Thousands of Marijuana Plants, Thousands of Pounds Found During Raid on the Woods Ranch Yesterday

Tuppies of bud. [All photos from the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office]

Tuppies of bud. [All photos from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office]

A bust at a cannabis cultivation site yesterday north of Redway yielded thousands of plants and thousands of pounds of marijuana. One search warrant was served on three parcels. Those parcels were all owned by the same owner, according to Samantha Karges, spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU):

On August 21, 2018, deputies with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) served one search warrant to investigate illegal cannabis cultivation in the Wood Ranch Road area of Southern Humboldt. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Humboldt County Environmental Health and HAZMAT Unit, Humboldt County Planning and Building Department and the State Water Board assisted in the service of the warrants.

Three parcels were investigated during the service of the warrant. The parcels did not possess nor were in the process of actively obtaining a commercial cannabis permit with the County of Humboldt.

During the service of the warrant, deputies eradicated approximately 21,053 growing cannabis plants. Deputies also seized and destroyed over 3,400 pounds of cannabis bud, over 2,800 pounds of cannabis shake, approximately 275 pounds of processed cannabis and approximately 57 pounds of pre-rolled cannabis joints. Deputies also located approximately 10 pounds of vape pens, an approximately 69-pound box of vape cartridges and approximately 2,700 gallons of diesel stored on the property.
Assisting agencies found the following violations:

– Two stream alteration violations (up to $8,000 fine per day, per violation)
– Two depositing trash in or near a waterway violations (up to $20,000 fine per day, per violation)
– Failure to establish a Hazardous Materials Business Plan (up to $5,000 fine per day, per violation)
– Aboveground storage tank in operation with no Spill Prevention Countermeasure and Control (SPCC) plan (up to $5,000 fine per day, per violation)
– Commercial cannabis ordinance violations (up to $10,000 fine per day)
– Improper storage and removal of solid waste violations (up to $25,000 fine per day, per violation)
No arrests were made during the service of the warrants. Additional violations with civil fines are expected to be filed by the assisting agencies.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.



    • Are all grows now unmanned, there are no arrest reported. Really big grow on auto pilot.

      • Nope someone has to mix the nutrients to feed the plants daily so someone comes.

        • no they don’t. You could have an automated pump hooked up to a 1000 gallon tank. You would only have to come once a week or so.

      • No there just not concidered criminal anymore. Hence the fines. No arrest needed to be made because they can fine the property owner hundreds of thousands of dollars and put a lien against the property also they destroy the entire year’s Harvest putting the guy way behind so it’s a win-win for the county

  • Ouch! No permit no plants.
    Whats there not to understand?
    Pay your extorters or don’t get to play!
    Pretty simple really.
    No property will be next.
    How on earth you gonna pay them fines? Be glad the county still gladly accepts drug money.
    But that will have its day in court as well. By taking cash and money from illigimate sources they are also committing a felony aiding and abetting criminal entities.
    Word is the supes will all go to jail before too long as real authorities are getting highly interested.
    An entire county of scoundrels from higher ups to their enforcers.
    Hope to see them all locked up!

    • Yeah, …that’s what qanon said. Pfft.
      This whole thing was built on stealing and killing. You keep waiting for the man to save the day. Corruption is the post doctoral education for the upwardly motivated. Got It!

  • Looks like a nice set up. I hope instead of trashing the infrastructure it can be converted into a legal agricultural zone.

  • That’s a lot of ganja man…obsessed much? And I bet he forgot to plant a row of tomatoes. Or squash, or peppers, etc.

  • Twinkle Winklestein

    Good riddance!!!, that guy is a greedy, environmental Goblin. Get all those jerks out of Humboldt County. Water thief.

    • nearly unrelated

      One cannot steal water no more than you can steal air. Water rights do not set up water as property and for a strong reason. One can damage streams, pollute streams, run creeks dry and many other crimes against the environment and even the water itself, but one cannot steal a God given necessity of life.

      We want to be careful about the concepts we stand behind as famine and thirst are coming in the wake of climate change.

  • “– Aboveground storage tank in operation with no Spill Prevention Countermeasure and Control (SPCC) plan (up to $5,000 fine per day, per violation)”
    Ironic that one of the pictures shows a containment around that aboveground tank allegedly without any spill prevention countermeasures.
    It almost looks like from the sound of it these people could have been trying to go legal. And that wording not “actively” Persuing a county cannabis permit bothers me too…
    Hay county officials ripping apart these Humboldt County communities could you go after the approximately 12500 growers that have not signed up for a permit in any way rather than those who have showed some effort.

  • If you aren’t going to pursue a cultivation permit, at the very least, make sure you are in compliance with EPA regulations (create a simple spill prevention plan online, print it, and post it onsite; have emergency spill cleanup materials readily available; label all hazardous waste generated and stored on site; etc). Being compliant with known regulations will save you a ton of money in fines and fees.
    The pictures of this site show a relatively clean and orderly operation. It is still a bunch of b.s. that the grower is blowing it up and thumbing their nose at the new legal, regulated game.
    It also seems like the grower is putting on the facade of being legal and selling legal product (pounds of rolled joints discovered by LEO; organized tubs of product with apparent labels). Not very trust worthy. Apparently, the grower’s associates and workers weren’t so trustworthy either. I’m guessing this bust was complaint driven since warrants were obtained.
    A little extra effort can save a lot in fines. Being good to your workers and keeping one’s own mouth shut are also good ideas. Just saying.

    • I left my tolling motor in El Segundo

      Hogs get fat, pigs get slaughtered. Damn, greedy, hippie-posers.

      Those freakin vape cartridges are the most non-hippie invention evah. Take 40 hits and toss it in the landfill or on the side of the road. Made with poison and exported to high schools across the country. School resource officers are finding more of these oil vapes than cigarettes.

      • That just the anti-cig brigades propaganda, to insure they have future jobs, since they did so well with their anti-cig campaigns.

      • Have to agree – it’s the Bic lighter syndrome all over again……but for some people they are apparently worthwhile

        • I left my tolling motor in El Segundo

          For some people meth is apparently worthwhile.

          • Viable option for 95% of humanity.but setting is critical.where I’m from there is said to be a devil that flies around the goat corral and endangers children that go out at night.i really don’t believe much of that common talk.

    • You don’t know them shame on You to speak based on fake news !!! Humboldt has lost their minds … going after compliant permitted farms and ignoring the 2500 not signing up Scarry Scarry seems like if you get a permitt your fucked and if you don’t your fucked and then some got letters while the locals get the worst treatment ever ! . Hmmmm sounds like they wanna fine us force us out and then the next person to permitt will pay the hefty fees and they are hefty !!! And then be forced out ! I am watching loads of revenue for this town leave . So many people out of jobs now … what’s next for this town …. (ghost)

      • The sky is falling the sky is falling. Mixed light permits? Tier 4 compliant, or is that Generator under 50 hp? Is the generator plumbed direct or is it fueled daily? 1099 to the employees? Ada compliance? Just a few questions. The permit process/structure is very rigorous. I am sure that if they are/were in the permit process that these issues are/were being addressed.

  • Product destined for states that are still exercising the stupidity of cannabis prohibition. Cannabis exports from free states like California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Massachusetts, Vermont is a multi billion-dollar business. With money like that on the table people aren’t going to ignore it. The only logical path forward is full legalization Nationwide.

    • Yeah,these guys were definitely exporting ,that s why they didn’t have any bud at their site, cause the export market is ice cold like the whole industry ,party is over ,2 more years of a slow death lol

    • Exporting Cannabis to any other state is considered interstate drug trafficking, and a Federal Offense. Granted, the further east you can get your product the more money you can make, and the harder jail sentence you will get, depending on the state. Southern Prisons are full of poor fools that got caught with Marijuana and got more time for a joint than some guy that got caught committing armed robbery.

      • I know a guy doing 3 years for having 450 #’s on him in North Carolina. I guess if you were only halfway across the country it would have been 18 months.

    • There where a few busts recently in MA where thousands of lbs where being shipped here from California.

    • SickOfYourNegativity

      Your a fucking retard

  • The Other Black Market Growers

    Excellent! Excellent!! I just felt prices go up a hair. Keep going HCSO!! We love you!!

  • In my opinion it Looks like Humboldt County extortionists ripped off another farmer who appears to be environmentally conscious and clean in his approach…. I wonder how much money was stuffed down the deputies undies,… Hiw many pounds were slipped between the cracks into the deputies trunks only to be resold on the black market…. Pretty nice setup, I wonder if the deputies cut any of his fuel lines and let the diesel flow into the creek, ching ching another $250,000 for the ripoff county of Humboldt, did the “professional public servants” kill any famiky pets or steal any family heirlooms this time, looks like new schiol clothes and bmx and motorbikes for the deputies kids after ripping off this farm like all the others….. Can anyone say Oppressive County Minions

    • I agree ! That’s exactly what’s happening to most of us trying to permit … this county is lagging and holding us back ! That can’t even seem to keep up w is unless they stealing from us

  • . . Amber waves of grain. . . .purple mountains majesty above the fruited plain. . . never mind!

  • Funny how high n mighty the yuppys of our town preach about getting permits. Teachers pet much? Hypocrites I say. A grow that big could very well have been trying to get permitted. Since when does everyone trust the shitstym?

  • This story has many lies ! And when locals try to do the right thing this county is pushing us out . All the negative comments suck this is by far the cleanest thing I ever saw . Looks like the county lost more business this town is gonna be in Great Depression

    • “Three parcels were investigated during the service of the warrant. The parcels did not possess nor were in the process of actively obtaining a commercial cannabis permit with the County of Humboldt.”

      I expect all of these raids and permits will have the county swimming in cash and the grow bros going out of biz.

    • That’s like believing billionaires and millionaires drive a thriving economy. They don’t. It’s the average worker that spends their dough and drives the economy. Millionaires buy yachts which do nearly nothing for the economy. Same goes for growers. Big growers spend their money in Bali.

      • Bali money or Bail money?

      • You were obviously brought up in the public school system, hence your cluelessness on how an economy functions. Thousands of people are employed to build a yacht. All of the materials have to be made, wood cut etc. before other employed people can build the yacht. Furthermore, Millionaires and Billionaires own businesses that employ people. Theoretically, they have money in the bank that is lent out to people for capital investment etc. Go read Economics In One Lesson and comment when you have a clue.

        • “Thousands of people are employed to build a yacht. ” What!! are they all [edit] and blind? And upkeep of a large yacht is expensive which according to your projections would be at least 5000 [edit] and blind maintenance personnel and thousands of dollars in fuel costs and moorage fees(you can’t park a yacht for free) But I guess there are jobs for taxpayers. Put all the yachts costs together and it doesn’t even come close to what our Gov’t spends on the F-35’s or another aircraft carrier $14 billion just for the hull another 4 $billion to make it float and move forward and another 24 billion for 24 aircraft at a billion a piece, (I have no idea what it costs to keep 3500 personnel on board), (we have 15 in a world with seven seas), or 12,000 tomahawk missiles at $1.5 million dollars each, or 2500 contracts to for profit corporations ( probably the CEO’s own yachts) who lose on average 20% of taxpayer dollars and the list goes on and on and on. But the military hires a lot of people to be put in harm’s way to fight useless unwinnable wars so military corporations can make money(taxpayers money!!).

        • Why do you need to bash the public school system !? What the hell people ! Lots of people goto public school and are not stupid

      • Well 50 families plus locally just lost their jobs and they live and spend

      • Not true ! I believe here the millionaire spends a lot of money on dirt and everything else needed … this looks like 40 families or more just lost jobs !!!!! And they ducking live here !!!! I am so surprised at people’s negativity . Imagine if it was you…… and you spent all that time and money …. and paper work and reading law after law and as it changed you had to change and then ….. that happened and all your employees who have been there for ever just lost their jobs !!! Come on!

    • Sad but true. This looked like a pretty nice setup. Can only imagine the cost of having to tear it all down which the county will remediation. But really it will de value the land. Grocery stores and restaraunts are about to feel the brunt of all this along with places like car dealerships and auncillary businesses which is practically everyone. This community survives off the dollars from farms like this. Gville is already a ghost town compared to the boom days and the prices aren’t going anywhere but down. It is sad to imagine what this place will be like in a few years once the county has truly cut its own legs out from underneath it. Yes there will be tax dollars but that make small businesses money. They will feel the squeeze harder then anyone.

  • So there goes millions of dollars most of which would have been spent in Humboldt. Meanwhile the rest of the state is making money like mad. Apparently Humboldt government hates everybody in the county. This is nothing new. Humboldt government has always hated hippies. To bad the grewers didn’t pool there resources and use the money to vote out everyone supporting hippie war.

  • Testes, testes, one two...three?

    The pics of these busts demonstrates how idiotic and corrupt the “legal and regulated” system is. We, the people, want weed, cheap. Grows this size exist legally and pump out weed. More people could be legally engaging in much smaller grows, flooding the people with “product” at half the going price. Backyard farmers’ markets could exist for people to share, freely if they wanted. But instead govt. is shoving their fist in everybody’s pocket and what could be quickly, easily, safely and cheaply available to everybody is a circus of bureaucracy and cameras and monitoring.

  • Nice operation. Too bad the county isn’t focusing on messy trashed sites, of which there are plenty

    • One of God’s greatest creations is, was, will be, is TIME…

    • I thought the same thing. But if you’re going to go that big/commercial you better get those permits before pouring all those resources into an operation that big; it’s gonna attract a lot of attention. Gotta hurt….

  • Absolutely out of control greed greed greed and more greed how much can one eat

  • Since when was capitalism outlawed in America ‘Captain’? Say what? You have to live where your enterprise is? Huh.
    He’s a narc (I assume that’s what you meant by ‘nark’)? You are saying he narced on himself? ‘Captain Oblivious’ there’s more than a tad bit of jealousy in you because someone else was successful.

    • “Some call it bootlegging. Some call it racketeering. I call it a business.” – Al Capone

      “I am like any other man. All I do is supply a demand.” – Al Capone

      “ I have always been opposed to violence, to shootings. I have fought, yes, but fought for peace. And I believe I can take credit for the peace that now exists in the racket game in Chicago. I believe that the people can thank me for the fact that gang killings here are probably a thing of the past.” – Al Capone ( just a quote I found funny and apropos to the reality of criminality- it corroded society for generations.)

      For all the murders, illegal business, extortion, bribery, etc that were attributed to Al Capone, the thing that caught him in the end was tax evasion. When he went to jail for it, the IRS was flooded with people deciding to pay their back taxes.

  • dude probably sitting on his 5-10 million$ and figured why not put another half a mill into one more go-round…

    • If that happened to me I would fucking leave !!! In fact who is to say it’s not ??? Police can and will do whatever they want ! Hmmmmm in the last year many locals who call this home are leaving …. Leaving bulagarians and anyout of state people alone . Makes no sense

  • No success for anyone anymore in Humboldt,thats the plan by our supervisors!!! The planning and extortion DEP gets big big chunk of your get to be a slave to come up with land payment and expenses,they leave you with just enough to eat and keep slaving.get out of line and they’ll Evan take that from you

  • Thanks Estelle ,rex boned,and the rest of the rip off brigade.youll get your carma

    • Those fuckers not even making sure all the permit farms get their permit … I will be happy when your karma comes

    • Yah thanks a lot Estelle and all the rip-off thanks for holding up everyone’s permits way to go!!!!

  • No permits=no plants= no profits
    Have permits=have plants=have profits

  • Very nice looking scene with super nice Conley greenhouses with curtain system it’s to bad they were not a permitted grow unfortunately they would not of been able to get around using a generator for power maybe a 2.5 million dollar industrial solar system setup would have solved there whole generator problem and they did not show any pictures of the trash near or in the stream witch is hard to believe they didn’t take it to the dumps they most of had about 20 people working full time. For as much money as they spent on the super nice greenhouse’s they could have got a well drilled so they did not have to devert water . Well I guess the Planning and Building Dept. is going to make them take them all down now.💸💸💸💸💸bye , bye 👋 O.G. Grow Gorilla 🦍 🙊🙉🙈 Big Boss Kowala Ballaa 🐨 Cannabis farmers in shining armor 👨‍🌾👩🏼‍🌾 agreegious or prestigious this certainly will all displease us the Cannabis is the only thing that freed us the big corporations need us so they can spoon feed us and miss lead us .

  • So where’s the talk of the scary cartels?
    All of the sudden silence on that subject, guess it was a plantion owner who got busted!

  • LOL “approximately 57 pounds of pre-rolled cannabis joints”! Pounds of them!

  • Every plant has a use. [edit]

    • Growers have kept this county afloat for the last 20+ years. [Edit] Why don’t you focus on yourself instead of worrying about what other people are doing.

    • Wow ……i will keep a lookout for you

    • Protective parent.

      Thats fucked up just because someone has a big truck or as you like to call them (grow dozers) your going to poison them?? First of all some people just like big trucks. Its not fhere fault you cant afford one your self… Second; what if they are complyant, permitted tax paying cultivators? So now you’re poisoning honest people… And third and most importantly of all; what if one of his children is deathly allergic to poison oak and now you’ve intentionally made an innocent child sick???


    • That’s actually really stupid for your own enjoyment. Some people are allergic to poison oak. Whether you like, loathe or think they deserve it. It’s just simply wrong and against the law. You can throw water on someone but if it’s a beer, it’s assault. What if they got it bad in their lungs after scratching their nose? What if they died? Would you stand by your bs in court? The fact u think you can do that to someone, wow. My suggestion, find a new hobby, one that won’t get you in trouble for being stupid.

      • I’m sorry, they could go around & cough on door handles too giving folks God knows what…
        “Everything we need to know, we learned in kindergarten” like how to wash your hands with hot water & soap REGULARLY cuz you never know who’s got cooties! Just sayin’

        • Actually if someone filmed you doing that, you can still be in trouble. It’s transferring your bodily fluids onto someone or possessions they plan to in touch . The condensation from your breathe is not water. And when their child dies from your transfer of flu, are you still OK with it? It’s just bs thought process on your part. My suggestion, DON’T THINK PUTTING ANYTHING ON SOMEONE ELSE IS OK. My suggestion, read up on the cult that got in trouble in OR in1984. Your thought process is not fr from these people. Do yourself a favor & Seek help.

      • A friend who was not affected by poison oak was the one to burn it. He inhaled some smoke and broke out in poison on every inch (yes, all of him) of his body. He was hospitlized for days.

    • Please…take a leak when your done.

    • That reminds of a girl in Redway who caught her boyfriend on top of another girl, and rubbed his underwear in poison oak.

    • OMG let me mill that old growth poison oak into thin strips! I’ll turn you out thin boards!!

  • Let me get this straight. Apply for a permit and start paying fees so every department in the county gets their cut. Maybe grease a few palms to speed things up. Bust immunity. Now legally grow your weed and sell on the black market because there’s no track and trace. Sounds great to me. No brainer.

  • but thats just for his personal use!

  • Only 21,053 plants and 69 lbs of vape. It was obviously just a personal use operation. I could use that 2,700 gals of diesel tho. Lol.

  • My man going for gold

  • Food for thought

    They found all that and not one dollar? Bet that cheesed em. Lol

  • Sleepy Alligator

    I wonder if it’s the pre-rolls or the cartridges or both that they use that huge pile of 5 year old looking crap to make. Pre-rolls = mystery rolls. Well organized looking scene though. Unfortunate the county sent their thieves over to rob them. We should be reading about the first law suit against the county anyday now right? And many more to follow right?

    • That does look like some dried out nasty old ass schwag. The kind of crap you turn into mystery oil or roll it up before anyone sees what garbo it is. What fool buys rolled joints.

      I have seen nothing concerning any lawsuits against the county. Why hasn’t a young, aspiring, aclu type, half-broke attorney stepped up and filed some suits if these actions are so wrong? Won’t these fine simply be added to the property’s tax bill?

      • Can’t file before someone is actually required to pay. Until then it is all theoretical. Now the only thing that could be done is to file about the lost plants. And good luck with spending a bundle for lawyers on that if you’re illegal. I love the little delusion that the ACLU is going act as a personal lawyer over the right to grow pot. They could as they have become very silly but it still would be a hard thing for them to justify challenging well established environmental laws.

        I suppose they could file a lawsuit to throw out unreasonably burdensome regulation but even theybshouod see there is a big problem that the process is supposed to address. Somehow I can think there’s a civil right to grow unregulated pot.

        Most commenters are all stirred up by the mention of 5 figure fines per charge. They totally (choose to?) over look the “up to” part. There will a lot of negotiation, court fights, appeals because of course “up to” doesn’t mean “always.” In fact few will be fined the max.

    • That’s right!!!!!

  • As of July 1st you must have a license (interim or permanent) from the state of California to cultivate. A county license supplied by the planning department doesn’t do you any good if you don’t have a state license.

    The sheriffs department and the planning department are two seperate entities. The planning department can legally give you a permit and the sheriffs can legally raid you if you don’t have a state license.

    From the looks of things this person had a mostly up to code operation and had probably filed paper work with the county. But having a case of oil just sitting on the floor is a violation. It needs to be in a plastic tote in a locked shed. it seems like a lot of people attempting to go legit (or kind of attempting) are getting raided these days.

    Signing up and then not following through might not be the best strategy.

    • Agreed on much of what you said. It took me the better portion of an afternoon and an evening to read through and really comprehend every line in the new(est) version of the regulations when Kym posted a link a month or so back. I wonder how many others have even taken the time. I think a lot of people would be surprised to know that they need to have that stuff under lock and key with a log book and record of access.

  • Its probably one of marci kitchens grows .I wonder how long that set up has been running .that’s the biggest bust I have ever seen .

  • Wonderful photos!

    I am deeply impressed by the scale, the expense, and the extent of these operations. I would almost have to call them industrial!

    Somebody, somewhere, is out a metric buttload of capital!

    They probably have many other gigantic grows, though…

    I hope that, in ten years, all the dope is grown on giant farms, in gigantic greenhouses, by companies that follow current environmental, labor, and tax law, under the proper permits, and in a manner that is safe for everyone involved.

    What was all the diesel for? Generators? And where is the money? And the cowboy who owns this place?

    Somebody knows. Let’s hear about it!

  • should be a cute meeting thursday evening at the Mateel, just another step on the road to cannibus corporatization, wonder how many grows which dwarf this grow are happening in the valley right now. Fogetta about lettuce folks.

  • Starting to look like Humboldt’s fucked,were all at the mercy of an elected by ourselves dirty rip off gang.paying them to finish us off.what a nasty outcome to a beautiful place we call home

  • Hope you all realize there starting with the biggs and gonna work down the latter.better save that change

  • They really need to clean their gutters.

  • Ok now that is a mega grow kids.

    • Have you seen what is sprouting up all over SoCal? Grows that make this scene look like some old lady’s tomato garden.

  • Not the biggest grow I’ve seen but Definitely the cleanest! Sorry for all the people that lost their jobs today.

    Things are getting hard out there for growers, and soon it will be getting hard out there for local businesses such as clothing stores, toy stores, flower shops, restaurants, coffee shops and salons.

    You think all these busts happening would drive the black market prices up….

  • Looks like a “resilient” grow using “best practices” techniques. Maybe we can have a “conversation” or a “dialogue” about sequestering carbon Ass Prints, or we could discuss the impending “Global Boring” settling over much of the worlds unconsensual diversity.
    Nice to see medicine grown by such the exacting standards of science and technology? Looks like they hire the best contractors in the area?
    Wish I had that much money or property.
    who’s got the name on the parcel owners?

  • Wow that is a beautiful op, not like all the eyesore tweaker ops you have to pass by to get there. That is a lot of cash that won’t be coming into my business or yours this year, thanks Dumboldt County, keep up the good work

  • You would think the people would get tired of bowing and scraping before a pedestal of paper terrorist’s nonsense.

    God is quite clear about walking in the ordinance of the heathen and renounces those who do.
    Leviticus 18: 3-4.

    Counties do not make law. That’s the job of the Legislative branch.

    If you do not know how to assert your rights, you have none.

  • Looks like a Big Tommy operations being so well financed…..

  • What a joke so many horrible grows that our ruining the land and they waste their time here. Looks clean

  • Been running for years.. You can see it from Mail Ridge..

  • Bummer, it looks very clean

  • I know for a fact the guy who did the tree work out there and at his home in eureka said he was going to report this place because he didn’t get paid he I think he owns some fake ass lawn care in fortuna or maybe[edit]

  • No spill container ?? What is that spill container around th tank ? A fence ?
    Why take a pic of spill container & say it doesn’t exist ?
    Sounds like trump or rudy to me !

  • Likely a sacrificial distraction like the 50 tons of crustal ,outside culiacan,Sinaloa.nobody there.just taking their attention off a larger,more important girls and fentanyls(there are hundreds of fentanyls). But the sophisticated apparatus would werk for brocilli sprout production.witch can be powdered and sold to Walmart.and powdered ,red ,rolypoly bugs.witch taste better than shrimp.they are not bugs and should not be eaten raw.bugs have invisible bugs on them,that can live inside to a grown up.the bug powder is crustatian.cures cocaine addiction.both systems can only werk,fed inlandsea phytoplankton.without starting a food chain on nothing or cow ,modified e-Coli.

  • Makes you go Hmmmm???

    To all of you judgementle jerks out there that think they have any idea about anything here’s something to think about. This owner that everyone is calling greedy is so far from that it’s not even funny. If you knew them you wouldn’t say one word. They are actually extremely generous and paid at least 20 LOCAL families a living wage. These families are home owners with mortgages and parents with children that need fed. These are some of the best families I know. Their kids go to school with your kids and these families spend money locally and participate in local activities. You’d never judge them to their face! And as for the environmental issues that are stated in the article they were not supported by one single picture. I’ve seen trashed sites. This was not one of them!! Please be kind!

  • To dellib I’m finishing my 69 roadrunner I will be driving her very soon. Thank u friend

  • If they can obtain a search warrant for three parcels, they should post the parcel owners name in their report. Don’t protect these environmental terrorists…

    • Why does everyone want a name ??? Nosey nosey what’s it matter the police still did that !!! This is by far the nicest establishment I have ever seen ! So much love and heart looks like it lives there ! This is really sad what I see this town going through ! I feel your pain ! To all the crew who did lose jobs … keep your heads up

  • Is the county gonna sell them pounds to cover the fines?

  • Nice job Humboldt county Sheriffs !!! Got them greedy fucks go get the Mexicans!!!

    • Omg they should get your racist ass !!! So much hate for nothing … BE KIND PEOPLE !!! For goodness sake

  • Screw Humboldt Supervisors


    Why is there so much racism among commenters on RedHead Blackbelt, wh6 8s yhere a propot, antipot polarization among the different “classes” in the humboldt “caste system”, why do people who support the logging and the timber industry suddenly care so much about when it comes to comes to cannabis farms, but they care less about 1000 acre logging operations which are equivalent to 2,000 -half acre grows? Is it because Humboldt has one set of rules for cannabis farmers but a different set of rules for mowing down the forest by timber corporations. The county targets small growers and gives the green light to corporate timber and corporate pot. Screw Humboldt Supervisors!! Impeach them all next election!

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