Stabbing Saturday in Orleans

StabbingAbout 4:15 p.m. on Saturday, an unknown person stabbed another on the south of the Orleans Market, according to Sgt Greg Allen of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

“The victim who was transported to a local hospital was uncooperative and would not provide any information,” Allen explained.

He said he did not know if the stabbing was in any way related to the major injury car accident that occurred yesterday evening on Bald Hills Road as has been speculated on social media.

We will attempt to learn more tomorrow.




  • Well that’s just awful.

  • Scary out in them there hills anymore.

  • , all that area does seem to have a wild west atmosphere I feel sorry for the law abiding citizens there’s just too much land and not enough police but you would have to have 50 officers working everyday the area is just too huge and too isolated that area has always had their own rules been that way for over 50 years that I know of it’s too much unemployment too much drug use and not enough for young people to do and there never has been and probably never will be

  • What’s the Karuk word for stab?
    Tune in to KHSU to find out

    • I don’t understand why everyone on this news feed feels the need to bring race into things what is the English word for asshole?

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Arsehole. The Brits are funny that way. It’s an ethnic/racial thing. An illustrative sentence: Trump is a German Arsehole.

  • dat der was the McCovey clan. bad peeps them that folks

    one of dem had shot up a gun in Orleans, and da sheriff had to take em in

    • False facts your spreading about the McCoveys Adam.

    • You obviously don’t know the mccovey family! Saying their a bad bunch is aweful! Shame on you, just because one person gets in trouble doesn’t mean their all bad!

    • This comment is for the little man Adam and his attempt at being funny. Bitch, we are an extremely large family we have the entire spectrum in our family, those who struggle and those who win national awards and overall we are one surviving and thriving loving family. Your post is lame.

  • Ohhhh yaaaa musta bin a drug deal gon rong

    • I doubt it it’s not the city of eureka or la we dnt have drug deals up there like you think we dnt put up with anyone disrespect either and the is no law up there your right but is that are fault facts are that crime happen every were in the world drugs are everywhere even your little neighbor hood sorry to burst your bubble and also it’s not the native that are the only race up there that do drugs or drink so loom at your Owen back yards and clean them up before you judge others or talk in a negative way about something you turn your heads to in your Owen home towns

  • “Stabbing Saturday in Orleans” – So, the fourth Saturday of the month. I’ll remember to stay away from Orleans on the fourth Saturday.

    • 4th Saturday exactly. no money in town. tweakers just wandering around and begging at the store. harassing working people and their kids. Orleans could clean up in 1 day if the other folks didn’t turn a blind eye.

  • The suspect is definitely known. Car accident happened after the stabbing on the way to the hospital.

  • It’s pretty stabby out there.

  • orleans this one is the market they let them drink in public and beg all day. the post office watches the drug house across the street and let’s it go. probably calls to warn him. [edit] and the good folks stay quiet. most likely because their loved ones are the ones involved and they know.

    • Bluehaired Hillbetty

      it is wh

      I am here to tell you that is down right rude to accuse our Postmistress of being a partner in crime with the drug house. The Sheriff’s department has know about that place for 30 years, the guy finally got busted a few months back. The “Resident Deputy” has the legal right to live 30 minutes from town. Therein lies part of the problem. Every once in awhile we get a deputy to live here and they park at the Market and problems go away for awhile. The good folks of Orleans don’t stay quiet, we are ignored.

      There has been improved services since Billy Honsal took office. The Highway Patrol cruises through every now and again too. I agree Drunkards Park is a disgrace and I wish the owners at the Market had more backbone but after all they are foreign to our area and probably think begging and smoking pot in front of their doorway is acceptable behavior.

      • Understood. Fair enough. I just get frustrated with them recently in town. Besides the all the theft it just feels like violence is in the air. I Did not mean to imply the p.o. had anything to do with abaiding anyone. I just felt that maybe they could do more to constantly report.. I had actually named a few problem areas and people but the moderator edited them out rightfully so.

    • Hey asshole! How dare you state that the postmaster and postal employees are in anyway involved in warning drug dealers! Her job is to be the damn postmaster not a police officer. Why on earth would she risk her life and the lives of her family. If you want to report all day long what happens across the street from the post office then get your big girl panties on and go sit out there from 8am until 5pm and become the town snitch/target! Don’t talk shit about people when you aren’t sitting out there putting your life and house on the line. Want something done then do it big man!

    • nun of ur business

      U know something it is wh how dare u say that ur prolly don’t even know the Post Master wouldn’t do that

  • Drugs and RACISM, is that the only mental low level closed minded kind of people we are raising? Get a life and see people are people everywhere. Drugs where you live buddy!!!! Don’t need to bring rasism into it. There are more white druggies and addicts who live in eastern Humboldt,Hoopa, willow creek, weitchpec, Orleans, down river. Up river , Hawkins bar , EUREKA ARCATA FORTUNA FIELDS LANDING, KING SALMON, proportionately it’s worse where YOU live! .

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