Sheriff’s Department in China Creek and Coordinating With Chico to Catch Suspect in Double Homicide Car Fire

Last night, Supervisor Estelle Fennell called in a car fire on the Shelter Cove Road just west of the Ettersburg Junction. Unbeknownst to her, it contained the bodies of two people.

Two bodies from a suspected double homicide were found in this burning vehicle. [Crop of a photo by Supervisor Estelle Fennell]

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is raiding a property in China Creek west of Redway this morning looking for the suspect in two deaths believed to have been a double homicide. The Chico police are coordinating with the Sheriff’s Department and serving a search warrant in that area, also.

The bodies of a local man and woman were discovered by firefighters putting out a vehicle fire on Briceland Road near the Ettersburg Junction on August 14. The names of the victims have not yet been released.

Lt. Brian Quenell of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed they are on scene in China Creek and collecting evidence.  We will update as more information comes in.

UPDATE 4:10 p.m.24-Year-Old Chico Man Arrested in Connection With Deaths of Victims Found in Vehicle Fire Near Ettersburg Junction

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  • I hope they find what they need.

    • This is an indicator of a bad situation. I wonder if there is a way to make a change. We have a tremendous bunch of people here, lots of talent and smarts. We also have resources.
      I recently bought a 2# sledge hammer. After I bought it, I noticed a sticker on it. It said the wood for the handle was grown in Arkansas, and the actual hammer was made in Mexico. So they shipped the wood to Mexico, at 7000 gallons of fuel an hour, where it was shaped into the handle, they poured the steel from molds to make the head, assembled them, and sent them back to the US, at 7000 gallons of fuel an hour. Then they were shipped all over the US, at 6 mpg. Now that is a carbon footprint!
      Suppose we made these and other kinds of hammers, bigger sledge hammers, claw hammers, horseshoe hammers and tools, horseshoes, all the stuff. We could do it. We have the wood, of course, and we have a plenty full supply of steel, in all the car frames around here. Someone is making the handles, someone runs a forge and pours the mold or shapes it with hammer and vice, either way, we have a tool that we made here, and virtually no carbon footprint.
      Or, we go into a clothing store, and look at the labels, which say they were made in Honduras, or Mexico, or Korea, or China, at 7000 gallons of fuel an hour to ship them here, and lots of diesel to truck them in here. We do not have raw cotton per say, there is some hemp here, they make clothing from hemp fiber. All the better if it is raised here, but who knows. So the least environmental impact is to have a couple of containers full of raw cotton bales from central Calif., shipped by rail to Redding, and trucked here. Then, the cotton could be spun or woven or whatever they do to turn it into cloth, or denim, local made clothing. I would buy them from here.
      And so, the most important thing to remember is to not pay taxes. This is a total underground economy. The state and county has stolen our lively hood, pot, our way of life, and this is how we get back, or resist. Pay no taxes to them. Give them no money, as they took ours, and our way to make any.
      I watched a guy down the street from us, in our housing tract, in the late 60’s, in his garage, make chain link fence. It was his retirement job, for extra income. I over heard him tell someone he loved it because he doesn’t pay much in taxes. Later I figured out the beauty of a cash society, which is tah the govt does not get the money we earn.

      • I like the cut of your jib. I have all kinds of ideas for new industries in humboldt and some re off the ground. lemme know if you have time to think tank- sawz

  • an arrest AND a motive would be nice to hear. I wonder if anyone ever realized that the legalization of marijuana would actually increase crime,shut down local legal businesses, turn neighbors into narks, plummet real estate prices,and increase the amount of hard drugs used and sold?

    • Stop trying to blame the problems on MJ, that are happening country wide. This is the DOCTOR’S fault for pushing addictive pills for company perks. Also, it’s always been dangerous here, hence the last of the wild west reputation. Where have you been? This is not just a legalized state thing. Get outside sometime, beyond just the county.

    • future land auction bidder

      Was the 21st Amendment to the constitution good for the bootleggers and rum-runners? Heeeeelllllll no. Yes, many of us believed that legalization would be very disruptive to the emerald triangle economy with horrifying results. Chalk up the societal decay and elevated drug use to the sh1t-life syndrome that occurs when the money dries up and the bling tarnishes.

    • I certainly did and I said so right here. I was shouted down by unicorn- believers and others who got sold on the ” black boy in LA goes to prison for selling a bag” story and so we all must commit economic suicide and let the Corporations take it all. Brilliant logic for suckers did our county in

    • lost coast emt, bam!

    • You could move away if it’s so awful here.

  • Humbold is breaking bad 👎
    Turning in to a shithole!

  • I hope they catch the Suspects, the soonerthe better!!!

  • to early for car-B-ques

  • catch em and hang em

  • Rise Up Community

    Put all the manpower, time and resources wasted on Cannabis Eradication to work solving these real crimes, real crimes are not victimless. There are many many murders, homicides, missing persons and home invasions cases which are just swept under the rug by the Sheriff Department in its never ending quest to continue the war on cannabis of which the main goal is ASSETT FORFEITURE and the theft of personal property by the Humboldt and Mendocino County Sheriff deputies. This is a farce, our communities are constantly victimized by real criminals who know thay will not even be investigated as all financial resources and man power is blatantly wasted eradicating a plant in which the majority of Californians voted to legalize in 2017…. Time to take our county law enforcement away from the hand of the greedy corruptionists and put back in order community ran policing based on community decision making and community priorities. Take our Communities back from the claws of the oppressors! Solve these murders, homicides and missing persons cases. Enough wasted time has already been lost in your war on pot. The community is fed up with the oppression and lies

    • It’s all about the money with them down here.
      Very few real crimes solved.
      But they do stress crimes of violence.

    • Agreed and well put..

      You gonna run to the sea
      But the sea will be boiling

      Youre gonna run to the rocks
      But the rocks will be melting

      Youre gonna run to the lord
      Beggin him to hide you

      You cant run you cant bribe jahjah
      You cant bribe no one
      Them no want no money
      Dem run f money
      That money get funny

      Cant test him faith
      Downpressor man
      Where you gonna run to?..


      • “I am good. I live good. I think good. I don’t have to feel good to be good, I take my goodness wherever I go.”
        Peter Tosh

        RIP, a great Man who died from senseless violence from the very people he tried to help.

  • was the vehicle found here? 40°05’19.7″N 123°56’40.1″W

    victims yet to be named?

  • How stupid they were! Could’ve just buried the bodies out there on China Creek and nobody would ever find them. I bet there are a lot of bodies buried out there over the years…Instead they put them in a car, put it out on a county road and set it on fire?! Stupid murderers- the most dangerous kind.

    • you mean more dangerous than the regular kind…?

    • I’d imagine it was meant to send a message to somebody, looks like Mexican cartel in my opinion. Bulgarians have a habit of being smart about what they do, Tweakers usually don’t make no sense about anything they do, and don’t usually put in enough effort to be Sly about it. A good old boy would of just shot them and then thrown them in a wash on the back 40. The Hmungs are really lowe key, shit just disappears. But the Mexican cartel, or possibly South American gang Bangerz are known for leaving bold messages. And no I’m not being racist, just stereotypic ;<)

  • Or someone sending a msg. Its not a hidden spot and i doubt they were thinking of forest fires.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if the two deceased were theiving or something. No offense to the deceased, but since conjecture seems to be the norm of the comment world, &to play devils advocate, if the 2 are found to be lets see… homeless meth head addict pot growers (just pulling the top groups usually blamed for everything here) caught in the act of armed robbery with assault of elderly&kids, would that change your thinking?

    Really am just pointing out our collective need to have things fit in a box, whuch is just our desire to feel we have control over life, & the realities of holding a moral compass these days. In the past, & still today in many places like Idaho, this is how suspected criminals are dealt with. Leads to a lot of innocent folks hurt. But our justice system is so based on ones monetary abilities, how fair is it these days? & if you havent already, go spend an afternoon at the courthouse&watch some arraignments&trials. I think everyone ought to get a paid day off a month to do just that. Our legal system would improve immensely if folks understood it better!!

    • You’re a really miserable person to take the time to speculate about dead strangers. Really sad waist of your time and just disgusting to see people speculate about dead strangers. Just gross.

    • I agree with a lot of what you have to say, except for the speculation about the character of yhe victims and the motive of the killers. People are grieving a loss. Maybe just let those speculations rest until there’s a statement from the investigators.

    • BIG UPvote!!! Well said indeed!!!

    • I am not trying to reinforce stereotypes. Many people killed in Mexico are shot and then burned in vehicles. “¡juego terminado!”

  • Mysteriously the troll Trevor on LoCO posted knowledge of this crime by stating that someone got chipped for a 100.
    He said they were a mother and son.

    • ‘Chipped for a 100″. What does that mean?

      • Ask him, he is a Trump freak that lies non stop so who knows?
        He could not keep his mouth shut because he loves to troll me and several others.
        He never uses Trevor but makes multiple identities to troll with.
        Someone outed him as being from Whitethorn but he claims to be numerous different people.

        • He has a Bodacious collection of Sock Puppets!!! Thankfully most are already BANNED, for Racist remarks & threats of violence toward other commenters who disagree with him!!!

      • I don’t think I want to know!!! Too gruesome to think about!!!

      • Watch Fargo for the meaning of “chipped”

    • Can you post a link to where you saw this information?

  • Humboldt, trinity, mendo, and don’t forget lake counties have all become shitholes. Our property value is at stake…. Our quality of life is not as good as it was… We wiill never have enough entry level job oppertunities for the dregs, if they get off the dope.

    • My property value is holding up just fine. How about you shut the hell up about this stuff so you personally stop driving it down with your horrible comments?

  • Is this the car fire Estelle Fennel witnessed?

  • Most of these comments are pure cancer.

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