DEA Serving Federal Search Warrant in Redway

[Photo provided by a reader]

According to readers, members of the Drug Enforcement Administration and other law enforcement agencies are serving a federal search warrant near Body Concepts on Barnett Road in Redway. One witness reported that law enforcement broke down the back door with a “battering ram” and “13 officers” came out of the hills on foot.

The DEA is declining to comment at this time, so we will update this post when we hear more.



  • Is this possibly connected to the huge haul on the Woods ranch??

    • A. Ya think…..

    • Federal. Probably no press releases or arrest reports in the immediate future. The warrant was either the result of an ongoing investigation or a grand jury charge, both of which are usually kept close to the vest. They don’t want to tip anyone off or lose an opportunity to turn some one into a rat.

  • Federal warrant! Ouch!!

    • Doesn’t anyone know history? After the Hemp for Victory, the Feds signed people up for the Marijuana tax Stamp, so they could continue to grow, and everyone who signed up got busted. And…remember all the Indian Treaties? The Feds made the treaties and then didn’t honor them cuz they knew the Indians didn’t have the money to take the Feds to court. Educate yourselves, Bayer bought Monsanto& stated outright they want to be the world leader of medical marijuana production& distribution. Earth First needs to reactivate! New generation.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Not so sure on your Hemp for Victory statement. As far as I know, cultivated hemp was allowed for WW II due to its outstanding fibre quality and because the Japanese Imperial Forces had interrupted the “Manila” hemp (different plant) supply from Asia.

        That’s allegedly how hemp fibre in his parachute cord saved George H.W. Bush when his combat aircraft was shot out of the air by the J.I.f. During WWII. Hemp saved his ass. How times change. His Navigator didn’t make it.

        Of course, the lessons learned were forgotten and hemp was instantly re-criminalized after victory. I don’t think any farmers were arrested during the truce.

        Anybody who hasn’t seen the “Hemp for Victory” government movie should see it along with “Reefer Madness.” Interesting story on how the hemp movie was found in government archives after years of denials.

        • “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.”
          – Thomas Jefferson, U.S. President quote on Hemp

          “Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.”
          – George Washington, U.S. President quote on Hemp

          “I used to smoke marijuana. But I’ll tell you something: I would only smoke it in the late evening. Oh, occasionally the early evening, but usually the late evening – or the mid-evening. Just the early evening, mid-evening and late evening. Occasionally, early afternoon, early mid-afternoon, or perhaps the late-mid-afternoon. Oh, sometimes the early-mid-late-early morning. . . . …But never at dusk.”
          – Steve Martin quote on Marijuana

  • Get them greedy POS!

  • Federal warrant? Probably comes from interstate trafficking. Almost certain to include conspiracy and racketeering charges (RICO Act) which mean serious mandatory minimums. So almost certain to result in people who thought it was all so cool now ratting out whoever they can. Cascade of poop coming down…. This should also be noted that yes- now the feds are paying attention and they will continue to do so. The party is very much over!

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Wow! You really put a lot of thought into having this figured out all the way through to the end. Good job Danno!

      • I was gambling hereabouts for many solid years…Seen it happen up close when they destroyed the GD scene in Operation Dead End. RICO Act of ’86 left no room to budge. Then up here with grows on federal land. Have been puzzled they have done hardly anything for many years. Especially when large shipments travel out of state and people are extremely sloppy and all the links are readily seen by people not even involved in the operation. So much low-hanging fruit up here…the DEA can easily roll up millions in confiscation. Just wait until they involve the IRS and get a couple local accountants scared and rolling!! People here got soft or never learned their business.

    • The county and state need to clean up this shitshow, and keep it clean, or the g-men will be wearing the shit out of that bettering ram.

      You listenin’? Never rat on your friends, and ALWAYS keep your mouth shut. Do ya think there is a chance that one of the many mules locked up out of state isn’t looking to make a deal? Even make some shit up. Its all good until its not, then it can get real bad. Quickly. 😉

      • It’s every man for himself when things go to shit. No one’s going to pay for your lost years just for keeping your mouth shut.

        • Not anymore they won’t. Men used to be men. Take the pop, keep your mouth shut and your family got paid for your lost year. Ffs people would even name a child after the guy stuck inside.

        • Maybe not in your world...

          Actually guest, they will and do. Watch the sopranos, its kinda like that.

          The person getting busted must have a lot of good stuff like cars, houses, land, cash, jewelry, businesses and the like!

          The federal search and seize laws are off the charts, highly recommend reading one of the many articles written about it in the last few years.
          Under current DOJ rules, if a local law enforcement agency asks for assistance from ANY federal agency, the federal search&seize laws apply; not city, county or state.
          You really think theyre gonna give up that huge money maker? No way. They know the industry is bottoming out&they want their payout for as long as possible.

          Remember the HCSO got caught selling dead folks estate items to each other and courthouse employees. Why anyone would ever believe they arent stealing from every single bust is beyond me. Sorry folks but none of it is about “bad players” or protecting you from some unforeseen harm.
          Its all about the money.
          Think how much of your county, state and federal taxmoney just paid for this. To protect us from people moving pot over state lines? All the while meth and heroin are being made in the hills and polluting the land and our society. Domestic violence abusers are wreaking havoc locally&nationally (all adult male mass shooters had domestic violence backgrounds). Human trafficking is being done in fortuna and garberville with the fortuna pd getting paid to look the other way.
          What do you want your taxes spent on?

          • You’re stoned, right Dude?

          • No one’s making heroin in the hills. Meth, sure, why not, but not heroin. Unless you’d like to enlighten us………

            • There a plenty of hills in Mex and the poppy grows anywhere. So there, you have been enlightened

              • The implication in the post was that heroin is being made in the hills of SoHum/Humboldt county.

                Of course heroin is made in hills in other places. Vietnam, much? Afghanistan, much? So no, still not enlightened to the evidence that heroin is being made in the hills of Humboldt.

                • Weed is not selling much anymore. Poppies are being grown in large amounts. Yes, it’s a better harvest to cut and scrape them but you can also just cut the heads one time and cook them down. People are starting to do this. I have seen personal amounts of cooked-down opium, not heroin yet hitting Eureka. i have heard people talk about adding a small amount into the vape cartridges -for added “medicinal” effect. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize we have all the makings for a major heroin production area. Outlaws with low moral standards, need for money, many places to grow poppies remotely, ability to do guerrilla cooks. Don’t be surprised when it becomes the new reality in these hills. We are about two years away. People losing their land and homes will jump right on board and use the same faulty reasoning they used to blow up massive grows while they destroyed our communities.

              • Anonymous Humboldtian

                I find that article to be complete BS. Growing poppy plants is not illegal, but the sheriffs of Marin felt the need to destroy all of them even though there was no indication that they were bleeding the poppies and collecting the sap.

                • You didn’t read the article very well. It was in Monterey county. They are legal to grow as long as the bulbs are not cut. From the pictures it seems as if they were going to be boiling the bulbs.

                  Why do you say the article is BS?

              • It’s happening already on at least some level, i know three people who converted a portion of their growing this year to poppies. First year for all three but I highly doubt I know the only three in humboldt. I don’t condone it, just saying it is happening.

                • I don’t condone it at all. it will lead to a much worse community situation than even the mega-grows now safely protected in their permits. But it is happening. I’ve seen a field of old dead poppies on a logging land clearcut. The heads had all been cut off. Yes you can just grab the heads and cook them down. So it’s all legal until that one moment you cut the heads and run off with them. Then just go somewhere private and cook away. It’s the obvious next stage for this area. I imagine law enforcement will become aware of it in like….10-15 years or so! By then it will be a firmly established industry with local pay-offs and etc… Hope I am wrong!

          • That was well said and probably so true, on so many levels.

          • Correction alert!

            There is no meth or heroin being “made in the hills”.
            All the heroin and meth is shipped into the county.
            It is mainly being brought in by drug cartels and gangs.

            • bs. lots of meth being produced. some people experimenting with morphine base extraction. put that in your vaporizer and smoke it. within a month you will be selling your ass in eureka for more.

              • Nah once you try that Heisenberg shit, no one wants that shit made in 2 litre soda bottles anymore. The cartels own the meth market and no one is cooking heroin from local poppies. No one. I used to grow the china white poppies and dab it on my blunts or make tea with honey, but nowadays they got the eye in the sky and poppies are easier to see than weed.

              • It’s way cheaper to buy the cartel mexican.meth that is shipped in. Also much better quality. No reason for small meth labs anymore..

            • Correction alert! 🚨 (for real though)
              Your facts are totally flawed friend! Some of these growers have more money than friends and lots of time to experiment making all the drugs they can think of, ie; Meth, H, even LSD and other crap.

        • Sleepy Alligator

          “It’s every man for himself…….”

          Yeah well every man who decides to commit a crime is well aware that he is committing that crime and should be well aware of the consequences that come with getting caught and that’s why every man who gets busted should keep his mouth shut, do his time, not be a low life rat and cause others to get busted, and in the end it will all be behind him and he can live his life knowing he did the right thing. No one gets paid back for the lost years whether they rat or not. The rats just cause other people to also lose years.

          • Rule of Law not Leftists

            Cry me a river about snitching you criminal! That’s what you are a criminal growing pot, ruining our environment and rivers, not contributing taxes to your community like everyone else, and act like your some major employer. GTF over yourself. You’re a criminal, and if you get caught or someone snitches on your that’s your bad. Man up. You played the game and knew it was illegal. You ain’t some good ol boy outlaw doing no harm… You’re just a criminal and your times up crying about others who are tired of your shit in our communities. Go somewhere else to do your business it’s no longer welcome here. Good riddance!

            • thick blue line of criminal corruption

              Stop Snitchin’! po-po dont be snitchin on each other. learn from them. protect the fraternity over everything.

              • Somehow the honor-among-thieves fantasy fails when it turns out that the ones demanding it are not the least hesitant to throw the others to the wolves as soon as they are in trouble. What can you expect when the big principle involved is getting the most money you can and the hell with everyone else.

                Really ? Po-po?

            • Sleepy Alligator

              R.O.L.N.L I had no idea I was revealing so many details about my life with that comment. I thought I was just saying that people shouldn’t rat. Had you been right about anything you said about me I’d be wondering how the hell did he/she do that, must be some kind of psychic or something. Not the case. Considering the anger in your words I guess you just don’t like it when rats are spoken of in a negative way. A little sensitive on the subject are we? Hmmm🤔

            • Jealous much? Quit whining and sniffling ‘rule of law’. You sound like a child who just walked in late to a movie.
              Pot is legal, Trump is president, women can vote, welcome back!
              So you didn’t make as much $ as those around you, who cares? Are you happy? Healthy? Have those you love and that love you? If so, you are all good brother. Don’t worry about all the pot growers keeping this county afloat all these years paying the most in taxes, contributing the most $ to local business, keeping our rural area schools open with overly generous donations.
              But if it is just too much for you, you could always move to Indiana and whine about corn farmers. Something to think about, hope you get back on your feet again.

              • Just imagine how nice the community would be if all of the growers paid their full share of taxes like the law abiding citizens. Sure yall kept the school ‘afloat’ while piles and piles of cash were being made. Schools, infrastructure, social services, you name it all suffered while people were profiting nicely.

                • Considering that growers have to pay taxes in order to buy nice things and must claim enough income to buy those nice things I’d surmise that since they claim more income than the average person they actually pay higher taxes than the average person. Which translates to someone like yourself in the way that if you are currently paying taxes on an average income then the average grower actually pays considerablely more taxes than you. Take all the time you need to process this

            • I hear your frustration and i respect your opinion and recognize your right to it but i absolutely couldnt disagree more. Additionally im really tired of that exact false narrative. My biggest bone of contention being this. Those big timber companies that have all pulled stakes and headed elswhere to rape mother nature didnt leave much environment for the pot growers to ruin and if you think Maxaam or any other corporate entity involved paid their fair share of taxes into our local economy before up and leaving after basically strip mining this area of any and all natural resources they could get a chainsaw into, destroying the salmon spawning grounds and the fishing industry with it, leaving behind a large population of undereducated and now unemployed rednecks behind ripe to turn to alcoholism/meth and opiates in their depression over a lack of liveable wage jobs and with nothing to show for “the good years” except for a half mile wide strip of old growth redwoods called the ave of the giants and sequoia park (this whole county used to look like that, right down to the waterfront) oh! and hundreds of boats ,RVs and F350 SuperDutys (were they called grow dozers when loggers drove them? Its funny but the loggers and the green rushers have a lot more in common than youd think this whole mess is really more like green rush 2.0)rusting in driveways with grass growing up through the cracks. Im no earth firster, just an observer from a long ways away. In fact i sided WITH the timber industries in most of those scuffles during my formative years right up till education made it impossible for me to deny the truth anymore. All of that does NOT excuse being a poor environmental steward now, but the people that still live around here will never figure it out till they find the root of the problem, come to grips with and accept their own/my own complicity and stop trying to treat the symptoms of the underlying issue be it homelessness, alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic violence, unemployment, the local (lack of an)Economy, all the kids that are worth a shit moving away and not even wanting to come home to visit, etc, etc, etc ..

              • Weed growers and traffickers made mad cash money and poured it into their pockets in lieu of paying their fair share of local, state and federal taxes. Now you have nobody to blame but yourself and others like you for the social ills that permeate this community. Homelessness, alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic violence, unemployment, economic decay, and brain drain are all exacerbated when government agencies don’t have money for services. Buy another grow dozers, take another Caribbean vacation, gag down another eight ball, get a new iPhone 10, because paying taxes is for suckers. Paying employees above the table is also for suckers, so the the tax base erodes even further.

                Do not use the completely legal corporate greed of the past to excuse how you and others raped this community to fill your own wallets. Then you all whine like a bunch of little bitches when the regulations change for the betterment of the communities, customers, local, and state governments. You all made this community a truly challenging place for young people to make anything of themselves., now we are all stuck with it.

                Remember what the community looked like when you arrived. Look around – it hasn’t improved much has it.

                • “The betterment of communities and customers”. Find me a positive review of the new laws from anyone in the business. Or from customers. Go

                • Green knight. [edit] Why don’t you have the balls to say it in public to all your neighbors, instaead you hide on your computer or what ever you use to wine on the Blackbelt calling people bitches. Why don’t you get off your ass and create jobs!

            • Wow.. bet you got family members that have made at least a dollar on illegak weed

      • Great advice but too many opportunists in the biz these days that will rat instantly.

      • You sound like the President. “rats” and all

  • The business is a gym. Maybe looking for roids.

  • I was thinking just yesterday about Briceland in the late 60s and the first waves of homesteading growers. It was such a mellow and safe scene then. All things must pass, I guess. When you grow a bush that sprouts $100 bills you attract a lot of flies, too.

  • Rat on Steve DeAngelo!

    • Sleepy Alligator

      I’m pretty sure every government agency that exists already knows about him considering he’s been doing mainstream business openly and publicly for well over a decade and using the media for his activism efforts.

    • He sold out to a major Corp. He doesn’t own harbor side anymore.

    • Steve is history. He invested 25 million in a Greenhouse scene in the lovely fog belt that is Watsonville. He hired a farm manager with cut flower experience not cannabis. Now he is up against Flow Kana and The Natural Cannabis Co. and all he can grow is shwag.

      • the Loma Prieta ridge from hyw 17 south has 1,000s of greenhouses in the 5-2018 google earth image. most are on the backside were its not so foggy.

  • Most of the little gyms and fitness places around here are drug fronts.

  • Anonymous Humboldtian

    Too bad it wasn’t trim scene.

  • @Notbuyinit. [edit] Growers do not HAVE to pay taxes to buy nice things. You simply pay cash, the seller doesn’t pay taxes o the transaction, and so on. Its not hard to buy a new car with nothing but cash. Some people pay a little bit in taxes to keep the IRS away. Truth is the IRS doesn’t secretly case your crib and count all of your shit and see how that compares to your tax return without cause. They only do that after you have been busted by some other circumstance.

    You are completely mistaken if you believe that all of the Humboldt scenes are paying the full amount of taxes owed. Even more ridiculous is the notion that the growers pay more than the average guy. You’re high dude. Too high.

    Tax evasion is part of the game. These grow bros and their ilk expect the other guy to pay for the roads, schools, and services. Chief excuse I hear is “we can’t deduct all of our expenses like a legal corporation so we don’t pay ANY taxes. Its all even” Hide everything in a relatives name and whaaa-la, Bob’s your Uncle.

    • you really think Costco, Harper, Northwood Chevrolet, etc are going under the table? if so you are clueless. the amount of sales tax paid by growers in Costco alone exceeds all of the average guys combined. lets compare the other end of the spectrum: the average family raising losers still pays 1950 property tax rate on their trailer because its still in dads name. do they buy things, no, they steal things the rest of buy.

    • It’s ironic to hear all the right wingers go on about how much they like taxes. Just like ANY business, growers pay what they have to to keep appearances up, and not much more. It’s no different from any business, period.

  • Ah yes, the analogies to logging without examining the end results. Last time I checked you couldn’t smoke, snort, or inject a 2×4.

    • I think we should inject some 2x4s into the rumored growers who have supposedly decided to switch to growing poppies for opium.

      • that’s just stupidity, really, anyone that thinks they can grow enough poppies to do anything is as stupid as your comment. Yes I’ve heard the rumor and yes I’m positive some people grow poppies but in the end they’re not doing anything except possibly creating a bit of product for themselves. You could grow 5-10 acres of nothing but poppies and still barely make enough of whatever end product your making to cover the cost. That’s like saying there’s meth cooks out in the hills!! I’m sure there are but they’re not doing shit, almost ALL of the meth, cocaine and heroin or any other poppy based product comes from Mexico, South America, Afghanistan etc

  • Recall. Recall. Recall. Time for new representation

  • you Can only pay cash for small things under 10,000 .Most old growers payed some income taxes so they had Income to buy new property.
    The notion of growers not paying taxes is far off.
    Our president docent pay what he owes
    The good old American way, give the government as little as an American can legally .

    • That’s just crazy, you can pay cash above 10K if you want, I wouldn’t suggest it unless you’re straight up on the up and up and in that most folks that are don’t pay cash for large purchases. Don’t get me wrong some do but most do not

  • Did The 1949 Gold Rushers run to the State or Federal Government To pay Their Taxes ? Or Was it a free for all. Does big Corps make sure they pay for our schools? The Locals make it happen every day
    miss information in the pot industry is extraordinary .You cant spend the big money unless You PAY TAXES Income Taxes Property Taxes ,SElf employment Taxes, School Taxes , Hospital Taxes ,Luxury Boat taxes,sales tax on every Dime you send locally in your hum county.
    Day worked Dollar spent. No work No money spent!!!!!!!!!!!
    Forward To Estell Fennel mark and the rest who are killing their own Home.!

    IMPEACH ISTELL FENNEL Abate her Ass non community Compliance.

  • If it’s a Federal raid why are there no Federal vehicles in the pic? Only state and local…

    • Because I was working off a tiny phone screen on the way from the hospital with a family member so I took a photo a reader sent me. Here’s another:

  • Wow. So many dope and drug experts here. No wonder this county is a cesspool. You all think knowing about drug history, tech and “culture” is actual knowledge. It’s debased, amoral junk for the brain. No one – no family, no kids – should ever have to grow up around hippies and other degenerates who think dope and drugs are a-ok. Knowing about which families are doing what and whose a snitch or isn’t, it’s like the mafia around here without the bad suits.

    To a hot burning hell for all these druggie hangers-on and their “expert opinions.” Generational psychotics, all of them.

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