’s emotions.
    He knows damn well he put out a dishonest “ narrative” and should know it isn’t going to fly with the neighbors.
    A family member had property right next to Madsen’ in Honey Dew..
    The Honest real story that Nate Madsen didn’t mention while at the mic was that he had an egregiously very LARGE grow that got busted. The neighbors were glad that that big scene got taken out! Thats an old story and happened a while ago…..

  • Great report, i really enjoyed reading it.

    Sure is interesting watching all this happen.

    Good comments too.

  • “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

    100 points to the persons who can name the article, clause & compact this comes from.

    The code.
    If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

    (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 808; July 24, 1956, ch. 678, § 1, 70 Stat. 623; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(N), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

  • That would be insane and unconstitutional.
    The constitutional way, is to hold tyrants accountable in a court of law. If the court is unlawful, (which many have been), it is our duty to set things right, through jury duty.
    An unconstitutional law is no law at all, and is to be considered null and void. Grand Juries have the duty to hold judges and courts accountable to the constitution. Any judge that does not hold the constitution as the supreme law of the land, is seditious.

  • No thanks for your services

    Thats why they sneakily write new ones constantly to make there rip off ways legal

    • The constitution secures the rights of the people.
      The constitution limits the government(s).
      The constitution is the only LAW of the land. All other laws are ordinances and statutes. Those ordinances and statutes must abide by the constitution.
      The constitution is the supreme law of the land that all states took an oath to protect, preserve and secure.

      Nowhere in the constitution, does it allow for the rights of the people to be restricted. Quite the contrary.

      Name the 18 delegated duties of the federal govt.
      Name the rights of the people.
      Name the left over powers that are allowed the states.
      None of the above may cross over into any other part. They are separate for a reason.

      This means that even if a corrupt governor or BOS or sheriff decides to disobey the constitution, they are to be held accountable. (US codes of law)
      It’s up to the people to know their rights.
      Individuals do not have the right to harm anothers’ life, liberty or property. Check.
      Neither does the state, feds, or the county or city.
      Juries are the last defense against a tyrannical people and a tyrannical govt.

      • Before the tyrants reply, let me offer an example of a constitutional statute or ordinance.
        A town decides that the people are right, and that a speed limit is needed. The people decide what the speed limit should be. The people’s taxes pay for the speed limit sign. The new speed limit sign must never hold bias to any individual for any reason, and must be equal to all who use the street. ALL must abide by the speed limit. The penalties for not abiding by the law are controversial. Does the speeder owe the party of the harmed or does the speeder owe the local govt? The speeder owes the party, according to the original code of law called common law which was the law that created our constitution.
        The speeder is responsible to the party. The city is not a part of the party. The city is separate. The controversy stems from the people not understanding that even though the people created the city govt, the people did not make the city govt a partner in their compact. The city’s compact is with the Constitution that assures equality for all.

        • Shak. It all comes down to who has the power and who is enforcing their agenda with an institution of lies and corruption.
          This is just a game of monopoly to the big boys. We argue about park place and getting out of jail free…but they make money on our every move.

          • That was true in the past, for too many decades. It’s safe to say, it’s all over for the “them” now.
            “They” never thought she would lose.
            The new “They” have it all. All the tapes, documents, testimonies, stringers, comms, emails, txts, … even their video game chats.
            The new “They” is WE THE PEOPLE. (the awakened giant).

            Chin up.

  • No thanks for your services

    They definitely aint abiden that here in humboldt County

    • Why aren’t they abiding by our constitution?
      Why aren’t there any civic’s classes?
      Why aren’t there any jurist classes?
      To know why is half the battle.
      To know why and correct it, is winning the battle.

      Or, we can all fight for amnesty against any crimes we may have committed and call it a day eh. Free for all. Hog all the water, resources and say.
      Nah. Let’s get informed and correct it for all so that all may live fair, square and equal as our constitution secured for us to do.

      Our constitution was created under the common law.
      100 points to anybody who can name the documents that our constitution was created from.

      (edited to show the correct there there)

  • To me, there were a few, very offensive things Estelle said. 1st that struck me is that Estell said that all us pharmers here could just give it up, and go work for minimum low wage big corporate growers, instead of her doing her job of serving her constituents. 2nd, that the community was not doing enough to comply with outrageous and horrible practices.

    Excuse me, but the fees are erouneougs, and the hoops they want you to jump thru are impossible. They are probably so pleased with themselves to have the community this outraged, which is sickening! They should be doing more to help instead of hinder.

    Let me tell you. There is no way, these huge grows are not using toxic chemicals and nutrients. Even if they are ‘tested’.

    And the county and state is just to blame as any grower. Cannabis is not really like other conventional crops. An acre of cannabis is a tremendous amount. They say that the state wants big cannabis and has approving HUGE grows, without allocating proper distribution, or proper markets. If they are regulating size.. with all these tears…. then truely regulate sizes!! It is unscrupulous to tell one giant grower… you can have all the cannabis in the word… then turn around and tell everyone else… they can have none. What a poop show.

    • My apologies for not seeing your post until just now, Small Fry.
      Your post mentions countless infractions against the people, against the constitution, by Estelle.
      I suggest lovingly guiding her back to her original duty of securing the constitution which in turn secures the unalienable rights of the people.
      She seems to be starstruck at the moment and God only knows which star has struck her. Money? Power? Both?
      Surely she knows that the unconstitutional agencies that are lobbying her, are unconstitutional. If not, it’s our duty to inform her. Only congress can make laws, and only constitutional laws are lawful. There are many video’s and articles that explain why the ABC’s are unconstitutional. Perhaps you can share some with her?
      Be sure to remind her of the 8th amendment which secures the magna carta law.
      “Most often mentioned in the context of the death penalty, the Eighth Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishments, but also mentions “excessive fines” and bail. The “excessive fines” clause surfaces (among other places) in cases of civil and criminal forfeiture, for example when property is seized during a drug raid.”

      Somewhere along the line, the people were indoctrinated to believe that ABC agencies can make up their own laws and rules against the people. Please study why this is false, and how to fight it.
      Another possibility is the push by the UN that steals the power of the people by ‘granting’ money to the officials that strip away our rights. (research the UN agenda 21-50 plans, well documented).
      Sometimes they think they are doing good when in all actuality, they are doing the opposite. The agenda speakers are very clever in their propaganda.
      Grindall61, for one, is an excellent source for learning more about the UN deception.

      I am not a lawyer or a scholar, but what I’ve learned to date is cemented in my heart and I feel compelled to spread it forward so that others may awaken the sleeping giant. WE ARE THE GIANT THAT THEY FEAR WILL AWAKEN.

      • I can tell you are very well read. I only wonder if you are reading things that confirm your ideas already, which is easy to do with all the info on the internet. That’s what I get from you… smart guy, but maybe educated too much online. I would recommend reading things you disagree with and see if you can broaden your horizons. No disrespect intended.

        • Thank you for your compliment, Emily.
          As to the passive aggression which followed it, please note that not everyone is under the influence of the ‘new age’ definitions.
          There are multitudes who still believe, for instance, that “necessities” means what is necessary.
          There are only a few who truly believe the new age definition that declares that necessities means “conveniences”.
          But thank you for your suggestion to see all sides. I suggest the same to you.
          Have a nice day.

  • California state law and the Water Board both agree that a person can cultivate 6 plants in a 1000 square foot area. No permits or inspections required.

    To respect people’s personal property and right to grow a garden it would be really cool if Humboldt county allowed people to have a 1000 square foot green house per parcel with no permits or inspections. And not to have to live in fear of getting a letter on the gate.

    1000 square feet isn’t much, it’s not enough for a greedy greenrusher or even enough for a local kid with a big land payment (cause some of us were to young to buy property when it was 1000 an acre). But it’s something. Maybe enough for a retired person to live on or enough to give your kids a descent life if you have a decent real job also.

    • That is a fair and equal concept that secures the rights of all to grow their own plants on their own properties.
      Adding clauses that restrict one group of people but not another, or that restricts any individuals of their unalienable rights at all, is an unconstitutional law.
      When the legislators declare that only non 2nd amendment people can grow a plant, that is prejudiced and not allowed.
      When the legislators encourage banks, media, laws, to show prejudice against any 1st amendment fan, it is unlawful and unconstitutional.
      ALL LAWS MUST BE FAIR AND SQUARE ACROSS THE BOARD. No favoritism, and without bias.
      NOBODY is to be forced into giving up an unalienable right in order to pursue another unalienable right.
      It’s up to the people to address this to their officials and representatives. Our rights are unalienable. Period.

    • Thank you! And Yes- Estelle should have educated the other supervisors and insisted on something like this for her constituents. But she did not. She likes the mega-growers who destroyed our community and then grabbed mega-permits. She represents them, not the small people of her district. As a result anybody with a greenhouse of any size- whether growing 6 plants or 20 plants or ZERO cannabis PLANTS- is open to an abatement letter and a draconian fine schedule. That’s Estelle’s doing. She offered up not a single word of protest to this attack.

      • You’re welcome!
        I am not privy to any of the insider information, and I don’t know the reasons why Estelle felt the need to submit to unconstitutionalism. Perhaps she’s still scratching her head as she’s caught in the middle between two loud perspectives?
        I suggest writing her a private letter of concern, that lovingly reminds her of her constitutional duties to secure the rights of every constituent. Ask her if she needs or wants help in reaching out to the other supervisors about their first and foremost duties.
        Indoctrination has confused even the best of us. We all need reminders from time to time, what our constitution is really all about, lest we get caught up in the agenda before us.
        Perhaps she’s carried away in fantasy land imagining all the ‘good’ she could do with all that ‘money’ she can raise? Like they say, the love of money is the root of all evil.
        Reach out, lend a helping hand to get her back on track, if that’s what’s needed, and help her find her way back to her liberty roots.

  • No thanks for your services

    Well theses fuckin snakes slithered in there sellout rip off little den and decided to screw over there constituents.we have the rite to Recall. Recall. Recall. Our supervisors.thats our rite. Why havent we started the process.whers our civil liberties monitoring project??? How come this extortionast little rip off isnt being ejected?? Wher do we sighn

    • You pose yet another great question.
      The only block in the road I see, is the lack of education that would unite us all together under one rule of law called the constitution.
      There has been a tremendous effort to destroy every iota of the constitution. This is why individual rights have been slowly dying in favor of the ‘collective good’. Indoctrination is a mighty foe.
      To all, I say: learn the constitution and the common law that created the constitution, then reach out and help others to understand it. Understanding it is key.
      We’ve all been taught to let our eyes glaze over as soon as the word is mentioned. They then taught us to shake the glaze by raising a hateful emotion towards it. Both are disastrous.
      Love is the key.
      Love life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for self and all others.
      Stop allowing the sorting and boxing of the various groups of peoples.
      Think outside the box.
      Be an individual.
      Help others to be the individual they would love to be if only they could get out of their box.
      Together we are strong.
      We can’t do anything with cardboard walls separating us.

      Until the masses are educated, they will continue to protect those who enslave them.
      They fear liberty. They’ve never tasted it. They’ve always been told who to hate, what to eat, what to wear, what to read, …
      They are afraid.

      Once they taste the liberty, though, they’ll never go back.

      Youtube still has a few uncensored, unbanned educational video’s up. Bitchute, vimeo, and other places springing up all the time. Check out camp constitution, for a variety of speakers and educators.
      They all say the same thing. The constitution is the solution. Know your rights.

      • Excellent post. I always appreciate pointers to where the learning can continue.
        Have you seen the interview with Norman Dodd, on tax exempt foundations?
        2 interviews on the net. One with Stan Monteith, and the other, G Edward Griffin.
        I hope this opens a larger discussion for all the concerned people.

        • Thank you for the leads to pursue. I am a die hard fan of G Edward Griffin, but haven’t taken the time to listen to the other 2 you’ve mentioned.
          Isn’t it funny how when one Foundation dries up, another will overflow? They think they’re so smart.

          I forgot to mention, that I am now listening to Stan Monteith on Able Danger’s channel, and find his research to be in depth and fascinating. It’s hilarious how the same people who call our founding fathers and constitution old fogey washed up outdated POS, (despite how young they were at the time of the revolution), are the one and the same who follow and worship the one world, one govt, one religion goals of Nimrod. SMH

  • Anyone can sue anybody why doesn’t the blackmarket an legal guys who are mad at the situation sue the people running this , it would create more problems an put a stop to this or slow down the process even more from ruining our economy I went to a building center the other day locally at 4pm there was 3 cars there this place is taking a hit an if the people don’t do something . It’s simple economics good bye economy. Hello gangsters & permitted grows get ready to get some real bloods & crips. U thought Eureka was bad before. It can only get worst no weed economy means hello meth,herion,pills & crack. People crack me up have no idea how much worst it could be then weed. You will now see. Bahahahaha

    • Suing the officials only costs the taxpayers. The taxpayers grow poorer while the lawyers grow richer. There are other ways and means to accomplish the same goal. Recalls, jury duty, awareness, true knowledge of the constitution instead of the indoctrinated versions, electing honest to goodness people who uphold the constitution (protect all rights, not just a chosen few), etc, but you do raise a point that would be fascinating to see happen. If a huge civil lawsuit came to be, the money would be well spent if the fight is well fought for everybody’s rights and not just the one issue.
      Your no weed money scenario of what will happen is true, but limited. Drugs is so yesterday stuff anymore. Think ports, diplomatic immunity, satanic rituals, and … well, there’s a reason that the ‘they’ care so much about our healthy organs and babies (even the aborted ones).
      Fight fight fight like there’s no tomorrow, because for many, there isn’t another tomorrow. Fight for them.

  • Ford probly goes home to his wife every night proud of the number of lives he’s ruined in the community.. he’s probly one of those guys who got picked on in high school so now he likes to pick on the small guys

    • Taking off my reporter hat and speaking as a human being, I’ve talked to him many times and found him compassionate, intelligent, patient, forgiving of other’s foibles and willing to listen and learn. He may not have all the right answers in my book but I don’t doubt that he is a good man in a hard job.

      • I think that’s our problem. Good people, supposably, doing hard or unnessary jobs. This guy is def an prime example of the system creating more and more beauroxracy to the point where it can’t be gotten rid of because then too many jobs would be lost. Wait.m I’m talking to someone who believes in the system . Never mind. Fuck the man.

  • Your wrong about suing and constitution how is that people get sued for wearing a certain shirt times have changed nothing goes by the law anymore sadly. And coffee your right ford got picked on just like sheriff honsol he always got picked on in Eureka know one loved him that’s why he’s angry. Rex Bohn Must of sucked it clean emerald farms only claims half there harvest Mabey u guys should create the rules for the buisness u created

  • No thanks for your services

    Cant wait to hear about emerald farms getting robbed or burning to the ground

  • I can’t believe that haven’t busted mad river yet drive by there an u can see the greenhouses

  • What is the annual cannabis output of a “Mom and Pop” grow?

  • Tolstoy observed that the Law forbids the rich, as well as the poor, from sleeping under bridges and stealing bread.
    I don’t know how youngsters get a start in life today, I really don’t. Fifty years ago, one could buy logged over “trash land” for $125 an acre or less, 10% down, owner-carried note at 7%. I know this is true because I did it.

    Also, it was possible to make the payments and a modest living by raising gold-fish and taking in mending or doing fancy hand work. I’m a weaver, and wove my fingers raw at about $3 an hour. We helped each other with the “Heavy Lifting.” We didn’t DARE grow pot.

    We home-schooled the kids, dressed via thrift stores, ate “food commodities,”car-pooled and survived. I’m glad I lived in a time that that was possible, but I certainly wouldn’t want to do it again. (Somehow we carved out the 5 years it took to legalize cabin building, too.)

    I hope folks have something to fall back on without growing pot, but I see more and more land for sale everyday so I doubt it. On the other hand, the resourceful and inventive, the DETERMINED will come through this, not untouched, but stronger. I just wish I knew how and could help.

  • Thanks very much Kym, for providing this invaluable coverage to those of us who couldn’t make it to the meeting!

  • Stand and Fight back

    Landowners need to put “Public Notice” in the newspaper as well as post on their properties and send certified letters to the County of Humboldt warning the County of Humboldt that entry onto their property by any government agent or employee is subject to a $25,000 dollar dayuse fee. That admission will only be allowed by an application and permit process. Warn that all trespassers will be looked at as intruders and will be forceably expelled or removed from the property by using force and all legal means necessary. The following link has signs and some great information about municipal intrusions and your rights as a property owner. Growers need to stick together and show up in force at the first sign of County intrusion into Humboldt County, expell the corrupt intruders using force as deemed necessary. People are too scared to even come to eachothers aid, good job, the powers have divided the community.

  • Hi Kym, Why not put the kmud link up to these meetings, utilize more multimedia on this blog, many people do not have very good websurfing skills.

  • Rise Up fight back so hum

    The receipts and expenditures of the State have, from the organization of its government to the present time, been intrusted to men who, to say nothing of their dishonesty, were as ignorant of the uses of money as a prodigal minor. Consequently they have entailed a public debt upon the people tens of miillions of dollars without effecting any general improvements at all for So Humboldt. This distinguished body, which now holds its deliberations in the court-house, contains some of the most precious scamps that ever paid devotion the god of self; and, were it not that I have no wish to deal in personalities, I could here mention names which are notoriously infamous all over Humboldt… Are such men capable of devising measures for the public weal, or fit to enact law for the commonwealth? Whether fit or unfit, they are about the only class of persons who are intrusted with the functions of legislation in this abominable land of concentrated rascality. The people of California, as a general thing, would as soon elect an honest, upright man to office, as Italian banditti would choose a moralist for their captain. No one here can be successful unless he assimilates himself to the spervisors or county planning; he must carouse with villains who run Humbold5 County to protect their own families inherited wealth, attend their “good old boy” meetings and adapt himself to every species of depravity and dissipation which these corrupt self serving thieves and land barons such as Fennel and FORD represent, after stealing from everybody in so Hum I I wonder how these oppressive thieves can show up at the Matteel and not be lynched right there on the spot after extorting so much land and money from the people of Southern Humboldt, we need a wanted poster with all their photos on it with a $1,000,000 reward for the land thieves …….make them uncomfortable, spook em and mak, make them know so Hum means business, unite and fight!!! Rise up Humboldt, tired of being kicked around by politicians from Eureka City yet?? We the people hold the power, not the sheriff, not the fish and wildlife dept, not the county supervisors, rise up, get vocal, get active and let these guya get scared then something will change……right now everybody “asking for permission”, do not ask, just take your power back from the hands of the oppressor who are stealing from your children and family and community.

    • mmmm, that’s why we’re not a democracy. We’re a Constitutional Republic.

      Democracy = mob ruled, emotional knee jerking, easily fooled by propaganda.

      Constitutional Republic = Rule of law. The law is the Constitution that limits govt(s) & tyrants, which secures the liberties of the people.

      We The People = Constitutional Republic.

      The Founding Fathers physically fought so that their future generations would never have to.

      Who did they fight?
      How did they fight?
      What did they fight?
      Where did they fight?
      When did they fight?
      WHY did they fight?

      What became of it?
      A new country that lives by the rule of law, the constitution.
      We take our fights to the voting booths, the jurists stations, the letters to the editor, the phone calls and other comms to our legislators and reps, …

      Amazing isn’t it.

  • Like zucchini, maybe it’s time for every man and woman in California to plant their 6 plants. What you don’t use give away to whoever wants it. Even leave it on their neighbors front porch while they’re away.

  • No thanks for your services

    Rise up and fight back so humboldt i feel the same way.would be sitting out there with a recall table rite now if i didnt know it would make me a target, but gonna be a target anyway eventually and thats what there 🇺🇸 using agaist us.this is the beginning of the end of for the people, by the people united we stand.after fall i will be sitting out there collecting signatures because this is not what bolth my grandfather’s stood on the firing lines in ww2 to protect.this is a corporate sellout rip off extortion discrase

  • No thanks for your services

    Our home/ community is being annihilated a little more every this rate we will all fail evan the non growers

  • There were two sign -up sheets at the meeting. One was for those interested in Recalling Estelle. We have an official petition ready to go. We need signature takers. We’ll need a percentage of the vote cast in the last 2nd district election. 700 might do it, all registered voters, which means registering people who aren’t, or not taking their signature. And other important formalities like informing the person being recalled. If you want to join the “task force” contact me at, or even 683 5772.
    The second sign up sheet was for joining the effort to “Abate the Abatement”. Ordinance 2576 can be Repealed right away and, along with it, the Supes must vote a Refund or Rebate for those who have already paid fines and fees. There needs to be a meeting somewhere in mid Sept. – like Sat. Sept 15 – where we talk strategy and can plan carpooling to the Supervisors’ Tuesday meeting to make our demands public. Contact me as above. Sign up sheets for Abating the Abatement are available to solicit additional supporters of Repeal and Refund and potential supporters of Recall.

  • Do we know if Estelle’s farm is permitted ? She’s had a farm thruout the last 25 years …

  • No thanks for your services

    Wouldn’t matter shes got her head all the way up honsels A*\××=%

  • No thanks for your services

    Paul you’re the man

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