[UPDATE 8:40 a.m.] Hwy 36 Reopened as Firefighters Squelch Gorge Fire

Hwy 36 was closed for about 10 hours yesterday as the Gorge Fire east of Platina got off to a roaring start. However, a large number of firefighters and equipment were available from the deadly Carr Fire which is located in the same county. The firefighters were able to slow the spread of flames and Hwy 36 reopened yesterday evening.

The Gorge fire is 65% contained and about 155 acres this morning. Firefighters have stopped the forward spread.

Check out some photos from the fire here:

UPDATE 8:40 a.m.: Caltrans confirmed that 36 is open but warns there is a possibility it could close again depending on the fire’s behavior.

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  • Thank you so much firefighters for stopping this fire and no one was injured thank you again very much

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