Planwest Partners Hosting Humboldt’s First Accessory Dwelling Unit Fair

This is a press release from Planwest Partners:

Get all the information you need to permit, finance, design, build, and manage your own in-law suite or garage apartment while having fun with the whole family!

ADU What?

“Accessory Dwelling Units”, generally called “ADUs” are also known as backyard cottages, basement apartments, student lofts, carriage houses, attached in-law suites, garden suites, granny cottages, mother-in-law flats, secondary units, and tiny houses (with a foundation).


Brought to you by Arcata, Eureka, and Humboldt County, in partnership with the Redwood Region Economic Development Commission and Planwest Partners. Fair founders developed the ADU Fair concept with the goal of constructing more ADU housing and are committed to making the permitting process as easy as possible. Providing education and outreach to property owners is the first step, starting with this fair. This fair is designed to help homeowners learn everything they need to know to finance, permit, construct, and manage an ADU.

ADU Fair- 2 days of activities!

Friday, September 21st (5:00 PM- 8:00 PM)

Saturday, September 22nd (10:00 AM – 5:00 PM)

Redwood Acres, Eureka

FREE! – Bounce House – Speakers – Food and Beer


The Vendor Hall will host booths with realtors, contractors, architects, property managers, and lenders.


City and County representatives will be on hand to look at your property and discuss its opportunities for constructing an ADU.


The Workshop Series will provide a range of technical information, how-to-guides, and question-and-answer sessions with a range of experts. A calendar of workshops will be available soon at

Visit for more information.



  • Great idea! Affordable housing for students and low income people is lacking in this area. Conversion of monthly rentals into nightly or vacation rentals is not helping the situation.

  • See now this is a smart idea. Can you *whisper* “vacation rentals”? The County should promote this and tell all the NIMBYS that complain that if they want an economy, they have to put up with some tourists now and then. For the most part, tourists are very happy people who have saved up scarce cash to come to a place as beautiful as this.

    Over the years in my town people have always complained “oh God, here come the tourists again!”. But 95% of the people I consider problem-people are the locals. I’ve always found tourists to be pleasant, happy, filled with wonder and just generally stoked to be here the short time they are. They are uncertain of the terrain, law-abiding therefore and just out to have a good time. I love the many accents from all over the world as I shop in my market that is RAKING in the mega-cash during the height of the season.

    So yeah, accessory dwellings. Good idea…you know… “for the mother in law”…

  • Great idea, we need more of them. Looking forward to going to this.

    One problem I’ve found in my attempt to build one is that you can only build one unit per parcel. The law varies in different places but in Arcata it’s legal to build one up to 1200 square feet. Or I could even build a new 2000 square foot house on my lot and call my existing house an accessory unit.

    But I can’t build multiple units, even if each one unit is only 400 square feet. We all know having roommates sucks. And as a landlord having 3 or 4 bedroom rentals is a much more difficult situation to manage.

    My suggestion to Arcata and the rest of Humboldt county is to allow people to build one 1200 square foot structure with up to 3 or 4 units on every parcel. This would create a lot of new housing.

    In Arcata, more housing is good for HSU. And whatever is good for HSU is good for Arcatas economy

    • Any idea on the permitting cost attached to these? Other cities were quite expensive as they were attaching all the other taxes normally associated with the main house, on the newly built ADU. Which is like increasing the property values and therefore tax roles. Definitely a carrot on the stick.

      • I want to say it costs around 2000 for a permit from the city. The new statewide law says they can’t charge you the same amount of money for new utility connections as they would for a new house because an Adu is less of a burden on infrastructure.

        It does increase your property values and property taxes by however much it costs to build your ADU (or however much you say it costs. If you say it costs less than 100 dollars per square foot they will call you out on it).

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