Humboldt Domestic Violence Services Speaking About Human Trafficking at Eureka Woman’s Club September 19th

This is a press release from the Eureka Woman’s Club:

Here is some information for an upcoming speaker at our next membership meeting.

On September 19th at 12:30 Brenda Bishop from Humboldt Domestic Violence Services will be speaking about Human Trafficking at the Eureka Woman’s Club. Free and Open to the public with a bring your own brown bag lunch at noon. Eureka Woman’s Club is located at 1531 J Street, Eureka.

The Eureka Woman’s Club is a non-profit organization that is a member of international, national and California Federations of Women’s Clubs. Please visit our website, call or email the Eureka Woman’s Club for more information about this and other upcoming events.




  • Is Asia Argento going to speak? They should invite her for that female perspective on predation.

    • Stop using 1 bad person to generalize an entire gender. I feel sorry fir your wife, daughters, sisters & mothers they have to put up with u.

  • Be interesting to see how much human trafficking would still exist if the penalty for it was life at hard labor.

    • I’d be interested in knowing how the people are being trafficked in and out of the country, something tells me they don’t just fly in on commercial planes.

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        In everyday cars and trucks. These meetings are to discuss it and to help the community as a whole learn how to tell the signs and signals that some bullshit is going on. Fear and violence keeps a lot of women in sex slavery and may not come out and tell you like they were just saying Hi.

        • I wonder if they couldn’t become an ICE auxilliary . ANOTHER woman was stabbed to death yesterday by an illegal alien. Illegal aliens traffic in child slavery, and adults. Get rid of the illegals first, then start on our domestic predators. Or if the domestics end up in the ICE busts, send them away too, let an other govt deal with them.

      • thick blue line of criminal corruption

        Ever look in the kitchen in a Chinese restaurant or met some ladies at a massage spa. They probably had a plane ticket, now they just have to work for 10 years to pay it off.

      • A little bit of research reveals who owns the ports, who receives blind eye passes, who changed their names to achieve positions, which companies/corps/ceo’s/politicians lobby/lobbied for undocumented ports and portals.
        Start with a search on who sold the ports and to whom.

  • Gotcha finally................

    “Humboldt Domestic Violence Services will be speaking about Human Trafficking at the Eureka Woman’s Club”

    I suspected the women at the Eureka Women’s Club were up to no good.

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