[UPDATE 8:10 a.m.] Convoy on Berry Summit Includes a “Couple Chippers”

A convoy is gathering on Berry Summit this morning.

A convoy is gathering on Berry Summit this morning. [Image from Caltrans traffic cam]

A reader described seeing an extra large convoy gathering on Vista Point at Berry Summit this morning.

She said she saw, “30 vehicles, fish and game wardens, sheriffs and couple chippers. Half the vista point was full.”

UPDATE 8:10 a.m.: The convoy is no longer at Vista Point.



  • Looks like someone’s got the case of the Mondays.

  • Great! I wonder which property they will “extort” today? Will it be another “big bust” on a farm with less than 1,000 plants or 1,000 pounds, meanwhile ignoring the property 2 miles away that has 7 greenhouses on 7 graded terraces?

    How they cherry-pick these latest farms they have been busting doesn’t make any sense at all…

    • Did they come up with $3,000,000 in cash earlier this year?

    • It sure makes it appear that there’s some backroom deal going on. I mean, besides the regular “give us permit fees and taxes and we’ll let you blow it up and sell it on the black market while we knock down your competition on the black market while we say your stuff is proper and legal”. Like there’s other backroom deals or allowances being made. Like when Supervisor Bohn’s son was involved with huge grows that never got touched….that kind of connected mafia-type stuff! But hey- I’m probably just paranoid, right?

  • Leveling the playing field for family members and the good ole boy insiders club

  • Poor f$#@kers are gonna get the extortion of a lifetime!!!!!!

    • What? You think the penalties for violating the law are unfair if they are proportional to the illegal profits being made?

      • Sorry but some of the fines are a half million a day and more, tell me what farmer you know that makes that. I’m willing to bet the answer is none. Sure they might make a half mil to a mil or more a year but not a day so yes the penalties for “violating the law” are unfair because they’re in no way proportional to the “illegal” profits being made

      • I agree with Guest. Play the game according to the new rules or get the f-ck outta here!

  • Too bad they’re probably only going as far as Forest Service 1.

  • There’s another 900,000 in fraud money for hum co

  • Blake Mountain again? Downright weird how Willow Creek got a full pass this year! What’s up with that?

    • I agree! We don’t see any enforcement here at all. But remember on of Sundbergs contributors is here.

    • Almost everyone gets a pass every year. You’d have to be a damn fool to fail at growing dope. Free money, just add water. The guys who think they are something special because they grew it have set an extremely low bar for themselves. It is about as hard as clipping your toenails, and pays more than being successful brain surgeon.

      • You obviously have no idea how hard of work or how much time it takes to grow excellent medicine which relieves ailments and makes people feel good. How foolish of you.

        • Gimme a break!
          Put down the bong and get a job [edit], you’ll learn what hard work is. Or, put down the bong and grow dope, and you’ll never have to get a job. But it only seems hard to you because your so stoned, wise up kid

    • Umm berry summit isn’t on Blake mountain it’s right outside willow creek [edit]

      • Umm…yeah Berry Summit is a meet-up point for many places- 3 Creeks, Titlow, or out FS highway 1 where Blake Mt. is, which is where they went 3 days last week. You might want to check a map and talk to a few people. I’d reason that if they’re going out to Willow Creek they would meet out there in town to posse up….the crazy thing is that they will be driving past huge grows protected by the Emerald Scamily Farms Corp. Huge grows that are not all tightly track n traced and so we all know that game. What we are seeing is that some sell-outs have cooperated with the government in their corporate take-over. And they are being rewarded -at this stage- for their compliance and support by having their neighbors eliminated from the underground market we all know that they use to backdoor much production. It’s disgusting what some people do for money.

        • The spirit of whitey Bulger is alive and well in humco..
          Aint snitchin if nobody knows eh Whiteys?
          You can lay with dogs long as you dont mind the fleas but in the back of your small mind you gotta wonder if youre gonna wake up with those teeth takin a pound of your flesh or around your throat…

        • You mean Pat Murphy?

        • Right. I was thinking of buck mountain. Still they were stopped 15 minutes from willow

      • Berry Summit is right before FSR1 which takes you to Blake Mountain near Kerlin Creek which is in fact where they went today

    • Willow Creek was hit during round one a month or so ago

  • Yeah these permit bitches think there something special!! Scabs who sold out,rolled over [edit]

  • Mountain resident

    Is the helocopter in Willow Creek part of the convoy or was that pg&e


    I wonder how much money Humboldt County “law enforcement officials” will steal and pocket today….. How many pieces of jewelry will be missing and unaccounted for…. How many family heirlooms, how many gold and silver coins, how many bags of money will never make it into the evidence room because the Humboldt County Officials are corrupt thieves who are mainly out to fill their own pockets with the communities property. How much money will they steal from this family, will they steal the kids quads and dirtbikes too? I wonder if this military raid will also result in the family dog being shot in the head, will they rip screaming crying children from their mothers arms and slam the mother on the ground and put the heel of their jackboot on her neck while they scream “shut the f*ck up or else!!!!..” Will they handcuff the juveniles and make them sit handcuffed in the full sun in a dusty driveway…… These military raids are way more damaging to our communities than growing cannabis ever will be, I wonder if some trigger happy deputy will kill anybody again today in their violent and aggressive military campaign to create a perfect cannabis Monopoly………. Pathetic losers and scrubs of the worst type

    • thick blue line of criminal corruption

      Wow that paints an ugly picture. The crap you are describing happens all the time. What other profession is being forced to wear body cameras to protect the very people they are paid to serve? I am amazed that these raids have been relatively non-violent. I don’t believe that the LEOS have had to fire a single shot this year during a raid.

      • They have never worn body cams, but they should. Also they should not be allowed to turn the cam off anytime they want.
        99% of the time when they raid a pot farm there is no violence. That’s why they go after them instead of herion or meth. Less likely to get shot.
        So, maybe you should get your facts straight before you comment!

        • thick blue line of criminal corruption

          Factoid – I never suggested that the LEOS involved in the latest raids are wearing body cams. So, maybe you should get your reading comprehension straight before you comment, on my comments.

          All of that bs aside, protecting the legal pot farms from illegal competition should be a priority. No permits means no plants. Why would anyone spend the time and money to get legal when their neighbors can blow it up with no consequences……they wouldn’t.

          • Legal pot farms are in competition with big agriculture, not the black market.

            • Sorry not true. For now anyway every legal farm is selling at least partly to black market. I’m sure of this… the reality of the CA market hasn’t hit yet, but it will.

              • Illegal, chemically based grows should be wiped off the face of the Earth. The unfair advantages these criminals have over those who follow the new rules is bullshit!

      • Just fyi, LE is not paid to serve the community in any way, per the Supreme Court ruling many years ago that it is not their job to serve or protect the citizens in this country but only to uphold the law

        • Sleepy Alligator

          Isn’t one motto that police all over this country use “To Serve and Protect”? Isn’t that same motto often on police vehicles, badges, uniforms, police stations, etc?

    • If such stuff was the norm currently, everyone would know. But, if it was true, it’s a bunch good reasons for becoming legal. Not for crying over being vulnerable to crooks because of being a crook too.

  • same question as Mountain Resident…..hovering helicopter over town 15 minutes ago. PGE or enforement?

    • I’m curious too.. looks like pg&e to me. They are definitely going low but not too much hovering. Seems really ‘coppy’ Out though also, I passed a few dusty sheriffs trucks around noon in town, and saw another still sitting at berry summit a little after noon.

      Hey growers stop whining about the busts. This shit has gotten out of control and their needs to be a correction. Like someone else said above, learn the new game or get out of town. You take the risk then take the punishment like a man (or woman) and stop WHINING… it’s really pathetic.
      Look at the bright side, black markets going up, permit growers are going to fall off a cliff when they get caught up in track and trace, and it’s going to clean out the idiots and gro bros… all good things to consider.

  • Lots’a deputies. Wonder if it’s measure ‘S’ money for the salaries/equipment ?
    I’d rather see the deputies working on cleaning up the meth/heroin/theft etc, etc…

  • Yeah these permit bitches think there something special!! Scabs who sold out,rolled over and accepted it in the backside

  • Good spread hcso takin the kids school clothes,. The turn of events in this county is despicable.our homes being destroyed by corruption and ” legal “theives. I’m a lifetime resident never wanted too but thinking it’s time to go elsewhere.just wish our sellout corrupt representatives were up for re election soonerr so the population would stand a chance.a and the economy.

  • Im trying to go legal not because I sold out .I have a responsibility to provide for my family .It seemed like the only way forward.Life decision not taken lightly couldn’t sleep at night.
    Im glad I did now .The future is scary but at least Im not busted or abatement letter out of a living.
    And to the fool who thinks he can drop a seed in the ground and water it and make money you are very mistaken.it takes a lifetime to make money and farm it well.

    • Everyone has to make their choices. But if you are really serious about being legal and selling in CA, you should consider what the market is going to be like. Do your research. Think about this: how much of your product in the past stayed in CA? Probably not much right? So now everyone who is legal is all going to be selling to this one tiny market.. who is going to supply the rest of the country. 🤷‍♂️

      • Just because your legal does not mean you only sell in this “tiny’ market. Track and trace is a joke.

        • Well it’s supposed to and probably will be that way soon.

          • Emily- I’d like to think that way also. But nearly every permitted scene I know is planning on sneaking through whatever they can. And I know people up in Oregon doing it also- even with their much stricter track n trace. Claim mold, claim destruction, whatever it is the evolving game of lying and scamming we have all come to take as normal here. Like pretending it’s all medical while spraying it with Eagle 20 and shipping east. Indeed I know a few very big permitted scenes that made their money with that model! Now they are permitted because they had the money to pay the fees and meet the codes…and they still run with the same mindset. I don’t see track n trace ever shutting down the criminal/outlaw minds that are now legally permitted. Entire grows this year will be sold in the national underground and next year they will simply backdoor as much as they can. In Oregon some farms have backdoored up to 20%. I wish I could see it work out differently. But most people got their permits to be protected from busts while they run the pounds out the back door. It was the plan all along.

            • Hmm yes I agree that they are playing both sides for now, but I assume that once track and trace is actually established (it isn’t yet) that it will be very difficult and stupid also to game the system. I think they will have a microscope up people’s ass… watching everything. I see it like a slowly tightening knot that will corral them up against a cliff and they will all fall off the financial edge together in a year or two. Maybe I’m wrong.
              I think people who give their name and address and are claiming in public that they are doing something federally illegal, wouldn’t be so stupid as to try to cheat the system they are signing up to. Assuming no one will be checking up on them, through audits. But who knows, we will see!

              • In my 1911 I trust

                Anyone that signed up as an existing grow and signed the slip admitting they have been growing and didn’t bite the bullet as a new cultivation has a real curveball coming down the pipe. The IRS is an agency independent from local, state, and federal gov’t and they have been mysteriously quiet. All the old pot money is in Humboldt, not Colorado or Washington or any other state. Generations of untaxed cash and property the ol IRS can’t wait go get their dirty hands on. Oh yes just wait till the big permitted growers get their first audit and are asked what legal, taxed money they used to buy their properties, greenhouses, and permits in the first place. Can’t believe all the people that didn’t think that one through.

              • In my 1911 I trust

                I would have to agree with Emily on this one Farce, you forget this is California and they’ve got a microscope up everyone’s ass. Oregon is a little more mellow in that regard, I have lived in both states. Cali wants its $$!

              • Track and trace systems won’t be perfect. Tobacco tracing is a good example. One might trace a pack of cigarettes from the grower to the manufacturer, the retail store, and the end buyer in a closed loop. When the end buyer purchases in Virginia and resells the tobacco in New York for half price and at a profit, that isn’t traced. Even so, we don’t see convoys with wood chippers raiding tobacco farms.

                • That’s why reselling without licensing (and taxes) is usually not tolerated.

                • Ok you might be misgauging the states ability to go after what it sees as theirs. Like with alcohol production, you have to keep meticulous notes and if they think anything looks fishy, you get audited and risk losing your license (and thousands of dollars in investment) So if you don’t think there is going to be scrutiny on this brand new highly controversial industry, I think you are being overly optimistic. It’s going to be a goldmine full of fines for the state… osha violations, bad book keeping etc

      • [edit] everyone knows the majority if weed grown in ca is not on the legal market and won’t be anytime soon

    • Local yocal,
      It’s all about what you are willing to put into it and what you want out of it. If cash is your only concern, it is exactly that simple. If satisfaction from a true top quality medicinal product is the only concern it is nowhere near that simple. Ive done both, and there is a market at every level. Top quality medicine is much more personally rewarding to grow, weed is much more profitable .

    • That fools never smoked or only smoked some seeded up brick weed back in HS..
      Remember that crap. All brown and nasty hydraulically pressed into 1-5lb bricks . It used to be called mexican back in the politically incorrect days.
      Anyways, pay no mind to johnny appleseed up there, hes obviously either a troll or hes just another blissfully ignorant merrrican.. Either way hes never had to spend an hour trying to clean his hands and fingers and nails after a long day hunched over and dehydrated in direct sun, working in the garden..

    • …agreed. Well said

  • Especially since they’ve approved 5 times as much as the market can handle. ( Washington Post economist)

  • Cost alot to win and even more to lose we are bound to spend some time wondering what to choose

  • The people who get raided know perfectly well they are not legal and also that they are at risk for a visit from leo. If they did not leave their garbage, poison & shit everywhere, and put their firearms in a storage locker off site, and had their money & harvested pounds in a separate location, their troubles would be rather smaller. In my opinion they are mostly too stupid to succeed and I do not feel too sorry for them, even though I believe weed should be completely and actually free from any prohibitive egal constraint.

  • Down on your knees at the planning department permittees

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