Thirteen People Found Tied Up in Residence on Dyerville Loop Road in Apparent Marijuana Related Robbery

Home Invasion

[Public domain via Wiki Commons]

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Sunday, August 26, 2018 at about 12:26 a.m. Humboldt County Sheriff Deputies

responded to a residence on Dyerville Loop Road, Myers Flat for a report of trespassers on the property which contained a marijuana grow. Upon arrival at the property, deputies noticed the front gate to the property had been damaged. Deputies located thirteen people tied up inside the residence. Deputies were advised there were 5-6 masked subjects who were heavily armed and were still on the property stealing marijuana.

The Humboldt County Special Weapons and Tactics Team (S.W.A.T) was activated and responded to the scene. The team searched the area however no suspects were located. Evidence was collected at the scene and the incident is still under investigation. The identity of the suspects is unknown at this time

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.



    • Cannibis is legal!!!! Lmfao

      • Cannabis Is Legal

        That’s my line.

        Cannabis is legal.

        • Can i have the line “marijuana is a drug” ? Pleeeaasssee!

          • Cannabis Is Legal

            Definitely! And thanks for spreading the word! Keep up the good work!!

          • Oh no! Something that is taken deliberately to alter the mind couldn’t possibly be a- gasp- drug! It’s the herb of fairies and works by magic when they sprinkle it on true believers.

            • Just wait ’till you try and convince people they’re one pot a day caffeine junkies! Suddenly drugs don’t sound so bad….

              • Of course caffeine’s a drug. Being a drug is not a condemnation. It’s what the drug produces that makes it either good or bad. That this is not automatically assumed is just one example of lot’s clouding of the mind.

                Caffeine generally is not a drug that makes its users stupider than nature intended. And despite your contention, most coffee addicts are quite aware that it is a drug. They tend to believe that coffee give them a boost on accomplishing things. And easily recognize when they’ve taken too much, got a coffee jitter and lay off.

                The difference with pot is that it has just the opposite effect. It makes the user stupider, usually something they can’t see, and simultaneously makes them very happy about it. Since they can’t tell that they are impaired, they never lay off and never blame the drug for the difficulties they create. Which the drug also makes ok.

                It would be different if pot users were honest enough to say they know that it impairs their thinking. Because then they really might restrict its use responsibly. When have you ever read that sort of comment? Only from those who have quit and can look back on it with a clearer mind.

            • Hilarious.

              Just don’t tell anyone cannabis not only claims more lives than ALL OTHER DRUGS COMBINED, it also boasts the highest public health costs!!

              Did I say marijuana? Sorry all the fake news these days,, I meant sugar…

    • A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone. Where I grew up, most people are responsible, law abiding gun owners. Burglars mostly broke into other people’s homes when nobody was around.

      • Did you have 13 people trimming for you and mountains of weed?
        You’re saying you could fend off 5-6 dudes/chicks with semi-automatic weapons?

        • Out in the state of guest Texas

          Sounds like 13 vs 6 I like those odds

          • Think about that again Tex. 13 stoned trimmers that do not have weapons at arms reach vs 6 masked dudes with weapons at the ready. Smart money is on the 6. One shot fired by either side and the 6 guys open up. Not worth it man. When some one got the drop on ya give it up.

            • The operating fantasy is that, since you never got killed before, you won’t get killed this time. It’s a dearly held fiction by those who have never thought past what they want the outcome to be.

              • Most target shooters and hunters get pretty good with practice. Amazing how someone who has never shot at a target while it is shooting back can be so confident. Truth is they would be to busy shitting themselves to do anything but cry.

        • 12 guage slugs will go through 2 -3 people depending on how much bone it hits. You can have a ca legal Remington 870 with 10+1 rounds. An FN57 is a nasty little guy that will tear through people, vests or not. Nobody heard the gate get smashed in?

    • Muddy Black Dodge


      • We’re not allowed to have guns on pot farms in CA.

        • Now that’s funny sass. Keep posting that so all the gangbangers down south will know. Millions of dollars of weed protected by hippys with sticks……

        • If that is true, then a Supreme Court case is coming. The government of California, despite its pretense, is part of the US and is under the Constitution, including the second amendment. It simple can not unreasonbly eliminate a Constitutional right. A right can not be given up by getting a permit even if they say they agree.

          • BWAHAHAHA! Did you just suggest that the feds will recognize your right to be armed whilst growing and selling black market refers?

            • Yes. At least the Supreme Court will. Eventually.

              • Certainly they will be ready to hear that case in 15 years or so.

                • States get an expedited procedure so maybe 7 years. Of course a court order suspending the law could come much faster. If you can find a judge in California who doesn’t think political correctness is more important than the Constitution.

          • That’s where a well informed jury is supposed to step in.
            Every person has the right to jury of their peers.
            While it’s true that the courts have unconstitutionally made this unaffordable to the avg person, it’s still our right.
            Always insist on a trial, even for those speeding tickets. The revolving door of robbing the people won’t revolve if it gets plugged by too many people in it’s clutch that refuse to let it revolve.

    • Kym. Any updates.

  • Me thinks they didn’t have a permit. Greedy growers get what they deserve.

    • Next time your driving over the speed limit, maybe someone will tie you up,
      This country was made by not wanting to pay taxes or follow rules, interesting how most commenters on this site love to talk down on growers, but every industry breaks rules that is how small business survive.

      • WELL said!!!

      • Yes, all the wonderful growers who brought the druggies and the crime to a beautiful corner of the state. Come on everyone, stand up and give them loud applause! Thank you, criminal element, we are proud of you (as are your parents, no doubt).

        On to the matter at hand (as opposed to responding to stoner apologists):

        Why waste taxpayer dollars on even going to these calls? Growers/dealers deserve what they get. Let the rats gnaw at each other and Allah will sort it all out.

        • It is people like you who want violence to befall others who don’t act as you act and then look to the law to protect you when that karma bites you in the ass . Shame on you . In any other country you would be hanged for such vulgar hate for mankind . Go somewhere else . We dont want you here . Go worship a false god somewhere else .

        • the mass genocide and destruction of our natrural resources from 1840 to present wasnt a crime?

        • So, it’s ok to invade property and use fear and weapons because they were growing cannabis. For all you know it was a legal grow. Have you ever heard of satellites imagery. Free to the public where anyone can get direction to all green dotted farms. Way to blame the victims of an outrageous crime. [edit]

      • Its amazing how people pick which rules they want to follow. And fyi, it was all about taxation without representation. It wasn’t about “not wanting to pay taxes or follow rules”. Figures that people still don’t know basic US history.

        I agree that nobody should be treated like an animal. But what do expect when you have a president who believes differently.

        • The POTUS wants to decriminalize it. Once it’s decriminalized, the local offices of corruption will have egg on their face while trying to explain the reasons it’s criminal to grow it.

          The people who do harm to others, are supposed to make things right to those who were harmed by their actions. I fail to see how making my neighbor pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to unconstitutional agencies helps my situation or the situation of my other neighbors.
          If my neighbor has soiled my water supply, my neighbor needs to correct their mistake, resupply my water supply, shake hands, and learn from their mistake.
          My neighbor owes ME, not some desk jockey thousands of miles away.
          Tell me again, how my taxes pay for my well being, liberty and security.
          BTW, most people work so hard, they have very little time for recreating in our so called ‘public’ parks.

          When was the last time any of us received a sincere thank you letter from our Rep, informing us that our concern is noted and considered? Most of the letters we receive are canned responses telling us to represent their stand or we’re a no good for nothing traitor to their “democracy”.

          We’re not a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic.

          • We used to be…and taxation without representation was cause for war. You must mean Unconstitutional Fascist State


      • Bullshit! Growers are greedy douchebags plain and simple

        • Humboldt Hillsman

          How is farming a plant greedy. As a grower this is super offensive. I grow cannabis to support my family. I work my ass off, it is a ton of work and a huge responsibility. Yeah it does pay well but who would turn down a well paying job. I’m pretty sure we all want to make a good living. It was an opportunity and I took it. Nobody was hurt in the process, no lives ruined, no more damage to the environment than any other farming was done. It’s like calling someone who grows grapes for wine greedy.

          • You should watch how to be offended, ultra spiritual, you tube it.

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            Yes, the common assumption by government and everyday citizens is that the industry is growing money trees with no hassle whatsoever. Not subject to the whims and vagaries of agriculture and business trends. Or theft. A false assumption, especially these days. Sigh.

          • Good comment.
            I see marijuana farms as any other farm.
            But negative people always got to say something about everything like we are perfect.

            If you drink to much wine you are an alcoholic
            If you eat to much meat- you are fat diabetic bastard.
            If you shop to much anywhere your a shopaholic.
            If you used drugs- addicted . If you work to much- you a workcohilic. IF You at McDonald’s everyday- your lazy for not cooking.
            Like shut up people. Is legal now- and people have jobs.
            They could robbed other business and done the same thing to the owners and employees.

            Is not the business fault because 100% of things is bad to anyone that -don’t know their limits and can’t control themselves when buying and consuming things or products .
            In this boat together in earth.

            Just live your lives and keep your negative comments to yourselves – Not sure if we are going to be here tomorrow!!

          • “Nobody was hurt in the process, no lives ruined” do you sell on the blackmarket? Do you know that kids shoot each other every day over a bag of blackmarket weed? Get your money and forget about the realities of street sales. Now that is greedy.

            Not necessarily greedy but its not legal unless you have all your permits and licenses. Grapes are 100% legal. Nobody goes to jail or gets jacked for selling grapes.

            • Humboldt Hillsman

              If anyone was ever shot over a bag of weed then that is on the government. That is a product of prohibition and the blood is on their hands not mine.

              • Patriot in Willits

                People should be responsible for their own actions. If you decide to pull the trigger, the blood is on your hands, no one else.

        • Yeah fuck all those people who grow food and plants! They suck.

      • Following in the footsteps of Americans like Joseph Kennedy!
        Even though myself, I am a libertarian.

      • There is a difference between skirting the law and living to profit outside of it. If there wasn’t a preference for selfdelusion, growers would stop touting the irrational idea they are just like any law abiding businesses when not being persecuted. They have been outlaws and are now being given an opportunity to stop being outlaws and they are in shock about the reality of what that means.

    • NO Body deserves to be treated like an animal!!!! Which is exactly what happened here!!!

      • I am with you 1000% Dan.

        I was the first person to find a 71 year old man tied, beaten and robbed 1.5 years ago.

        No one deserves that

      • The minute the word “deserves” is used, it gets very shaky. Deserves is a value judgement which can’t be made without knowing the people involved very well. Maybe the victim is a low life scum bag with a history of awful crimes themselves. Or maybe they are innocent saints.

        “Deserves” is not the point. If crimes are committed, our self interest dictates stopping them whether the victim “deserves” our consideration or not. We do it from self interest to keep the same wolf from our own door. Because wolves are realists and “deserves” is not a consideration for them on choosing a victim.

    • What profound revelation leads you to think that? Weed’s weed permitted or not.

    • No one deserves to be tied up, terrorized and robbed. Shame on you for even thinking that. And you don’t even know if they were or were not “permitted”. Do you?

    • You people make me sick.

      Wrong dummy it was permitted, idiots can just keep assuming but there’s more permits out there then you think do you know anyone in the county ?? You know what happens when people ass-u-me rite ?

      • Anti troll league

        It’s a matter of probability. Apparently assuming no permits is favored by about ten to one? Maybe higher?

    • Not all grows are unpermitted. Besides the sheriffs would’ve had arrests if it wasn’t

    • Violence should never be accepted.

  • and the beat goes on….

  • Just wait till croptober its gonna be nuts this yr. Most people cooperate with a loaded gun against there head. I smell fall harvest rip offs around the corner. Can happen to any farm permitted or not. Permits mean absolutely nothing and will really mean nothing In 2 to 4 years. People already grow as they please permitted or not. The thief’s dont give a shot anyways. The best thing that will happen to the greater north coast is when Monsanto and Marlboro step up and produce for the whole state. Also cut crime off and permitted yuppys selling on the black market anyways lol. Awww the show goes on. The biggest players in the game arent even permitted anyways Monsanto will step up and erase this violence that has driven the northwest into the gutter. When the tables empty of cheese the rats go elsewhere. Until the nation legalizes fully our area attracts dirt bag scum sucking maggots, looking to capitalize on the black market, permitted or not. No pun intended to the back to the landers or the local crew that’s been from the start. All good things must come to an end, at least here soon I can gas up in redway without seeing loser tweakers going in n out of wonderland nursery. Many places will be boarded up soon enough, believe it or not the few with an out of state market will survive, if smart.

  • We are prime for crime

    The level of crime in Humboldt and Mendocino has definitely increased. And with the vastness of the counties law enforcement doesn’t have a chance to protect people, who are not owners, but just grunts that need to be protected. Minimally paid and living in squatter conditions, but their actual homes are far to the South. And the predators are criminals from not so far South and will murder others with total disregard of human life like is done in East LA. And when they are not in the hinterlands committing crimes of theft or worse and hurting people you can see them at the fringes of Eureka committing local crimes. Get ready for more crime and terrorism. We have only just begun!!

  • Just more fruit of the poisoned tree called cannabis prohibition!
    Cartels like M-13 and drug lords like “El Chapo” Guzman are the direct product of the failed “War on Drugs”.

    Alcohol prohibition in the US was responsible for an increase in alcohol consumption and a massive expansion of organized crime in our nation. In the wake of alcohol prohibition, murder, mayhem, lawlessness and destruction. Once the damage was done we were smart enough to repeal the idiocy of alcohol prohibition. Our government was stupid enough however to go forward and repeat the exact same mistake regarding other vices like cannabis, further strengthening the crime lords we were trying to rid ourselves of.

    The “War on Drugs” that was launched in the US is still being forced on other nations and has been a complete global disaster. Shooting ourselves in the foot wasn’t bad enough, we then held a fiscal gun on other nations like Costa Rica, Colombia, Israel, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica etc. and forced them to repeat the exact same mistake. This total debacle has resulted in the creation of huge powerful global crime cartels and a crime wave of epic proportions destroying the lives of people it was supposed to protect.

    Time to end the failed war on cannabis and legalize nationwide!

    • This is a pretty convoluted polemic, using all of the re-hashed, re-cycled buzz words that everybody has been using for decades. And maybe you’re right. Adding my two cents, none of this nonsense will abate until American society’s appetite for drugs abates. What’s so supremely tragic about this story and the veritable war that’s raging all over is that marijuana and all this other poison is so over-rated, and that people are just better off without it. I myself smoked a and popped and snorted all kinds of shit for about thirty years. Having given it all up, including alcohol, I can say that I’m no longer such a direct cause of all this lunacy.

    • Money IS the root of all criminals.

      You missed the biggest motivator and maybe the only motivator. Like our president $$$$$$$$!!

    • Anti troll league

      In a small way. It is true that making alcohol illegal increased the profits of bootleggers. It did not create the gangs but redirected them to an easier and cheaper way to drive huge profits than the old gamble/extortion/prostitution/theft pattern of earlier gangs. It took money from the general population’s hands and into criminal’s hands. However, ignoring the fact that it is an unflattering reflection on pot growers, Prohibition didn’t increase drinking. It in fact sizable reduced the Sousing of America for many decades even after it was repealed. It closed the neighborhood taverns that were everywhere and they never reopened.

      The future of the commercial pot business may be like the history of alcohol. It will become the province of a few big producers who are heavily taxed/regulated and a few artisans who will find their niche. It will likely be legal everywhere. Too bad that so many humans always look for the easy way. Which involves others doing the work and themselves looking to avoid it.

  • I’m just glad none of the 13 people were killed or seriously injured.

  • As I remember there was a big home invasion with a lot of people involved out in that same area not so long ago. Was it 10 or so people ripping someone off before or what? I’ve forgotten it was so many ago.

  • I just find it hard to believe thieves travel up here and say, ,”You know, we should go up these 5 random roads, take a left here and, yeah , Let’s rob this place I’ve never seen or had any idea who or what is there. .” Nope. You brought the devil in. Deal with it. Goes to show you don’t ever know, Watch each card you play children

  • Tax paying blue collar citizen

    Taxes go to Public lands, parks, beaches, libraries, schools, hospitals, social security, medicaid and many other services that we all use. So if you don’t want to pay taxes please don’t complain about the “crappy schools or hospitals” (which is said alot in Sohum AND is untrue BY people who don’t volunteer or give). And please don’t ever get Medicaid for you or your children. Oh and please never use Social Security. Better yet please leave our country where the rest of us are contributing to a better society.

  • What will happen next is that gangs of people who got abated will rob permitted grows. And it will be sort of ironic justice. Unless somebody gets hurt. Then it will be tragedy. One thing about the permitted scenes is everybody knows where they are, how big and even the floor plans are documented. And they are not allowed to have guns! Talk about easy knock-overs.

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    So very funny. The comments where everyone except the weed merchants are blamed, oh, just delusional. My laugh for the day…

  • I wish garbervile ,and redway was like it was when we were kids .when people knew people like Bob mane Roy heider ,burle keading ,wes Marshall ,mable beerbower loyld swensen ,chip nunnemaker,vic bertain ,and my father gene Olsen Kenny deer duff senior .These men were prominent they worked hard they earned there money the right way by hard work not growing dope grows the size of football field s this was a time when mary jane was barely even knew of ,so sad all that has changed to Humboldt sad state of affairs .just wanted to remind the people who remember those people ,and how garbervile and redway were back then I know you remember kym.also mr van meter ,and officer stickles .

  • For all you who are saying let’s end war on drugs legalized marijuana only makes it so you cannot have guns therefor this is only gonna be happening more often now that real outlaws can’t hold there property down. That’s why humboldt will get pushed out of this whole legal marijuana thing it’s all a joke. U can grow for way cheaper down south. Less tax an humboldts about to see these legal farms get hit hard by robbers. This could be a movie it’s so funny

    • Humboldt Hillsman

      Farms will not be robbed more frequently because of legalization. That doesn’t make any sense. In fact weed is worth less than it has been in decades.

      • If the value of weed is dropping at the wholesale and street level there is one way for a struggling business to make up the deficit – steal it in volume. Farms may be robbed more frequently simply because they are soft targets in a bad economy. Be safe people. Nobody with an eye on the gate? Stories like this just raise awareness of where there are opportunities for a score.

      • Legal (?) farms are required to have security

        • The lock and key security requirements are no match for a youthful enterprising crew at a rural scene. Cameras don’t stop crime, they simply record it. Glad no one got shot. Any idea how long it took for five-oh to respond?

      • The legal farms are the only ones left standing. So yes there an easy target.

        • And hours away from police protection which they’re supposed to provide their own security.

          • I would suggest a sharp shooter with a 50 cal aimed precisely at the gate. Double tap head shot the first *&^%$#@$#^* on the wrong side of the gate. Have a few pre-dug holes ready for 200 pounds of fertilizer.

    • Guns are permitted and legal at legal commercial grows.

  • Somebody must have told the robbers about the harvest or how else would anyone know when the Cannabis is being harvested (possibly).

  • I remember burle wearing his fedora hat ,and a stogie in his colorful chops .it used to be were Renner gas station is now ,so long ago .

  • Do you know which part of Dyerville Loop Road? This is scary.

    • I agree, I live on the loop and was scared out of my mind worried for my family. It was a scary ride home thinking the worst. We don’t smoke or grow but sadly the growers moved in and taken over my area. I’m always scared about being involved somehow.
      Good news this wasn’t in my part.

    • It was at the Bulgarians “vineyard” on Fruitland Ridge, I was told.

  • The more abatements and busts the more robberys we will see.take people’s survival they’ll take someone else’s.rite up the road from all the abatement letters.!!!!! People aint gonna wind up homeless there gonna do what they have to.should go get rex bones son in honeydew.theres a family that deserves it

    • Humboldt Hillsman

      Nice logic but marijuana growers are rarely theives. Hard working, responsible successful people and theives are mostly separate kinds of people.

      • Many growers steal water, electricity, and the lives of innocent wildlife with their use of weapons and pesticides. Or dont those count?

        • What about the whole damn country and the white people that settled it
          Double standards

          • The usual result of unregulated immigration. As to double standards- the usually result of unregulated immigration. As to stealing- the usual result of lawlessness and arrogance- well, human greed and violence at least.

            Amazing how many people spend their brain cells smugly complaining about 200 year old social problems while being totally incapable of resolving the simplest current ones. They must believe that somehow they would have been so different and so much more clear sighted than everyone else had they been born back then, before the current social media mavens gave them the proper understanding they are supposed to have today. The clue to solving todays problems is understanding what people are, accepting that human nature hasn’t changed at all , that no one is all that better than anyone else and building on the hard work of your ancestors to get go this current state of enlightenment. Which seriously would have never happened if all they did back then is complain about the previous 200 years.

    • “Some people will rob you with a 6-gun, others with a fountain pen.” -Woodie Guthrie

      • “It might be the Devil,
        Or it might be the Lord.
        But you’re gonna have to serve somebody.
        Serve somebody.”
        -Bob Dylan

      • A lot of us are endangered the have and have not a Thin Red Line that connects us all Southern Humboldt in crisis some believe that the big grows needed cleaning up where do you draw the line I know that this abatement system is messing with the economy and some Collective medical compassionate use people can have a hard time some people believe that the herb can cure the whole Nation the art of Peace in a Time of War and economic and Global habitat annihilation

      • A lawyer remarking about stealing with a pen?

    • Sleepy Alligator

      “take some peoples survival they’ll take someone else’s”

      Only skumbags think like that. When honest people lose their job they go get another one, they don’t go steal from someone who didn’t lose their job. It’s people like you who are the real problem, not growers.

  • Lol. The cops and the county are the biggest theives but youll see what happens. They’ve takin too many families and other people’s meens of survival.this is just the beginning the more they abate the more of these you’ll see.people are getting ready to lose there lives they’ve worked hard for they’ll take the risks to hang on to it.

  • Is this here blog an apporpiate place for me to speckulate on what may or may not have alegedly happen in dyerville loop road property locatin undisclose or should I do that kind of thing elswhere? Asking for a friend

  • Looks like 82% of humboldt got it by slithering theives with a pen. Lol. Carma for them

  • Next thing to be robbed will be the permitted grows .Easy pickings like the one in alton sel show brand new right next to wills trucking just before u get to wills headed up the hill .just saying .maybe they should in vest in armed guards, but that’s against the law ,so who knows. Maybe this is a permitted grow.

    • Most likely

    • There is only the smallest advantage in robbing an unpermitted place. So there is no reason to think that it much if any difference.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        WTF is the advantage? You people talk about stealing and robbing like it’s normal everyday accepted behavior. Permitted or not permitted doesn’t matter when it comes to robbing someone. Robbing anyone just means you’re a lowlife piece of shit thief [edit].

        • The advantage is 1) a probability of cash as banking is harder for illegal growers, 2) the grower himself may be more reluctant to call attention to himself by calling the police if he’s illegal, 3) unpermitted grows may very well be more isolated and hidden which is to the thieves’s advantage in committing the crime.

          If you weren’t so eager to personally attack , you would admit that being involved in illegal activity makes it more likely to come into contact with others less than respectful of the law and so more willing to take advantage of others who are also busy trying to avoid law enforcement.

          • Well you will never hear me apologize for personally attacking any thief or anyone justifying thievery.

            • Maybe. Certainly no one expects such an out of character thing as an apology. But that does not mean you get a pass to attack anyone because you somehow seem to want to misinterpret their remarks because you’re angry.

              • Sleepy Alligator

                Hey if I misinterpreted that then I have no problem apologizing. Thats part of my character after all. Please enlighten me.

  • Next thing to be robbed will be the permitted grows .Easy pickings like the one in altonbrand new depo show right next to wills trucking just before u get headed up the hill .just saying .maybe they should in vest in armed guards, but that’s against the law ,so who knows. Maybe this is a permitted grow.

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Yeah and now that you’ve posted that twice hopefully you’ll be charged as an accessory if someone gets murdered when the thieves take your suggestion and directions to the place to rob them. WTF is wrong with you people? What if there are children there?

      • Don’t kill the messenger. This acknowledgement of reality is not advice to the criminal but advice to the growers to be careful. No need for misdirected anger.

        • Even when the messenger is very obviously encouraging the robbery of a grow that he/she provided detailed directions to the location? Once again you’ll get no apology from me for that.

          • Maybe you should put the anger on hold long enough to see it was a double post, which is easy enough to do on this site.

  • Lets (82%) us level the playing feild back to the way it was

  • Wake up people they rob them selves they can’t sell all that weed on the legal market and probably won’t pass inspections so they rob themselves So they can still sell it on the black market and not pay taxes this legal thing is a bunch of bullshit they should have cameras on every fucking hoop maybe 10 cameras because now they’re the only ones left standing

    • Truth, can’t walk out with a lollipop in Vegas or Oregon legal grows, every square inch is on video sent to the DA office live feed. California Gov crooked as a muth f’er

      • Truth- farms in Oregon are still able to backdoor product into the nationwide market. Claim mold, mildew damage and there it goes! Need many spot inspections and stiff penalties, suspension of licenses. But yes- CA is lax to the point of corrupt.

  • So… raise your hand if you feel safe living in Humboldt County

    • 🤚🤚🤚🤚🤚 I feel safe anywhere I go, but I’m a legally armed 250# man, and I don’t have weed at my house.

    • nowhere is completely safe because nothing is respected…. churches and schools in this country are even attacked by psychopath homegrown terrorist. Not being able to legally own firearms because you have a permit cannabis business or 215 is obsurd and unsafe… easy targets. Despite how you feel about our local weed scene, no one should be joyful and celebrating our community getting tied-up, robbed and violated.

  • I wonder how long before major media like SF Chronicle or East Bay Express, picks up on the economic and cultural purge of the North Coast? Hello LA Times?

    • Google it. Already many stories about weedageddon.

      As for the ripoff. If I was 40 years younger I’d be drinking someone’s milkshake. To some degree they are always inside jobs. Invite someone to your crib with 10s of thousands of dollars in cash to buy your bm crop. May not always go down as planned.

  • Impeach Supervisors all of them.For non community Compliance.

  • No thanks for your services

    Yeah local yocal thats exactly what they are. Not in compliance with there constituents, or there community. Back stabbing rip off extortionast. The whole lot of em. Except maybe the new madrone guy

  • I personally appreciate all the growers that make sure they grow fire packs and don’t depend on eagle 20 or damming a creek . Now all the other squids growing boof need to pack up shop and dip with the quickness.

  • Lazy ass dirt bags to dam lazy to get of thar ass and grow it themselves sorry ass peices of shit

  • People need to be careful. Premitted farms are GPS located. Anyone can know where you are. Instead of gorilla they just robbing. Grow your own crop and follow the laws and regulations, or join a premitted farm.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    To all of you people who think it’s the norm for anyone who was abated or just out of work to go rob the permitted grows or anyone who didn’t lose their job FYI that is not how good honest people think! If you even think like that you’re obviously a dishonest low life parasite and you are who should be leaving this county or even better leaving this planet.

    • You suspect the robbers were locals or out of towners?

      Thank you Walter, that makes me feel very secure, it makes me feel very warm inside.

    • Bro- Do you really think everybody around here is good and honest? If so then I’m happy for you. You have had a good run of luck in getting to know the new people of Humboldt. I used to believe that too. But I have learned otherwise. From direct experience. And now I protect myself and my friends from those unsavory people- some who will sometimes wear Grateful Dead shirts and pose as wonderful hippie types! They are definitely here and they will rob your stuff without a second thought.

  • In this day and age, who the @#$% didn’t see this shit coming? The MORE you grow, the less it’s worth. The less it’s worth, the more they need to steal. This “head in the clouds” (cloud of pot smoke, that is) belief that a quasi-legal form of “medicine”, once kinda legal would result in rainbow unicorns for everyone… Reap it.

  • Reading through all the comments, whether relevant or not. One thought keeps crossing my mind… with all the surveillance, satellite imagery, and cellphone tower triangulation, how is it possible that a group of thieves can get away with this type of home invasion/robbery? Goes to show that whoever you invite onto your property can bring much more heartache than what you might expect. These weed thieves are getting more brazen, weapons are being used to commit these crimes, and someone will end up pulling their trigger to defend their health and safety. Weed thieves beware, growers are not going to patiently wait for the thieves to attack. Growers will arm themselves, install cameras, install booby traps, and use whatever medieval and old world tricks they can imagine to protect their health and safety. The issue here is not the weed, we all have access to weed, the issue is that thieves are risking their health and safety to forcibly take weed from growers. Weed thieves beware…

    • Calvin Cordozar Broadus Sr

      These thieves got away with it because they had a good plan and executed it well. True gangstas don’t use anything but burners. True gangstas don’t be checking in on their facebook pages. True gangstas don’t give a shit about satellites. True gangstas laugh at surveillance as they pull their masks on. True gangstas know how to steal shit. True gangstas don’t give a shit about risks.

      When criminal enterprises hire criminals to perform criminal tasks don’t be shocked when one of them criminals robs your criminal ass.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        So did your momma cut the crust off of the sandwich she made you for lunch , right after she fluffed your pillow and cleaned your room? You better be a good little gangsta if you want her to buy you that do-rag you been wanting.

  • The issue IS the weed. Any nefarious %$#@bag can waltz into a public library and google map the GIANT grows that abound. Hell, I defy you to find a place where there are not plantations anywhere in private property boundries not public in nor Ca. or so. Or. If you think that greed only applies to the grower, you are deadly wrong. So the new norm is armed growers vs. armed rip-offs? Again, think before you sow. If you seek proof, head to the nearest library…

  • Harvest/Home Invasion season again? like moths to a light, These illegal unpermitted large grows attract their predators, they go hand in hand, remember last summer’s crime spree around Labor Day? Armed robberies and invasions? There will probably be more until it slowly fades. If you are old enough and have seen the before and now the evolving after of what is happening with the Green Rush, you can only hope the north coast can somehow return to tourism, small businesses, and safer family friendly communities. The problem is the area has become a magnet for those that are the unemployable zombie masses all in the last couple of decades and they are now trying to figure out what to do and where to go and what to steal. This is what happens when anarchy arrives and the criminal laws have been unenforced for so long and now the criminal laws were changed to the point of being a joke so the best way for the county is to use administrative law and liens and foreclosure which makes sense, should of started about 20 years ago, but it’s a start at least. Most law abiding legit people support the crackdown and whatever it takes to get the bad element out. The law is now 6 plants for personal use and this seems reasonable and armed thieves probably aren’t interested in a home invasion for it. Way past time for a clean up and return to some level of sanity and small town life the area used to have.

  • Danger zone!

  • Out in the state of guest Texas

    Shotgun? Check.
    Rifle? Check.
    4 wheel drive? Check.
    A country boi will survive.

  • That farmers workers comp insurance is going to be jacked after 13 claims! But he’ll have one smoking right off for next year.

  • Well I’ve been robbed and it took 3 hours for cops to show up after being called. 3 hours and I don’t live out in Zenia or something I am 1/4 mile from the 101. I learned that there’s no reason to call the authorities…. they created this by taking away our rights to self defense so they can scream look at all this crime, we need more tax money.

  • Anyone can sue anybody why doesn’t the blackmarket an legal guys who are mad at the situation sue the people running this , it would create more problems an put a stop to this or slow down the process even more from ruining our economy I went to a building center the other day locally at 4pm there was 3 cars there this place is taking a hit an if the people involved don’t team up good bye economy, it’s simple economics. Do the math

  • where’s the task for when you need them, 36 still has crazy drivers almost got hit by a grow dozer yesterday! He turned up southfork get em boys!

  • It’s right next to the road I drive , it every day going to town .I call it good looking out ,and sorry about double post it happens thanks guest u get were I was coming from just says maybe this might have been permitted grow any rate that’s what’s next .l

  • High value targets get priority in them thar hills, these guys executed their plan well.
    A little recon work and some boys with balls got theirs.
    While i dont condone it, the risk vs reward ensures this business model will remain healthy for the forseeable future……

  • WOW! this is an old one but……
    If assholes could do fly this comment section would be………..

  • Calvin Cordozar Broadus Sr

    The legality depends entirely on who owns the gun. A farm can’t own or posses a gun. Human beings can own or posses a gun provided they follow local, state, and federal laws.

    “The Gun Control Act of 1968 prohibits anyone from possessing guns if they use or are addicted to cannabis,” – 215 card holders cannot own a gun.

    The federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms sent warning letters to gun dealers in 2011 warning them they could not sell to known medical marijuana users. When buying a gun, you may be asked whether you are a user of illegal drugs and/or medical marijuana.

    Answering yes makes you ineligible to purchase; falsely answering no is in principle punishable as perjury. This should not affect current gun owners. Although California law does not prohibit medical marijuana users from having guns, using a gun in connection with an offense such as cultivation or possession for sale can result in additional criminal charges. Users are advised to keep their guns in a location that is separate from their marijuana.

    “California Felon with a Firearm Gun Law – PC 29800 prohibits anyone from possessing guns if they are convicted of in the act of a felony. ” Growing weed is still a felony. If you posses a gun on a weed farm you could be charged.

    2nd amendment? Judge Navarro already shit on that for us.
    The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals, where, on August 31, 2016, Chief District Judge Gloria Navarro ruled that a federal government ban of gun sales to abiding state-legal medical marijuana patients does not violate the Second Amendment.

    I heard of the NRA, they are a lobby group that believes strongly that mental patients have a right to bare arms. How many children have died due to their ignorant platform. Hope they go bankrupt soon.

  • What a great county ! No updates on the armed robbers that are on the loose ! Citizen safety is not a priority I guess . Awesome. !

  • So there is still money in pot…

  • Smells like an inside job to me.
    Stop your worrying and think smarter, get together.
    The county is trying to extort money from those who got abatement letters.
    Ignore them and take your chances till harvest or Get together and sue the basturds…and stop them.

    The priority now is these run away wildfires that could end it all for all involved.
    Neighbors helping neighbors has always been SoHums pride.

  • Failed domestic policy again! Grow your own, not for sale. The halcyon days of grweed growing are but a distant blip on the radar. The money factor (grweed factor) is what was bound to happen in the end. Now that the fire that is burning, everyone is pointing the fatfinger at the “other guy”. YOU never policed your own, so guess what? Now you get to own the shitbucket that was once THE most gorgeous piece of land on the planet. Expect to be ripped off, let down, taxed to death, and jailed for growing a fucking thousands of years old plant you thought you could make a living off of, or a killing off of, depending on your grweed level. Fuck it, I guess, I have never thought that grweed was such a great idea anyway… Shortsighted growers are the ones to blame. Yes, YOU are the fucking problem. Reap it…

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